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Newsletter 10/2009 Volume 1, Issue 1

To P l e a s e o r To Tr u s t G o d . . .
Christian you must do both. Before we go too far into this let me explain. It is said, whenever a person decides to do something or commit themselves to something there is always a primary motive and all other motives are secondary. So since we can have only one primary motive, we all must ask ourselves, “Which of these motives best reflects the relationship I want to have with God?” To answer that question lets examine the two motives set before us. To travel the road of “To Please God,” we vow to become disciplined to reach our goal. Studying the word, highlighting the do’s and don’ts that we might follow to the letter. Working daily to eliminate sin from our lives. We strive to be perfect in all our ways, wanting so much to please the Father. Yet, we seem to take a detour of good intentions; over and over again. Only to return to the main road more disappointed then before. We are told by those around us to put more effort into pleasing God. After all, the word says, “Be holy as your heavenly Father is holy.” Despite all our efforts, we continue to sin and carry guilt that causes us to wear a mask just to belong. We just want to know that God is pleased with us. We’ve been working on our sin to achieve an intimate relationship with God. Yet, we feel further from Him then when we first started on the road of “Pleasing God.” (continued on pg.2)

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To Please or To Trust God...


Introduction to Higher Views


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Which road have you chosen to travel?

Prophetic Chronicles...


Sooner or later we all come to a pivotal
place in our walk with God. There are only two choices to choose from which represents the ultimate motives of our hearts. Many of us have made this choice of which road to travel without even realizing the choice has been made. To Please God or To Trust God; many will argue that as a

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Two roads a Christian can travel...To Please and To Trust God!

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The Introduction of

information relating to all aspects of the faith and ministry life. The vision of the people of God has been to low, and God cannot manifest His full glory until the vision of His people has been risen out of the chicken coup and into the heights of Kingdom Purpose Higher

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ever-growing reservoir of written and spoken words of revelation for the Kingdom of God and the land. Being made available through books, manuals, videos, digital/audio recordings, cd’s, dvd’s, e-mails, newsletters, and virtual magazines. It is our goal to provide you with the latest

Types & Shadows:

Prophetic Chronicles… ”SEASONS”

Life Chronicles To P l e a s e o r To Tr u s t G o d . . . c o n t .
So few travel the road of “To Trust God,” that it seems like a bad choice. No one here is telling me to buck up, sell out, care more, cry more give more, or do more. The only command given on this road is, “Live Out of Who God Says You Are!” We all have been given purpose which is locked deep within us. The key to unlocking that purpose is trusting completely in God. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us. The enemy would like for us to believe that sin alienates us from God. When in reality God is standing with us with our sin in front of us. We never have to deal with our sin alone. God has never moved away from us; no matter what we have done. It’s about being real with who we are, while trusting in who God has called us to be. Hebrews 11: declares, “And without faith it is impossible to please God.” If our primary motive is “Pleasing God,” we will never please Him enough and we’ll never learn to “Trust God.” But if our primary motive is “Trusting God,” we will find that He is overwhelmingly pleased with us! Trusting God must be our primary motive. God paid the ultimate price to buy us back and redeem us from the curse of the law. The greatest way we can honor that, is by trusting in who He says, we are.

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“If my motive is Trusting God, Then my value will be Living Out of Who God Says I Am, And my action will be Standing with God, with My Sin in Front of Us, Working on It Together. “ As we trust God the awesomeness of His handy work is revealed in us. Creating the desire to be purified and made holy. We soon discover that our life pleases God out of the intimate relationship that we have with Him. Trusting God can never be compared to performing works to please Him. It is in trusting God that we are empowered to live sin free lives of abundance. Pastor D. Duke

“ Live Out of Who God Says You Are! We All have been given purpose which is locked deep within us.”
All colors are double symbols. We even speak of colors as symbols in our common daily language. Thus, in dreams, visions and personal words, colors are used as speech. If we walk close to the Lord, we are covered by the red blood and love of the Lord, but when we wander away it is not long before we experience anger — we “see red.” Blue is the color of eternity and healing, but when we abandon God we have “blue” days and fall into depression —”Man, I feel blue today.” Yellow is the color of gold, which stands for wisdom and the loving nature of God, but apart from Him “we have a yellow streak down our backs” because yellow is the color of cowardice. Green? New life. Or envy of those who have life while we suffer “the green monster of jealousy.” Brown can refer to God’s good earth, or we can use it negatively: “What a brown taste that left in my mouth!” Purple can mean rage, or it can be the color of royalty: “I saw purple (rage) when that undeserving person was elevated to wear the purple of reigning

Ty p e s & S h a d o w s . . . G o d ’ s

Use of Colors in Dark Speech

The Introduction of HIGHER VIEWS cont.
Views has been designed to guide the people of God through their seasons of transition. A voice crying out in the wilderness, “This is the way; walk therefore in it!” We will address today’s taboo subjects in the church. Asking tough questions only to reveal the tough, but yet truthful answers. Answers needed to live fruitful and productive lives that are pleasing to God. To the fulfillment of purpose and the pursuit of destiny. Job 11:7 asks, “can you search out the deep things of God? Or, can you find out the limits of the Almighty?” Yet, we seem to think we have God figured out. Well, it’s time to think outside the box and set our sights on Higher Views!!!!!

