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The Student Voice of Los Angeles City College Since 1929

Volume 160, Number 5 Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diving Toward the Future Paper Trail May

Lead to Problems
for Men’s Basketball
Information on student athlete eligibility forms might have
saved the cost of non-resident tuition for a handful of play-
ers, but could now cost City College, South Coast Conference
Champs, the entire basketball season’s wins and possibly more.
By Mars Melnicoff state they attended the Stoneridge
Campus in Tarzana, in 2006 and
Information student athletes 2007.
wrote on college eligibility re- “The names we do not rec-
ports shows that five members of ognize at all,” Luisa Arnold, the
the 2008-2009 Los Angeles City director of Stoneridge Prepara-
College (LACC) men's basket- tory School said. “I myself do not
ball team attended a campus of recognize any of those names,
Stoneridge Preparatory School, any. I get students from 30 years
but the prep school's director ago who want their records, and
doubts they were ever there. I remember these names. If they
Stoneridge draws basketball say ‘did they graduate?’ then I
players from around the world. have to check. But I remember
Photo by Jordan Angulo/LA Collegian The small private prep school the names. These are five boys!
Walter Ramirez executes a perfect line in the campus pool for "Physical Education 102: currently has a single campus Why so many I don’t recognize?
Swimming Skills" with instructor Jan McEveety. Students will soon bid farewell to the cur- located in Simi Valley. A second It’s not like one or two. It’s five.”
rent pool which dates back to the 1920s. Construction of a new pool could begin as early
as November. (See full story: Waves of Change, page 15) Administrators, campus located in Tarzana closed
down in 2004. The eligibility
Each athlete filled out a
form by hand and the form shows

Instructors, reports for three of the students the coach, the athletic director,
Basketball on page 15

Lost in ESL
Math Club First in Nation, Again Translation
L.A. Times Now Endorses Pearlman
By Jamie Hong
By Daniel Akers colleges participated in the com- the ability for the student to
and Esther Hirzel petition held during the fall and solve the problem.” Nancy Pearlman has been

spring semesters. The school has City College has won the By Theresa Adams a member of the Los Angeles
tudents from Los placed in the top 10, eight of the national competition four Community College District
Angeles City Col- last 10 years. times and has placed in the Wilshire Center’s ESL Board of Trustees for two terms
lege (LACC) won The department is proud about top 10 nationally for eight of lab designed to assist 1300 stu- and is now running for a third.
first place in the American the accomplishment, but also be- the 10 years City has partici- dents in the first three phases However, this is the first time the
Mathematics Association of lieves students need to continue pated. of the ESL program has re- Los Angeles Times has endorsed Nancy Pearlman
Two Year Colleges (AMA- to improve their math skills. Anatoliy Nikolaychuk mained unused for more than her. In a May 4 article, the Los candidate of the two,” while her
TYC) student mathematics “We are (LACC) the best who became the adviser nine a year. Faculty members from Angeles Times states that they opponent, Robert Nakahiro “has
league competition held last math department in the country,” years ago, says he gets the the department say they have now endorse Pearlman in the yet to develop a deep understand-
month. said Roger Wolf, chair of the best and brightest students in been unable to open the lab May 19 election. ing of the community colleges,”
More than 11,000 stu- department. “We are interested because they cannot hire full- “Pearlman is the stronger the Times wrote. However they
dents from 190 community in the developmental aspect and Math Club on page 4 time staff or security for the
Budget on page 8
Los Angeles City Col-

the former medical marijuana
store on the corner of Melrose
lege’s English department
received a First Basic Skills
Grant from the state of Cali-
Students Say Index
Section A

and Heliotrope that the feds
closed down earlier this year,
because they were allegedly
fornia for $600,000 last year.
They received the same
amount of funding this year.
Free Press Overcoming math anxiety
Page 4

Smolders on selling marijuana to people

who did not need it. The store
The department used $200,000
to purchase new computer Denied at City Sasha Baron Cohen pushes

boundaries in his latest film
is now a tattoo shop. equipment and reading sup- “Bruno.”
The former medical mari- plies for the lab located at By Matthew Lopes Page 5

Heliotrope juana store and street benches

are not the only places believed
3020 Wilshire Blvd.
“This is an offense to the On the afternoon of Learn how to get the that de-
to be associated with drug California taxpayers that we Wednesday, April 29 the Colle- signer look without the price.
By Frank Elaridi deals. There are other links to have spent this money and gian Wired Broadcast Team be- Page 5
drug use around the neighbor- can’t use the facility,” said lieves that they were prevented
Members of the community hood. Ronald Lapp, English/ESL In- by Dr. Jamillah Moore from con-
are concerned that Los Angeles "I’ve seen people selling structor. ducting an on-camera interview Index
City College and its bordering drugs [outside] the Guatema- Lapp and three other with Harris & Associates Project
streets have become a sanctuary Section B
Photo by Jorge Ponce/LA Collegian lan Bakery,” radiology major, English instructors along with Director, Chris Dunne for a Los
for drug dealers and users. They The corner of Melrose and Helio- Karen Santiago said. “I don't the department chair, Dr. Tam- Angeles Community College Explore the City College
complain that students from Los trope is questioned as a home for know about marijuana, because my Robinson submitted a pro- District (LACCD) video contest. playground: Los Angeles
Angeles City College stand on drug dealers and users. I don't smoke. I think whatever posal to a committee headed The Green Video Contest Page 12
Melrose and Heliotrope smoking you do in private is cool, but by Kathleen Burke-Kelly, Vice challenged current students of
marijuana. year. not out in public." President of Academic Affairs any of the nine LACCD schools, Summer class registration
The owner of a small busi- “This is going to be a big Not everyone shares that requesting staff for the ESL to create a video encouraging begins with fewer classes.
ness who has lived in the area problem for these kids in the fu- same view about drug use in Lab. The proposal was vetoed. presidents and chancellors of Page 13
for more than 45 years says that ture," the business owner said the community. For years, there The reason given was that the higher education institutions to
drug dealers sit on benches in referring to LACC students. He Students learn self defense
have been discussions about le- Basic Skills funds should not support the American College
front of the campus on Vermont has numerous police officers as and get a “kick” out of Kung
galizing marijuana in the state, be used to hire employees for & University Presidents Climate
and wait for students to buy their customers, and says that they too Fu.
but a public official is open- a program where the funding Commitment by showing what Page 15
marijuana. The business owner are aware of the problem. “The ly considering the possibil- may not be forthcoming in the steps each campus takes to limit
did not want to be named, but he police know, but there are just too ity for the first time. Governor future. its impact on the environment.
said that he is bothered by the in- many people."
crease in drug use over the past Business owners remember Marijuana on page 4 ESL on page 4 Press Rights on page 4
2 Editorial Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009


To Speak or Not to Speak

he four Founding Fa- First Amendment was com-
thers of the United States posed centuries ago to defend
left us with a priceless people like our cartoonist, from
gift, worth more than all of the people who try to prevent them
precious jewels on Earth. As from expressing their thoughts
the rich ink from their feathered on a piece of paper.
pens dried, the “Bill of Rights” Like the “Los Angeles
was born and with it, the First Times,” the “Associated Press”
Amendment which grants us and even the “Bible,” there are
the freedom of speech. writings and cartoons between
George Washington said, our glossy pages that people
“If the freedom of speech is will learn from and agree with,
taken away then dumb and si- and others that people will dis-
lent we may be led, like sheep agree with; We are no differ-
to the slaughter.” ent. Rest assured, the “Col-
It is the duty of journalists, legian” will never publish the
reporters and writers to inform three things we do not believe
society of everything that is in: pornography, obscenity, and
happening in the community, something that would directly
mainly with government: With- cause the community to pick up
out them, there would be no one their pitchforks and torches and
to keep the government in line. revolt in violence.
Los Angeles City College This is America. Would
President, Dr. Jamillah Moore, you rather live in Mexico,
recently attempted to discon- where the government pays to
tinue the filming of campus re- keep the newspapers alive as
porters, insisting that they get long as they only publish what
permission before shooting. officials tell them to write? Or
The reality is that the Consti- Cuba, where negative writings
tution protects these reporters about Castro do not exist, be-
from the need to ask permission cause people fear they will lose
before covering a story on cam- their lives? Perhaps you would
pus. prefer to live in Iran, where nu-
The second part of Presi- merous journalists are jailed for
dent Washington’s quote refers their thoughts. This includes
to people like Dr. Moore, who Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Ira-
attempt to halt the press from nian who attempted to photo-
reporting. Washington said, “It graph a controversial prison in
will be found an unjust and un- Iran. She was detained, report-
wise jealousy to deprive a man edly raped, and died in prison
of his natural liberty upon the of a fatal head wound. No, la-
supposition he may abuse it.” dies and gentleman, we think
Take note, Ms. President. it is far better living here, in a
Another subject of con- nation where you do not have
troversy was a cartoon created to choose between your speech
by one of our talented cartoon- and your life.
ists, which portrayed the recent You can all sleep sound in
victory for gay couples to get your cozy beds tonight, and let
married in Iowa. Ladies and the words of Benjamin Frank-
gentlemen, the whole point of lin echo through your minds.
the First Amendment is to pro- “Without freedom of thought,
tect the press when we publish there can be no such thing as
articles and cartoons; If all of wisdom; and no such thing as
our stories were happy and or- public liberty, without freedom
dinary, there would be no need of speech.”
for the amendment at all. The

Media Arts Department, Chemistry 208

Los Angeles City College
855 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
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office: Chemistry 208 Email:
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Opinion 3

A Case of Chepidemic
We only need proof that it's nec- he spends his money on frivolity
essary to execute him. It's that and drink; the European comes
simple." He drove my family from a tradition of working and
and thousands more who were saving which follows him to this
lucky enough to get away from corner of America and drives
their country and sunk Cuba into him to get ahead." He said that
an economic depression so bad "Mexicans are a band of illiterate
that the government resorted to Indians." He tried on numerous
selling blood drained from con- occasions to plant bombs at New
demned prisoners before their York's most prominent monu-
death. Somehow a guy who wore ments. Still, the largest image
a Rolex until the day he died, hanging in the Alpha Mu Gamma
By Ashley Gonzalez who lived in a palatial estate near National Foreign Language Soci-

Havana with a ten-foot television ety's headquarters is that of Che
do not think I would make a (with remote control, a massive Guevara.
lot of new friends if I walked technology in 1959) and a pri- Che failed at most everything
around in a Heinrich Him- vate beach, somehow this guy is he did, he was notoriously cow-
mler T-shirt. Not many decent a martyr for the Socialist system. ardly unless in front of a bound
people would wear anything that The perfect image of poverty and and gagged man ("Don't shoot!
glorifies hate, intolerance and the anti-bourgeoisie, plastered I'm Che, I'm worth more to you
mass murder. Why, then, walk on Socialism Conference post- alive than dead."), he was self-
around with Che Guevara mer- ers across campus. Not to say admittedly clueless about the
chandise? that Che did not enjoy the little military, and he was bumbling
This is a campus built on di- things, like his favorite place to and epically stupid. If people do
versity and I still have to look at relax: an office at La Cabana not want to believe me, or the
the face of man who called for Prison where he had a wall re- thousands of Cuban refugees
people to "keep our hatred alive moved so that he could watch ex- in this country, or the hardcopy
and fan it to a paroxysm," a man ecutions all day long. evidence records of victims and
who murdered so many, who sent Che once said "The blacks, footage of executions, well, then
thousands of men, women and those magnificent examples of El Chacal de La Cabana will go
children to the firing squad? But the African race who have con- on being a hero and people will
hey, at least he had a philosophy served their racial purity by a go on looking revolution-chic in
about it: "(T)o execute a man lack of affinity with washing ... their "I'm a citizen of the world"
we don't need proof of his guilt. the black is indolent and fanciful, Che shirts. Tragic.

