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UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Submitted By: Guneet Mittal(UE103037)
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Many persons have contributed to make this application, Online Examination system. I would especially like to express my appreciation to Mr. Amit Jain for his unstinted support, encouragement and his painstakingly and meticulous effort towards developing this application.

Finally, I wish to express our sincere thanks to all my family members, especially my Parents for their constant moral support and encouragement.

I would welcome constructive suggestions to improve this application, which can be implemented in our further attempts.

Gunnet Mittal

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to be successful. after that they attempt the question. reports and result. 4|P a ge . It eliminates human errors and provides speedy and efficient result of the students. Computerized examination system provides two interfaces: one is for students.ONLINE EXAMINATION PROJECT ABSTRACT The process of system analysis and design is an analogy to the process of creation. reliable and easily manageable. to make changes in course work or questions and to work with students’ registration. In this case it is very difficult to handle all this by paper form. So the computerized examination system is adopted. so that he/she is acceptable by the changing world. more convenient lives for all of us. The initialization of computerized process all over has helped a great deal in shorting out better. With the advents of computer and technology. Here the complete stress is on the developing layer keeping in view the requirements of the system. All students’ details and the management of these details’ are computerized. Education is the greatest factor considered for a person. It improves upon the response time required to evaluate an examination paper. To eliminate the process. our lives have been blessed with higher efficiency. also taking care of the implementation. Candidates can give exams to their respective institutions by the computerized examination system. This software enhances the present capabilities of the institute to cater to the requirements of the students and faculty members in a more efficient manner. a full fledged study of existing system is required. They can see the result after attempted the question. In these exam students do login with their respective registration numbers. Thus the computerized examination system is also good for the administrating or organizing persons to have full control over the exam details. taking proper care of the shortcomings as well as the positive aspects that may lead to new innovative ideas which may assist in development of an improved design both in terms of outlook as well as logic. Today computerized examination system is adopted everywhere. to give the exam and second is for administrator. When the students join any institute they have need to give the entrance test. Here the process of creation begins a long before writing the first letter of code. It provides to the students’ such an examination system would much faster. accuracy and integrity as well. whether they are the entrance exams to any or any evaluation exams. Every person wants to be qualified at every stage of life.

ONLINE EXAMINATION INTRODUCTION Online Examination System is used for conducting online objective test. This also helps the instruction to perform online quiz. This project helps the faculties to create their own test based on the subject. test paper such that the academic performance of the students can be increased and can take the feedback from both students and parents. the test will be customized such that system will have automated checking of answers based on the user interaction. it takes a lot of times when you prepare the exam at the first time for usage. It will help the Institute to testing of students and develop their skills. 5|P a ge . But the disadvantages for this system. Exam System is very useful for Educational Institute to prepare an exam. And we are needs number of computers with the same number of students. safe the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark sheets.

which is fully computerized. as all the work is done manually. as humans do everything. A group of person does evaluation of answer sheet. duration. subject. Working of existing system is given below: Student Registration is the first process . ERROR PRONE: . so there are possibilities of redundancy of data. 3. the student has to enter his name. high stationery cost and high paper work cost etc. 6|P a ge . DRAWBACKS OF EXISTING SYSTEM 1. questionpaper etc. Only a clear understanding of problem would make it possible to suggest alternative solutions. 2.The data is stored in different files and registers that make the data non-centralized. And also make the mark list. make the question papers and it will give to the prospective student. So we introduce a new system.ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM STUDY A system study comes into being when the end user or the management encounters a problem. SLOW AND INEFFICIENT: . the result is published.As whole the work is done manually. HIGHER MAINTENANCE COST: . 5. Existing system is a large man power process and is difficult to implement. NON-CENTRALIZED DATA: .The existing system is very slow and inefficient. It is important that analyst should take into account all the complaints and find out exact problem in the clear terms. The question papers contain total mark. After the registration. It has so many problems.As the part of the registration. After the evaluation of the Answer sheet .Maintenance cost is very much high as it requires high labor cost. EXISTING SYSTEM The Existing system of conducting examination process is manual. address etc into the registration form. 4. REDUNDANCY OF DATA: .The huge paper works makes the system error prone.

