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In this month’s issue we take a look at how you can take your beloved pet to Canada with you and answer some of your frequently asked questions about immigration. We also take a look at some of the great things Canada has to offer such as the stunning Rideau Canal Waterway in Ontario, the numerous festivals in Edmonton and the world famous Calgary Stampede, in Calgary of course. We have two very different real life stories each giving very different views on immigration as well as some help and advice for kids who are a little daunted by the whole process. Remember to keep your feedback and views coming in, we love to hear from you.

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4 Canada

The Rideau Canal Waterway, Ontario
The Rideau Canal Waterway located in Ontario is a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO Word Heritage Site. It is also home to the world’s longes ice skating rink.
The waterway consists of a number of lakes and rivers connected by canals and stretches from Lake Ontario in Kingston to Ottawa and is the oldest continuously operated canal in North America. The locks on the canal were first opened in 1832 and little has changed since this time. It was originally built to allow boats to travel between Montreal and the Great Lakes without having to use the St Lawrence River. The Rideau is a beautiful and interesting area with a varied landscape including urban, rural and natural. Most of the lock stations offer camping opportunities with washroom facilities, picnic tables and barbecue grills. There is always something to do along the Rideau and depending on when you visit and what your interests are you are bound to find an activity to suit.

Obviously boating is a major activity and the Rideau offers lots of things to do for both novices and experts alike. You can travel the whole length of the waterway from Kingston to Ottawa or visa versa. Before starting out you should familiarize yourself with the water charts which are available at lock stations or online. The charts will give you details of the water depths, navigational markers

etc. You should also know how to operate a lock. You can find information online, but there are always lock staff available at each lock to help and assist you. The locks are open from mid May until mid October. There are fees for using the locks of around $1 per foot of boat. Season passes are also available.

You should allow around six days for a one way trip the whole length of the Rideau. There is no minimum size boat but the maximum size is 27.4 m in length and 7.9 m wide.

Canada 5
Canoe or Kayak
The Rideau is one of the best places to paddle in Canada. There are lots of interesting areas to visit and explore and the locks are easily navigated. There are also lots of access points along the waterway providing easy ways to get in and out of the water. Because of its flatwater it offers novices and experts alike a chance to experience the joy of the water. The winds tend to flow westsouthwest and so it is recommended that you paddle northeast or Kingston to Ottawa to take advantage of the wind. You should allow around ten days to cover the whole Rideau, but this can be longer if you take detours etc. You can bring your own equipment or rent everything you need locally.

If hiking is your calling then you have lots of opportunities in the Rideau. The Rideau Trail covers 200 km, although you can add on another 100 km if you include the loops and side trails. It runs from Kingston to Ottawa and is operated by the Rideau Trail Association. You can visit their website to find maps and general advice. The Cataraqui Trail is just over 100 km long and extends from Strathcona to Smith Falls and forms part of the TransCanada Trail. Full details of this trail can be found at this website. These two trails are by far the longest, but many shorter trails can be found along the whole length of the Rideau ranging from a couple of kilometres to around 40 km.

The Rideau offers great fishing opportunities with Bass, Trout, Perch, Crappie amongst others to be caught. There are strict fishing seasons to adhere to as well as catch limits, so make sure you are familiar with these before you set out on a fishing trip. The seasons are dependent upon the area of the Rideau you will be fishing in. For example Bass can be fished between June 23rd and November 30th in the northern and southern region, but only until October 15th in the central region. Full details can be found at this link. You will also require a fishing licence, again full details can be found at the above link.


The Rideau can easily be driven and gives the opportunity to see some stunning scenery along the way. You can follow one of the recommended tours or make up your own. The recommended tours are divided into different categories such as heritage tours, ecology tours or shopping tours. The ecology tours take into account the diverse landscape surrounding the Rideau. The central region is dominated by the Canadian Shield whilst the northern and southern areas enjoy rolling fields. All offer excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. The Ecology North Tour takes in the area around Ottawa down to Kemptville. There are two conservation areas: W.A. Cycling Taylor and Baxter along with Rideau River Provincial Park. This means you can There is only one specific off-road bicycle trail located in the southern region: incorporate walking trails, picnics and even a beach in your tour. the Cataraqui Trail. Other than that cycle The Ecology Tour Central covers the routes follow paved roads along the area between Perth and Crosby. There Rideau. You can follow the trail on your are two options, one takes in the Mill own or join one of the many organized Pond Conservation Area and the other the tours which take place. There are many Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. self-guided cycling tours you can The Ecology South Tour goes experience ranging from 35 km along the between Westport and Kingston taking in Opinicon Loop or you can ride the entire two conservation areas: Little Cataraqui 200 km from kingston to Ottawa. Creek and Foley Mountain.

6 Canada

There are three heritage tours covering the north, central and southern regions or you can choose to cover the entire Rideau route. The north tour goes between Ottawa and Marrickville. The central tour starts at Perth and terminates at Crosby. You can choose between traveling the western leg taking in Marrows Lock or the eastern leg which travels through Smiths Falls. The southern tour is between Crosby and Kingston. Other tour options include the shopping tours which allow access to urban shopping in Ottawa and Kingston as well as village shopping. The Maple tours are popular in the spring when the sap is harvested and in the fall because of the beautiful leaf colour variations.

exact timing of when this becomes Accommodation available is very much down to the weather, but usually opens during January In addition to camping you will also and is usually available for around a find a host of other accommodation month. available all along the Rideau including The rink covers over 7 km of canal B&B’s, cottages and hotels. and is open to all. Some even use the frozen canal as a way to commute to work.

Fast Facts

If you are planning on taking in the full pleasures of the Rideau then you will want to spread your journey over several days. Indeed, if you are boating, kayaking etc then you will need to find overnight accommodation during your trip. All except two lock stations (Smiths Fall and Ottawa) allow camping and have services such as toilets, picnic tables, drinking water etc. Some have showers and additional facilities but you should check before you set out to make sure you find the ones suitable for your needs. You can also park RV’s and cars overnight, camping permits are required.

Number of locks: 47 Total distance: 202 km Number of lockstations: 24 Maximum water depth: 100.3 m Average water depth: 1.5 m Lock dimensions: 41 m long, 10 m wide How traveled: 69% by boat, 10% by canoe or kayak, 5% by car, 3% by cycle

Ice Skating
During the winter months the Rideau Canal in Ottawa transforms itself into the longest ice skating rink in the world. The

Canada 7

So, where to Canadians go on holiday?

New York, New York

Miami, Florida
New York Florida Washington Michigan California Nevada Maine Pennsylvania Vermont Minnesota Massachusetts Montana

In 2006, 846 million people United States visited Canada from abroad Not surprisingly, due to its close bringing in a revenue of over $750 proximity, the United States is the most billion. But where do Canadians travelled to destination for Canadians. In travel to? total Canadians spent 120 million nights
In 2006 Canadians traveling to other countries set a new record with 6.7 million overnight trips being made to non-US destinations. Every year for the last fifteen years travel abroad has increased. The only exception was 2002 in the aftermath of 9/11. Over 16 million overnight trips were made to US destinations during 2006, a thirteen year high. Likewise, same day trips to the US have also increased with an incredible 23.5 million trips being made in 2006, an increase of over 12% on the previous year. Ontarians travel far more than any other province with over 10.6 million overnight trips abroad. Coming in a not too close second was Quebec with 4.2 million trips and in third place British Columbia with 3.6 million overnight trips. south of the border with the average length of stay being 7.5 nights. They spent an average of $85 per night or $640 per trip. The most visited state was New York which is probably due to the fact it borders Ontario, the most travel orientated province. However only 7,240 nights were spent in the state which pales into insignificance next to Florida in which 37,816 nights were spent. More money is spent in New York per visit than in Florida. This could be due to the fact a lot of Canadians have second homes in Florida and so do not spend money on accommodation as they do in New York and other locations. In order of the number of visits made here are the top twelve states visited by Canadians during 2006.

2,596,000 2,098,000 1,775,000 1,323,000 1,037,000 902,000 746,000 696,000 642,000 614,000 583,000 513,000

8 Canada
The average length of stay for trips to Florida was 18 nights. The most money spend per trip was to Nevada ($196), so we can conclude from this that Canadians like a little bet or two on the roulette wheel in Vegas.

Riviera Maya Beach, Mexico

Overseas (non-US)
In total Canadians made over 6.7 million trips overseas during 2006 an increase of 8.2% on 2005. They spent $9.9 billions in these countries during 113 million nights of travel. The average length of stay was 16.7 nights with an average spend of $88 per night. 35% of trips overseas included at least one night in Europe. In previous years the United Kingdom was the most traveled to destination, but this was overtaken by Mexico in 2006. However more money is spent in the United Kingdom with over $942 million being spent there in 2006 compared with $894 million in Mexico. The top twelve counties visited by Canadians are:

London, United Kingdom

Mexico United Kingdom France Cuba Dominican Republic Germany Italy China Netherlands Spain Switzerland Hong Kong

841,000 778,000 645,000 638,000 536,000 334,000 315,000 250,000 239,000 182,000 177,000 150,000
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Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada

Managed by: Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

final changes June 2, 2005

Canada 9

Enjoy Edmonton
Edmonton is a great place to live, but is also a great place to visit. Whether you are traveling from overseas or from another location in Canada you will not be disappointed by what Edmonton and the surrounding area has to offer.
Edmonton is known as Canada’s Festival City with activities and events being held throughout the year. Over 40 festivals take place in the city every year including: display. Attendance is completely free and all ages can enjoy the festivities. The festival starts at 2 pm and closes at 9 pm. You can also take part in Wagon rides, Bounceroo and Bungee Jumping, although charges do apply to these activities.

International Children’s Festival
This annual event celebrates performing, literary, and visual arts for children. It will take place at the Arden Theatre between May 27th and 31st. Artists from around the world will perform and everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Athabasca Country Fringe Festival
At this festival you can experience new talent from a variety of performers. To qualify as a Fringe, the festival takes all performers on a first-come, firstserved basis, and all funds collected must go to the performers, who decide what to charge for admission to their shows. This year the festival will take place between July 25th and 27th.