Students Suffer Because

Artistic Arrogance
of Insufficient Staffing Incites Competition
than 12 units ($150) at the Busi- ence, a friend and I were waiting
ness Office. Oh but wait, how in line for the I-Tap card during several classes, snickers or mur- over each other about how
can I forget the joy of waiting at the first week of Winter Session, murs can be heard when a stu- crappy a fellow classmates’
the Admissions Office? How can the process itself took 2.5 hours, By Jordan Angulo dent’s work is showcased. Sure, work was, and immediately

anyone stand the machine calling from the back of the line to the they may be talking about some- hush up when one of their vic-
out letters and numbers with a front. fter taking several thing else entirely, but when you tims walks by.
tone that is frighteningly similar During that time while we classes in photogra- can hear words that relate to your I admit I have judged a
to the one found at the DMV? talked on issues such as the cur- phy at Los Angeles piece and when their eyes meet person’s work based on my
By Arnold Rivas With the Admissions Office, rent economic crisis, and how City College and hearing re- yours, they quickly look away in standards, but I can honestly
sponses from my friend in ignorance. say that I have never found

there are not enough computers people are becoming more aware
hat I am writing on in order to add/or remove classes of the pressing issues around us other art majors such as cin- Even outside of classes, the anything hilarious about anoth-
today is the one thing (only five) and at the waiting ar- (climate change, religious fa- ema and music, there is a defi- egos from certain fledgling film- er artist or would attack them
that most of the stu- ea where there are four window naticism, public transport just to nite type of student that exists makers or photographers can be without their knowledge. I may
dents here at LACC, the drivers stations. name a few) he and two other in these classes. I am aware heard. Screenplays that are being not be the most arrogant per-
at the DMV and even the ordi- The average number of ‘tell- students shouted from the line in that to pursue a career in any “tossed around in the industry” son, but I find my self-esteem
nary people like myself who ers’ to help out the students is order to tell the people working of these fields would involve and full-page spreads in a high in working hard on my photos
wait in line at Admissions have two, sometimes one. The ques- at the windows to hurry up and a lot of subjective opinions profile magazine whose name and hoping that my professors
in common; That is inefficiency. tion that comes to mind is, where get a second person to help the and competition, but I would cannot be said “for legal pur- see the effort I put into them.
Here at LACC, it is quite ap- are the other workers that are one trying to handle our line. not expect such a hostile en- poses” are some of the many top- Everyone is entitled to their
parent that there are not enough supposed to be there? It reminds They did eventually, the line vironment from a classroom ics discussed. The worst subject own opinion, but it is a sad day
workers to help out the students me of waiting at the Central Li- did move a little faster; my friend setting. No, the teachers are would be when you hear a group when someone has to mark
on the first week of a new semes- brary where when there is a huge told me that if people do not not biting students’ heads off of students taking a drag from down someone else for not be-
ter. Especially those who have line of people waiting, only two speak up, things that we really with critique or calling them their hand rolled cigarettes filled ing as amazing as they think
to pay off their enrollment fees, people are there to help out while need will never get done. I can failures. It is the fellow class- with more than tobacco- because they are. School is for filling
health fees, parking fees and the other four stations are myste- say without a doubt, he is right. mates that provide a sense of you are only cool if you custom your head with knowledge, not
paying a very steep price for an riously vacant. I know it is never that simple, inferiority to newcomers. In build your cigs- laugh and yell with ego.
I-Tap card for students with less Speaking from past experi- but he is right nonetheless.

Campus, a Place for Lovers, Not Loners Join

Speech 101 and I went all over where I could find solitude, I marched toward Jefferson Hall. with a low voice to an invisible

campus just to find that perfect thought. However, I soon discov- On the way there, I had dreams audience. Yes, that was prob-
space. Of course, there has to be ered that the secret rooftop deck of finding an empty classroom, ably it. Or maybe it was the hand
a few conditions: this place has to obviously is not secret anymore or yet, an empty hallway. It was gestures. Oh, but how I love us-

be safe, I have to be able to talk for it is now mostly frequented actually the latter that saved the ing hand gestures when I speak.
out loud, and I should be able to by sweethearts hoping to steal day. Like a light from the heav- It was then that I realized that
call out for help if need be. some precious moments. Feeling ens directing me, I sat on the va- LACC has just gotten so packed.
This was my (not so) awe- like an extra wheel in a packed cant steps of the staircase next to Gone were the days in 2006 where
some adventure. parking lot, I quickly left to look where my speech class is held. the Quad seemed like a deserted
By Paula V. Neri I began my trek toward the for a vacant classroom I could Ah, solitude. town – everyone was always on
steps of the Learning Skills Cen- practice in. Nope. Those were oc- Except for a few people the go and construction had not For more

love my privacy and a lit- ter where I thought little ole’ me cupied by couples as well. I ran busy chatting away on their cell started. At first I embraced the
tle private space in LACC would not be interrupted while out as fast as I could, because you phones, everyone else was in recent newfound vibrancy of the info
would be a gift from God (or I was in my constant thoughts know, it is rude to interrupt. their classrooms while I was left college, but sometimes I could go to
Allah, Buddha, what have you). of worry and panic over my in- Next stop was Clausen Hall, to my thoughts. Of course, min- use a place for quiet alone time
A place disconnected from the formative speech. I was wrong; on the second floor. It would utes later, students started to pour and during these three years,
banging of ongoing construction within ten minutes of sitting there have been perfect if it weren't for out of their classrooms, because LACC lost that quality.
on campus, passed the boisterous I was approached by a group of the stream of sounds emanating it was close to dismissal time. So what is the moral of the or
groups of people on the Quad and LACC hopefuls asking if wheth- from various musical instruments What awesome timing. story? Practice your speech at lacollegian
the endless cloud of smoke from er this was the place to take the in each reserved room that lined I thought, maybe I could still home or better yet, if you are in
assessment exam. Yes, this was the hall. My head was already practice without being bothered. school, practice with your Speech
cancer sticks. Yes, that would be
Heaven. the place, but it obviously was stuffed with worry and I did not No, dead wrong. As I dived into 101 classmates. At least you will
I spent last Thursday trying not a good place to be alone. need Beethoven’s “5th” adding my speech, I felt confused stares not look like a fool if you are
to find a place of solitude where I then walked toward neigh- any more anxiety. burrowing into my skull. Maybe with a group of other people talk-
I could practice my speech for boring Holmes Hall; that is Determined not to fail, I it was the fact that I was talking ing to an invisible audience.
4 News Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From page 1

Math Club Does it Again

3 4 10
Lacc math club won 1st place 1st place students Students per year
transfer to ucla

190 11,000 8
Colleges compete Participants placed top 10

40 9 3
students gather per week to practice years old mentors

team in the nation

Math from page 1

the program and they transfer to while most other programs do
some of the most prestigious uni- not,” said Hanna Go a civil engi-
versities in the country. neering major.
“Most of my students do well Go is not the only one who Photo by Salvador Chavez/LA Collegian
during these competitions and has done well in the competition. Haykaz Stephanyan placed third in the nationial individuals competition for math. He shares his love for numbers above.
are able to get into some of the Haykaz Stephanyan a sopho-
best schools in the U.S.,” Niko-
laychuk said.
more at L.A. City finished third
in the women’s competition and
Tips for Overcoming Math Anxiety
Students transfer to schools has earned other awards form the What do you think about math anxiety? Ever find yourself stressing out about an upcoming math test?
like UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, school. Although Los Angeles City College's Math Department is said to be one of the best in the country, students
Stanford and New York Univer- “It feels awesome,” Stephan- are still having a hard time with their classes. Here are some tips from some of LACC's professors.
sity. Tedrick Leung a former stu- yan said. “It is not first place, but
dent and math club member won it is still good. I am happier that 4 “Frequently test yourself as you would in class. Have a classmate help you pick out problems from the
the contest four times, transferred we (LACC) finished first in the math book. Don’t just focus on the hard problems. Give them all equal attention. When you test yourself, do
to the Massachusetts Institute of team competition.” it under a time limit as if it were a test you would take in class. You then will know what your study plan
Technology. The math club meets Fridays should be,” said Roger Wolf, the math department chair at LACC.
Because of the success of at 9:30 a.m. in Jefferson Hall
the program, other students will Room 119. For more informa- 4 “You don’t want to study until 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. on the night before a test. You need a good night's
enroll at City to be a part of the tion call the math department at rest. You have to plan ahead to make sure you have time to study. You also have to believe in yourself. If
club. (323)-953-4000 ext. 2810. you go in willing to take on a challenge, it will affect the way you perform on your test,” said Iris Magee, a
“We have a good program Math Professor at LACC.

Marijuana from page 1 Press Rights from page 1 ESL from page 1

Wilshire Center ESL Lab Closed for Now

Schwarzenegger recently said Harris & Associates is they were getting the run around by
that he does not necessarily the project manager for City the president’s office.
support legalizing marijuana in College and thus oversees all “They told us to wait until
Peter Sotiriou, profes- speaking skills. said. “It was the perfect storm
California, but he does want to renovation and construction 2:30…We called back at 2:30, she
sor of English, Ronald Lapp, Dr. Tammy Robinson, Eng- to not have everything come
study the affects and the hap- on campus. Project Directors, wasn’t there,” Bufete said. “We
English ESL Instructor and lish Department Chair says that out well. There were false as-
piness and progress of other Chris Dunne and Charles Wren were told to wait some more. At
Evan Kendall, English/ESL in the past the population, which sumptions on both sides. They
countries that have legalized are the company’s contacts for 3:00 we were instead told to talk to
Vice Chair disagree. They is made up mostly of older stu- believed that staff would come
the substance. He said that he all media inquiries regarding Earic Peters.”
say the cost to enroll in ESL dents “has been under-serviced.” with the facility and we thought
is always open to debates on operations on campus. Chavez says that by the next
classes is $10 for one half The level four, five and six staff was already in place.”
ways of increasing the state The issue arose when Col- morning he had received a voice-
unit. If you multiply this ESL students go to the Writing Burke-Kelly went on to
revenue and taxes. legian broadcast reporters Ter- mail from Moore, in which she
amount by 1300 students, Center for help with essays and say this was a lesson for every-
"This is a low-income cius Bufete, Salvador Chavez, sounded confused as to why the
the cost to hire a full-time other coursework. The level one, one. She also said that after the
area, a lot of people here smoke Jamie Hong, Abimael Rivera Collegian was asking for permis-
employee would be absorbed two and three students have tra- first meeting there was some
pot; I don’t think it's a recent and Jessica Rivera attempted sion.
by the enrollment fees. ditionally received assistance follow up discussion between
phenomenon," said Sophia, to videotape an interview with “As far as interviewing Harris
“You would think that from in-class instruction and one the department chair and the
an employee at ‘Pure Luck,’ a Dunne about the solar energy & Associates, it is fine with me; I
the vice president would be on one work with instructors. administrators on the Academ-
vegan restaurant on Heliotrope system on the roof of the Sci- don’t see why it would be a prob-
more understanding and try “In the 20 years I have been ic Affairs Committee.
and Melrose. When asked how ence and Technology Center. lem,” said Moore in a voice mes-
to find a way to resolve this here we have never served our The department received
she felt about possible drug use “I have no problem be- sage to the Collegian.
issue,” Sotiriou said. ESL students,” Lapp said. money from another fund to
in the area, she replied, "I don't ing interviewed on camera,” Jamie Hong contends that
The vice president con- Tahamina Hosain is current- hire tutors and student workers.
care." Dunne said. when the broadcast team returned
tends that the basic skills ly at level 6 in the ESL program. The amount of the fund was not
An employee who did not Despite having an ap- to the Harris & Associates trailer on
money was not intended for She came to LACC in 2007. disclosed and the details about
want to be named, at “Puff N pointment, the broadcast team Wednesday, April 29 with the presi-
the purpose of hiring per- “I started with English staffing have not been worked
Stuff,” a smoke shop on the members contend that when dent’s voicemail, Wren told them
manent employees. She also 2A but dropped out because of out.
corner of Melrose and He- they arrived with camera that since the voicemail did not
says that because of the cur- medical problems,” Hosain said. Dr. Robinson believes
liotrope, confirmed that he is equipment, the air of openness mention anything specifically about
rent economic conditions, “When I returned I took a series they will be able to open the fa-
aware of people smoking mari- that the Harris & Associates videotaping, only audio recording
future budget cuts could of classes four semesters in a row cility in time for the fall semes-
juana. However he is noncha- employees initially exhibited would be allowed.
have a negative affect on in order to catch up. I went to the ter and that this will allow them
lant about drug use in the com- changed. “When we first talked to Chris
staffing. Learning Center for assistance to more effectively address the
munity. “On Monday, April 27 and Charles they were more than
“If funding goes away because they have tutors there.” needs of the basis skills popu-
"I've seen it, but it's not we went to record Dunne on happy to be interviewed, Hong
[basis skills funds] some The satellite campus has a lation.
hurting me, it's hurting them— video,” Chavez said. “We were said.” “But for some reason when
other job would get lost five year contract but the ESL “As a department we are
as long as they come in and told by Charles Wren that we we went back with permission the
somewhere along the line. Lab will be empty if they cannot trying to move forward,” Dr.
buy cigarettes," the smoke needed approval from Presi- second time, Charles said that he
The instructors contend hire security to watch over the Robinson said. We have con-
shop employee said. "It's a free dent Moore.” was okay with it but we needed per-
that the lab would assist ESL lab while it is open or employ tinuity, state of the art equip-
country. ‘Puff N Stuff‘ sup- The reporters then went to mission from the president.”
students with the most needs qualified personnel to assist the ment for the students. It was a
ports the community and the Moore, who was not available When asked why the broadcast
and allow them access to students with instruction materi- compromise. It does not give
school." to speak to them at the time. team was not able to get a video re-
guided instruction materi- als. us what we want but it allows
Public Information Of- The broadcast team felt like cording of Harris & Associates offi-
als that would help them to “It is not that Academic Af- us to open the doors.”
ficer Mary E. Grady of the cials, Moore told the Collegian that
improve their reading and fairs does not care,”Burke-Kelly
L.A.P.D. was unavailable for Relations office said that drug she didn’t know what was going on.
a comment. Rampart Detec- related questions and informa- “I don’t know what you are For The Record:
tives Kearney and Ling were tion could only be answered talking about,” Moore said. “You On April 15, the Collegian reported that Coach Selwyn on the baseball team class roster as of Oct. 24, 2007.
also out of the office. Officer through email, which would can videotape them but only if they Young was fired, but he was simply not re-hired. In the same This was head coach George Hinshaw's first day as base-
Rosario Herrera in the Media take 10 days for a reply. want to be recorded.” story the Collegian reported that there were three players on ball coach. The staff regrets the error.
the first day of practice, but in fact there were three players
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Arts & Entertainment 5