candidates can submit it to view their result. No restriction is there that the invigilator has to be present when the students take the test. OBJECTIVES OF PROPOSED SYSTEM The main purpose of the system is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results. CHANGES OF TAMPERING WITH THE DOCUMENTS AND DATA BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSON: . in an automated manner. The administrator of the system prepares the tests and questions for each exam. INCONSISTENCY OF DATA: . This makes the searching of the records easier than the existing system. It also helps in storing the record of each examination and the results are also stored in the system. 7. is very less. The result analysis is very easy as it is done by the system.evaluation system. A timer will monitor the time and after the time limit the system itself submit the test.ONLINE EXAMINATION 6. It is a costeffective and popular means of mass. There is no solid security mechanism. 7|P a ge . it leads to inconsistency of the data. It reduces the time consumption and workload that exist in the current system of examination.As the data is not centralized. PROPOSED SYSTEM The main objective of the online examination system is that it helps companies/institutions to conduct exams to any number of candidates at a time. given to them and can take the exam. If it is before time. So it saves a lot of time since no manual correction is needed in the system. The questions are shuffled in a random order so The candidates can login through the client computers with their register number that possibilities for getting questions in the same order for the students who are sitting near. These files can easily read by any unauthorized person.The whole work is done manually and different files or registers are maintained to store the data.

FEATURES After thoroughly analyzing the requirements of the system the following objectives have been set:  Providing user friendly interface  Easy access of data  Easy Server maintenance  Maintaining data consistency  Providing better performance  Increasing the efficiency  Facility to update the data time to time  Web Based Access  Scalability  Centralized Database  Secure  Reliable and accurate  No need of examiner 8|P a ge .  No restriction that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test. Few of them are: This can be used in educational institutions as well as in corporate world.  Can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application (user Location doesn’t matter).ONLINE EXAMINATION SCOPE Scope of this project is very broad in terms of other manually taking exams.

BEHAVIOURAL FEASIBILITY People are inherently resistant to change and computer has been known tofacilitate changes. inputs are identified. In the system. because very often the top management does not like to get confounded by the various technicalities that bound to be associated with a project of this kind. It is also one of the important phases of the system development activities. it need not require any additional hardware resources as well as it will be saving lot of time. These are various levels of users in order to ensure proper authentication and authorization and security of sensitive data of the organization. the cost of maintenance can be reduced. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY Technical feasibility centers on the existing manual system of the test management process and to what extent it can support the system. According to feasibility analysis procedure the technical feasibility of the system is analyzed and the technical requirements such as software facilities. 9|P a ge .ONLINE EXAMINATION FEASIBILITY STUDY ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY Economic analysis is most frequently used for evaluation of the effectiveness of the system. procedure. the organization is most satisfied by economic feasibility. More commonly know as cost/benefit analysis the procedure is to determine the benefit and saving that are expected from a system and compare them with costs. Therefore. decisions is made to design and implement the system. processing speed is very high and the work is reduced in the maintenance point of view management convince that the project is operationally feasible. Since. The system offers greater levels of user friendliness combined with greater processing speed. Because. if the organization implements this system. This is an important input to the management the management. An estimate should be made of how strong the user is likely to move towards the development of computerized system. This part of feasibility study gives the top management the economic justification for the new system.

ONLINE EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS FOR PROJECT Software and Hardware Specifications Hardware: Processor RAM Hard Disk Keyboard Mouse : : : : : Intel Pentium 4 128 MB 5 GB Standard 101/102-Key Keyboard Standard Serial Mouse Software: Operating System Language/ Front End RDBMS/Back End : Windows 7 Professional : : PHP/APACHE SERVER MYSQL Operating System Environment Software Requirements:  Apache Framework  WAMP Server  MYSQL Log  HTML EditorAny Browser which support Ajax and JavaScript Hardware Requirements:  Windows 7 series. or later  Pentium IV  At least RAM 256 MB  Communication Network for intranet: LAN 10 | P a g e .