Dreamspeakers International Film Festival
This four day event taking place between June 4th and 7th celebrates the best in Aboriginal films. There are screenings, events and workshops to take part in.

A Taste of Edmonton Festival
This year the event will be held between July 18th and 27th in Sir Winston Churchill Square. The festival celebrates the food and drink of Edmonton and is one of the largest festivals which take place in Edmonton with over 600,000 people attending annually. The festival started back in 1984 with six restaurants taking part over five days. Now nearly 40 restaurants participate and the festival spans ten days from 11 am to 11 pm every day. Visitors can buy Taste Tickets for $1 each and depending on where you eat and drink between one and five tickets are required per menu item. Savings can be made by purchasing in advance. As part of the festival you will also be able to take part in contests, see entertainers, bands and try out new wines and beers.

Music & Arts Festival
Enjoy a day of music on June 7th at Giovanni Caboto Park. All kinds of music are showcased with performers of all nationalities and ages. The event starts at 11 am, and goes onto 10 pm with grass roots, original music all day long.

Blueberry Bluegrass & Country Music Society Festival
This event takes place at the Stony Plain Exhibition Park between August 1st and 3rd. Featured artists play throughout the event including David Grisman Bluegrass Experience,Cedar Hill, Lou Reid & Carolina, Hungry Hill and many more. As well as music you can also experience crafts, entertainers, music workshops, kids corner, competitions etc.

Edmonton International Jazz Festival
This event which takes place between June 20th and 29th at various locations throughout the city includes over 70 jazz performers. Artists from all over the world come together to present a jazz spectacular from ten different stages.

Cariwest, Caribbean Arts Festival
This festival includes a costume extravaganza, parade, music and openair entertainment at Churchill Square. Enjoy the steel band and block party and take part in competitions and events taking place throughout the duration. This year will be the 24th anniversary of the event and everyone is invited to have a great time. It will take place between August 8th and 10th.

Canada Day River Valley Festival
This festival held in Victoria Park on July 1st celebrates Canada’s birthday in style. The festival includes attractions, entertainment, performers and ends in a spectacular fireworks and waterfall

International Street Performers Festival
Enjoy ten days of performances by international street acts from clowns to fire eaters, mime artists to musicians. The festival takes place at Sir Winston Churchill Square between July 4th and 13th.

10 Canada
Rexall Grand Prix Of Edmonton
This sporting event takes place at the City Centre Airport between July 18th and 20th. Car enthusiasts and festival goers from around the world will be in attendance to witness numerous racing heavyweights from over seven countries competing for the series top honors. Tickets range from $25 to $245. You will see hundreds of decorated trees and displays along with choirs, bands and entertainers. There will also be kids only events taking place as well as lots of fundraising.

Brought to you by Rapid Fire Theatre, the guardians of theatresports in Edmonton, is Improvaganza, Canada's largest improv festival. Ten or more of the world's best improv troupes showcase and battle it out for the Masters of the Obvious world improv title. Taking place between June 18th and th at the Varscona Theatre. 28

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival
See the dragon boat races at Government House Park between August 15th and 17th. There are six dragon boats, each with 22 people on board all vying for first position after a 400 meter race along the river. The event annually attracts over 5,000 spectators and 1,500 participants and promises fun and excitement for all.

The Works Art & Design Festival
The Works Art & Design Festival is a leading cutting edge festival bringing North America the best in contemporary and traditional visual art and design. The Works Art & Design Festival will animate Sir Winston Churchill Square as the centre of all programs including exhibitions, lectures and activities for all ages. Make sure you keep your diary free between June 20th and July 2nd.

Labatt Blues Festival
Top local, national and international acoustic and electric blues acts perform everything from funk to zydeco. The event takes place between August 22nd and 24th at Hawrelak Park Amphitheatre.

Feats - Festival Of Dance
Produced by the Alberta Dance Alliance, feats is a multi-disciplinary dance festival in Edmonton that includes performances, special events, and programs of education and awareness. This festival will take place between June 27th and July 13th, but the location is yet to be decided.

Canadian Finals Rodeo
The Canadian Finals Rodeo takes over Edmonton, bringing together the country's top cowboys to compete for their piece of a $1 million purse. They will wrestle steers, rope cattle, race around barrels at break-neck speeds, and battle bucking broncos and bulls for the chance to take home the buckle of a champion. It is the wildest ride in the west. Taking place at Rexall Place between November 5th and 9th.

New Years Eve Downtown
Bring in the New Year at Western Canada's largest free New Year's celebration. This family event features both indoor and outdoor venues offering activities and entertainment for all ages. Taking place at Sir Winston Churchill Square, guess when, yes, December 31st.

Festival of Trees
The 24th Festival of Trees will take place throughout December and will be a magical experience for all.

Labatt Blues Festival Dragon Boat Festival International Street Performers Festival Works Arts and Design Festival

Canada 11

The greatest outdoor show on earth

All photos including cover photo courtesy of Calgary Stampede

This is how the Calgary Stampede promotes itself, but is is true? You have probably heard of the Calgary Stampede, but are you aware of exactly what it is? Although this years event doesn't take place until July, now is the time to start planning that trip and purchasing your tickets.
Most of the people who have heard of the Stampede will immediately think of cowboys riding crazy horses round an arena until they get thrown off. Well, yes this is part of the stampede, but there is also so much more. The Calgary Stampede dates back to 1912 when the first rodeo took place with a prize of $20,000 at stake. This, at the time made it the richest rodeo competition in North America and over 100,000 people came to watch. A few years later in 1923 the rodeo was combined for the first time with the Calgary Exhibition and has done so ever

since. The event takes place over ten days and attendance is over one million. The Stampede takes place at the 137 acre Stampede Park, just east of downtown Calgary. The opening ceremony consists of a parade led by the Calgary Stampede Showband who march 4.5 km through downtown Calgary. The parade usually attracts around 400,000 people alone. In addition, the television audience is around two million. So, what can you expect if you decide to attend the Stampede?

There are many music related shows on during the Stampede. The three main music venues are the Coca Cola Stage, Nashville North and Saddledome. The line-up for the 2008 show is yet to be finalised but to give you an idea of what you can expect during the 2007 Stampede acts such as Bon Jovi, Finger Eleven, Gretchen Wilson, Blue October, Emerson Drive, Reba

12 Canada

Saddle Bronc
McEntire and Tragically Hip all featured. Every day each stage hosts a number of different acts, so make sure you know who your favorites are and where they will be so you don’t miss anything.

Tie-Down Roping
Bareback: Physically very demanding as the cowboy holds onto a handhold and is disqualified for touching the animal or equipment with the other hand. The ride lasts eight seconds, if they haven’t been bucked off before then. Bull Riding: This is the most dangerous event and the rider is strapped to the bull by a special handhold. Like the bareback the rides lasts eight seconds and riders are disqualified for touching the bull with the free hand. Ladies Barrel Racing: This is the only event for ladies at the Stampede. Riders circle three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern and the ride is timed. Barrels can be touched but a five second penalty is incurred if a barrel is knocked over. Saddle Bronc: The rider moves his feet from the horse’s neck in a full arc toward the back of the saddle in time with the bronc’s action. The rider needs to hold on for eight seconds and cannot touch the animal or equipment with his free hand. Steer Wrestling: The steer wrestler starts behind a barrier and gives the steer a head start of ten seconds, otherwise penalties are incurred. There are many rules relating to this event which are too numerous to list here. Tie-Down Roping: This is the most technical event and like the steer wrestling a ten second head start for the animal is required. After roping the tie-down animal, the cowboy must run down his rope and

Bull Riding
lay the animal down by hand. If the tiedown animal is down when he reaches it, he must allow the tie-down animal to get up then lay it down. Again there are many rules, too numerous to list relating to this event. Other events which take place include Novice Bareback: The same rules apply as per the bareback event but this is for riders under 20 years of age. Novice Saddle Bronc: The same rules apply as per the saddle bronc event but this is for riders under 20 years of age. Junior Steer Riding: This event is for kids aged between 10 and 14 years. One half of the score is awarded for the contestant’s ability to ride and the other half is for the stock’s ability to buck. The cowboys are allowed to ride with one hand or two. If they elect to ride with only one – they must abide by the rules for bull riding – whereby they will be disqualified for slapping the animal, themselves or double grabbing with both hands during the eight seconds. Wild Pony Racing: Teams of three youngsters ages 8 to 12 try to tame a wild pony long enough to get a rider aboard for a two jump ride. The team with the fastest time wins. Our cover photo features the ladies barrel racing and above you can see photos of other major events. But there is still more to see and do at the Stampede, so read on.

Rides & games
The Midway is the location of the many rides available at the Stampede. Last year there were over 35 major rides and 22 kids rides as well as lots of smaller rides to keep everyone entertained. There are also lots of games to play such as beer smashing, duck pond and ring toss. You can pay per ride or purchase money saving Midway Magic Pass Credits. Each ride requires a different number of credits to ride. You can also purchase day passes, so you pay a oneoff price and can ride all day.

You can also find lots of other entertainment available throughout the Stampede duration. 2007 saw BMX riding, skateboarding shows, exhibits, dog shows, auctions and many more.

Of course there is the rodeo and this consists of six major events:

Canada 13
The chuckwagon races are very exciting and adrenalin pumping. A team of four horses are hitched to a chuckwagon and race round a series of barrels at breakneck speed. Four wagons take part in each race, so that means 36 horses and 144 hooves all taking place in less than a minute.

Food & drink
Like all good events there are lots of places to get food and drink. You can enjoy anything from full service menus at Mavericks Dining Room and Lounge to hot dogs from the stand. There are food and drink locations throughout the Stampede in every area so you will never be too far from a quick snack or full meal. Choose from buffets, full service lounges, concession stands and of course beer gardens amongst others.

The fireworks show is a spectacular event involving some of the world’s best pyrotechnic display teams. The show can be seen not only from the Stampede arena itself but from most of downtown Calgary.


