Act 5: Grammar Assignment (Units 1 to 7

Puntos: 2

The Verb To Be in the Simple Past Tense: Was / Were Grammar Complete the conversation. A: How was your vacation? B: _______________________ Seleccione una respuesta. a. It is great! b. It was fabulous! c. There is a fantastic touristic plan. d. They were fabulous.

Puntos: 2

Which word fills the blank? You___________ check the air pressure in your tires. You don't want to get a flat tire on your trip. Seleccione una respuesta. a. Would b. Ought to c. Should d. May

Puntos: 2

Which word fills the blank? I spoke with them yesterday, they ___________ not come to the party Seleccione una respuesta. a. Might b. Must c. Should

Seleccione una respuesta. Should d. She__________ stay at work to finish the marketing report. Should Question6 Puntos: 2 What does the poster mean? Seleccione una respuesta. a. a.d. Might c. Might b. Had to d. . Can c. Shall Question5 Puntos: 2 Which word fills the blank? Millie decided not to join us for lunch. May b. Shall Question4 Puntos: 2 Which word fills the blank? They called to talk about the meeting. We ________ be there at 10 Seleccione una respuesta.

You ought to be very careful inside b. Would b. Should Question8 Puntos: 2 Complete the blank Natalia: I´m afraid the meat is rotten. Seleccione una respuesta. a.a. Don’t bring words b. Luis: That´s strange! I just it the day before yesterday. You must not enter here Question7 Puntos: 2 Which word fills the blank? If I had gone with my friends to Cartagena. Hazardous is your friend d. Question9 Puntos: 2 Choose the correct answer according to the picture. Seleccione una respuesta. You had better leave immediately c. Had better d. a. I ____________ be lying on a white sand beach right now. Might c. Don’t give excuses .

Yes. b. Yes. there are many mistakes in it.c. Yes. a. d. everything is correct. 10 de 20 . c. there is only one mistake in it. Yes. Give excuses Question10 Puntos: 2 Complete the conversation: A: This report is totally incorrect. d. B: _______________________ Seleccione una respuesta. there's some interesting information. I deserve an apologize.

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