Summer ‘09 Fashion Trend:

Uproarious Vulgarity by BRÜNO
By Lisette Alvarez

he hot-list for this summer’s must see movies keeps getting bigger and bigger. Aside from the quintessential action soon-
to-be blockbusters such as "Star Trek," "X-Men Origins" and "Terminator Salvation," a little movie by the name "Bruno"
might be a contender for fashionable ticket in town.
Bruno, the comedy about the fictional character made famous from the "Da Ali G Show" and created by actor/writer Sasha Baron
Cohen, centers around the gay Austrian fashionista (Cohen) and his wacky adventures around Hollywood as he attempts to gain
his 15 minutes of fame.
The film’s original title, as reported by Hollywood Blog Defamer was "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Pur-
pose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt," and from the
looks of the film’s trailer streaming online, it appears to be side-splitting, if not outrageous.
The trailer can be seen on Myspace and other entertainment sites. Given a red band graphic for its risqué content, the trailer high-
lights a montage of clips that astonish and put Borat’s exploits to shame. "Bruno" goes from crashing Milan Fashion Week, to a
swingers’ party gone wild with Ru Paul walking out of a hotel room, to a bizarre martial arts lesson on how to avoid someone with
a prosthetic member. In what could be the most shocking setup of a scene is one where Bruno waits for his newly adopted son via
the baggage claim at the airport and then appears on a Jerry Springer-like talk show where he introduces him to everyone as "O.J."
The movie, distributed by Universal Pictures, will be released July 10, 2009 and has received an NC-17 by the Motion Pic-
ture Association of America. Hopefully a couple of hours in the edit room will make "Bruno" more viewer appealing, but it would
appear that its crudeness is what makes it fashion friendly.

Photo courtesy of

Local Artist Spotlight

Photos by Monica Olofsson/LA Collegian

Andrew Gates shoots photos for a class assignment.

By Monica Olofsson

ndrew Gates, a photography major from Toluca Lake, took
a break from a photo assignment and talked to the Collegian
about his artistic aspirations.
Why did you choose to study at Los Angeles City College?
I came here first time in 2004 and I really liked the campus, so I
knew that this is what I want when I started studying again this year. Photo courtesy of /LACC Theatre Academy
I thought, ‘What better way to do in my spare time than go to school’ 'Bloody Red Heart' OK with theater goers during its run at Camino Theatre.
and here I am.
What are your goals?
I want to be a better photographer and writer. I started up my own

'Bloody Red Heart,'

online magazine,, and I’m taking classes to secure
an A.A in photography. This will help me with my magazine. I’ve
been working as a photographer before, but I knew there was some-
thing bigger out there. That’s why I started my magazine. I designed
the website, I wrote and I photographed – it’s a one-man band.

Better Than 'OK'

What inspired you?
Taking pictures always in-
spires me. But I was broke and
despite everybody loving my
portfolio, I couldn’t get a job
[because] the economy bites. I By Monica Olofsson ing for the young audience; perhaps because

just decided that I could do it the play is based on a book written by “re-
on my own. ight girls sit on chairs or lie down al teenage girls” as the playbill announced.
What do you see in your on stage as if waiting for class to Subjects as weighty as suicide, insecurity and
future? start. On a screen behind them, bisexual love are discussed. Nothing is too sa-
I hope [that] my maga- “Are you OK?” is written. A haunting cred to talk about.
zine is being printed as well question continuously asked throughout The acting is wonderful; the entire ensem-
as on-line. I don’t know what the production. ble. Each actress plays her part with honesty.
I would do if I didn’t do this. “Bloody Red Heart” is based on the The play is divided into small stories and
Somebody once said,’ If you book Red, edited by Amy Goldwasser, di- some are sadder than others, but they all have
do something you love, you’ll rected by Leslie Ferreira and performed by a message and attempt to answer the question,
never work a day in your life.” the Theatre Academy of Los Angeles City “Are you OK?”
I don’t know who said it, but I College. It is a heartwarming production Yes ladies, you are OK, in fact you are
liked it! with a talented all-female cast, that takes brilliant.
on real issues with words that have mean-
6 Opinion Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009


To the Editor:

Dear Editor:

friend of mine is currently a student at LACC - an
s an alumnus of LA City College, I am writing to Editor and Staff: institution which by the way I hold in high regard.
express my disappointment in the LA Collegian. He passed me a recent copy of the Collegian, in

Your decision to publish a cartoon lampooning the which I found an editorial cartoon referring to the Iowa
landmark Iowa gay marriage decision (April 25, 2009) was ast Thursday the Rainbow Alliance of LACC spon- Supreme Court's recent decision to permit legal marriage
insensitive, incendiary, and in extremely poor taste. Derek sored a day of silence protesting people's constant between people of the same sex. The image shows two
Villanueva's "humorous" cartoon is in fact little more than use of homophobic remarks and their effects on the ears of corn (refering to a prime crop of the state); they're
a thinly veiled homophobic comment. It demeans the gay gay community. So imagine how shocked and angered I getting married and one of the "ears" says "Finally in
community by portraying married gay couples as little was by Derek Villanueva's cartoon equating gay marriage "CornHOLY matrimony." Now, in a world rife with of-
more than "corn holing" caricatures rather than the loving, with "cornholeing". I brought this cartoon to a gay organi- fenses to one's dignity, this might seem to be a minor abra-
dedicated couples they are. It is insulting to the straight zation I belong to and the response was the same ... dis- sion of your readers' sensibilities. And yet, I wanted to ask
community who recognize that gays and lesbians are equal gust and anger. If Mr. Villanueva has personal prejudices you a question: if changes were made in the law regarding
citizens and deserving of equal treatment. And it is far be- against the gay community, he should keep them to him- marriage between males and females, would you have pub-
low what I know the Collegian and LACC are capable of. self. Gay marriage is a civil rights issue. Period! I realize lished a cartoon referring in vulgar language to the genital
I am proud of my time at LA City College. It gave that the opinions of the Collegian are the responsibility of facts of their sexual relations? I won't in this letter give an
me the strength of character to graduate Occidental Col- the newspaper staff and advisor. I suggest they read Board example of what I mean, out of respect. I don't think you
lege and continue on to a Master's Degree, all the while rule 9803.21 in the Standards of Student Conduct. I also would either. The joke is made because gay people are
knowing that I was as good as anyone else. I have always suggest the staff and adviser take a sensitivity class at the second class citizens - and jokes in the newspaper about
believed that LACC is an exceptional school on multiple Gay/Lesbian Center in Hollywood. I know you would their intimate sex relations are fair game.
levels. This incident tarnishes that reputation, and I en- never publish a racist cartoon ... guess what? This is the
courage you to correct the issue. Derek may believe this same thing. I hope to never see something like this again. Respectfuly,
is merely humor. If so, educate him. Help him and others
understand how words hurt people and communities. Your Harry Hart Bill Haugse
own campus recently honored the Day of Silence to show
how injurious derogatory words can be to the gay and les-
bian community; it is shameful to see such words printed
in your paper the same week as that observance. Dear Collegian,

I hope to see a retraction and public apology by the
Collegian. I hope even more to see a submission by Derek ot only was the cartoon not even remotely funny, it
Villanueva showing how he has learned from this incident. is extremely offensive. Mr. Villanueva has poor taste
Gay and lesbian couples have struggled long and hard to as does the Collegian for publishing his cartoon.
win the rights mocked by this cartoon. They deserve better,
and I know the Collegian can give them that. Thanks,

Sincerely, Carrie Stauber

Brett VanBenschoten, ‘04

Dear Editor,

he National Day of Silence our club hosted in April brought attention to the negative effects of stereo-
types, jokes, and general harassment waged at the LGBT community in schools. The focus was that
words are powerful and even those that are not intended to harm can hurt.
Members of the Rainbow Alliance club found your cartoon about the legalization of gay marriage offensive.
It attached a tasteless sexual reference to what is truly a milestone for the LGBT community. This took the focus
away from an important victory for our families and made it a crass sexual joke.
We believe in free speech and appreciate that a diverse campus must embrace different forms of thought and
expression. But we also feel that the [Collegian] attempt at sexual humor is not a constructive way to address
our struggle for equality. Allow us to celebrate in this momentous occasion and leave the [cornHOLY Matri-
mony] jokes for the locker room where we’re already used to hearing them.

Ruben Rivera, President

Rainbow Alliance of
Los Angeles City College

Isn't someone offended by

that Rihanna cartoon?

Seriously? No one is offend-

ed by domestic violence?
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 opinion 7

Question: Justin Garrett Katherine Metz Jason Choi Ivory Suber Jonas Coyoy
Psychology Fine Arts Nutrition Theater History
What are some ways
students can be more “I see a lot of people littering, “I believe everyone should “Global Warming. To “If you clean up after yourself “Make an effort of driving
especially people who smoke, stop driving and ride conserve our energy, start by you won't have problems. less, educate young
environmentally or
try to smoke near a trash their bikes or use public taking public transportation, Even with cigarette butts, put individuals in your life to
“green” friendly on and
can. I ride a bike to school, transportation. I think it's or carpool, walk more. it out and throw it in the trash. be more active instead of
off campus, and why is it it's good for you and the an easy way people can Educate yourself about how Instead of driving ride a bike, using electronics, because
important? environment. [It is important contribute positively to the to prevent global warming. It's carpool, ride a bus or walk electricity pollutes our air
because] We're all gonna be environment.” our future, it’s our land, our if you live close enough. It's system.”
Compiled by here for a while.” world.” important because this is the
Salvador Chavez only planet that we have. It's
best that we take care of it
for our children and the next

Politically Correct Words Not Enough

Censor Reality in Education
als. They limit what children read materials in the U.S. prevents
Slices of Pi at City
and assume this provides a better students from learning both
education system. They want to current and historical events in able to teach the class. Of all the cording to one of the tutors, their
keep reality hidden. proper perspective. tutors hired (about ten students), hours and resources have been
This censorship system re- “Elementary, middle and not a single one of them has taken slashed due to budget cuts. What
moves all thought provoking high school students are ex- By Lisette Alvarez Math 230. As a matter of fact, the if one has early morning pre-test
ideas, words and topics in text- posed to school curriculums

