Opening sequence analyses Quantum of solace

Quantum of solace is another instalment of the James Bond franchise which was released in 2008. Bond is played by Daniel Craig with the supporting actors Olga Kurylenko and Mathieu Amalric. The film was directed by Marc Foster and this was his first time directing a 007 film. The basic story is a mysterious group is killing a country’s most valuable resource and James Bond has to stop them. The film starts with a dramatic build up with an establishing shot setting the scene this leads to a car chase where Bond is getting chased down by a group who is clearly trying to kill him. The entire intro consist of an action packed race which involves the dramatic environment mixed with shooting and explosions. The audience for Quantum of Solace mainly would be dedicated fans to the franchise. Bond has been on the silver screens for many years so it has built up a reputation for itself and the audience know what to expect when they see a Bond film. Quantum of Solace like all other Bonds is directed at the male viewer this is shown in the opening sequence as the audience is instantly placed in an action packed scene involving car chases and guns. These traits are pushed towards male preferences. The target market age would be 16-45 many young males would be attracted to the huge amounts of violence which is quickly introduced and the older males would still enjoy the action but they might have followed the franchise when they were younger. Bond films all stick with the same genre so it has become accustom for bond films to have this level of action. During the opening sequence a lot of establishing shots are used this makes the audience feel as if they are in Italy with Bond. This peaceful scenery also clashes with the suspense build up to the introduction of bond to create a great effect of danger in paradise.

The sounds during this build up slowly becomes louder as more of Bond is shown this adds the suspense of slowly introducing the character into the action and shows the audience something big is about to happen. Short shots of extreme close ups are then used to show of the car and sticking to the traditional Bond style the car is most likely to be an Aston Martin. The first close up used is a tire rapidly spinning showing that the car is speeding. After the Aston Martin has been introduced another shot of a car is shown from the tail of bonds Aston this instantly tells the audience a car chase is going to begin. After this extreme close up of guns loading are used to show this is more than a car chase the men want Bond dead.

The chase begins with Bond speeding off and taking heaving gun fire from the pursuing car. This asks the audience so many questions, they want to know why they want Bond dead. What did he do? Bond manages to lose the pursuers by swiftly dodging traffic and then causes a large road block in the tunnel blocking the exit. This shows that bond is very skilled in driving and clearly has been trained in these skills. Constant close ups of bond changing gears is used this adds effects on how much he is pushing the car and how he is raising the danger levels. Once bond levels the tunnels he is still being pursued by a car this chase leads to cliff side roads this just adds more suspense to the already dramatic scene as more danger is introduced to the environment. Many shots are taken from inside Bonds car, from the passenger seat, this puts the audience directly into the action and makes them feel like they are in the car with bond.

The chase then passes a clearly recognisable police cruiser and the cops shout in Italian and then jump in the police car and start to take chase this adds realism to the event as the cops would be involved in an event like this. It also adds much more action as Bond has more to deal with so the audience is drawn in by the constant problems bond has to deal with. High angle long shots are then used to show the environment bond is in with the amount of cars that are in pursuit of him. The high angles also show how high in the mountains the car are climbing too. The chase then leads of road with the two cars still in pursuit of bonds the camera changes are quick so the audience feels engaged in the quick paced action it also makes the car look as if it is moving faster. A shot is then shown of a crashed police car rolling down the hill this is to show the amount of danger bond is putting himself through driving on the steep road. Once bond finally escapes the pursuers the change between shots slows down showing that he is out of danger, the music also becomes more drowned out and fades into the background noise. Bond then drives the destroyed Aston Martin through the streets without any emotion on his face this shows that he is a powerful man and could probably get a new one instantly this also shows a sign of arrogance as he pays no attention to the destruction of the expensive car. The car then drives into a secret tunnel giving mystery to where bond is going and who he is working for.

Bond then stops the car and walks around to the trunk the angle used builds up suspension to what is in the trunk. A shot is then shown of a man tied up who was from the previous film “Casino Royal” showing that the two movies where set very close to each other.

Bond then says the only line in the opening, in a demanding voice he says “Get out” this gives off an aggressive side to bond and also gives him all the authority. The screen then cuts to black and the famous opening credits for 007 films begins. The opening doesn’t contain much dialogue apart from the short phrase at the end. This silence shows he is concentrating and under control of the situation. This also shows he is alone as he has no one to communicate to. The enemies in the opening all speak in a foreign dialect without subtitles this is used to add dramatic effect to the opening as the audience doesn’t know what they are saying. It also adds mystery to the characters and makes audience want to know what they are shouting about. The genre of the film is Action/Crime this is clearly shown in the opening as there is a lot of violence including guns and explosions. Daniel Craig is also affiliated with action films so when he is seen the audience makes an assumption on what the genre is. Quantum of Solace is part of the James Bond Franchise which is known for using the action genre in their films. This genre targets the audience well as the audience manly consists of males who enjoy the genre Action. Quantum of Solace also has the genre Crime this is shown in the opening sequence as the gunmen shooting at Bond are instantly affiliated with the bad guys as they are driving large black SUV and shooting rifles.

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