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Sofia Colmenares

EQ: How do you classify animals?

Mammals: animals whose skin are covered by fur or hair Birds: animals whose skin are covered by feathers and have wings

Reptiles: animals whose skin are covered in in dry scales

Amphibians: animals whose skin are smooth and wet

Fish: animals that live under water and whose skin are covered in scales

Skin is covered in hair or fur Mothers give birth to the young Baby mammals drink milk from their mothers

Only animal whose skin is covered with feathers They have wings They lay eggs

Skin is dry and covered in scales Most use four legs to walk They lay eggs

Skin is smooth and wet They lay eggs Most young amphibians have gills and live in water Most adult amphibians have lungs and live on land

Skin is covered in scales They have gills and live in water They have fins to help them swim They lay eggs

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the needs and characteristics of animals as they interact in their own distinct environments. 2-2.2 Classify animals (including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and insects) according to their physical characteristics. .org/k-5-technology-integration/2nd-gradescience

Lion, Dolphin, -content/uploads/2013/07/dolphin.jpg Pandas, Bird, Salamander, Frog, Fish, Squirrel, Birds, Chameleon, Snake, Frog, Fish, Lions,