!"# SLephen W.

McCullough, lnLerlm ClLy Manager
$%"&# 8ay Cerda, Þarks and 8ecreaLlon ulrecLor
'() Mlke Morrlson, lnLerlm uepuLy ClLy Manager
8amlro Lopez, AsslsLanL ClLy Manager
Chrls Pooper, Senlor ulrecLor CommunlLy 8esources ulrecLor
*+,-# March 28, 2014
./01-(,# norLh Lake 8anch Þark

norLh Lake 8anch Þark ls a nelghborhood park conslsLlng of 12.212 acres, locaLed aL 1317 8anch 1rall urlve,
ln Lhe norLhern dlsLrlcL of lrvlng. ln 2006, approxlmaLely $600k was spenL developlng Lhe usable porLlon of
Lhls parkland. 1he amenlLles currenLly avallable aL norLh Lake 8anch lnclude:

Palf baskeLball courL
1wo canopycovered play sLrucLures
Cne sLone pavlllon coverlng Lhree overslzed plcnlc Lables
8ullLln grlll
WaLer founLaln
MulLlple benches
Cne uncovered plcnlc Lable
Walklng Lrall
Þubllc arL sculpLure
24 spoL parklng loL
SecurlLy llghLlng

8esldenLs ln Lhe area have expressed a deslre for addlLlonal lmprovemenLs ln Lhe park. Speclflcally, Lhey are
lnLeresLed ln Lhe lnsLallaLlon of seaLlng areas closer Lo Lhe play sLrucLures, permanenL resLrooms, lncreased
parklng, and enhancemenLs Lo Lhe walklng Lrall. unforLunaLely, Lhe Lopography of Lhe undeveloped porLlon
of Lhe park llmlLs Lhe feaslblllLy of furLher developmenL. AddlLlonally, Lhe deparLmenL does noL lnsLall
permanenL resLroom faclllLles ln nelghborhood parks due Lo Lhe lncreased malnLenance and undeslrable
slLuaLlons Lhey creaLe, as well as Lhe hlgh cosLs assoclaLed wlLh such faclllLles.

AfLer a Lhorough revlew and assessmenL, Lhe followlng lmprovemenLs have been recommended and
approved for norLh Lake 8anch Þark and lmplemenLaLlon ls ln process.

1wo concreLe pads and plcnlc Lables - one ad[acenL Lo each of Lhe play areas
8edlrecLlng a secLlon of Lhe walklng Lrall Lo provlde safer condlLlons for chlldren
Mlnor landscaplng and lrrlgaLlon enhancemenLs

Þarks and 8ecreaLlon malnLalns a clLy wlde schedule of replacemenL, expanslon, and/or enhancemenL
needs for all parks and playgrounds. 8anklng on Lhe llsL ls deLermlned by several facLors lncludlng age, level
of use, eLc. norLh Lake 8anch Þark ls currenLly number 33 on Lhls llsL of 42 developed parks. AddlLlonally,
Lhe followlng are undeveloped locaLlons awalLlng fundlng for lnlLlal developmenL.

Cak Meadows Þark (Craff larms) - acqulred ln 2006
LanoLLe Þark - acqulred ln 2006
norLhgaLe Þark - acqulred ln 2008 (uevelopmenL ln progress)
keeler Þark Annex - acqulred ln 2009

Should you have addlLlonal quesLlons or requlre furLher lnformaLlon, please do noL heslLaLe Lo conLacL me
aL 9727212713.


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