So, now you are desperate to attend the next Calgary Stampede, what will it cost you? There are many different Evening Show ticket types available depending on what your interests are. The evening show is an annual The 2008 event will take place event which for 2007 was called “the between July 4th and 13th. Spirit of 1912” celebrating the spirit of The rodeo will cost anything from the Stampede from its beginnings to the $23.00 to over $300.00 depending on present day. which events you want to see, This is a quote from the Calgary The chuckwagon and evening Stampede relating to this show. shows range from around $40.00 to ““The Sprit of 1912” evokes the true again, over $300.00. western values of the Calgary Stampede The higher price tickets include food as interpreted through the youthful, and non-alcoholic beverages. enthusiastic energy of the mutual A two day thrill package is available experiences of generations of which for $299.00 includes rodeo, Calgarians. Drawing upon the musical evening show, chuckwagon, stage heritage of the Calgary Stampede, shows, rides and more. Grandstand Show Producers have A Chaps and Chucks package can created a unique soundscape, blending also be purchased for $159.00 along the audible wonder of nature with a vivid with other special packages. contemporary musical score, especially Tickets can be purchased at the written and produced for our 2007 gate, but it is advisable to purchase Grandstand Show. The custom-designed tickets well before the event. You can go theatrical environment provided by the online by clicking on this link. TransAlta Stage features clear sightline vista seating, panoramic video projections and surround sound which will envelope the audience, who will experience special effects and a dynamic range of music like never before.”

14 Immigration

Pets and immigration
When you make the decision to move to a new country it is a decision for the whole family. Many times the family includes those individuals with paws an claws, fur and feathers, so what are the rules regarding transporting pets to Canada? Regulations
Naturally the regulations regarding bringing pets into Canada are very strict and must be followed exactly. There are very few pets that cannot be brought into Canada, but there are different regulations relating to each. We will take a look at some of the most popular pets to let you know what you need to do to make sure your pet is allowed to make the move with you. The following countries are recognized by Canada as rabies free: Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Finland, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, St KittsNevis-Anguilla, St Lucia, St Martin, St Pierre et Miquelon Islands, St Vincent, Sweden, Taiwan, Turks & Caicos Islands, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and Uruguay. rabies certificate to an inspector. Exceptions: Dogs between the ages of three and eight months, accompanied by the owners require a rabies certificate regardless of the country of origin. No other certification is required. If they are not accompanied by their owners they will require certification and a detailed health report in French or English from a licensed veterinarian stating that the dog has been examined. The report needs to state the age, condition, vaccination history including dates and time and date of the health exam. The dog then needs to be imported into Canada no more than 72 hours after examination. A dog under three months of age requires no rabies vaccination or import certificate. A cat under three months of age can be imported into Canada without any vaccinations, quarantine or certification.

said country for the same six-month period. If you cannot for some reason obtain an export certificate you can instead get the dog or cat vaccinated against rabies, even in a country considered rabies-free. You need to get an official licensed veterinarian to issue a rabies vaccination certificate in either French or English, Dogs and Cats identifying the pet and stating that it has received a rabies vaccination. The rabies By far the most popular pets certificate should clearly identify the transported are dogs and cats. breed, colour and weight of the dog or cat Regulations depend on your home as well as the name of the rabies vaccine country, the age of the pet and whether used, along with its serial number and you are accompanying the pet or not. duration of validity. No quarantine period is required for There is no waiting period imposed either dogs or cats entering Canada for between the time the animal is vaccinated any period of time. for rabies and the time the animal is To determine the exact regulations imported into Canada. regarding bringing your dog or cat to If you come from a country not Canada you need to know if your country considered rabies free then the dog or cat is recognized as rabies-free. must be vaccinated against rabies and a If you come from one of the officially rabies certificate needs to be issued by a recognised rabies-free countries and your licensed veterinarian. The rabies dog or cat is over three months of age certificate should clearly identify the then you will be able to import your pet by breed, colour and weight of the dog or cat obtaining an export certificate, which has as well as the name of the rabies vaccine to be in either French or English, and used, along with its serial number and signed by an official government duration of validity. veterinarian from your home country. The owner of any dog or cat arriving The certificate has to clearly identify in Canada without an export or rabies the animal and state that rabies has not certificate will be ordered to get the existed in the country for six-months animal vaccinated against rabies within a immediately preceding shipment. It must set period of time at their own expense. also state that the pet has been in the They will then be required to present the

Immigration 15

Only pet birds can be imported into Canada. Other birds such as pigeons, doves, game birds or fowl cannot be imported. There are certain conditions applicable to importing birds from anywhere in the world • The bird must accompany you • The bird must be inspected on arrival and declared healthy • The bird must have been in your possession for the ninety days preceding importation. A declaration to this effect must be signed by the owner • The bird must not have been in contact with other birds during that time • The bird must be a pet and not be imported for re-sale, A declaration to this effect must be signed by the owner • The owner should not have imported any other birds into Canada in the preceding ninety days. If your home country is the United States, you can import pet birds by simply completing some forms upon entering customs in Canada. No import permit or quarantine period is required. You must however, adhere to the above conditions. If you cannot meet the conditions you will need to acquire an import permit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in the province you are entering. If you are coming from a country other than the US, then an import permit is required and is issued by the CFIA Office relevant to the province you will be landing. You should contact the relevant office and request an application form, which needs to be completed and returned with a signed declaration stating that the above conditions are met. All birds imported need to be quarantined for a period of at least 45 days. This can take place in your new Canadian residence, but the premises needs to be inspected and approved by the CFIA. Again contact the local office to arrange this. Once the application form, declaration and premises inspection are completed and approved, you will be issued with an import permit.

The bird must enter the country with the owner and must have an original import permit. It is also recommended that the bird be treated for psittacosisornithosis during the 45-day quarantine period.

Rodents include animals such as chinchillas, chipmunks, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats etc. Rodents can be imported into Canada without any import permits, health certificates or inspections. Exceptions: Prairie dogs, Gambian pouch rats and squirrels cannot be imported from any country. No rodents can be imported from Africa. Alberta only allows the import of rats under certain conditions. Endangered species may require an import licence. You should contact the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) to clarify if the rodents you wish to import are endangered.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Regional Offices
National Ms. Carole-Lynn Pilon Animal Health, CFIA, Room #2044 West, 59 Camelot Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0Y9 Telephone: 613-221-4790 Facsimile: 613-228-6630 Atlantic Dr. Al McLean Import Officer, Animal Health, CFIA P.O. Box 6088, 5th Floor, 1081 Main Street, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 8R2 Telephone: 506-851-7651 Facsimile: 506-851-3700 Quebec Dr. Alain Lajoie / (Mr. Andre Anctil) Import Officer, Animal Health, CFIA Room 746-S, 2001 University Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3N2 Telephone: 514-283-8888 Facsimile: 514-283-6214 Ontario (Ms. Chris Paolini - Live Animals & Germplasm) Import Contact, Animal Health, CFIA, 174 Stone Road West Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4S9 Telephone: 519-826-2810 Facsimile: 519-837-9771 West (Manitoba, Saskatchewan Alberta, British Columbia) Dr. Gary Kruger / (Mr. Peter Szarkowicz) Import Officer, Animal Health, CFIA Harry Hays Building, 220 - 4th Avenue South East, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4X3 Telephone: 403-292-5825 Facsimile: 403-292-6629

All ferrets being imported require an import permit unless coming from the United States, and must accompany the owner. You may need provincial permission to keep a ferret as a pet and it is your responsibility to contact the local authority to request permission and obtain relevant documentation. Ferrets coming from the US, must have a vaccine certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian stating the animal has been vaccinated against rabies during the year preceding import. Ferrets less than three months of age are not subject to import restrictions.

Amphibians and Reptiles
This category includes salamanders, frogs, toads, newts, snakes, iguanas, turtles, tortoises, geckos etc. No import permit or health certificate or inspection is required for importing reptiles or amphibians.

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Exceptions: All turtles and tortoises require an import permit from all countries. Endangered species may require an import licence. You should contact the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) to clarify if the animal you wish to import is endangered. airlines allow small pets to be carried in a container under your seat, however there are tight regulations regarding this so again, check first. This is not normally an option for transatlantic flights. This method of transportation is often the cheapest as you are dealing with the airline directly. You will need to use this method if there is a requirement to accompany your pet as you can arrange with the airline for the pet to travel on the same flight as yourself. This can result in a restricted number of flights being available as not all airlines have ‘pet friendly” flights every day. Because they need to have extra facilities on board for pet travel such as a pressurized and heated cargo hold, then not all flights meet these requirements. For this reason you should start arranging your pet travel well in advance and be prepared to be flexible with dates and times. The only downside with taking your pet as excess baggage is that you will have to arrange all the paperwork and documentation yourself.

Pet rabbits imported from the United States do not require import permits or health certificates. However they do need to be presented to staff upon entry to Canada. Rabbits from other countries will require permits and quarantine. You should contact the local CFIA office for full details.

Only horses from the United States may be transported into Canada. You will require an export certificate issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certificate VS 17-140 or VS 17-145.