ONLINE EXAMINATION TECHNOLOGY USED    The web interaction figure shows the interconnectivity of php interpreter with the web server.the client. Database and file system is being handled separately as shown. the mail server . The given figure clearly explains the working of a dynamic project in php language. 11 | P a g e .

Don't be afraid reading the long list of PHP's features. in a short time. with a connected PHP installation. a web server and a web browser. These scripts can also be used for simple text processing tasks. you write an HTML script with some embedded code to do something (in this case. All these can run on your home machine if you are just experimenting with PHP programming. You can even configure your web server to process all your HTML files with PHP. You can jump in. You only need the PHP parser to use it this way. What distinguishes PHP from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server. This type of usage is ideal for scripts regularly executed using cron (on *nix or Linux) or Task Scheduler (on Windows). and start writing simple scripts in a few hours.  Server-side scripting. but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer. The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer. viewing the PHP page through the server. with no way of determining what the underlying code may be. This is different from other languages like Perl or C instead of writing a program with lots of commands to output HTML. The PHP parser (CGI or server module). This is the most traditional and main target field for PHP.  Command line scripting. You need three things to make this work. You can access the PHP program output with a web browser. You can make a PHP script to run it without any server or browser. the client would receive the results of running that script. and then there's really no way that users can tell what you have up your sleeve. You need to run the web server. If you were to have a script similar to the above on your server. output some text). 12 | P a g e . There are three main areas where PHP scripts are used. The PHP code is enclosed in special start and end tags that allow you to jump into and out of "PHP mode".ONLINE EXAMINATION INTRODUCTION TO PHP PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP can autogenerate these files. Personal Web Server.  PHP can be used on all major operating systems. not available in the main distribution. PHP-GTK is an extension to PHP. NNTP. PHP can work as a CGI processor. and save them in the file system.You also have the ability to write crossplatform applications this way. and probably others. You can also output easily any text. Netscape and iPlanet servers. For the majority of the servers PHP has a module. but if you know PHP very well. With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. RISC OS. PDF files and even Flash movies (using libswf and Ming) generated on the fly. such as XHTML and any other XML file. Microsoft Internet Information Server. Although not every standard OOP feature is implemented in PHP 4. OmniHTTPd. and would like to use some advanced PHP features in your client-side applications you can also use PHP-GTK to write such programs. you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server. you also have the choice of using procedural programming or object oriented programming. Oreilly Website Pro server. PHP 5 fixes the OOP related weaknesses of PHP 4. So with PHP. PHP is probably not the very best language to create a desktop application with a graphical user interface. including Linux. PHP's abilities include outputting images. SNMP. IMAP. or a mixture of them. COM (on Windows) and countless others. instead of printing it out. many Unix variants (including HP-UX. and many others. One of the strongest and most significant features in PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. PHP has also support for most of the web servers today. This includes Apache. Microsoft Windows. forming a server-side cache for your dynamic content. Solaris and OpenBSD). POP3.ONLINE EXAMINATION  Writing desktop applications. HTTP. Furthermore. and introduces a complete object model. Mac OS X. for the others supporting the CGI standard. PHP also has support for talking to other services using protocols such as LDAP. Caudium. many code libraries and large applications (including the PEAR library) are written only using OOP code. You can also open raw 13 | P a g e . Xitami.

