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Raquiza v Judge Castaeda, Jr.

FACTS: The cases involves a petition to order the transfer of Special Proceedings No. 6824 of the Court of First nstance of Pa!panga "Testate #state of the late $on Alfonso Castellvi% fro! the sala of respondent &udge' (on. )ariano Casta*eda to another +ranch and ad!inistrative co!plaint against the sa!e &udge for ,"-% violation of the Anti./raft 0a12 "2% rendering decision 3no1ing it to +e un&ust and illegal "4% e5tortion +6 !eans of oppression2 and "4% +ri+er6. The court refers the ad!inistrative co!plaint to 7ustice 8autista of CA for investigation. After the conduct of the investigation' 7ustice 8autista reco!!ends the dis!issal of the charges against the respondent &udge for lac3 of !erit. SS9#: :;N there is +asis on the reco!!endation of the investigator to dis!iss the co!plaint of the petitioner. <90 N/: The court revie1ed the records' testi!onies of the 1itnesses' and other evidences su+!itted +6 the parties and find the reco!!endation of the investigator as full6 supported 1ith enough evidence to !erit the dis!issal of the co!plaint against the respondent &udge. The court held that a ground for re!oval of a &udicial officer should +e esta+lished +e6ond reasona+le dou+t !ost especiall6 if it involves !isconduct' corruption and inco!petence.