Specialist Pet Carrier: Most of these companies offer complete pet transfer services and can take a lot of pressure off Primates you, however they do cost more. They offer services such as pet Only primates designated for a zoo, collection and boarding. They arrange all show/exhibition (macaques), or scientific the necessary documentation including use (research) are allowed to be imported import permits and health certificates. into Canada. They will provide the container and transport your pet to the airport. Many Methods of transportation also have veterinary services and can offer micro chipping and vaccinations if Excess Baggage (Cargo): Excess required. baggage allows your pet to be checked in This service is usually used for with you and your luggage. Cargo is unaccompanied pets. This means you will when the pet is checked in without the need to check with the regulations owner through the cargo terminal. In both regarding your type of pet as to whether instances the pet will travel in the cargo this service is right for you. Some hold. companies will arrange for your pet to Some carriers allow you to take your travel on the same flight as you, but you pet as excess baggage. This is usually do need to check. the cheapest option and the pet, depending on regulations can either Airline Using Specialist: Each airline accompany you or be shipped separately. has its own regulations regarding pet Most airlines only allow pets in the carriage. Some will only transport using a hold and many have regulations specialized pet carrier, which can increase regarding the type of carrying container the costs considerably. In this case you used, so check with the airline will need to contact the airlines preferred concerned. A decreasing number of shipper and arrange all the transportation

Immigration 17
through them. You can usually arrange to either fly on the same flight or separately. You will get all the services of a specialist shipper, but be able to arrange to travel with your pet. Here are some links to the most popular airlines regarding their pet policies. British Airways Air Canada Air Transat American Airlines Delta Airlines Zoom Airlines United Airlines Continental Airlines Japan Airlines KLM Air France BMI Restrictions: Many airlines restrict certain breeds from traveling. These breeds include those classed as dangerous such as pit bulls. Also snub-nosed dogs and cats such as bulldogs, pugs, Pekinese, persian as they can suffer from respiratory problems during the flight. Most airlines cannot accept very young kittens or puppies, usually under 10 weeks of age. Restrictions also apply to pregnant pets. Many carriers also have weight restrictions, so if you have a large dog, you may find your choices limited. In many cases airlines will not accept a sedated pet. Most will not accept a pet that cannot stand unaided. You will also find that some airlines will not take animals other than cats and dogs. So if you have another type of pet you may find your airline choices restricted. Carriers can also restrict the length of journey travelled by a pet. This limit is usually around 12 hours, so if your flight is longer then the pet will not be allowed to travel. In this instance you should try to find a flight that has a stop over so your pet can be checked, given water and allowed out of the container for a short time. There can also be temperature restrictions. If you are leaving or landing at a location, which is either very hot or very cold, then the carrier can refuse to take pets. Each carrier will have its own rules regarding this, but it is purely in the pet’s interest. They do not want pets to be exposed to extreme heat or cold during the transportation process. Other regulations you will come across will be regarding the type of carrier you use to transport your pet. You should check with your airline to be sure your Although the thought of moving to Canada and not taking a beloved pet may be unthinkable, you always should put the welfare of your pet before your own needs. Some pets travel well whilst others may not and this will not always be related to the type of pet but rather the personality and disposition of the pet. Generally speaking most cats and dogs will travel well although a very timid animal may be more of a concern than a bold animal. Many owners who were worried initially about taking a timid pet have found that they faired the journey better than themselves. Most animals will sleep during the journey and airlines keep the cargo hold dark so the animal can do just that. The airports are well aware of animal (and owner) stress and so will usually go out off their way to make sure your animal is treated well. Many will leave the animal with you until the last minute before a flight to reduce this stress. Airlines usually release pets very quickly from the flight and your pet will be waiting for you once you clear customs. As soon as you are reunited with your pet you should allow them to relieve themselves and give them access to water as they may be a little dehydrated.

carrier satisfies their requirements before you travel.

Every airline will charge different rates, so it will be worth shopping around especially if you are flexible with dates etc. As a guideline an average cost for international pet travel is around $250 CND one way. Travel within North America costs around $100 one way. However these costs can vary and often the larger the animal the higher the cost. Some airlines as we have mentioned use third party companies to organize their pet travel which will usually mean higher costs for you. If you use a specialist pet carrier you can expect to pay much more as you are getting additional services such as paperwork being completed, collection and delivery, accommodation, transportation, veterinary services etc. Again shop around and get recommendations from others to secure the company best suited to your needs and budget.

Should I take my pet?
This is a question only you can answer. You have the best idea of how well the pet is likely to travel, although as we have said, many owners worry unnecessarily. The animals’ welfare must be paramount and owners should try not to be selfish. Everyone would love to take their beloved pet with them, but if this is going to cause undue stress on an elderly pet or perhaps one not in the best of health then perhaps your feelings need to be pushed aside. Maybe rehoming the pet with a friend or relative will be the best solution for them. You will have to weigh up if you will cause more stress leaving the animal behind than will be caused by the stress of the journey itself. After all the journey will be a one-off event, but leaving them behind will be forever. If you prepare your pet (and yourself)

Pet Welfare

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Prepare for your new life – actions you can take now!
Emigrating can be a long process, with many months of waiting for envelopes to drop through the mail box. Rather than focus on ‘being in limbo’ think about what is good about having this time before you move. Time is one thing in life we only have a limited amount of, make the most of yours and take action towards your dream life! by Louise Green Be Clear in What you Want
Create a list of what you want from your new life. Write your ‘wants’ in positive statements. Not what you are getting away from but want you will be gaining in your new country. If you know what you are getting away from, i.e. what you don’t want, then you must know what you do want. E.g. If you want to get away from the rat race, the positive of that would be you want a more relaxed life style. You get the idea? It is far easier to create this list now, whilst you have time to really think about it, in familiar surroundings. It will be a good point of reference to remind yourself of what you are gaining when you are in the middle of upheaval, after you arrive. Use it as a motivational tool to keep you working towards your new life. We get what we focus on; make sure you focus on the right things.

Plan at least one Fact Finding Trip
I know what you’re thinking: • We’ve been there we know what its like. • We can’t afford the cost.

• We want to save all our money for when we move. • We can’t take time off work. It could save you time and money in the long run. When you visit with the specific intention of moving there to live you will see things differently. You wouldn’t buy a house without seeing inside, or a car without a test drive. This is a life time commitment, experience and ‘feel’ what a place is like. Go twice if you can, the second time you will notice different aspects. Make it as real as you can, stay self catering, visit the supermarkets, look at neighborhoods, speak to locals, bed and breakfast can also offer an insight into living somewhere, and give you chance to speak to residents. Meet up with other expats already there. Plan your trip before you go, think about what you want to know by the time you return home and set some actions to achieve your goals. Plan a few days enjoyment; after you have achieved

what you came for, this is not a holiday but an investigative trip to find out what you need to know before moving there. Read local newspapers, even if you don’t normally read them it gives you good indications of what communities are like.

Create a support network
Make new contacts and friends during your fact finding trip, and research, they will be a great resource now, during and after you move. It is easier to ask someone how to do something, than spend ages trying to work it out on your own. Challenges you face can seem less of a problem when shared with someone who has faced similar challenges and understands what you are feeling. Expatriates have years of experience they are often happy to share with newcomers. Your current family, friends and colleagues, however supportive and understanding will be dealing with their

Immigration 19
own emotions about you leaving. They may not be able to provide the support you need especially when they are far away.

Preparation Check List
• Have you defined your goals for emigrating? • Planned your fact finding trip? • Have you a list of contacts and support friends? • Have you researched everything you need to know, for your new life? • What information do you not have about work? Where do you need to spend more time? How much more do you want to know? What actions do you need to take now? This article was written by Louise Green, a qualified coach, running a migration, relocation and expatriate coaching business. ::

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Research, Research, Research
The more knowledge you have about where you are moving too, the more prepared you will be. Take this time as the ideal opportunity to research as much as you can about where you are going. Think how much you take for granted about where you live now, you have had many years to learn everything you know. Every day tasks may be different; if you are prepared it will save you worry and frustrations. Check out information, advice from others is useful but it is from their experience your situation may be different. Identify what you would like to find out about, and think about how you could get that information. Write an action plan to get the information you want, tick each item off as you complete that part of the research, you will see the progress as you become more knowledgeable about how things work in your new country.

Prepare for Work
Unless you are very lucky, you will need a job to finance your new life, and work will play a big part in that. How quickly you get a job may affect how quickly you settle in to your new home. There will be many differences in what is accepted, make sure your CV is rewritten with words and phrases used by potential new employers. Learn about how employers expect you to pursue jobs, what they expect from you. Make sure you know common working terms and conditions, holidays, rates of pay, benefits commonly offered. Make sure there are no surprises when you come to applying for and getting that job. To get a job offer before moving is fantastic, but in most cases employers will not take you seriously until you are in the country, but that does not stop you from getting prepared to hit the ground running.

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Financial help for immigrant health professionals
Health Canada has given Prince Edward Island funding for foreign-trained health professionals. Many health professionals coming from outside Canada need to upgrade their training and qualifications in order to work in PEI. To address the financial hardship this can create a microcredit loan program is being established allowing these professionals to borrow small amounts of money to see them though these times. The loans will be in amounts of around $5,000 per person to address specific needs. The funding is in place for the next three years.

New funding for research on immigration and diversity
The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Dr. Chad Gaffield, President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), announced funding of $7.5 million over five years for the national Metropolis Project for research on globalization, migration and diversity. The funding includes $3.1 million from SSHRC and $4.4 million from a consortium of federal departments and agencies led by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The Metropolis Project was established in 1995 as an SSHRC and CIC joint initiative and has grown into a unique partnership of policy makers, researchers and practitioners that is both national and international in scope. “The successful integration of immigrants is crucial to Canada’s social and economic well-being,” said Minister Finley. “We have much to gain from exploring the effects of migration on the

strength of our economy, the security of our nation, and the relationships between different cultures living side by side within our borders.” “The Metropolis Project is addressing urgent societal issues as we attempt to build a more inclusive society and to understand the connections between immigration and globalization. Metropolis also provides invaluable training for students who assist in this research, thus building future capacity,” said Dr. Gaffield. “This effort clearly shows the benefits of investing in knowledge and talent, as set out in the Government of Canada’s new Science and Technology Strategy.” The funding will ensure the continued operation of five regional research centres based in Halifax/Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. The centres bring together universities, governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to form one of the largest networks of policy makers and scholars in the world in the field of migration and diversity. Since 1995, the national Metropolis Project has supported research, public policy development and knowledge mobilization on migration, diversity and immigrant integration in cities in Canada and around the world.

Western Canada seeking Filipino skilled workers
The Philippines is the third highest source of immigrants to Canada so it comes as no surprise that western Canada is looking to these people to fill skill shortages. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are actively seeking health workers, nurses, engineers, and hospitality staff from the Philippines. According to the Philippines ambassador in Ottawa, Jose Brillantes, Philippine consulate offices in Canada have been conducting verification processes to ensure that Canadian job offers to Filipino workers are indeed credible. "The process is also designed to prevent Filipino professionals ending up in jobs far below their educational qualifications, skills and experience," he said. A new Philippines labour office will be established in Vancouver,which will streamline the hiring process and provide assistance to Filipino migrant workers in Western Canada.