ONLINE EXAMINATION network sockets and interact using any other protocol. etc. Unix. PHP combined with MySQL are cross-platform. Built-in Libraries with Many Common Tasks. etc. free. PHP has support for instantiation of Java objects and using them transparently as PHP objects. 14 | P a g e . PHP is the widely-used.) PHP supports many databases such as MySQL.       Because it is on the server.   PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache. You can also use our CORBA extension to access remote objects. IIS. Open Source. PHP is often used together with Apache (web server) on various operating systems. Oracle. It can be also used with Microsoft's IIS on Windows. Talking about interconnection.  Why PHP?  PHP runs on different platforms such as Windows. your PHP scripts can affect your server--such as by keeping an activity log or updating a database. PHP with MySQL database and Apache Server is a very good and popular combination. C programmers can easily master PHP as the PHP syntax is somewhat similar to C. and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP and Sun Microsystems JSP. PHP is easy and fast to learn and runs efficiently on the server side. PostgreSQL etc. however. PHP has support for the WDDX complex data exchange between virtually all Web programming languages. Because PHP is on the server end. Linux. PHP cannot be modified by the client.

As a trusted data management platform it provides a single 15 | P a g e . MYSQL allows companies to gain greater insight from their business information and achieve faster results for a competitive advantage. The integration with the OPENCART framework gives him the power of the modern programming languages to implement functionalities within the server.  Security: Provide a secure environment to address privacy and compliance requirements with built-in features that protect your data against unauthorized access. he can access data in its native formats or build complex systems that are server driven. integrated data management and analysis software that enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications. With MSSQL 2005 the database developer experiences a paradigm shift.ONLINE EXAMINATION BACK END-MYSQL MYSQL is comprehensive. The driving force behind MYSQL is the process of integration.  Manageability: MYSQL focuses on making it simpler and easier to deploy. Prime Features  Business Intelligence: Gain deeper insight into your business with integrated. He can now locate his code with reference to its functionality.  Performance and Scalability: Deliver an infrastructure that can grow with your business and has a proven record in handling today's large amounts of data and most critical enterprise workloads. comprehensive analysis and reporting for enhanced decision making  High Availability: Ensure business continuity with the highest levels of system availability through technologies that protect your data against costly human errors and minimize disaster recovery downtime. manage and optimize enterprise data and analytical applications.

or NULL. The presence of NULL typically implies that the value is either unknown or undefined. however. or a zerolength character string such as "".  Unique Key: UNIQUE constraints are used to enforce uniqueness on non primary key columns. NULL means that no entry has been made. 16 | P a g e . Constraints  Primary Key: A table usually has a column or combination of columns whose values uniquely identify each row in the table.  Foreign Key: A foreign key (FK) is a column or combination of columns used to establish and enforce a link between the data in two tables.  Allowing NULL Values: The null ability of a column determines whether the rows in the table can contain a null value for that column. A null value.ONLINE EXAMINATION management console that enables data administrators anywhere to monitor. a UNIQUE constraint can allow null values. is different from zero (0). A PRIMARY KEY constraint column includes a restriction for uniqueness automatically. blank. Management tools include:  Developer Productivity: Build and deploy critical business-ready applications more quickly by improving developer productivity and reducing project life cycle times. A link is created between two tables by adding the column or columns that hold one table's primary key values to the other table. manage and tune all of the databases and associated services across your enterprise. This column becomes a foreign key in the second table. This column (or columns) is called the primary key of the table.

My SQL is an open-source database. These can range from server-side programming language support to authentication schemes. Solaris. and PHP. Apache supports a variety of features. Apache is developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. many implemented as compiled modules which extend the core functionality. 17 | P a g e . and eComStation. Most commonly used on a Unix-like system. Microsoft Windows. Linux. Some common language interfaces support Perl. Released under the Apache License. commonly referred to as Apache is a web server application notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. OS/2. Apache is opensource software. Python. OS X. Novell NetWare. PHP is a scripting language that can manipulate information held in a database and generate web pages dynamically each time content is requested by a browser.ONLINE EXAMINATION FRONT END-APACHE SERVER The Apache HTTP server. TPF. or the alternative scripting languages Python or Perl. such as php My Admin which provides a graphical user interface for the My SQL database manager. Tcl. Other programs may also be included in a package. the software is available for a wide variety of operating systems including Unix. Equivalent packages are MAMP (for the Apple Mac) and LAMP (for the Linux operating system).