Pi Shop mostly tutors students in jitters and can only benefit from
books and testing materials. that bore its intended audi- college student needs as math 125 and below. After pes- the guidance of one of these math
Anything that might offend, dis- ence, the student, creating much help as they can tering each tutor during their as- geniuses? I could hire a tutor, but
criminate or sound unfamiliar to an atmosphere where little is get, especially if it is free. signed shift, only two of the ten my depleting finances will not al-
By Virginia Bulacio a child’s mind or public group are learned because all the stimu- So where does one go? The Pi tutors were available to help me. low that. One other recourse is
banned. The origins of the cen- lating and controversial topics

shop, conveniently located in JH Their knowledge of the material bothering my teacher, who does
very day she goes to sorship were of good intention are eviscerated from the pro- 311, offers help to those strug- stemmed from their own logic. I not have an office of his own, and
her junior high class- but quickly became ludicrous grams,” Mendez said. gling with math. This semester, I was suggested by one of them that can only answer my questions in
room and enters a and questionable. These pressure groups re- am taking Finite Math, aka Math if worse comes to worse, I should between classes or email. Not to
world of fantasy. At home she Diane Ravitch, author of “The move images of food such as 230, which in itself is not the charge into the Math Department take away from the hard work-
turns on the television and Language Police” discusses why potato chips, salad dressing hardest math class offered, but I and cry for help. So cry I did, ing tutors in the Pi Shop; they do
watches her favorite actors on past tragedies in human history or mayonnaise, because some am struggling, so I will take what only it was during my midterm. the best they can with what they
reality shows have sex, drink would be banned in textbooks people might be allergic to I can get. I was foolish to believe On top of their lack of tutoring have. However, that does not ne-
excessively and waste time. for students. She explains topics them. They avoid behaviors that if one takes any math class at for certain classes, then there are gate my anger in that LACC does
She changes the channel and related to religion, abortion and that will lead to a dangerous LACC, tutoring is available, but the hours of operation. The doors not prioritize tutoring coverage
watches images of terrorism, race are removed from books for situation for students and top- that is not so. Upon my arrival, open at 11 a.m. M-F and close at of all math sections, because if
racial prejudice, poverty, evo- reasons of “bias” and “sensitiv- ics in classes such as Malcolm I was surprised to find out that 6 p.m. They are open Saturdays, one takes a math class at LACC,
lution and even death. Noth- ity.” X because it might be too there is not an official tutor avail- but only from 11a.m- 2 p.m. Ac- one should be able to get tutored.
ing stimulates her. Her mind is This pattern of secretive cen- “controversial.” They remove
used to the “perfect” world her sorship denies children in the material on tests that suggest
classroom portrays. U.S. a fully balanced version of economic, religious, cultural
For a number of years, the world around them. In class- or gender bias. They shun any
pressure groups such as Fo- rooms they are expected to re- language, content or context
cus on the Family (right-wing ceive a well researched and truth- that favors one religion and
Christian) and Council on In- ful educational curriculum, but it rejects others. And even in
terracial Books for Children is evident that children are denied photographs, there are images
(left-wing) with the coopera- proper education. to avoid such as a rainbow, be-
tion of the federal and state Gustavo Mendez researches cause it promotes homosexu-
governments, textbook pub- in the field of comparative inter- ality and a woman cooking,
lishers and testing agencies national educational systems and because it is a stereotype.
censor language and topics in believes the blatant sanitization Mendez believes the cen-
children’s educational materi- and censorship of educational sorship is not the teachers fault
but must and can be stopped.
He blames the federal and
state governments, publishers
of textbooks and testing agen-
cies for bowing down to pres-
sure groups to create a “safe”
curriculum for students.
“You can’t talk about peo-
ple with money because some
people do not have money,”
Mendez said. “You can’t talk
about evolution because some
people don’t believe in evo-
lution. You can’t talk about a
mother teaching her daughter
how to cook because it is a
gender problem or some kids
might not have a mother. So
you can’t talk about any sub-
jects that other people do not
know. You can talk about noth-
If this continues to happen,
great literature and the history
of humankind will be not al-
lowed in classes. Knowledge
and culture are subjects that
should be considered part of
the student’s own curriculum.
Culture cannot be burned.
Words cannot be removed and
Illustration by Lilit Atshemyan/LA Collegian
8 Section A Features Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don’t Stress, Get Distressed

By Anthony Suncin a lot of tricks for this. can look better with age. Sure, “LESS IS MORE” use a fine

First, wash the jeans a brand new leather garments are to medium sandpaper and
rom department stores few times inside out in nice, but sometimes the old beat- grind the paper into the leather
to magazine layouts, no hot water. Understand up pair of boots or worn leather as desired. Rub some places
matter where you look, they can and will shrink, jacket is just plain cool! For more than others and leave
the 1990s “Grunge” trend is so keep that in mind in items made out of leather, the others untouched. Think of
back and has officially taken case the size needs to distressing process will work but the leather as a canvas you
over L.A.’s fashion scene. T- be adjusted. Next use it is a little more difficult. are painting. In step four
Shirts, bags, denim, shoes and sandpaper on the areas The first step is to dampen you brush your leather with
even accessories have become you want lightened. the leather with rubbing alcohol. a heavy bristled wire brush.
victims of the destroy your In general, sand any- Placing some rubbing alcohol in Any other type of brush will
clothing on purpose look. thing that is hemmed a spray bottle is the best way to do serious damage! The brush
Designers based out of and places that you go. Spray the garment so that it will do a great deal to create
Los Angeles have taken ad- want distressed like is damp. Do Not Soak The Gar- the worn look. The last step is
vantage of the grunge couture the thigh and but- ment, as it will then be harder to kick the leather around in dirt,
epidemic by coming up with tocks area. If you work with and take longer to dry. just make sure it is not muddy!
imaginative ways of show- want to add frays or Step two is to crumple up the gar- Try going to a park or a field
casing the worn-in look, only holes in places like ment, the first thing you do is add where dirt is not wet. Kick the
it’s pricier than it was the first the knees, a minia- unnatural creases and lines to the garment around until it is nice
go round. If you’re tired of ture cheese grater leather by crumpling it. Do not and dusty, and then pat off the
paying way too much for dis- will give you that be afraid to work the leather as excess dirt.
tressed and vintage looking effect. Simply rub if you were kneading a bowl of You do not have to attend
clothes You may already have the grater over the dough. Parsons or the Fashion Insti-
pieces in your closet that just area until your ideal Step three is to sandpaper tute of Design Merchandise to
need a little revamping. Times look is achieved. your garment. Again, this is all create something spectacular.
may be tough but that does Do Not Use about how “distressed” you want These ideas are provided to get
not mean your wardrobe has Bleach Unless Abso- your leather. Remember to start your creative juices going and
to suffer or that you have to lutely Necessary! Even slow, as you can go further if you help you make your own one
pay an arm and a leg to keep then, think very small. decide to carry the look to other of a kind masterpieces.
up with the trends. Everyone You are not wearing areas of the material remember it Do not be afraid to take
has the tools they need to keep whites and if you are, make is impossible to reverse the pro- risks when redesigning your
up with the times in their own sure it’s not after Labor Day! cess. We have all heard the wardrobe. Remember,
wardrobe; it’s just a matter of All jokes aside, usually the expres- looking chic for
being creative. hot water, washing and sand- sion cheap is in
If faded jeans are the look ing will do the trick. and paying
you’re after, Leather is one for expensive
there of those ma- knockoffs is
a r e terials that out!

Step 2: Cut an inch

Step 1: Cut off
horizontally into
the sleeves directly
the armpit region
across the seam.
of the now sleeve-
less t-shirt and
then shift upwards
towards the neck
at a 90-degree an- Step 3: Cut down the sides
gle creating a tank of the t-shirt vertically until
top. there is an inch left of fabric
to create an oversized finish.

Budget on page 8

also wrote, “This isn’t as en- nia trustee has a focus,” she said. Proposition 1B. Proposition 1A cuts to the valuable services that tal payments of $9.3 billion to ey instead of spending all the
thusiastic an endorsement as “My focus is green building. It is changes the California budget millions of people depend on in community colleges and schools taxpayer dollars. The goal
we’d like to e able to give.” our platform always to green our process, limits state spending and the future." in the 2011 to 2012 fiscal year. of Proposition 1A and 1B is
Pearlman was criticized by campuses and to have sustain- increases the “rainy day” stabili- Supporters claim that if However, the LA Times wrote in to force the government to
the Times for putting green able buildings. I’m glad that the zation budget. Proposition 1A passes it will a April 30 article stating that “The move faster to implement a
construction above academ- Times finally see the work that Former San Francisco May- change California’s flawed bud- school funding measure could new budget and allow schools
ics. “We hope Pearlman will I’m doing. I am pleased to have or Willie Brown says "Proposi- get system to a stable one that lock the state into even more budgets and employee salaries
redirect her energies by put- all the endorsements I currently tions 1A through 1F would end will protect taxpayers who are budget-busting spending … The to remain unaffected. Voters
ting student-related goals at hold.” the erratic budget cycles we face burdened every time the state proposition threatens to ratchet will decide on May 19 if both
the top of her list.” The ballot also includes year after year and restore ac- runs a deficit. up the auto-pilot budgeting that propositions will help the state
Regardless of what the Proposition 1A otherwise known countability to how our tax dol- Proposition 1B which is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to resolve the budget issue.
Times says Pearlman remains as the “Budget Stabilization Act” lars are spent. Establishing these part of the 2009 to 2010 Califor- says he’s trying to stop.”
firm on her focus for green which will appear on the May 19 fiscal policies makes great sense nia state budget and tax increase It appears both ballots will
construction. “Each Califor- ballot in California along with and would prevent devastating agreement will give supplemen- force the state to put away mon-
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Features Section B 9
Hearing continued as former instructor City writes to publish. Faculty
gets new attorney in murder trial. covers gambit of topics.
Page 11 Page 13

Spin Master Turns the Music Up

By Jamie Hong remains the first female to sell off. She produced many dance

more than six-hundred-thousand records as well as music for “Sex
he travels as one of the top CDs playing some of the hard- and the City”, “Punk,” “Queer
a basic
disc jockeys (DJ) in high- est, dynamic house music. as Folk” and “A Midsummer
skill at LACC
demand across the globe “Some people go to work Night’s Rave.” DJ Irene also ap-
that she did not
from England to Paris to Spain in a car,” DJ Irene said. “I go peared in Latin MTV and works
have before. She
and New York, and then finishes to work in a plane. It’s natural with the Grammy’s dance com-
learned to play the
her homework as a humble mu- now. I’ve been DJ-ing for 24, 25 mittee where she reviews selec-
piano and she loves it.
sic student at Los Angeles City years.” “I love watching people tions of dance music. She calls
“DJ Irene came to the
College (LACC). dance …when you play that song her team the “dream team.” They
LACC music department as
Irene Guti- and the people just scream.” have helped her with events like
a highly talented performer
errez Monte- Her eyes twinkle as she New Year’s Eve in New Orleans
and producer of dance mu-
vello otherwise talks about how much she loves for Free-Base Society and the
sic,” said Dr. Dan Wanner,
known in the her work. She sips her coffee Extra Strength Disc Jockey Com-
Music Department Chair.
“DJ-ing” and stares into the distance as pany (ESDJCO) Jet Set Tour. She
“She has received a strong
world as the she reminisces about her perfor- is signed with the William Morris
foundation in harmony, no-
infamous mances. Life was not always so Agency, one of the most presti-
tation and piano, all the es-
DJ Irene pleasant. She labels her past as gious talent and literary agencies
sential elements needed to
“dysfunctional.” in the industry.
begin a career in film mu-
“I had been homeless two But with all of the great
sic. She was a pleasure to
years in my life, I had a drug things going on with her career,
work with, a dedicated stu-
addiction for 15 years, I lost DJ Irene still chooses to attend
dent with boundless energy
my family, lived in a car for school.
and a great sense of humor.
three years,” DJ Irene said. “Education gives you
We’re looking forward to
“My faith, my strength, character.” Irene said. “I think
great things from her as a
my ambition and my [LACC] is great, very thorough.
film composer.”
music are what kept They encourage students; no
Her musical jour-
me fighting.” one’s going to be disappointed.
ney continues at full
After getting Everyone has opportunity, they
speed with her in-your-
clean and sober DJ care about the students.”
face music and sold
Irene enrolled as a Music department students
out shows. She shows
music student at are fascinated by the DJ and her
no sign of slowing
City College. In amazing life. They agree that
down any time soon.
2006 she took the fame and attention must be a
DJ Irene loves what
a leave of ab- thrill.
she does.
sence when “Yea, DJ Irene, she has a pret-
her career ty crazy story,” said Kevin Polzer,
started a guitarist studying at LACC. “DJ
t o Irene is one of the few if not only
take ‘ballers’ left at City College.”
She goes on to talk about
the courses and the instructors
at the college and the motivation
she has received that encourages
her to keep reaching. Despite
her amazing talent to spin
electronic music and throw
some of the most memo-
rable raves for L.A.
party goers, says she
10 News Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City Takes Denim to H.E.A.R.T N A T I O N A L U N I V E R S I T Y ®

while other shirts offered advice
on how to avoid such horrific

your education
“I didn’t even know what
Denim Day was,” said Claudia
Ortiz, a student who is taking

without putting your life

classes on campus but has an un-
decided major. “I honestly never
even heard of it but I know some-
one in this situation and it will be
good for her to know she is not

on hold
alone. It just kills me that I know.
I need to tell her about this.”
H.E.A.R.T is in partnership
with Peace Over Violence, an or- National University’s unique one-course-per-month format,
ganization that promotes the pre-
vention and education of sexual including onsite and online courses, lets you finish your
violence. According to Peace degree at an accelerated pace—while keeping up with work,
Over Violence, 20 to 25 percent
of college women in the United family, and friends. And, to make transferring even easier,
States experience some form qualifying California community college students are
of sexual assault or rape during
guaranteed admission! We have 27 campuses in California,
their college career.
Yvette Lozano, Division and offer financial aid and scholarships. Classes start each
Manager-Intervention Services
month and you can register at any time. So why wait?
at Peace Over Violence indicates
how to raise more awareness
about rape and sexual assault in
a campus community. TRANSFER TO
“In order to prevent and re-
duce the rate of sexual assaults
the issue of sexual violence must
be talked about on campuses by
providing workshops regarding
sexual assault prevention and ed-