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Too little time afforded to hear sponsorship appeals
By Guidy Mamann Many new couples are surprised to hear that it is up to a visa officer to determine if their love for one another is real. Nonetheless, Canada’s immigration regulations impose on foreign nationals the obligation to prove that their marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is “genuine”. If they fail to do so, their only recourse is an appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) which is under-resourced and under pressure to get through cases, perhaps, too quickly. The Appeal Division of the IRB does not ordinarily allocate more than half a day i.e. about 3.5 hours or so, per sponsorship appeal. Normally, the Board would expect to hear testimony from the sponsor in person; from the applicant overseas, by telephone; from other witnesses; and legal submissions from two counsels. In addition, all witnesses are subject to cross-examination. The involvement of an interpreter, which is very common, will effectively cut in half the available hearing time since everything must be said in two languages. Counsel are often under pressure to wrap-up their case in the time allotted since getting another hearing date may take months and may create further stress on long-separated couples. In a recent case, a visa officer believed that the arranged marriage of Jaswinder Kaur Dhaliwal, a 30-year old divorcee with two young children to a never-married 24-year-old foreigner was not genuine on several grounds. Although, the officer found Ms. Dhaliwal to be credible, he believed that the couples wedding photos were “staged”. On appeal to the IRB, the sponsors’ lawyer submitted the couples wedding video to prove that the wedding ceremony was not staged. The presiding member did not immediately admit the tape into evidence. Instead, due to “time

constraints” the member wanted to ascertain whether the video would ultimately be needed. At the end of the hearing, counsel was asked “So that’s your case then?” Perhaps thinking that his case had gone sufficiently well and not wanting to cause any further delays, counsel confirmed that it was. Big mistake! The tape was returned to counsel without it making into evidence. The Board then dismissed the appeal without it ever viewing the video. The Federal Court upheld the refusal holding that the lawyer waived his clients’ opportunity to introduce the wedding video. With their rights of appeal now exhausted, the odds of this couple living together in Canada are quite remote. The sponsor will now have to face the prospect of separating from her spouse or leaving Canada with her two young children in order to join her husband.

Since then, the accompanying spouse of a foreign worker could immediately apply for an “open” work permit – i.e. a permit that allows them to work in virtually any occupation of their choosing – provided that their spouse had a work permit which authorized them to work in a managerial occupation or in an occupation that usually requires a university or college education or apprenticeship training. Accompanying spouses were exempted from the usual requirement of obtaining a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada certifying that their employment would not have a negative impact on our labour market. Furthermore, their work permits could be issued simultaneously with the work permit of the principal applicant or at a later date right at a Canadian port-of-entry. Although this initiative was definitely a positive one, the plight of spouses of Canadian citizens and permanent residents was overlooked or ignored. Unlike a foreign worker, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who gets married to a foreigner cannot normally get their spouse working in Canada immediately. The foreign spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is not exempted from the LMO process and may need to wait a year or more to get working in Canada. By Guidy Mamann Spouses overseas are not given any special consideration which would allow How is it possible that it is easier for them to work here before their the spouse of a foreigner to get permission sponsorship is finalized. In most cases, to work in Canada than it is for the spouse the sponsorship process takes 4-18 of a Canadian citizen? months to be finalized and takes even When foreigners are recruited to longer in 20% of cases. accept temporary employment in Canada, Foreign spouses who are in Canada one of the major factors they consider is with their Canadian spouses can apply for whether or not their spouse or common an open work permit only after their case law partner will also be allowed to work has received “first stage approval”. This here. can easily take 5-6 months where an Women are pursuing careers with interview is waived or about 11-14 months greater frequency than ever before and where an interview is needed. many families simply want or need more Anomalies arising from the occasional than a single income. tinkering with our immigration policies are Accordingly, a few years ago our unavoidable. However, a fix to this glaring minister of immigration facilitated the inequity is now overdue and should be issuance of work permits to spouses of given priority attention in 2008. foreign workers on the grounds that it was necessary to Canada’s economic Guidy Mamann practices law in competitiveness to grant them limited Toronto at Mamann & Associates and is access to our Canadian labour market. certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as an immigration specialist.

Spouses of Canadian Citizens shortchanged on work permits

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Immigration Q & A
Every month we get lots of questions sent to us asking all sorts of things. Some we print in the feedback section of the magazine and others we answer in person. Over the next few issues Roberta CampbellChudoba an Immigration Consultant from our partners Canadian Relocation Solutions will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Roberta is a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. You can contact Canadian Relocations Solutions on 1-306-373-4686 (Canada),01753362217 (Windsor UK) or 01904236182 (York UK) or just click on the advert below.

Skilled Worker Questions
If I have already submitted a skilled worker application under the simplified process do I need to let CIC know of job/address changes etc? After you have submitted your application to the High Commission, contact them with change of address information only. The High Commission requests that you not contact them with other information on changes until you have received a request for updated information. Then you can submit updated information (i.e. – change of employer, birth of child). Information may well change several times during the processing time and therefore waiting for the request for updated information eliminates paperwork for the Commission and may help to streamline the process. What happens to my Simplified Application if the pass-mark changes after submission? Currently, the pass mark for Skilled Workers is 67 points. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada and its Regulations 2002 permit the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to change the pass mark and even to implement the change retroactively. We do not know if in the future, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will impose a pass mark change retroactively. The Federal Court of Canada has indicated its disfavour with the practice of retroactivity in Canadian

immigration matters. A “lock in” for points total at time of application does not exist in the Act or Regulations as it does for a primary applicant or her/his spouse’s age for example. When I land and show proof of funds, what currency does this need to be in and in what format must the proof be? What is the minimum amount I need to show?

Upon arriving in Canada, one will be asked by a Canada Border Services Agency officer to show proof of funds. A person must show enough money to support him/herself and dependants after arrival in Canada. The minimum required amount for one person is currently $10,168 CAN, $18,895 CAN for a family of four and $26,170 CAN for a family of seven or more. You can show current bank or investment statement in your home currency. Ensure that the paperwork you have in hand meets the

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Immigration 23
screening, the cost recovery fee is not refundable. (Taken from Overseas Processing Manual 6, Citizenship and Immigration Canada) My husband and myself have applied under the skilled worker class and submitted our application to London in May 2006. We are aware that we have at least another two years wait before CIC contact us. I am trying to investigate other ways of getting into Canada sooner. I have read about Temporary Work Permits and getting LMO's but unsure how this would affect our permanent residency application. If my husband was able to obtain a job offer and work permit would myself and our children be able to move to Canada with him. Is it also true that once you do get a job offer that CIC expedite your PR application. minimum amount required simply by doing conversion from the currency stated to Canadian funds and have that number ready to state. See http:// funds.asp. Please note: If you arrive carrying more than $10,000 CAN , you must disclose this to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer. It is a serious offence not to disclose (fine or jail time). If you have more than $10,000 CAN in cash, securities, cheques or money orders, you must submit a Form E677 available on the CBSA site and fillable at pbg/cf/e667/e667-fill-06b.pdf . This requirement must be met only if you have the funds on your person or are couriering the funds. This requirement does not need to be met if you have transferred funds via your bank or monetary exchange company, as these institutions take care of the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Do non-accompanying dependents have to have a medical? I don’t think my estranged children (or their mother) will agree to this. According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, 2002, Section 30. (1) Medical examination required – “the following foreign nationals are requested to submit, and must submit to a medical examination (a) foreign nationals who are applying for a permanent resident visa or applying to remain in Canada as a permanent resident as well as their family members, whether accompanying or not;” It must be ascertained by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your nonaccompanying dependents are not inadmissible on health grounds. Even though at this time you do not plan to have your children live with you in Canada, it must considered that in the future the children, while still your dependants may need to live with you in Canada. They must be admissible on health grounds to live in Canada, thus they will need to have medicals done when you are called forward for yours. Will my processing fee (cost recovery fee) be refunded if I decide to cancel my application? You may request and receive a refund of the cost recovery fee submitted for your Skilled Worker application any time before the initial screening of the application by a visa office. Once an application has gone through initial In order to be eligible for a work permit, your husband must first obtain an offer of employment from a Canadian employer. This job offer must be confirmed (approved) by Service Canada (formerly Human Resources and Social Development Canada - HRSDC). The employer is responsible for applying for the job approval to Service Canada. This approval is called a Labour Market Opinion Confirmation. Once the job has been approved by Service Canada, that confirmation is submitted to your designated Canadian High Commission with an application for a temporary work permit. For the work permit application forms, details of required documents and fees, please see forms/worker/e_work.htm You and your children may accompany your husband to Canada. If your husband is coming to Canada as a Highly Skilled Worker, you are eligible and may apply for an Open Work Permit (no LMO confirmation required). As well, working in Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker can help to expedite the processing of your Permanent Residency application.

24 Real Life

A welcome in Nova Scotia
In the past we have featured articles by June Spindloe of Mumford Homestay in Halifax, Nova Scotia. June and her husband Mark moved to Nova Scotia from the UK themselves over ten years ago, so know all the problems and anxiety the process can cause. In a new stage of their developing life in canada they share an exciting new venture which will help many families who are thinking of making that move to Nova Scotia.