We would have to open every page and alter the table width manually. known as empty elements. That will change his position throughout the whole site. CSS is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. 18 | P a g e . and change the number relating to the position of the image. CSS stands for "cascading style sheets". although some tags. font. This would be a nightmare in a table based design. HTML elements are the basic building-blocks of webpages. HTML tags most commonly come in pairs like <h1> and </h1>. This makes CSS indispensable for large web sites. are unpaired. and all we have to do is open our CSS file which stores the layout of the site. enclosed in angle brackets (like <html>). layout. CSS makes it very easy to change the style of a document. but the language can also be applied. A single CSS file can contain positioning.CSS is a means of separating the content of an html document from the style and layout of that document. within the web page content. colors and style information for an entire web site. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML. HTML is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags. Let's say we wanted to move the picture in the title of this page to the right by 10 pixels.ONLINE EXAMINATION HTML/CSS Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the predominant markup language for web pages. Fortunately we have used CSS. The file can be referenced by each html file on the site. The look and layout of a site can be changed beyond recognition just by altering the CSS file.

validate forms.       JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages JavaScript is a scripting language A scripting language is a lightweight programming language JavaScript is usually embedded directly into HTML pages JavaScript is an interpreted language (means that scripts execute without preliminary compilation) Everyone can use JavaScript without purchasing a license 1. Due to this. JavaScript is used in billions of Web pages to add functionality. Not only that. Clearly. in Alfresco which is a popular open source enterprise content management system. javascript can be used to add different effects to webpages. 3. javascript could be used on the server side as well. you need to install flash plugin in your browser. Due to this. For example. But to use javascript. 2. the way javascript handles objects and inheritance is bit different from conventional object oriented programming languages like Java. javascript supports most of the object oriented concepts while being simple to learn and use. This is because all browsers have accepted javascript as a scripting language for them and provides integrated support for it. Functional programming language In javascript. This makes adding custom tasks to alfresco quite simple. However. you can actually change the structure of web pages at runtime. You can have functions with no name as well. javascript is used in creating webscripts. Can be used on client side as well as on server side As javascript has access to Document object model of browser. this gives you the ability to code in functional programming style. Browser support To access flash content. Support for objects Javascript is an object oriented language.ONLINE EXAMINATION JAVA SCRIPT JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web. and much more. function could be assigned to variables just like any other data types. you don't have to use any plugin at all. 4. On the other hand. 19 | P a g e . communicate with the server. but a function can accept another function as a parameter and can also return a function.

address . answer of those question. they can also view the result after finishing the exam. There is not necessary to gave exam in written form. and complete this requirement at any stage of life. phone number etc .ONLINE EXAMINATION METHODOLOGY OF WORK I have tried my level best to provide each and every functioning regarding the criteria of taking computerized exam. modify and delete the question from the database. Our project deals with Online Exam in which we can accept Online Exam from the Administrator. The main goal of our site is to make possible to write an exam in a short amount of time. In today’s fast life examination criteria is also changed. In this Application first of all the interface is divided into two parts. which give the birth of ONLINE EXAMINATION. Existing user Existing user will have a user id and password.   Administrator User New User In This section the person who is new to the website . So they can sign in and access details according to their user type . 20 | P a g e . who doesn’t have user id and password have to sign up with our website . Today people join various study centres to gather education. Administrator Is the one who will have all sorts of rights regarding conducting the examination. feeding. I have tried to give each and every type of functioning to this project and it is totally fit and ready for working. in which they have to provide personal details like name . to the readers. paperless exam etc. in a tension free atmosphere. They can write the exam through administrator . new question in database. This information will be stored in database. As we have seen now days education is the most important and essential part of ones life. results. generating the list of all the student who will give the exam. reports.


