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*Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling February 17th 21th February Pipeline Engineering Design: Pipeline Modeling, Flow Assurance, Stress Analysis, Material Selection, Design Reporting (Alignment Sheet Development) 3rd 7th March Pump and Pumping Systems: Selection, Sizing, and Rating using Software and alternative methods 12th 14th March *Flare Network Design using Aspen Flare System Analyzer and Flare Radiation Analysis using Flaresim

Week 3

Week 4
*Aspen HYSYS Dynamics: Introduction to Dynamic Modeling 24th 28th February


17th 21st March

Aspen HYSYS: Advanced Process Modeling Topics April 31st March 4th April

Pipeline Fluid Analysis (Steady State and Transient) using Sunrise Pipenet 7th 12th April

Separation Equipment Design: Software and alternative methods 23rd 25th April *Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling 19th 23rd May

*Introduction to Aspen Capital Cost Estimator May 5th 9th May

Fire Water System Design & Transient Analysis using Sunrise Pipenet 12th 16th May

Project Management Fundamentals for Oil and Gas Industry June 2nd 6th June

*Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator 9th 13th June

Piping Stress Analysis: Using AUTOPIPE and Development of Stress Calculation Workbooks 23rd 27th June


Process Pipeline and Piping Systems Hydraulic Analysis: Using state-of-the-art fluid analysis software applications 30th June 4th July

*Aspen HYSYS Dynamics: Introduction to Dynamic Modeling 7th 11th July

Flow Station Design: Feasibility Studies and Front-End-EngineeringDesign 21st 25th July


Compressor and Compression Systems: Selection, Sizing, and Rating using Software and alternative methods 4th 6th August *Modeling Heavy Oil & Gas Production and Facilities using Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Plant Layout and Piping Design: Fundamentals and Introduction to Software Applications 18th 22nd August Process Plant Piping Modeling using AutoPLANT/OpenPlant: Advanced 15th 19th September

Relief and Flare Systems: Feasibility Studies and Front-End-EngineeringDesign 24th 28th August Project Management For Engineers Engineering Design, Procurement, and Construction 22nd 26th September


1st 5th September

*Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling October 6th 10th October

Technical Document Development: Specifications, Datasheets, Procedures, and Reports 16th 17th October

Introduction: Project Management Software Engineering, Procurement, and Construction 20th 24th October

Oil and Gas Project and Operations Management (TBA Energy Institute UK)


Pipeline Flow Assurance: Design Theory and Applications of Software 3rd 7th November *Improved Energy Efficiency through Heat Integration using Aspen Energy Analyzer 1st 5th December

*Aspen Process Economic Analyzer 10th 14th November Advanced: Project Management Software Engineering, Procurement, and Construction 8th 12th December

Process Engineering Design using AspenPlus 24th 28th November


*Additional days may be required for a hands-on project for interested trainees