Well here we are in February 2008. Where did the last year go it seemed to fly by! Towards the end of last year we decided to buy another house which we could rent out on a short term basis to anyone who is relocating to Nova Scotia, especially aimed at families with smaller children and pets. We have been contacted by so many people who have been looking for short term fully furnished rentals when they land, somewhere that gives them somewhere to base themselves while they begin their search for property, cars etc. and wait for their container to arrive. When you are researching from the UK you will find that the choices are limited mostly to hotels and executive lets some of which are not child and pet friendly and can work out at up to $3,000 a month. There has been a steady decline year after year in tourism and Mumford Bed and Breakfast although busy for a few months in the summer seems to be bulging at the seams with Brits that have arrived all year round, this is partly due to the efforts of our Province to facilitate an easy route for Provincial Nominees and

also employers finally stepping up to the mark and speeding up work permits and paperwork. So instead of expanding our bed and breakfast or buying a larger house we thought we would try and fill the need for homestay. It was strange after 10 years in our present house to be out there with our Realtor and good friend Donna McNeil. We did struggle at first to find just the right property for our new Homestay, and got a little frustrated in the process. We almost closed on one house but our financing fell through at the last minute. The TD Bank where I hold my business account decided that we needed to come up with at least 30 percent deposit which would have used all the money that we were allocating for furnishing. There were tears and sleepless nights until a few days later we decided to contact our personal banker Cathy, a Royal Bank Mortgage Specialist. She advised us to look for a property with more than one rental unit so that we would be leveraging the property and more likely to be given a mortgage. Up to then we had been looking at properties to rent out as one unit for one family at a time, this new scenario meant

that we had more of a selection of accommodations to offer and made perfect sense. So, we asked Donna to look at what else was available and renewed our search. We soon realised that we would have to widen our search to suit our budget and started looking in and around Woodlawn Dartmouth, a short trip across the Mackay Bridge and 15 mins to downtown Halifax, easy access to shopping malls and highways. It was an eye-opener as we had lived all our lives in Halifax and rarely explored Dartmouth. We finally found exactly what we were looking for in a quiet safe neighbourhood. It had that “Wow this is it” feeling when we viewed it. The bank wanted proof that we could rent out the house on short term lets. As it was, we were so busy by then that we were turning Brits down due to lack of space. I contacted one family Nick and Steve with their three children who were leaving the UK in October and were still looking for somewhere suitable to live on arrival, they were thrilled to have somewhere to move into straight away. That took care of that problem then the mortgage company

Real Life 25

wanted to send an appraiser to the house, another couple of sleepless nights later we were given the thumbs up and were the proud owners of our new Homestay! The upper level of the house has three bedrooms and the lower level a Mother In Law Suite with a master bedroom and a smaller child's room/den and a walk out basement. Each has separate kitchen, access and plenty of off street parking (essential in the winter) and yes a short driveway...easy for snow shovelling! We ended up securing yet another loan from the bank and I went on a huge shopping expedition to buy everything you would need to fully furnish and equip the two units. We bought a mixture of new and second hand furniture. By the time I had finished I had completely filled the

basement of Mumford with everything from microwaves to night stands. I scoured the flyers for deals and sales associates at my local stores became convinced I had a shopping addiction! We took possession of the new homestay first week of September and during a heat wave moved in to set up home! As the week went by we furnished both levels and put some nice home from home touches in the rooms, we also set up computers and Skype phones for our guests. We also have a baby cot, high chair and toddler bed available for all age groups. It was an exciting day when Nick and Steve landed. We drove up to pick them up from the airport and held our breath when they walked into their new albeit temporary home. After staying for four weeks during which time I fell in love with Samuel their baby, Nick, Steve and children moved into their own lovely home not far from the homestay in Woodlawn Dartmouth and have become firm friends. Since then we have realised that not everyone gets to achieve their dreams but having a long term goal is something that we now can work on as we have come a

long way since those first few years while we were struggling at times to find direction and also employment that we liked. With this in mind we will continue to grow our services. I am starting a Nova Scotia Mentoring Group this year where you can select a person to chat with online or by phone prior to arriving, particularly women’s issues and not just the basic advice given about houses, cars etc. We hope that way, to offer some sort of support during those first few weeks after arrival. Women want to know about child care, grocery shopping, clothes shopping etc. they also miss their support network more than men and sometimes feel isolated when left at home with the kids the first few weeks while the men get to grips with their new jobs. We are also really excited about our very first trip to the emigrate show in Sandown March 1-2 I’m not sure what to expect when I get there but I am passionate about what I believe in and love my life here in Halifax ! If anyone would like more info about our home stay services or just information in general about living here, contact me via the advert - just click away.

Where our focus is on your needs & the kind of personal services that have gained us many friends around the world.

June and Mark Spindloe of Mumford Bed and Breakfast, Halifax are pleased to announce their new business name, and partner Donna McNeil of Exit RealtyMetro.
With over ten years experience in helping our guests relocate to Nova Scotia we are now expanding to reflect a new focus on providing Realtor services and one on one settlement support (introduction to other families) with short term Home from Home accommodations. We offer rentals for one week or one month, self catering or bed and breakfast. (We now also cater for pets and children) House buying in Canada is very different to the UK so right from the outset we know how important it is to work with someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. Donna and ourselves have already worked closely with many UK families helping them make a smooth transition and finding them their perfect home. As a Maritimer with an extensive knowledge of the Real Estate market Donna will accompany you to viewings and educate you on the NS house buying process. We will also contact you prior to your arrival and maintain email and phone contact with you no matter STOP BY what stage of relocating you are in. STAND 118 TO Airport pick up can be arranged, and an orientation tour to give FIND OUT MORE you an overview of the city and commuting distances etc., we can ABOUT OUR PRIZE also provide information on schools and local amenities. DRAW TO WIN A FREE ONE WEEK ALL OUR SETTLEMENT SERVICES ARE FREE STAY ! We would love to chat with you in person about your immigration plans and the services we can provide. You can find us at Stand 118, Emigrate 2008. 1st & 2nd March, Sandown Racecourse.

Email: or Telephone: 001-902-446-0766

26 Real Life

Shattered dreams
The following story is true but because of the nature of the content the family wish to remain anonymous so we have changed their names to Sue and Barry to protect their identity. For legal reasons we cannot at this stage name the company involved.
Sue and Barry contacted Muchmor because of a major problem they were having with a relocation company they had hired to find them jobs and ease their immigration to Canada. The company based in England made promises that have not been fulfilled and the couple wanted to share their story if it helps anyone else in the same situation. Their story begins back in 2001 when they started to become disillusioned about the UK and decided to look at alternative locations to live. After spending twelve years in the British Forces, Barry had left and was now on a much better salary. “We were earning more but our money just didn’t seem to give us the kind of life we wanted. We could not afford a house big enough for ourselves and our three children now aged 13, 9 and 6 years. We wanted to be able to build a better future for ourselves and the kids without spiraling into debt.” says Barry. Sue had studied Spanish in the past and so Spain was their first idea, however after some research they ruled this option out. “Our eldest child who is now 13 has high-functioning autism and would needed to have attended an International school. After looking into this it became obvious that this would be a very expensive option and one we could not afford so we had to rule Spain out.” says Sue. They then considered other destinations such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada. “We looked at all the options and Canada seemed to have a really good provision for children with autism, probably better than the UK so we decided Canada would be the place to

relocate to.” says Barry. “We also saw the price of property there and saw how much more we could get for our money compared to the UK.” adds Sue. Unfortunately fate was to intervene and due to some major events in their lives the whole idea of immigration had to be put on the back-burner. It wasn’t until late 2004 that things started to fall into place again and the thought of immigration came back into the forefront of their minds. Barry was offered a job interview in Toronto in his field of IT, so in January 2005 the whole family flew to Toronto. “We stayed at the Fairmont Royal York after getting a really good deal, but we should have known it was too good to be true,” laughs Sue. It turned out there was a major concert at the nearby Air Canada Centre so the city was gridlocked with over 23,000 people. “I have never seen so many people and found it quite daunting,” says Sue, “To make matters worse our daughter with autism suddenly ran out into a five lane road and it was only the intervention of the gods that she wasn’t killed. I decided I

hated Toronto and therefore Canada and just wanted to go home.” Barry persuaded Sue and the kids to see out the rest of the week and they decided to stay. Barry attended his interview and amazingly was offered the job, however, the package wasn’t quite what they were hoping for so he turned it down. They figured that if he had been offered one job, others would surely follow. “If only we knew then what we know now” sighs Sue. After the interview the family used their time in canada to be tourists and visit all the usual tourist areas and Sue came to the realization that Toronto wasn’t that bad at all. “We walked the PATH system (underground walkway) at 2 am,” she says, “and never once felt threatened or intimidated. We could never have done that in the UK.” They decided that Canada was to be their new home after all and that they would actively pursue their dream on their return to England. Once again however, fate stepped in. Sue was diagnosed with a condition which meant she had to have some major

Real Life 27

surgery and her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and later died. They still kept the Canada dream in their minds and applied for jobs but nothing came of them. “We decided it was almost impossible,” says Barry, “you need a visa to get a job, but cannot get a job without a visa. It seemed we just weren’t meant to go.” After the trauma of Sue’s illness the couple went to Cuba for a holiday in August 2005. Whilst there they met another couple who had visited Canada for a long holiday and had applied for jobs whilst there. They managed to get jobs, work permits and then applied for their permanent residency from inside Canada. Sue and Barry figured this might be their best option, but Sue needed to get her health issues sorted out before they took it further. It turned out that Sue’s health would not be sorted quickly and it wasn’t until early 2007 that they actively pursued the options again. “I searched the internet and came across someone recommending a relocation company” says Sue. After conversing with the person they decided to speak with the company as they came so highly recommended. It later turned out that the person recommending the company actually worked for them! They contacted the company and were sent an information pack. They offered a no visa, no fee policy and a guaranteed job placement, it seemed to answer all the couples prayers. “We paid them £145 for an in depth report which would be refunded if after assessment the company thought they would not be able to place us in jobs. The report showed that they had placements for Barry in Vancouver and Calgary and that we should travel down to Surrey to meet at their office and talk everything through. “ says Barry. “We drove the five hours to their office and asked them “What gives you the edge over us going out there and receiving a job offer ourselves?” They told us they had a list of jobs that had already received an LMO (Labour Market Opinion) and that they could have us in Canada so fast our heads would spin.”