Photo by Salvador Chavez/LA Collegian

ucating the campus community
about the myths and realities of 1.800.NAT.UNIV
sexual assault. We need to edu- w w w. n u .e d u / t r a n s f e r
Kestee Davis, a Radiology major, holds up a black T-shirt in support
of Denim Day in the Main Quad. cate ourselves about the issues,
for example, knowing that rape
By Victoria Safarian Court, a judge announced that can happen to anyone regardless

the victim’s jeans were too tight of age, gender, race, sexual ori-
olorful T-shirts decorated to be removed by the instructor entation or socioeconomic status.
with protests against sex- alone so the girl must have freely Remember it is never too late to
ual violence surrounded participated. Therefore, the con- heal. A victim of sexual violence
the Denim Day booth located viction was overturned and as a can always receive services from

© National University 2008

at the Los Angeles City College result, women, who were part of their local rape crisis center no ™

campus on April 22, marking the Italian legislature, protested matter how long ago the assault The University of Values
its annual protest. On this day by wearing jeans to work. happened.”
people all across the nation wore “One in every five women
jeans to raise awareness about have been sexually assaulted,”
rape and sexual assault. said Earic Peters, Associate Dean
• Peace Over Los Angeles Campus: 5245 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 100 310.662.2100
California first established of Student Life at LACC. “That
Violence will be holding
Denim Day in April of 1999. lady over there could be one of
its next crisis intervention
However, it was a particular them, you never know.” training in the fall of 2009
event at the Italian High Court H.E.A.R.T is the organiza- for anyone interested
in 1998 that triggered the denim tion at LACC that was respon- in volunteering. More
movement. sible for arranging and promot- information regarding the
After allegedly being raped ing Denim Day. Students had campaign can be obtained
on the side of a road in Italy the option of painting protests on at
by her driving instructor, a girl T-shirts against any form of sex- • Students
(whose name was not released) ual violence at the denim booth, interested in learning
more about the H.E.A.R.T
decided to press charges and located in the Quad. Previous
program can contact The
won the case, but the instruc- students who had fallen victim
Office of Student Life at
tor appealed the sentence. After to some form of sexual assault 323.953.4000 ext. 2450.
the case went to the Italian High also had their T-shirts on display

Daniel Marlos shows a rocking chair commemorating the Mt. Wash-

ington Incline Railway. This piece will be on display at the exhibit.

Susan Lutz, Stereoscopic view of "Former site of the Pacific Electric

Railway with succulents, South Pasadena, CA" with reverse com-
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 News 11

City Triumphs in Journalism State Competition His cartoon represented Collegian Journalism Scholar-
By Virginia Bulacio
Proposition 8 with a scene from ship, second place in the Latino

tudents from the Journal- the "Lord of The Rings." Heritage poetry competition, the
ism department won eight Also, work published in the Gamma Delta Upsilon scholar-
awards at the Journalism Collegian Times, LACC's annual ship. He also received the Expre-
Association of Community Col- magazine was awarded by the sion Cultural award presented by
leges (JACC) State conference judges. the Latino Student Union and a
for news writing, cartoons, pho- Jonathan Velasquez, pho- regional JACC Honorable Men-
tography and magazine design tographer and reporter for both tion for news photo and now
this semester. The convention the newspaper and magazine, re- a state JACC Honorable Men-
took place in Sacramento in ceived a Honorable Mention for tion for his contribution to the
March, but students did not at- magazine line illustration for his magazine. He has worked for La
tend. poem "I, Dessert" published on Prensa de Los Angeles and plans
Collegian Editor-in-Chief, the Collegian Times issue of May to transfer to CSUN in the fall to
Theresa Adams, and Arts and 2008. pursue a B.A. degree in Commu-
Entertainment Editor, Monica "I wanted to include two of nications.
Olofsson, took second place in the things I like to do: photog- The Collegian staff was also
the feature profile news category raphy and poetry, to create this awarded second place in the state
for their “Custodian Says Good- piece." Velasquez said. "It is al- presented to Media Arts for East
bye After Three Decades with ways nice to be recognized for Hollywood Portraits for the mag-
College” article, published in the your work, especially when you azine photo story/essay, which
Collegian in December 2008. represent your school at a state judges said was very nice work
"As a reporter it feels won- level." and there was a "good use of dif-
derful to win an award for writ- Velasquez arrived at age 15 ferent lighting styles."
ing," Adams said. "It is great that
Photo by Virginia Bulacio/LA Collegian from Colombia. He did not speak JACC hosts two conventions
the JACC Committee rewarded Tercius Bufete, Derek Villanueva, Theresa Adams and Jonathan English but was eager to learn the annually, one regionally and one
me for doing something that I Velasquez show off their JACC Awards. language. After graduating from at the state level. JACC awards
love." Photo by Beatrice Alcala/LA Collegian
high school, he enrolled at LACC community college students for
Adams has been part of the to pursue an A.A. degree in jour- their journalism achievements.
colleges. “very introverted," and so he left. in the mail-in editorial cartoon
Collegian for the last three years. nalism. He won the Los Angeles
"It is clear in its message After 9-11 he decided to go back competition.
She has been Editor-in-Chief for and striking in its impact," JACC to school to become an active “I'm extremely honored to
both the newspaper and maga- judges said. "This is what an edi- cartoonist. recieve this award. I am glad that
zine and wishes to continue her torial cartoon can do, take a com- Villanueva plans to work on I had the opportunity to represent
education at USC or UCLA. plex idea and show it in an artful a couple of projects this summer the LACC journalism program,”
However, not only writing way." and wants to continue to draw Bufete said, an English and jour-
was recognized by JACC, car- "Oh, God. I was so nervous, until he finds his place in the pro- nalism major.
toonists Derek Villanueva and but I loved the pressure,” Villan- fessional world. He currently works with the
Tercius Bufete received awards ueva said. “I was such a nerd! I “The pen is our microphone broadcast team as a producer.
for their work as well. had my art bag filled with pens, and my voice is what I create,” When he came to the Collegian
Villanueva took top honors pencils, sharpies, erasers, tape. Villanueva said. “Sometimes, newspaper, he was asked by for-
in state for his cartoon "Merrill I mean I packed everything be- people will feel offended by what mer Editor-in-Chief Ivie Anne
Lynch, The End of the Bull Run," cause I was so nervous.” you draw because it might be Hasagawa if he knew how to
published during the fall 2009. Villanueva joined LACC af- offensive to them. As a cartoon- draw.
He remembers the first time he ter a short break from school. He ist, you have to take the positive "I can draw, I said and she
went to his first journalism con- was part of Los Angeles Valley feedback as well as the negative.” said 'then you are a cartoonist.'
vention and competed against College’s Journalism Program Cartoonist Tercius Bufete It was as simple as that," Bufete
students from other community but he felt the environment was received an honorable mention said.

him losing his temporary as-
signment,” Moon said.
The American Federa-

Motive tion of Teacher and the Los

Angeles Faculty Guild say
that mental health services are

May offered to teachers through a

Verizon health plan. The ser-
vice is available to tenured or

Remain a probationary faculty members

who have four years of service.
As Berg’s employment status

Mystery did not fall into either category,

there were no health benefits
available to him or his family
through the Verizon plan.
By Theresa Adams Dr. Aronsohn explains that

in reality we don’t know why
olice arrested Ronald something like this happens.
Leroy Berg at his home There are times when displaced
in Los Angeles on Sept. anger can cause acts of vio-
Photo by Theresa Adams/LA Collegian
26, 2008. He was later charged lence but so can other things.
with the murder of his wife of Former LACC instructor Ronald L. Berg (seated far right) meets his attorney after 9 months of representation by a public defender. Berg's a “We may be angry with
20 years, Violeta Monleon- ttorney, Marcia Morrissey, addresses the court as presiding judge, Barabara Johnson tells the gallery that once trial begins no cameras will the people we work with but
Berg. be allowed in the courtroom.
we go home and kick the dog,”
The 72-year-old col- Aronsohn said. “In the past in
lege instructor taught finance was represented by a public de- with his peers at Los Angeles they have to be willing to open to the garage. She was sent to our society it was ok for a man
courses at Los Angeles City fender. The American Federation City College. On September 26 up.” prison. to be angry but not hurt or sad.
College and Los Angeles of Teachers (AFT) was contacted Berg’s wife Violeta was killed, This is not an isolated inci- During the preliminary Women cried. They could be
Trade Tech College. to find out if they provided coun- the instructor was charged with dent. According to a CBS news hearing the lead detective in the miserable or scared but not an-
Since his arrest in Sep- sel to faculty charged in crimi- the crime and in that moment life report, award-winning teacher Berg case testified that the in- gry.”
tember 2008, Berg has made nal cases. The AFT advised only changed for Berg and the family Nancy Seaman confessed to kill- structor believed his wife was She said that sometimes
eight court appearances. In union members receive the ben- members who mourn the loss of ing her husband with a hatchet. going to leave him. He also said people get caught in old stereo-
February 2009 he was remand- efit of counsel, under certain cir- their loved one. She claimed it was self-defense that Berg was very disturbed types. The bottom line is that
ed over to another department cumstances. According to Abner Mon- and testified in court that she about the possibility of losing his no one will ever really be able
in the criminal courts building “We would only represent leon, there was nothing in his would do that fateful day over job. The public defender asked to say they know why this hap-
for pretrial proceedings. The someone in a case pertaining bother-in-law’s behavior that again if she could. Seaman, who a number of questions about the pened.
hearing set for March 9 was directly to a contract violation,” would suggest that he should be met her husband Bob in 1972, tes- defendant’s mental state, which Staff members said Berg
continued to April 8 when the said Mattie Moon, Social Scienc- concerned for his sister’s safety. tified that she was a battered wife the defective stated he was not seemed frazzled at times and
public defender advised that es Department Chair and Chap- The Collegian contacted a for more than 20 years. Although qualified to evaluated. would say from time to time
new counsel would take over ter President of the Los Angeles professional to comment on the she said she was defending her- “He lost his job a long time that he hoped he would not get
the Berg case. Faculty Guild, Local 1521.”And possible mental health of Berg. self, a jury found her guilty of ago,” Monleon said. “He got his arrested. No one questioned
Marcia Morrissey of the then only if the person were on Dr. Joyce Aronsohn a Psycho murder in the first degree. job back.” what he meant by those com-
Law Offices of Marcia Mor- the verge of being fired.” Therapist with 33 years experi- In another case, first grade Neighbors and family told ments or why he made them.
rissey met for the first in court As he was classified as an ence. teacher, Delores Laster, 61 was the Collegian Berg began talk-
that day. She told the court adjunct faculty member Berg “There can be 7,000 reasons accused of shooting her husband ing about losing his job last year. “It was a self fulfilling
that she recently received the was not a part of the union and why this happened,” Aronsohn in 1988. She told police she dis- However, he never explained prophecy,” said one office ad-
assignment and needed more had no union representative. said. The person could have pent covered the body in the garage. why he thought this might hap- ministrator. “It was as if he
time to review the case. A sec- More than one year ago, up rage, childhood anger. It is Evidence collected indicated the pen. wished it upon himself.”
ond continuance was granted. Ronald Berg came to class, difficult to say. You have to get husband was killed in another lo- “He was an adjunct employ-
Prior to this time Berg taught finance and interacted to know the person in depth and cation and the body was moved ee and we heard nothing about
12 Campus Highlight Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City College
doors to give denizens a chance La Brea Tar Pits. Its collection
to view their collections and contains a plethora of specimens
meet the artists. Arrive early for from the prehistoric era as well
free wine and appetizers. as replicas of the saber-toothed
Griffith Park overwhelms cats and wooly mammoths that
ñu elas the senses with things to do for previously roamed Wilshire Bou-
sca e n for- people of all ages, including the levard. The first Tuesday of each
rc E
a o
s of e most
M e n Los Angeles Zoo, amusement month is free for visitors, while
ds & el f th ch
y nol n d Ang ome o ce Bea is- park rides for those with children all other days are $7 for adults
R e a es n i d
o nica u d ents ts asid try. Ve fail to een and a golf range that overlooks and half price for students and
r t i n
Ve ge s ty s cou ver betw y Los Angeles. The Los Angeles children. Parking is $6 with mu-
C olle heir ci in the lity ne anals ur wa

