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Dear [Potential Donor], On Saturday, May 10th, 2014, I will be participating in the third nnual lly!

on "hitney #$ "al$%&un on the !cenic road! o' (auneonga )a$e in up!tate *ew +or$, -he lly!on "hitney .oundation i! a non/pro'it organi0ation that e1power! and 'ight! 'or the intere!t! o' young adult! with rare cancer!, -heir 2i!ion i! to i1pro2e the 3uality o' li'e, a! well a! pro2ide e1otional !upport 'or patient!, -he 'oundation pri1arily pro2ide! indi2idual! with grant! to ea!e their 'inancial burden !o that they can concentrate their energy on healing, ● ● ● 4ach year, o2er 50,000 young adult! between the age! o' 1# and 67 are diagno!ed with cancer 8-he!e !tati!tic! ha2e had little i1pro2e1ent in the pa!t 2 decade! according to the *9I:, rare cancer i! one with a pre2alence o' 'ewer than 200,000 a''ected indi2idual! in the ;nited State!, More than #0< o' people diagno!ed with cancer are diagno!ed with a rare 'or1 o' the di!ea!e 8-he rare cancer! do not recei2e 'unding 'or re!earch:,

;n'ortunately, we all $now !o1eone who ha!, had, or i! battling cancer, -he !tati!tic! o' young adult! who are !u''ering 'ro1 a rare cancer are !cary= >elp 1e gi2e tho!e who are waging the war on cancer the ability to battle, without the 'ear o' 'inancial burden!, Plea!e help 1e by 1a$ing a 'inancial donation to thi! honorable charity, -o learn 1ore about the lly!on "hitney .oundation, plea!e 2i!it and li$e their 'aceboo$ page at www,'aceboo$,co1% lly!on"hitney.oundation, Support in nu1ber!= I ha2e !tarted a 'undrai!ing e''ort online !o it i! ea!ier to trac$ 1y progre!! and engage in a healthy co1petition with 1y 'ellow race participant!, Plea!e help 1e help the lly!on "hitney .oundation rai!e 1oney 'or young adult! with rare cancer!, ?oin 1y e''ort! on www,crowdri!e,co1%aw'#$ and loo$ 'or 1y page, I@1 li!ted there a! a 'undrai!er= I' you would li$e to 1a$e a ca!h pledge on 1y behal', plea!e 'ill out the botto1 o' thi! letter and return it to 1e, I will deli2er your !pon!or!hip to the race director! at the race, -han$ you in ad2ance 'or your genero!ity= Sincerely, [+our na1e and !ignature here] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Please make your check payable to: Allyson Whitney Foundation, Inc. And return your donation & form to me. I will deliver to the race directors on race day. Thank you! Name


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lly!on "hitney #$ "al$%&un
Saturday, May 10th, 2014
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Be sure to bring all of your cash pledges to Race Day Registration. All checks payable to Allyson Whitney Foundation, Inc. Memo !"#$ Allyson Whitney %k, &articipant 'ame.