It was suggested that the time-span could be as little as four weeks, but more likely six. They paid a deposit to the company of £1,800, put their house on the market and waited to move to Canada. After a few weeks passed with no contact they once again phoned to find out what was happening. The reply from the team in Canada shocked them to say the least. They said “Well Barry is in IT and we mainly place trades people. There is not much call for IT.” Sue was straight on the phone to the company who reassured her that they would speak to their Canadian colleagues and whilst it was true that professional placement took a little longer there was no need to worry. Over the next few months they repeatedly called the job placement team who kept giving them the same lame answer each time. Soon they realised that something was amiss and demanded to speak to the company’s director. He eventually called them and said he had reviewed their case and would take it up personally as he was going to their Vancouver office soon and would look into the whole matter. “He said they had a 100% placement rate and he had never failed in 27 years and he wasn't about to fail now. I believed him on that one,” says Sue, “I guess I am very naive and take

people at face value. We paid the second installment of £1,800 and hoped that we would be moving soon.” His promises must have sounded sincere because the family started to make arrangements to leave, notifying schools that their children would not be returning and pushing for an early sale of their house. More weeks passed with no job offers and once again they contacted the company to ask what was happening and what they had been doing for their money. “We received an email with four email addresses on it,” says Barry, “ I asked them what on earth they had been doing, I could churn out 20 CV’s a day. They told me I did not understand the Canadian market and it needs to be done in a different manner. We told them we would not pay them another penny until we saw some results. After some wrangling they agreed that they had not fulfilled their side of the bargain and that until they provided some results we wouldn’t have to pay.” Later Sue was asked to send the company’s job placement girl a list of links to jobs that she felt Barry would be suitable for as the girl was not very good with IT. “Like a fool I started sending loads, only to find the emails bouncing back.” says Sue. “It turned out the girl had changed her email address and had

28 Real Life
forgotten to mention it. They then employed an new customer service representative who began to contact us more regularly, but not with any results.” Sue asked for a report on the companies that had been sent Barry’s CV, so far nothing has been forthcoming. The new rep has now told them that because there are qualified people already in Canada who can take the jobs it is highly unlikely that someone would employ Barry because of all the paperwork and time involved. “We only ever parted with our money because of the no visa, no fee and we were told there were immediate openings in IT so we could get there quicker,” says Sue, “If we had been told that they might apply for some jobs for us we would never ever have embarked on this. It seems that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. We even offered to work for the company in their new offices in canada, we didn't limit ourselves to an area and said we would go anywhere, so are we to believe yet despite the skills shortages a guy with a masters degree and 18 years experience cannot be recruited? “We are now almost one year down the line with nothing to show for it. We could have had our own application in now and a year has passed, no job, no money and a very distraught family. We are both from a professional environment, so if people say they are going to do something we expect it done, especially if we are paying for it, and if it can’t be done we expect straight answers.” The customer service rep even suggested to them that they should get out to Canada themselves and job hunt as it would be quicker. “Well, we might do that if we hadn’t already paid £3,600 with a further £1,800 still to pay.” says Barry. “We feel like fools. We would never have told the children we were moving to Canada if we knew it was going to end up like this. They are so disappointed.” Sue ads, “Being ex RAF and having moved across the country several times with three kids I am used to organizing new schools, utilities etc. None of that stresses me out, I thrive on it, so I don’t need them to do the job. We just wanted them to get us a job offer and sort out the visa. “Just before Christmas they came back to us to say they have partnered with a new placement agency and that “something good should come of it.” They even suggested that they could place me and not Barry. I haven’t worked professionally for over ten years, and this simply wasn’t what we paid for. It leads us to believe they are clutching at straws to place us rather than give us our money back. “We have since been in touch with other companies who have given us much more information and help in a few weeks than we received in a year from the other company. I would like to add I have spoken to others who have used this company simply for their visa, and have had no problems. I do believe our problems stem from their job placement team in Canada. Not that that is any consolation to us.” The immigration company have been in touch again and suggested that Barry take a low skilled job in hospitality just to get out there, but they are not happy with this scenario. Muchmor put the family in touch with our partners Canadian Relocation Solutions (CRS) to see what they made of the situation. Micheal Chudoba of CRS said “We advised them to seek legal advice in the UK from someone who is experienced with Canadian immigration rules and business regulations in the UK as well as the regulations in Canada with regards to employment agencies so they can have their rights explained to them by council. “Unfortunately we hear the same or similar story every week only with different factors and players. As far as we know it is illegal in most cases for a Canadian company to charge an individual (job seeker) for a job in Canada as the employment agency receives their compensation from the employer who has already retained the employment agency. “We also had great reservations regarding the autism that their daughter suffers from and suggested that this in itself could prevent them from passing the immigration medical.”

Canadian Relocation Solutions Ltd.
Canada’s only full service immigration company!
We handle everything from our first meeting to your family’s permanent residency in Canada. * For your family’s protection * All immigration information is provided by our lawyers

OFFICE: 001 306 373 4686 FAX: 001 306 384 7298

Real Life 29
Sue adds, “MIke suggested we contact a few parties to get a feel of the situations regarding autism because if someone was going to cost the country more than $2,000 per year in medical costs they would probably be refused. So I sent an email to the Canadian High Commission who said that each case was assessed on its own merits. I then spoke to a doctor who does medicals for immigration purposes and he said some autism cases are accepted and others are refused. The decision is purely down to Canadian immigration officials and not the doctor doing the medical.” Sue also spoke to the Alberta government who again confirmed it was down to the immigration officer, but that he was doubtful they would get through. He knew of a family who had moved to Canada on a work permit but were then refused residency after three years as their child had autism and they had to leave Canada. Barry and Sue are now seriously reconsidering their future as they do not want to put unnecessary pressure on their daughter which can worsen autism. Sue summarizes “I have spoken to several professionals and in the end they are all looking out for their businesses but Mike of CRS was clear and to the point, at least he was honest that our chances of being admitted to Canada look slim. I guess we will see it through till the end but if something comes up for somewhere else job wise I guess we will give up and go there.” Mike Chudoba ads that anyone looking to employ the services of an immigration consultant should check that they are a member of the Canadian Law Society and can show you a Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants ID card. The following examples relating to employment agencies are from websites from Canada and the UK. information about any employer. To do so is an offence and illegal under the Alberta Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation. Employment agencies may charge a fee for services provided, relating to the preparation of a resume, but the agency cannot require a person to purchase these services as a condition of the agency's job placement services. If the agency charges fees for a resume, these must be clearly indicated and visible in their business premises and in the contract with their client.

Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants
Munich Re Center 390 Bay Street, Suite 1600 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 2Y2 Tel.: (416) 572-2800 Toll Free: 1-866-308-CSIC (2742) Fax: (416) 572-4114 Membership Validation Service website: E-mail:

Be suspicious of any employment agency that promises or guarantees you a job. Walk away from anyone who won’t give you clear, straight answers. Followup with the head office of the company listed in an ad by an employment agency to find out if that company is actually hiring. Never pay money in advance for a job opportunity. Refuse to sign any contract until you have read it, fully understand it and get a copy of it. Get all promises in writing. In the case of a business opportunity, get a lawyer, accountant or business adviser to read the disclosure document and give you their advice. Consumer Protection Legislation may apply in some cases.

Chambre des notaires du Québec
800 Place-Victoria Suite 700 P.O. Box 162 Montréal, Quebec Canada H4Z 1L8 Tel.: (514) 879-1793 Toll Free: 1-800-668-2473 Fax: (514) 829-1932 Membership Validation Service website: (French only) E-mail:

Provincial Law Societies
Click on the following provincial and territorial societies to reach website.


Employment agencies must comply with the minimum standards of conduct set by the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and regulations. An agency must not charge for finding or trying to find you work (with some exceptions, mainly in entertainment and modelling) An agency employing you to do temporary work must give you written terms, and must pay you, even if it has not been paid An agency which collects your pay Alberta from an employer must pass it to you An employment agency cannot within ten days, unless you request directly or indirectly demand or charge a otherwise. Normally this only applies to fee, reward or other compensation to a entertainment and modelling. person seeking employment or The Department for Business, information about employers seeking Enterprise and Regulatory Reform gives employees, or for securing employment or guidelines regarding this issue.

British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Québec New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut

Money 30

Time to think about taxes

Well once again it is that time of year when Canadians start to think about their taxes. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the organization that is responsible for administering tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories, excluding Quebec.
Income tax is either deducted at source by an employer, or if selfemployed is payable via a selfassessment process. You will need to submit a tax return if: • You need to pay tax for 2007 • You are sent a request to file a return • You disposed of property or shares in 2007 • You have to repay any Old Age Security or Employment Insurance benefits • You have to contribute to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) If none of the above applies, you can still choose to file a return if: • You wan to claim a refund

NETFILE: This is a secure service that allows you to file your tax directly via the Internet*. In order to use this service Filing Dates you will need to prepare your tax return using a software package or web Tax returns and any amounts owing application certified by the CRA. need to be filed and paid on or before Each year the CRA tests many 30th April 2008 for all personal tax software packages and web applications returns. to make sure they are compatible with If you are self-employed you have to their systems. They display a current list file your return on or before 15th June on their website, however this list is not 2008, but if a balance is owed, this has to normally available until late February. You be paid on or before April 30th 2008. can check for this information here: http:// Each province and territory has its own tax and benefit package and you *You cannot use NETFILE if this is need to use the one relevant to the your first tax return in Canada. In this province or territory you were resident in instance you must either file your return in on December 31st 2007. The package paper format by mail or use an authorized includes a guide to taxes and benefits and tax professional to file via the EFILE details of how to complete the forms as service. well as the forms themselves. EFILE: This service allows If you have a small business that is authorized service providers to send tax incorporated you will need to complete returns via the Internet. It differs from both personal and business tax returns. If NETFILE in that you take your documents your small business is unincorporated to a registered tax professional who then then only a personal tax return is required, prepares your return and file it however a “statement of business electronically on your behalf. activities” will need to be included. MAIL: You can return your paper tax return by mail to the CRA tax centre

• You want to apply for GST/HST credit • You want to receive Canada Child Tax Benefits

Filing Methods

Money 31
. .