Exam Table 22 | P a g e . view etc. 3. Number of columns. Type of data to be stored in that table under each column. Thus while designing the database elements such as tables. Purpose of the table. we should decide before the following thing. 4. 1. while constructing any table. Length of each fields entry. 2. Because it serves a backbone for storing the data and maintaining the data for the correct working of application.ONLINE EXAMINATION DATABASE DESIGN Database is the most important part of any application.

ONLINE EXAMINATION Feedback Table Notice Table 23 | P a g e .

ONLINE EXAMINATION Register Table Result Table 24 | P a g e .

4. They can know about the total marks when the result displayed. 3. Testing makes a logical assu mpt ion t hat if all t he part s o f t he module are correct t he goal wil l be successfully achieved. If more time was made available then these errors could have averted. 2) Negative testing: It is to test those transactions which are not according to specification. 6. Students can’t know the total marks of the exam. Testing is the process of executing the programs with the intention of finding out errors. The administrator can’t see the subject with the result of the student for which they given the exam. They can’t do next and previous the question. After result the student can’t see which question is correct or incorrect attempted by them. During the process the program to be tested is executed with set of test cases and the output of the program and test cases is evaluated to determine if the program is performing as expected. The administrator can’t change the password of the student if one time he/she assigned to the student. The above-mentioned deficiencies have remained mainly due to sort time available for project development. 25 | P a g e . This is known as deficiencies. To change the password of the user administrator has to remember the user name and password he can’t find it from any list. Where as it should be selected at the time of registration. Students have selected their subject when they login. When administrator wants to delete or modify the question they have needed to select the question from the list.ONLINE EXAMINATION TESTING It is the most important phase of the System Development Life Cycle. 5. 2. 7. However. and errors. bugs. 1. as at present an initial working system is made available to the client for scrutiny. these errors can be removed during system maintenance. Testing includes: 1) Positive testing: Positive testing is making sure that new programs do infect process certain transaction according to specification.










s possible as and when require in this application. coding and testing cost by amortizing effort over several designs.ONLINE EXAMINATION FUTURE SCOPE This application can be easily implemented under various situations. 35 | P a g e . -effectiveness: Its cost is under the budget and make within given time period. We use the method. We can update it next version. SOFTWARE SCOPE: is extendable in ways that its original developers may not expect. We can add new features as and when we require. The following principles enhance extensibility like hide data structure. It is desirable to aim for a system with a minimum cost subject to the condition that it must satisfy the entire requirement. which small and coherent helps to accomplish this. avoid traversing multiple links or methods. Reducing the amount of code also simplifies understanding. avoid case statements on object type and distinguish public and private operations. A method is understandable if someone other than the creator of the method can understand the code (as well as the creator after a time lapse). Reusable software reduces design. Reusability is possible as and when require in this application. We follow up both types of reusability: Sharing of newly written code within a project and reuse of previously written code on new projects. There is flexibility in all the modules. which increases the likelihood that the code is correct.

additional features can be added without interrupting the normal functioning of the system. The system has produced all the report required by the management . 36 | P a g e . The system results in regular timing preparation of the required output. Various validation techniques have been used to implement accuracy of data in all formats of input. It can observe that the information required can be obtained with ease and accuracy in the computerized system. the benefit under a computer system considerable in to saving of manpower. Online massage has been provided to help the user to take necessary. This software can be used by any institute as it can be modified easily. In comparison with the manual system.ONLINE EXAMINATION CONCLUSION Online_Examination has been developed and the system was tested with proper data. correct action while using the system. working hour and efforts. The user with minimum knowledge about computer can be able operate the system easily.

Bruce perens MySQL Web EXAMINATION BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS:  PHP 5 Power http://www. Welling/Thomson WEBSITES: http://www.php/ 37 | P a g e .

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