ity hat t hes a yo Zoo is only $12 for adults and $7 seum validation.
e t t e a c p e rson esake king ue
e n ic b copic its nam re ma Aven mee
for children two and up and park- For early birds, start your
s c do s ng ef o ard ing is free. day at either the Melrose Swap
k alei l amo gton b i ndw fiti ts the For those with no budget, Meet at Fairfax High or the Hol-
it s tro l hin k. W w s
and int. S Was ardwal t wher
e exp alls, a ands t
o d f ress sp o lo nature in all its magnanimous lywood Farmer's Market on Ivar
app ice an the bo our le Its
ethe thems ace set ok at V beauty stretches as far as the eye on Sunday mornings. Besides
e n n g to y sam r e a
V h alo
t der e vi eal nat lves w side f enice's can see. Cheapest of all? Grab shopping, it affords you the op-
nor Mean ew ure i t h or l
o leg
be Once twice. ensure spray cal ar endary someone special and fly a kite. portunity to see L.A. before it
s y s th p ti
the ure to ou ha at y aint a sts to graf- Flying a kite is a unique way to wakes up and everyone else
focu wal ve o u'll n d fre spend a sunny afternoon that will stakes a claim to it.
mm s of V k alon oaked
s nev conc ely
e g er h re stimulate your senses as you run For a change of pace, vol-
ibu i
to o ng, fol nice's Abbot p eno
u ave te.
bse lo s u the through the grass with the kite unteer with a local charity. It is
rve w the hoppin Kinne gh lo
som P g y, ca string pulled taut. It’s an interest- a great way to meet people who
e of acific C and d which l colo
the o i n i r, ing sensation to be led around by care about their community and
mos ast Hi ing. Fo s now little more than a string and wind to forge new friendships with
t att ghw r go
ract a o
ive y to M d resistance as you watch your kite those who share the same inter-
surf al-
ers soar above you. Best of all, af- ests.
ter that initial investment for the “There is a moment in time
kite, you now have a free source when each and every one of us
of entertainment that is also needs a helping hand,” said First
earth-friendly. Lady Michelle Obama when
For those of high style and she was spotted by MSNBC re-
thin wallet, sometimes a little cently serving food to the home-
and clear, the per-
the world. The waters here are clean window shopping makes a great less a few blocks from the White
fect place to escape the frenetic city. afternoon. Start at Third Street House.
The boho tri-
L.A. can be surprisingly walkable. and Fairfax Avenue and walk Project Angel Food is al-
Echo Park are even
fecta of Los Feliz, Silver Lake and west along Third Street to La ways seeking volunteers to aid
you alight at Sunset
reachable by the Metro Red Line. If Cienega, where you'll turn north. them with their goal of delivering
th to your choice
& Vermont, you can either walk nor You can either continue north into meals to the terminally ill. Orien-
s, each brimming
of either Vermont or Hillhurst Avenue West Hollywood or turn east onto tation is easy and you have the
to Sunset Junction.
with shops and cafes or walk east Beverly. Each of these streets is choice of volunteering with food
e to pause and
The Intelligentsia Cafe is a great plac lined with cafes and shops that preparation in their kitchen on
If after all of that
watch the fashionable world go by. run the gamut from upscale to Vine Street or spending an hour
lowbrow. or two on a weekday afternoon
Nearby sits the Page Muse- delivering meals. They run routes
um and its extensive collection of throughout the city so chances
both artifacts culled from the adjacent are there’s one convenient to you.
m e g r eenery, to
n y o u want s k are nearby
atio all Pa r
observ Barnsd
social ark a n d
new ga
f fi t h P e r a s
Gri . simm dors.
reather ues to n corri
take a b ntown contin liven its urba red indi-
Dow s en cultu
n d r e s taurant e with other D owntow
r i e s a m i n g l i d e d .
a c h a nce to t h e self-gu of the month
For mi s s sday ain
, don’t second Thur Spring and M ir
viduals y o n t e
r t W a lk ever allery Row” e n u e s open
A G A v
night, “ eventh
On this Second and S
betwee Photo by Marc Escañuelas/LA Collegian

View of Los Angeles from the Santa Monica Mountains on a "clear

day" by L.A. standards.

Supervisor Sets Sail for Adventure

By Argelia Hirzel the shore and walked through the the small islands you could see

jungle where a lemur monkey that their lives are very simple,
os Angeles City College came to greet Robinson and to they live in little small huts and
Business Office Supervi- eat a banana while sitting on her I would be surprised if they had
sor Robin Robinson set shoulder. running water.”
sail on the Silver Seas Cruise The ship was supposed to Robinson wants to return
Line in January on a trip to Af- continue to its next destination, and bring natives of Africa to
rica. however the boat did not sail come to America to learn.
Robinson visited Kenya, out until the next day because “I would like to go again to
Tanzania and the Seychelles Is- the crew said there was an emer- see Africa and make a connection
land on the East Coast of Africa gency. to bring more students to Los An-
and islands in northwest India “We got to the boat and we geles City College,” she said.
located near the Indian Ocean. were supposed to sail that eve- Robinson says she enjoyed
She also visited the Spice Islands ning. But, we did not sail that her trip and would like others to
and Nosy Be and Nosy Komba, evening,” Robinson said. “And have the opportunity to have a
located off the northwest coast of so people began asking why once in a lifetime experience.
the Madagascar islands. we were still in port, there was “My children are African-
“We saw water buffalo, hy- not any official notification to American and are interested in
enas, warthogs, lemur monkeys, us [passengers], but we heard Africa. I spoke to Dr. Reginald
tortoises, chameleons and boa through the grapevine that there Brady in the International Stu-
constrictors. But we did not get might have been pirates.” dent Center about the idea of
to see any of the big cats,” Rob- Robinson was more inter- recruiting more students from
inson said. ested in the ecology and the peo- Africa to Los Angeles City Col-
When the cruise ship had to ple. She wanted the trip to be a lege, but because I was in a cruise
stop, they had to contact authori- positive experience. I could not make the link. Later, I
ties to receive permission to an- “[I had] no concern about would like to go back to visit and
chor and get a little boat to shore the pirates, I really want to be speak with the people that might Photo courtesy of Robin Robinson
because it looked like a deserted in touch with the people and the help me make that link to Los Robin Robinson surrounded by children on her adventure to Africa in January.
island. They went to a village on animals,” Robinson said. “On Angeles City College.”
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Campus Highlight 13

Publish or Perish:
Compiled by Alba M. Solórzano scribe main points of a source. ticed how difficult it was to find
Faculty Strikes a "Prose"
and Writes to be Read
So Good and Bad Screenplays to fight back peacefully through a book about where she had been
Sater earned a M.A. degree in information, especially with the Tom Stempel has written six writing illegal publications. when she finally began traveling.
Author: Ana Lya Sater Latin American Studies, because Internet explosion. books all together, five of which “ In spite of all of America’s “Write your own truth be-
Published work: “Latin she wanted to learn more about Author: Tom Stempel are about screenwriting and one problems at least you do have cause nobody can dispute it, if
American Studies: An Annotated her country and the culture of Published work: “Story- biography. Stempel wanted to freedom of speech, you only rec- you don’t write it now your life
Bibliography of Core Works” Chile. tellers to the Nation: A History of write about screenwriting be- ognize the value of it when you will fade after you’re gone,”
“Latin American Jewish “There’s an explosion of American Television” cause nobody would notice the lose it,” Mejgnski said. Samuelson said. “We have to
Studies: Annotated Guide to Lit- information and if you don’t nar- “American Audiences on screenwriters of films during his Author: Sena Samuelson write down our own history for
erature” row it down, it would be difficult Movies and Movie Going” time and he felt like they should Published work: “Love posterity.”
Librarian Ana Lya Sater to find what you’re looking for,” Framework: A History of be praised just as much as actors Mizoram” and “Ramah” Author: Sam Eisenstein
wrote two annotated bibliogra- Sater said. Screenwriting in the American and directors. Sena Samuelson teaches Published work: “Cosmic
phies, which summarize and de- Sater wanted to write the Film “When I started nobody Social Sciences Cow”, “Merciless Beauty”, “Nu-
bibliographies because as she Screenwriter the Life and wrote about screenwriting, ev- Wrote a controversial book dibranchia”
would do some research she no- Times of Nunnally Johnson eryone thought that the director called “Love Mizoram,” which English teacher Sam Eisen-
Understanding Screenwrit- thought everything up,” Stempel criticizes the politics in the coun- stein has written many books
ing: Learning From Good, Not said. try. She was living in the coun- like “Cosmic Cow”, “Merciless
Author: Anderzeh Mejgnski try during the time she wrote the Beauty” and “Nudibranchia” for
Published work: “An Un- book and didn’t like how their the last 60 years. Eisenstein’s in-
derground Conference Report in leader was putting people in spiration from many things, but it
Poland for Solidarity Movement prison for very unfair reasons. all comes down to just having fun
Labor Unions” for “Solidarity She also wanted the rest world to while making up his own world
Regional Conference” know what was going on in her for him.
Librarian Anderzeh Mejgn- country so that they could have “I get a lot of ideas from stu-
ski was against communism in their own independence. dents but I have to bat them down
Poland and wanted to find a way The second was called Ra- sometimes,” Eisenstein said. “I
mah, which is about the places have fun when I write; each one
Samuelson has visited. of us is making up our own little
Samuelson was world all the time.”
very interested in Author: Andrew Waltzer
going to biblical Published work: “Narra-
1 2 3
places and de- tives of Contemporary Male Cri-
cided to write sis: The Reproduction of Nation-
al Discourse” in “The Journal of
Men’s Studies”
Humanities professors An-
drew Waltzer writes about how
white males through history
have thought themselves to be
the “true Americans” and how
4 5 6 the Civil Rights movement and
women’s rights among other
1. Sena Samuelson - “Love Mizoram” and “Ramah” things brought them down.
2. Anderzeh Mejgnski - “An Underground Conference Report in Poland for Solidarity Movement Labor Unions” “Equality is a good thing is
3. Tom Stempel - "Storytellers to the Nation: A History of American Television” what it’s about,” Waltzer said. “
4. Sam Eisenstein - “Cosmic Cow” I am supportive of changing the
5. Andrew Walzer - “Narritives of Contemporary Male Crisis” The Reproduction of National Discourse” dominance of white male power”
6. Ana Sater - “Latin American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of Core Works”

Return to Manzanar nit

y Coll
ege Di
st rict Runners-Up Aw
m u een
By Marc Escañuelas
C om IS
s M

anzanar rests more



than 200 miles north of


Los Angeles, a perti-



nent and timely reminder of when

wartime paranoia forced the relo-
cation of approximately 11,000
Japanese and Japanese Ameri-
cans within its dusty borders dur-
ing World War II. Following the
attack on Pearl Harbor, President
Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an
executive order authorizing the
military to sequester those of
Japanese descent, regardless of
citizenship status, in internment
camps in the Western United
States. The majority of the more
than 120,000 interned at those
camps came from the Los Ange-
les area.
"These people survived and
they lived and they made the best
of what they had,” said Shonna
Aalto, president of the Japanese
Club, with whom she made the
trip to Manzanar in April. “They
made it their own little commu- Photo courtesy of Mathew Grimm
nity and they were happy even A photo of the Soul Consoling Tower at Manzanar.
under those bad circumstances.”
Aalto, an international law ma-
jor at Los Angeles City College Japanese tanko bushi dancers and winds have destroyed some of
(LACC) who plans to transfer music. Aalto said about 3,000 the buildings, many of which the
to USC, had a family member people attended from schools National Park Service plans to
at Manzanar. She was startled to and colleges all over California. rebuild. For now, most prominent
Photo by Jordan Angulo/LA Collegian

find the name of her grandfather’s She stressed how important it is is the Soul Consoling Tower, a
sister, who died at Manzanar, on that younger generations make white obelisk that stands on the
the wall of the Mess Hall. Aalto themselves aware of this trag- site of the camp’s cemetery. It
was the first in her family to re- edy. A recent Asian Week article memorializes the 146 prisoners
turn to the camp, which is now by Emily Leach details how the who died at the camp, although
a state park. She hesitated to tell Japanese community has reached the majority were reburied by
her family about the trip because out to American Muslims in the family elsewhere.
the topic still makes her grand- wake of Sept. 11, as both groups The trip was a joint effort
mother emotional. are all too familiar with the sting between the Japanese Club and
of xenophobia and the slippery the LACC Office of Student Life. City College winners: Jessica Rivera, Abimael Rivera,
The 40th Annual Manzanar
Pilgrimage included a ceremony slope it can lead to. The club has future plans to bring Salvador Chavez, Jaime Hong and Tercius Bufete
that incorporated numerous faiths The camp is a shadow of its in an internee to speak to stu- Learn Convergence : Join Journalism 217, 218 and 219 in the fall
in its prayers as well as traditional former self, as fires and strong dents.
14 Campus Highlights Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More than Half of Disabled Budget Cuts Strain

