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goddess of women Alert and had to constantly punish the women that Zeus was with after the

fact Paris did not chose her and so she was against the Trojans The Trojan War could have ended in peace with both sides unconquered if it had not been for her hatred of a Trojan who had judged another goddess lovelier than she.

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Roman name is Juno Zeuss wife and sister protector of marriage her anger at Zeuss women carried through their children cow and peacock were sacred to her favorite city was Argos Hamilton, Edith. Mythology. New York: Penguin Books, 1940. 28. Print.

each year Hera's virginity returns by bathing in the well Canathus queen of all olympian deities had a wagon driven by peacocks Crow and pomegranate were dedicated to her some qualities are majestic, solemn Children were conceived without the help of a man, either by slapping her hand on the ground or by eating lettuce so basically they were born out of lust and hatred. Ares, the god of war; Hebe, the goddess of youth; and Hephaestus, the smith-god Zeus and Hera turned Io into a beast. Io met Prometheus by the rock and was punished by him. Hermes saved Io by putting the 100 eyed beast to sleep, then killed it. Hera took the eyes and made a peacock. Hera then sent a fly to sting Io into madness. Hera punished Echo to always have the last word but never speaking first. Hera sent madness to hercules and he killed his three sons and Megara. Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena went to Prince Paris to see who was the prettiest. Hera promised to make him king of Europe and Asia Athena offered that he would lead the trojans to victory against the greeks. Aphrodite promised that the fairest woman in all the world should be his. He gave Aphrodite the golden apple. Helen was the most beautiful but was already married to a spartan. Paris and Aphrodite kidnap her. Odysseus and Achilles are the only men who dont fight Hera seduces Zeus to give the greeks an advantage.

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Amanda Firestone D. Todoric H. Literature - 4th Block March 23, 2014 Hera

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There are very few gods and goddesses with such a reputation like Hera. She finds her way into the majority of the stories of Greek Mythology; however, many only know her as a wicked shrew. There is so much more to Hera than her evils. Such stories make her one of the most characterized Gods in all of mythology. To begin with, Hera, or Juno to the Romans, could be described as majestic, solemn, and devious. Her official title is the Goddess of Women, Marriage, and Childbirth. She was also the queen of all olympic deities. Receiving these official titles is a privilege only for the greatest. She received this honor from being the wife and sister of none other than Zeus himself. More specifically, she is the god of women due to her beauty. Some say that her beauty was equal to or even greater than that of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty herself. Clearly, she received the marriage title from marrying Zeus. However, her reasoning behind the Childbirth title is very unique. Unlike any other goddess, each year, her virginity restores itself by bathing in the well Canathus. Hera had an extreme liking towards several animals. These being peacocks and cows. To show her affection, she had a wagon driven by peacocks and loved turning her enemies into cows to keep as pets. Along with the cow and peacock, the crow and pomegranate were dedicated to her from Zeus.

Firestone 2 Zeus and Hera had three famous children. These three are Hebe, the goddess of youth; Ares, the god of war; and Hephaestus, the smith-god. However, these three children were born very unconventionally. Hera did not need the help from a man to have babies, so she used two of her own methods. The first one was rapidly slapping her hand on the ground and the second was eating piles of lettuce. These statements that show that her kids were born through hatred and lust. Much of Heras anger was carried through these children. Hera had an extreme role in the Trojan War. She was not the lady chosen in the Judgement of Paris, so she was against the Trojans. Due to Heras extreme jealous nature, she had to get back at Paris for not giving her the golden apple. Some say she encouraged Diomedes to throw his spear at Ares. Aided by Athena, the spear killed Ares. Other stories say she mimicked the voices of the soldierss wives to trick them to come out of the horse. Overall, The Trojan War likely could have ended peacefully with both Troy and Greece unconquered if it werent for Heras manipulation of others. The most common word associated with Hera is jealousy. Hera has made it very clear that if someone got in-between Zeus and her, there would be consequences. To name a few of her most famous stories of revenge, Hera turned Io into a beast. Then, she punished Echo to always have the last word, and she would never speak first. She sent Hercules into a state of madness where he killed his three sons and wife. In essence, Hera has some of the most interesting stories of any Green God or Goddess. From dark revenge to seduction in the Trojan War, she finds her way into almost all of the famous myths.