If your sights are set on earthly things, your view is too low!

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Proph etic Ch ron ic les…”SEASONS”
pray and meditate driving your spiritual roots deep, entering new levels in your praise and worship. The Spring Season: This is definitely the time to get seed into the ground. It’s “Seedtime:”time to plow, plant, and cultivate your seeds (visions, dreams, ideas, investments, finances, ministry, relationships, etc.). During this season your guard should be up, ready to up-root the weeds that come to choke out your harvest. Be aware of the enemies of prosperity and the spirit of abortion designed to destroy purpose and destiny. Remember your seed represents your harvest , so get it in the ground and cultivate it with your faithfulness unto God. The Summer Season: This is the season of your harvest. It’s time to sweat and labor; making a wholehearted decision to PUSH. Pushing through doubt, negative words, trials, and disbelief. This is your season of breakthrough. Favor is now resting on everything that you put your hands to. In the heat of battle you will feel the coolness of the breath of God. This is your season to do great exploits by the supernatural power of God. Receive favor for your labor! The Fall Season: This is a season of purging and cleansing. It’s a time of self-examination, clearing away and getting rid of some things. During this time you will be asked to give-up your Isaac (your promise). The sacrifice will be great as there will appear to be a reduction of resources. This season brings you into a “Job Experience, but you will come out with double for your trouble! Much grace will be given unto you and shall know your God to be “Jehovah Jirah—My Provider.” Due Season: This is the season of more than enough. It’s the time when the harvest from seeds sown in other seasons will be payable in full, on demand! Now is the time to declare and decree a thing. In this season you shall be synchronized and syncopated to the prophetic will of God. The anointing of God shall be upon you, empowering you to pin point (discern) and walk in the timing and season of the Lord. “ Be not weary in well doing, for in due season, you shall reap if you faint not...Galatians 6:9.” Know your season and command the moment! This is your “SEASON.” DCD

Caption describing picture or graphic.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 declares, “ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven.” In the natural we have only four seasons, but in the supernatural there are five. No matter what season you may be in , “It is your season.” All seasons have been created by God and therefore deemed good. Each season that we find ourselves in can be fruitful and productive, if we understand them and act accordingly…. The Winter Season: This is a season of rest from the past season and preparation for the next. It is also a prophetic season when we receive visions and dreams. During this time God will give us inspirational thoughts along with new assignments for our next season. This is a good time to

“It’s time to sweat and labor; making a wholehearted decision to PUSH!”

Ty p e s & S h a d o w s . . . G o d ’ s U s e o f C o l o r s i n D a r k S p e e c h , c o n t .
and royalty.” Black can mean evil and the depressing lack of hope. But it is out of the primordial black that all good things were created. One can be “white as a sheet” when he or she is filled with fear, or white can stand for blessed purity and innocence.
From: Elijah Among Us By: John L. Sandford

Negative Meanings Anger, “I saw red” Cowardice, “A yellow streak” Depression, “Singing the blues” Jealousy, “The green eyed monster” Death, despair and defeat Fear, “He turned white” Brashness, “Clockwork Orange” Sadness and confusion

Colors Red Yellow, Gold Blue Green Black White Orange Gray

Positive Meanings Love, the blood of forgiveness Wisdom, Nature of God Eternity, healing, hope, sky Life, new beginnings, nature Creation, creativity, rebirth, new life Purity, innocence, unbrokenness Humility and beauty Comfort, mystery, hope obscured in hiddenness

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Study Corner…A Bible Study Starter.
God Initiates & Man Cooperates What Causes Miracles To Happen? Miracles: the manifestation of the supernatural power of God. A 4 Step Formula: 1. 2. 3. Hearing the Word of God (Acts 9:17-18): Respond Obediently. Believing the Word (Acts 14:8-10): Receive it and Act upon it.

Speaking the Word (Acts 3:6-8/Gen. 1:2): God is looking for an instrument to articulate His Word. 4. Acting on the Word( Acts 27:22-25,31,32): Take a step of Faith.

Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. I Timothy 4:15

Miracles happen when believers tap into the mind of God, walk in it, & act in faith, Not Presumption.

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