Tutoring Services for
Access Doors Repaired Disabled Students
Eight months after a Collegian
investigation of non-working should be doing less,” said
push-plates on disabled access

Susan Matranga, Learning
doors, repairs have been made, udget cuts are forc- Disabilities Specialist. “It’s
but some doors are still in need ing the Office of Spe- our responsibility to make the
of attention. cial Services (OSS) material accessible.” Many
to rely on volunteers as they tutees have specialized needs.
By Tim Carpenter no longer can afford to keep One such student is blind and

as many paid tutors on staff. enrolled in a geometry class.
tudents using dis- The OSS provides individual- In order to help the student
abled access doors at ized tutoring for special needs visualize his schoolwork, the
City College may have students who are challenged tutor made a tactile graphic
noticed improvements in sev- with any number of disabili- so that the tutee could feel the
eral buildings over the past eight ties such as blindness, hearing lesson. The OSS tries in ear-
months. Wheelchair accessible impairment, ADD or learning nest to address the needs of
buttons located in Jefferson of equipment that does ately and difficulties. Drawing upon everyone to ensure that their
Hall, the Chemistry Building, and not work.” will stay a number of disciplines and tutees have the best opportu-
Holmes Hall and the Life Sci- is a Medina is just one of on top of techniques, the program’s tu- nity to learn.
ence Building are all functioning com- many disabled students who it, to make tors aspire to be instruments One example is Kath-
properly. However, the disabled puter use the wheelchair accessible certain that of learning for their tutees leen Potter, who has been a
doors located at the back en- engineer- doors, but visually impaired stu- no [disabled] to advance in their subjects student at Los Angeles City
trance of the Learning Resource ing major, dents may be inconvienced as students has a problem regardless of whatever im- College since 1999 and uti-
Center (LRC) and the Vermont showed the Collegian that the well. getting to class because of mal- pairment they experience. Al- lized the OSS’s tutoring ser-
Avenue entrance of Clausen Hall, push plate in the back of the LRC Willie Richmond, former functioning equipment.” though the semester is draw- vices for most of that period.
still do not work. was out of order and he was un- Assistant Vice-President of Fa- Visually impaired and ing to a close, the program Potter is both blind and deaf
Last September, the Colle- able to use the entrance so he cilities initiated the repairs in wheelchair students are not the is always on the lookout for and communicates using sign
gian documented six out of seven could attend classes in the Learn- September of 2008. Bruce Baron, only ones who have a difficult new volunteers. The program language. Potter’s tutoring
doors and push plates were out of ing Skills Center. Vice-President of Administrative time navigating around City Col- looks for individuals who sessions often include an in-
order. A follow up visit in April “I saw them [repair crew] Services who took over when lege. Mark Nisgone, a computer are patient, dependable and terpreter, who fingerspells to
revealed that four doors have fix the push plate and the door Richmond left, says the school science major who uses a cane knowledgeable in their sub- Potter as her tutor reads from
been repaired and three are still at the Learning Resource Center will look into the matter and take to get around the school says it jects. The program provides her textbook. Potter is work-
out of order. The college attempt- at the beginning of the semester the necessary steps to resolve it. is an inconvience because of his services weekdays from its ing towards an A.A. in Lib-
ed to repair the plates at Clausen [Feb. 9] and I was able to get in, “I was not aware that the dis- condition. offices in Clausen Hall, Room eral Arts and expressed how
Hall and the LRC, but they broke but it was out of order the next abled entrances at the LRC and “It makes it tough when I 109. vital the program has been in
down again. day,” Medina said. “I am frustrat- Clausen Hall was not working,” have to walk up a flight of stairs “Just because someone helping her achieve this goal.
Moises Medina, who gets ed because it makes it tough for Baron said. “We [LACC] will because of equipment that is not is blind, doesn’t mean they
around campus in a wheelchair me to get into the center because address this problem immedi- working,” Nisgore said.

Budget Deficit Means Fewer

Summer Classes for Students
By Veronica Reynolds

“We’re definitely offering less classes this summer,” said

William Marmolejo, Dean of Admissions at City College.

The college will receive less money from the state this
year than in past years because of statewide budget cuts.
“We don’t have the same funding from the state to pay for
the teachers,” Marmolejo said.
City College offers summer classes that have the highest
probability of reaching capacity in order to keep their doors
open during the ‘off season.’”
Courses such as “Mathematics 112,” “English 101” and
other core classes that all students are required to take in order
to transfer to a university are what fill classrooms during the
summer months.
“The demand isn’t there,” Marmolejo said. “Few upper
division classes are offered during the summer months. Nor-
mally we have about 15,000 students in the fall and spring ses-
sions and in the summer we have about 5,000. That’s off the
top of my head.”
There are three class sessions offered this summer at
LACC. The longer summer session gives students enough time
to gain a complete understanding of certain subjects that re-
quire more time to learn.
There are two, five-week summer sessions offered this
summer. The first short session begins June 15 and ends on
July 18. The second short session begins on July 20 and ends
on August 22. Classes offered for the eight-week session start
on June 15 and end on August 8.
Students can sign up for classes now online at www.laci- or in the Admissions Office located in the Ad-
missions Building, Room 100.
Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Sports 15
Paper Trail from page 1

Player: 'I didn't think he would do anything that would jeopardize me or my career.'
the registrar/administrative rep- put it on there. But it wasn’t our highly recommend that you drop
resentative and the athlete signed information. We just listened.” this story. Can’t you find some-
it. Athletes are signing to the fact According to records, Ow- thing productive to focus your
that “I understand that there are ens graduated from Boyd County time on?”
special rules for student athletes High School in Ashland, Ken- Cleveland later said, “Do
... Information falsely given … tucky in May 2007. He then at- not ever call me about this story
will cause my college’s forfei- tended Ware Prep in Atlanta, again. I am serious.”
tures of all games … in which I Georgia in 2008. His student eli- Still, the coach later sug-
may compete, and that I may be gibility report states that the last gested that the Collegian look at
designated ineligible for further high school he attended was the the job description of the athletic
competition ...” Stoneridge Tarzana campus in director, and that of the coach.
The names on the LACC May 2006. He said that the “coach has noth-
forms that claim Stoneridge Owens says that finishing ing to do with eligibility.” Des-
Prep as the last high school at- his first year of college is im- mond played both guard and
tended are: Clarence Davis, Cor- portant him, but he never got the forward, wearing Cubs number
daryll James Desmond, Jerrett R. chance at LACC. When he went 24. An interview with him in the
Towns, Marvin A. Coats and An- home to Kentucky to deal with LACC library ended abruptly. He
tonio Owens. Owens was the star a family problem, he planned to was not eager to answer ques-
player on the Cubs 2008–2009 return to school. Cleveland told tions about Stoneridge.
men’s basketball team. him not to come back, mention- “I do not have to tell you
“I don’t know why coach ing a “personal problem.” anything, no offense, but I am not
[Mack Cleveland] wanted to say I Under first year head coach scared of you,” Desmond said. “I
went to Stoneridge,” Owens said. Cleveland, LACC dominated. have been on ESPN before. Who
“I never asked him why. I knew They were South Coast Confer- are you? What can you do?” Des-
him, I didn’t think he would do ence champs, and Cleveland was mond then yelled, “Someone
anything that would jeopardize voted South Coast Conference please get this girl away from
me or my career … I filled it [the Coach of the Year. He spoke with me, I am just sitting here trying
student eligibility report] out and the Collegian by telephone. to check my Facebook.”
Photo courtesy of Mario Villegas
gave it to him. And he was like “How long have you been at Another player on the team
‘Oh no, no, no do it over’ and he LACC?” Cleveland asked the re-
Current South Coast Conference coach of the year, Mack Cleveland, motivates his players at a home was just giving the answers. We porter. “If you want to stay here, I Paper Trail on page 16
game against Compton; Assistant coach James Wilkes listens in.

“The pool doesn’t quite “The current pool is pretty

Waves of meet current guidelines,” McEv-

eety said. “No diving boards; the
deep end is too shallow at 8 feet,
nice,” Vindua said. “It’s clean.
Sometimes there would be prob-
lems with the plumbing, it [the Baseball Players Seek Relief
regulation requires a minimum pool] wouldn’t be heated, but it
of 10 feet; jumping off a diving wasn’t bad.”
board could cause injury. It’s just The new design will be 25 By Tim Carpenter said. “Right after the game, he “The players should

too old really.” yards in length and have eight cut me from the team.” have gone through a chain

Emerge Project management of the

pool is conducted by Harris &
Associates, the same organiza-
lanes across, each lane being 8
feet wide, which will allow City
College to hold competitions.
ast month, several
Los Angeles City
College (LACC)
Ken Mickens Sr. accused
Hinshaw of misleading his son
when he enrolled for classes at
of command, like they do
in the business world,” said
Robert Horowitz, the ath-

for Pool tion that supervises all construc-

tion on campus. Aquatic Design
Group—the official aquatic con-
Along with the shorter size,
the pool will have a one-meter
diving board and a filtration sys-
baseball players addressed
the Los Angeles Com-
munity College District
City College.
“My son came to LACC
from San Diego State because
letic trainer for the sports
programs at City.
Players and parents hope
sultant for the College Swim- tem that classifies the pool as an (LACCD) Board of Trust- his grades were low and he that the district will address
By Abimael Rivera ming Coaches Association of overflow pool. The system runs
ees at the Faculty and Staff needed to improve his GPA the situation soon.

America prepared the blueprint along the perimeter of the entire
long Willowbrook Av- of the pool. Steinberg Architects pool. Center, accusing City head in order to transfer. However “We [LACCD] investi-
enue on the north side is the same company who de- “I’m sure it’s pretty behind baseball coach George Hin- coach Hinshaw had my son gate these allegations and if
of the Los Angeles City signed the new Dr. Martin Luther compared to newer pools today,” shaw of intimidation and take unnecessary classes like we find evidence that there
College (LACC), campus, stu- King Jr. Library. Vindua said about the construc- abuse. weight training, instead of im- was negligence on the part
dents swim in a landmark pool “Aquatic Design construct- tion of a new pool. “Seems like a Players who spoke to portant classes he needed to of the baseball program, we
that dates back to the 1920s when ed two 50 meter pools within a good thing.” the Board of Trustees about re-enter a four-year universi- will take action,” said Kelly
the school first opened. week or two for Olympic tryouts It will also contain a touch allegations included Kenny ty,” Mickens Sr. said. Candaele, President of the
The pool has no name or in Long Beach on a parking lot in pad system for score keeping. Mickens and his father Ken On April 23, the players Board of Trustees.
title and a floor made of tiles, 2004. So they know what they’re These pads will be attached to Mickens Sr., Walt Roberts, boycotted their scheduled This is the second time
which is rare to see in any pool doing,” McEveety said. a wall underwater and once a
today. It is 27 yards long that is Michael Pina, Conrad Cho, contest against El Camino in the past three seasons
Once the project is approved swimmer touches the pad his or
two yards longer than regulation, Joshua Zuniga, Cameron College because they feel that the athletic department
by the DSA, Harris & Associates her time will register on a score-
this prohibits LACC from hold- will send the plans out for bid- board rather than having some- Jimenez and Tony Man- Hinshaw has treated the team and the team had come un-
ing competitions on campus. ding. The project was submitted one keep time with a stopwatch. zanares. poorly and that his assistant der fire. Selwyn Young,
Years of constant mainte- on March 4 and could take up Hjose Penasa an art major Roberts who was on coaches Freddy Tolliver and who coached the Cubs
nance enable instructors like Jan to six months for the state to ap- also took the swimming class in the team until April 8, ad- Mark Talmo have not done baseball program in 2006
McEveety, chair of the women’s prove it. Construction could start spring 2008, where he sharpened dressed his concerns with enough to help defuse the situ- and 2007, was dismissed
P.E. department, to offer swim in November, but the pool will his freestyle swimming skills. the board, ation. after the school said his
classes for students and nearby not be opened until September “The [current] pool is nice,” “I informed Coach Hin- A few of the staffers in the contract was not renewed.
residents as a community service 2011. Penasa said. “It’s always clean, shaw that I was hurt and athletic department believe the Hinshaw was unavail-
offered by the school. Joel Vindua, a graphic de- [the water] is clear and heated up could not pitch, but he players should have taken a able for comment.
However, students can look sign major, took the class in fall in the mornings when it’s cold.
forward to the construction of a [Hinshaw] put me out to different approach in their at-
2007, spring 2008 and fall 2008. If they’re going to make a better
new pool that will be built next to pitch anyway,” Roberts tempts to resolve the dispute.
McEveety was his instructor. one I’m all for that.”
the women’s gymnasium build-
ing along Heliotrope Drive.
“I think building a new
[pool] is wonderful,” said busi-
ness administration major, Gua-
dalupe Salas. She is currently
taking “Physical Education 102:
Swimming Skills” with McEv-
Students Center Punch with Kung Fu
eety. By Jessica Rivera

