Research Center for Forest Ecology and Environment (RCFEE) Forest Science Institute of Vietnam Dong Ngac, Tu Liem

, Hanoi Tel/fax: 8389434, email:

RCFEE GIS program
Research Center for Forest Ecology and Environment (RCFEE) has invested on GIS&RS application since 1992. RCFEE’s GIS research is focused on practical mapping solution for forest monitoring and management. We are also interested in GIS modeling research in order to solve complex problem on forest environment and forestry hydrology. At RCFEE, our GIS’s team has use and develops GIS solution to solve our own problem in forestry research and help many clients to improve their management process in forestry industry.

GIS and Remote sensing Lab
Our GIS lab located at headquarter of RCFEE at Dong Ngac, Tu Liem, Hanoi. Our GIS facilitates include: PC Workstations specialized for GIS and image processing GIS, mapping software: MapInfo, ArcGIS, ILWIS. Remote sensing software: ENVI, ERDAS Imagine. A0 printer, A0 scanner, map publishing software and hardware. Up-to-date database of digital map covering most part of Vietnam.

GIS training
RCFEE has delivered GIS training course for local agencies since 1995. Our customer including Provincial Agriculture and Rural development Department (PARD), large-scale afforestration project funded by FAO, World Bank, GTZ. Our course is designed based on our own experience while teaching basic GIS for RCFEE's staff. The program aiming at providing beginner user with particle, ready-to-use GIS technique to solve common problem in forestry survey, mapping and management.

GIS’s Course introduction (MAP I)
• • MAP I equips basic knowledge about GIS to apply MapInfo software for mapping and spatial data management. MAP I content: Basic GIS concept; Query GIS database; management, edit spatial and attribute data; View data and information map or graph; Show data and information by map and graph.


Trainee will study MapInfo, GPS utilities, and learn how to combine field survey with software to make a completed GIS solution.

GIS Project completed
Project: Development of Forest land evaluation (FOLES) software solution Project contracted with MARD Summary · Develop a software package for automated forest land evaluation which is suitable for Vietnam condition · Development platform: ArcGIS Project: Land capability mapping for World Bank afforestation project at 5 middle province Project contracted with Orgut consulting and World Bank. Summary · Establish GIS database for all provinces including soil map, slope, land cover, social-economic factors. · Land capability mapping for all project area at 5 provinces using multicriteria analysis method · Produce map for all project area, break down to commune level (total 200 maps) Project: Criteria and Indicator for Forest land evaluation in Vietnam Research project assigned by FAO Vietnam Summary · Formulate set of criteria and indicators for forest land evaluation. · Develop method for computer-assisted Forest Land Evaluation. · Carried out 2 GIS testing project at Bac Giang and Gia lai province. Project: Mapping and land use planning for Afforestation project at Quang Ninh, Lang Son province. Project contracted with KFW. Summary · Site mapping and land use planning mapping · Produce mapping service for provinces, districts, communes and villages, including: hard copy maps, GIS database in MapInfo and ArcView. Project: GIS-based Environmental Assessment for catchment area of Thai 2002 20012003 2002 2003 2006


Nguyen province Contract research project with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Summary · Develop GIS database for catchment area. · Site survey for updating land cover map · GIS modeling for erosion assessment mapping · Identify critical area of soil erosion and land slide · Propose land use planning for catchment protection. · Knowledge transfer for provincial staffs on basic GIS and Mapping Project: Using GIS to develop Forest management scenarios for Quang Nam Province Contract research project with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Summary · Develop GIS database for whole province · Land Evaluation, suitability mapping for important agriculture and forestry species · Training provincial staffs for fundamental skill in GIS, Mapping and Cartography Project: Estimation of soil erosion of the Watershed areas of Ban-mai reservoir, Nghe An province, Vietnam. Research contract project with Electrical Inventory and Design Inc., Ministry of Energy Summary · Forest and land use mapping · Establish a potential soil erosion map of the reservoir using Universion Soil Lost Equation (USLE) · The work including creation of several GIS layer such as: soil, land use, slope, elevation. Data integration and modelling were implemented in MapInfo and ILWIS 1997 1999


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