“The pool is very, very small lar fist and hand motions, and learning.” said Oscar Echeveria, a John things on those days.”
and sometimes we get like five p on the roof of the ancient traditional kick combi- The program improves Marshall High School student Schwartz believes that
people per lane,” Salas said. “It’s Men’s Gym as the nations. It also consists of body physical health, strength and who has been in the program for one night is not enough for
very hard to swim because we sun sets, students of mechanics and defending tech- stamina and with focus, it is said three years. “I used to be scared practice. On Thursdays she
end up crashing into each other. all ages challenge themselves. niques. Professor Nan Schwartz, to improve the ability to analyze. to go to school because I was integrates weapons like the
It’s too small.” They practice kick and punch a fifth generation black belt pro- “I find Kung Fu to be very afraid that someone would try to double knife, or the bench.
Plans for the new pool, how- moves to protect themselves fessional who started martial arts graceful, very artistic, yet very jump me, but now with kung fu She does not offer black belts,
ever, are still in the process of ap- and defend loved ones. at the age of 17 teaches the Kung effective in self-defense,” said I am confident everywhere I go.” but prepares students to be-
proval at the Division of State Kung fu is offered to Fu class. She is internationally Moti Buchboot who has had an Schwartz also teaches come better at the sport.
Architect (DSA) in Sacramento, people of all ages at Los An- recognized and has studied with interest in martial arts since he 10-year-old children as their par- “I have a good relation-
CA. The DSA’s function in state geles City College (LACC) masters of the art in Singapore; was a little boy, and has been in ents watch the program and if ship with my students, and I
government is to guarantee that every Monday from 7:30 p.m. she has taught this class at LACC the program for four years. they like it, she has them all work hope they make it a good ex-
kindergarten, high schools and to 9 p.m. for only $50 per for the past 10 years. The program also relieves together. Schwartz also encour- perience in their lives and car-
community colleges are safe month through the community “My students enjoy it very stress and improves self-confi- ages students to come, for a small ry something positive along
enough to endure earthquakes service classes. much,” said Schwartz who is dence for those who are afraid extra charge, on Thursdays from the way,” Schwartz said.
and is accessible to everyone. The Kung Fu program is also known as the “Iron Lady of the outside world or think that 7 to 8:15 p.m. For more information
This includes reviewing struc- designed for anyone interest- of U.S.A.” by journalists who they are not capable of defending “I like the beginning students call (323) 654-0760 or e-mail
tural safety, fire and life safety ed in self-defense techniques. saw her performance in Singa- themselves. to come Monday,” Schwartz said.
accessibility for persons who are It stresses straight and angu- pore. “They are very dedicated to “It gives me confidence,” “I usually like to teach them new
16 Sports Los Angeles Collegian
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paper Trail from page 15

Sports Bin
Runners Do Forms May Cause Cubs to Forfeit Games from Last Season
had questions. Charles Sneed, Georgia and the University of letic director to catch everything
Not Appear who sat out the season in order
to extend eligibility and develop
Kollen knows the former
… if a kid flat out lied there’s no
way I’d know.” Currently, For-
LACC basketball head coach mer Ventura College men’s bas-
Out of Thin Air
his skills—known as a redshirt—
found out about the issue and who is currently athletic direc- ketball coach Greg Winslow is
says he confronted the coach. tor, Michael Miller. He consid- being charged with grand theft
“I asked him [Cleveland] ers Miller on top of regulations. for falsifying admissions appli-
if he knew about Stoneridge be- Article in the COA/Cali- cations for four athletes, which
ing closed,” Sneed said. “And he fornia Community College Com- allowed the students to obtain
said ‘yeah.’… it’s not the play- mission on Athletics (CCCAA) in-state tuition. He is also being
er’s fault. The players just want Constitution and Bylaws states separately charged with smaller
to do what they love. The coach “violations shall be reported to counts. Senior Deputy District
just wants players to play. He is the conference commissioner Attorney (D.A.) Wendy McFar-
who they trust, since their high within two (2) working days af- lane, who is on the case, echoes
school years.” ter discovery ...” Kollen confirms Lipold.
By Mars Melnicoff that Miller made an announce- “It goes on everywhere,”
The Collegian verified that

the Tarzana Campus—where ment at the South Coast Confer- McFarlane said. “There are so
oaching a team is a ence meeting on May 4. Miller many people that are so upset
three players claim in writing
challenge that takes reported misrepresentations on more isn’t being done at the state
they attended—no longer exists.
skill, sweat and tears five student eligibility reports level. The college is the victim
“The Stoneridge School
… blood too. But you can not from the LACC men’s basketball but the college is owned by the
used to be here,” Reverend
coach a team that you don not team. State of California, which is ul-
George Bet-Rasho of the Assyr-
have. I feel that, in the light of Miller said that he could not timately taxpayers’ money. Tech-
ian American Christian School
the basketball story, it would be comment. nically both him [Winslow] and
said. “They left years ago … Now
nice to focus a bit on a positive The president of LACC, Dr. the students are guilty of theft.
we have the Assyrian American
recruiting story also. Jahmillah Moore, did not want to But it comes down to who do
Christian School here. Could you
Her recruiting has been comment either. you think is the more responsible
bring some flyers to your school
very determined, very hands “I can’t give you anything party. And the player can’t do this
about this festival we are having
on. Sylvia Mosqueda is the cur- on that because of an ongoing in- without the coach.”
this weekend?”
rent head coach of both Cubs vestigation,” Moore said. McFarlane explains, a coach
Some feel that tuition was
track and field and cross coun- “The minimum punishment who is involved in this type of
the motivation. In-state tuition
try, for which Los Angeles City would be the forfeiture of all situation is usually vague, say-
at LACC is $20 per unit, while
College (LACC) at this time games,” Kollen said. “The issues ing something along the lines of
non-residents paid $181 per unit
has only women’s teams. here are a lot bigger than that. “don’t worry, I’ll take care of
in the 2008–2009 semester. Cali-
Now, Mosqueda is looking There is tuition owed. There will things.” If he doesn’t explain, no
fornia Community College COA
for ways to attract the most at- need to be restitution financially. one will be there to “tell on” him.
constitution committee mem-
tention possible to build up her And there could be serious sanc- The players don’t usually think
ber and South Coast Conference
LACC cross country program. tions against the program. I re- to ask questions, they just want
Commissioner Rich Kollen says
Mosqueda has been run- quested the report in writing. The to play ball and get an education.
that he would be surprised if this
ning in big races, such as the future of the athlete’s eligibility Joseph Taylor, a former
happened at LACC.
Carlsbad 5,000, where she will also be decided.” LACC basketball player who
“Because the program there
earned a Runner’s World write COA Constitution Commit- went on to play at the University
is so successful, they have stayed Photo courtesy of The Independent, Ashland, KY
up for winning the masters di- tee member and athletic director of Wyoming, and then profes-
very clean,” Kollen said. “A lot Boyd County's Antonio Owens drives for a shot during a game in
vision. She has also been mak- 2006, which is the season his eligibility report shows he was at at Saddleback College Tony Li- sionally in Sweden, lived with
of eyes are on them. I have never
ing rounds doing clinics at high StoneridgePrep. pold says that juggling the myri- the five players when they moved
had any report of violation from
schools that are within the re- ad of tasks that being an athletic to L.A.
that program.” The state Legis- ated in any way with the insti- In the past 15 years, 59
cruiting area. director requires makes it almost “They didn’t know nothing
lature empowers the Commu- tution,” Carter wrote, “did what LACC players have gone on
“Young athletes see me impossible to catch everything. about it,” Taylor said. “They just
nity College League of Califor- you explained, it is a violation of to Division One teams, many
and come up to me and ask More checks and balances are kids. Those kids don’t have no
nia’s Commission on Athletics not only our rules, it is fraud and seeing floor time in the NCAA
questions,” Mosqueda said. soon to be in place. one. They have nothing ... As a
(COA) to establish the rules and a felony because of implications championships. LACC players
“’How do I run fast? How can “It is a major concern player you are taught your coach
regulations that govern athletics for financial aid both state and go on to play at schools includ-
I be like you?’ And so then I throughout the state at this time,” is always right no matter what.
throughout the state. The Colle- federal. The A.D. [athletic direc- ing the University of Kansas,
let them know that I am a head Lipold said. “Effective July 1, He’s not worried about them.
gian contacted the executive di- tor] also signs the form so they the University of Oklahoma, the
coach at LACC and I motivate 2010, student athletes will be re- He don’t care if they graduate or
rector Carlyle Carter via email to also [have] the responsibility to University of Nevada, Las Vegas
them to come and compete for quired to show high school tran- nothing like that.”
understand the implications. review the info and investigate (UNLV), Louisiana State Uni-
LACC.” scripts ... It’s really tough as ath-
“If any individual associ- anything that looks suspicious.” versity (LSU), the University of
There are obstacles in the
way at City College when it
comes to recruiting runners.
“There is … no transpor-

Cubs Overcome Obstacles

tation [for daily practices], and
no facilities to train,” Mosque-
da said.
The new track will no

to Defeat Pasadena Lancers

doubt be a great aid to her once
it is completed, but that is more
for track and field than for cross
When she arrived as head
coach in 2007, she took to the
streets and recruited joggers By Hamza Utman 8-3 game in favor of the kept fighting throughout the

from Griffith Park. She took Cubs. whole time. We never gave in.
them right over and enrolled n front of a small crowd on The Lancer’s scored in Our pitcher never gave in. The
them into classes. a sunny, windy afternoon at the eighth but not enough guys on the field never gave
Mosqueda was not green Pote Field in Griffith Park, to close the gap before City in. The defense stepped up big
to LACC in 2007. In fact, she the Los Angeles City College scored two more runs on time, seriously. We had a little
was assistant to track and field (LACC) Cubs defeated Pasadena base hits by Benabou and crucial errors you know but
coach Gary Manzanoti in 1996, City College to end their nine Lorenzo Benetti and the final we licked our wounds and we
and also women’s cross country game losing-streak last month. score 11-5. got back up and we turned out
coach. Despite injuries, team tur- Head coach George the victory today,” said Tony
In order to make the team moil and five errors, the Cubs had Hinshaw congratulated the Manzanares, a Cubs outfielder
back then, she recruited seven one of their best offensive games team after the game and said, Even though the Cubs
joggers on campus, and made of the season as they pounded 13 "We’re pretty proud of came out on top, one of the
them into competitive runners. hits in route to an 11-5 win over the guys, the way they got players said he was not happy
She took these runners as a the Lancers. up off the floor. We’ve had with the team’s performance.
team to state championships. City took an early 2-0 lead a tough time. We’ve had “I want to win. I want
From jogging on the sidewalks when Kenny Mickens blasted some injuries and lost some to go out there every game,
to state in one season, not bad. a two-run homer off Pasadena key guys, but the guys for battle and get these Ws be-
When Mosqueda left the starter Jeff Stirling. the most part have battled,” cause that’s all that it is We
program in 1996 it was to pur- After a rough start, Cubs Hinshaw said. “We’ve been can have players on the team
sue her career, and her dream of starter Brandon Kolpac settled short a few players, but to- with incredible stats but if we
making the U.S. Olympic team. down and pitched a complete day we battled all the way don’t win then there’s no fun
She missed the 1996 Olympics game that propelled LACC to the through and I’m always in that,” Bernetti said.
in Atlanta by one place, as she win. Kolpac struck out five and proud of the effort like that.” The Cubs had a record of
placed fourth 10,000 meters in walked only three batters. The players were en- 5 wins and 35 losses overall
trials. The top three are taken The Lancers briefly tied thusiastic about the long and 2-21 in the South Coast
to represent the U.S. She tried the game at three in the fifth in- awaited win. Conference and tied for last
again in 2000 and 2004, and ning before City came back with “It was a good game, place along with Pasadena.
was almost as close. a vengeance as Eric Smalling’s Kenny Mickens, Cubs outfielder, hits a pop fly for a triple base hit against Pasa- we fought hard in the be- Now that the season is
She has her work cut out, two run RBI took the Cubs back dena City College Lancers. Cubs pawed the Lancers 11-5. ginning we got on the board over, Hinshaw looks forward
but she is an experienced coach into the lead, never to look back. quick and we just kept on the to help the ballclub with new
who feeds on challenge, and on City prevailed again in the lead. We were never down players and hopes to improve
molding young athletes. sixth with a three run triple RBI at all, we were either up or on what was a terrible season
by Juan Benabou to make it an we were tied, and we just for the program.