32 Money
serving your region. You will be provided with a return envelope in your package. TELEFILE: This is a service that allows you to file your return by phone*. You need to have a touch pad phone, your SIN and a personalized access code to use the system. This system can only be used by people receiving a T1 Special, T1S-A or T1S-C income tax package. *You cannot use TELEFILE if this is your first tax return in Canada. In this instance you must either file your return in paper format by mail or use an authorized tax professional to file via the EFILE service. with Canada that makes pension income exempt from Canadian tax. However, pension income from another country must be reported on the return. There are certain deductions that can be deducted from your income such as pension contributions, childcare expenses, self-employment expenses etc. If you moved to Canada to study, courses as a full-time student at a college, university or other institution offering postsecondary education you may be able to deduct moving expenses. You may also be able to deduct moving expenses if you are self-employed and moved your existing business in your home country to a new location in Canada. T1 comes with several other forms called schedules: Schedule 1 – Federal Tax You will use this form to calculate your federal tax liabilities or credits. You can claim federal tax credits for the part of the year that you were resident in Canada for things such as CCP contributions and Employment Insurance premiums. Schedule 2 – Spousal Transfer If your spouse or common-law partner is not taxable or earned less than the minimum amount allowed, then you can transfer their tax credits to you, thus reducing your liability. Schedule 3 – Capital Gains This form is where you submit gains or losses on things such as shares, property, bonds etc. This form relates to Registered Retirement Saving Plans (RRSP). Schedule 8 – CPP Contributions You will need to complete this form to asses your CCP contributions if: • You have declared selfemployment income in your return (lines 135-143) • You have reported business or professional income from a partnership (line 122) • You have elected to pay additional CCP contributions on other earnings Schedule 9 – Donations and Gifts This is the section you need to complete if you have made any charitable donations etc. Schedule 10 – Employment Insurance and Provincial Parental Insurance Plan Premiums This section is relevant in Quebec only. Schedule 11 – Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts This form needs to be completed by students only.

Late Filing
If you file your return late you will be penalized. A penalty of 5% of the balance owing, plus 1% of the balance owing for each full month that the return is late to a maximum of 12 months. Compound daily interest is also charged on overdue payments.

Income Tax Forms
T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return The main form that needs to be completed is the T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return. The form consists of a number of pages with numbered lines in which you insert the relevant figures. The guide you get with your package will explain each line and what you need to include. The first page of this form relates to your personal information such as name, address, Social Insurance Number (SIN), date of birth, marital status, spousal details and if you are self-employed or not. If you became a resident of Canada during 2007, you will need to insert the date you entered Canada in the relevant box on page one. If you have applied for a SIN but not received it at the time of filing, include a note to explain this. The next section refers to your world income. You only need report income for the part of the year you are resident in Canada, however you do need to include income from both inside and outside Canada. Many countries have a tax treaty

Forms for Business Income Tax

If you have a small business that is unincorporated you will only need to file a personal tax return T1. With this you should include a Statement of Business Activities - Form T2124 or T2032 Schedule 4 – Statement of Investment Statement of Business Activities. Income If you have an incorporated business then you will need to file separate As the title suggests this form relates business and personal tax returns. to any investment income you might have. More details of business income tax can be found in booklet T4002 (E) – Schedule 5 – Details of Dependents Business and Professional Income 2007. This booklet includes details of how to This is where you list people such as deduct business expenses if you use your disabled dependents and children. home as an office, what you can and cannot claim as expenses and includes Schedule 7 – RRSP the forms needed to do so.

33 Money
Obtaining your forms
If you are not automatically sent your tax forms they can be downloaded from the CRA website. formspubs/t1general/menu-e.html You will need to download the package relevant to the province or territory you were resident in on December 31st 2007. maximum of 12 months. Compound daily interest is also charged on overdue payments. If you feel you will have difficulty paying the amount owed, you may be able to make a payment arrangement with CRA. for monthly CCTB payments for that child. Payments are based on the number of children you have, their age, and your family net income. Both you and your spouse or common-law partner (if applicable) have to file tax returns every year so that CCTB can be calculated.

GST/HST Credit
This is intended to help offset the impact of GST/HST for Canadians with low and modest income. Anyone over 19 years of age may be eligible for the GST/HST credit by completing the GST/HST credit application section on their return and filing the return. Depending on how much income an individual had during the year, he or she could receive the GST/HST credit (which is paid 4 times a year).

Payments and refunds
Refunds: If you are due a refund and you file your return on or before April 15th by mail you should receive your refund within about four weeks. If you file by EFILE, NETFILE or TELEFILE refunds are normally received in two weeks. If you send your return after 15th April by mail you will receive your refund in about six weeks, Filing via EFILE, NETFILE or TELEFILE will take about two weeks. There is a section on the T1 form, which enables you to complete your bank account details to have refunds paid directly into your account. Payments: If you have a balance owing of $2 or less on your return you will not have to make a payment. Any payment owed above this amount will need to be paid in full. Many financial institutions allow you to pay your taxes via their telephone or Internet banking services. Check with your financial institution to see if this is available. You can also pay your taxes in person at your financial institution. This service is free. You will need to complete the remittance voucher included in your tax package and present it with your payment to your institution for processing. You can also mail your payment with your paper tax return in the form of a cheque or money order payable to the Receiver General. Payment can also be mailed separately from the tax return by using the remittance voucher included in your package. If you file your return late you will be penalized. A penalty of 5% of the balance owing, plus 1% of the balance owing for each full month that the return is late to a

Goods and Service Tax (GST) reduced
As of 1st January 2008 the GST was reduced from 6% to 5%. This along with the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is applicable to many goods and services in Canada. PST is not applicable in Alberta or the three territories. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick all use HST which combined GST and PST. The new rates for each province and territory are now: British Columbia 7% PST + 5% GST = 12% Alberta 5% GST Saskatchewan 5% PST + 5% GST = 10% Nova Scotia 13% HST Newfoundland and Labrador 13% HST New Brunswick 13% HST Ontario 8% PST + 5% GST = 13% Prince Edward Island 10% PST + 5% GST = 15% Manitoba 7% PST + 5% GST = 13% Quebec 7.5% PST + 5% GST = 13.5% Northwest Territories 5% GST Nunavut 5% GST Yukon Territories 5% GST

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
This is an insurance program designed to help provide you with income for your retirement. In general, if you work in Canada or are self-employed and you are 18 to 70 years old you become a contributor and must pay into the CPP. If you are an employee, your employer must match your contribution to the plan. The CPP can also provide you with income if you become disabled and benefits may also be paid to your family when you die.

Employment Insurance (EI)
This program may provide you with benefits if you become unemployed. In general, your employer must deduct EI premiums from your pay, regardless of your age. Self-employed people, however, are not normally included in the EI program. They don’t have to pay EI premiums, so they are not eligible for benefits. They can however take out separate insurance for this purpose.

Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
If you are primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of a child who is under 18 years of age, you may be eligible

34 Money

Federal and provincial tax rates


15% on the first $37,178 of taxable income, + 22% on the next $37,179 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $37,178 and $74,357), + 26% on the next $46,530 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $74,357 and $120,887), + 29% of taxable income over $120,887.

The federal rates above need to be calculated using your taxable income which is shown on line 260 of your tax return. The same then needs to be calculated using the relevant provincial or territorial tax rates below. The combination of these taxes is the total tax rate you pay. Newfoundland and Labrador 9.64% on the first $29,886 of taxable income, + 14.98% on the next $29,886, + 17.26% on the amount over $59,772 9.8% on the first $31,369 of taxable income, + 13.8% on the next $31,370, + 16.7% on the amount over $62,739 8.79% on the first $29,590 of taxable income, + 14.95% on the next $29,590, + 16.67% on the next $33,820 + 17.5% on the amount over $93,000 10.12% on the first $34,186 of taxable income, + 15.48% on the next $34,188, + 16.8% on the next $42,787, + 17.95% on the amount over $111,161 6.05% on the first $35,488 of taxable income, + 9.15% on the next $35,488, + 11.16% on the amount over $70,976 10.9% on the first $30,544 of taxable income, + 13% on the next $34,456, + 17.4% on the amount over $65,000 11% on the first $38,405 of taxable income, + 13% on the next $71,324, + 15% on the amount over $109,729 10% of taxable income 5.7% on the first $34,397 of taxable income, + 8.65% on the next $34,397, + 11.1% on the next $10,190, + 13% on the next $16,925, + 14.7% on the amount over $95,909 7.04% on the first $37,178 of taxable income, + 9.68% on the next $37,179, + 11.44% on the next $46,530, + 12.76% on the amount over $120,887

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick




Alberta British Columbia


Employment 35

In celebration of International Women's Day 2008 6th Annual Power of Women Conference March 8 2008
International Women's Day is observed all over the world on March 8th, 2008 in which women of all races, financial status and ages come together to celebrate all that women have done and all that women are and do. Durham Region will be the host the prestigious 6th Annual Power of Women Conference. "We believe that there are so many amazing women in Ontario, that they deserve a special event that celebrates them in style." says founder and CEO, Tina Dezsi. Produced by the Power of Women Exchange, a group for women entrepreneurs, executives, and business professionals, the conference is an extraordinary way to celebrate being a woman on IWD 2008. This year's theme of empowering yourself to find your "Fearless Power to Fly Higher" is achieved through a unique formula that combines education, networking and pleasure. Every woman is invited to attend this wonderful day and enjoy the amazing format that offers workshops, keynote speakers, prizes, raffles, continental breakfast, lunch and a goody bag full of free giveaways along with the abundance of energy only a group of women can provide! “The upbeat energy and true desire to help each other both professionally and personally is what makes The Power of Women Conference so contagiously successful." says founder and CEOD Lia Bandola. Along with fabulous Keynote speakers Marianne Ford, Tricia Hasenclever and Glenda Brindle the morning will offer the attendees a choice between 6 different and truly unique workshops with speakers that bring the best of their expertise in both personal and professional information. Sponsorship is available at the corporate level for businesses. Tickets are available at the early bird price ON SALE NOW! Don't be left out, tickets are limited CALL NOW. Event Information Place: Tosca Banquet & Conference Centre, 800 Champlain Avenue, Oshawa, Ontario Date: Saturday, March 8th, 2008 Time: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Cost: Early bird price $125.00 including GST until February 8th, then price goes to $150.00 including GST until March 1st or sold out! Contact: Tina Dezsi, 905.429.4040 or or Lia Bandola 905.619.3792 or For more information or to register please call 905.429.4040 or visit

36 Motoring

Demerit points
When a driver commits certain offenses relating to road safety, demerit points will be entered on their driving record. Each province and territory has its own system in place to record points and take action against drivers who accumulate excessive points. Offenses committed in other provinces or American states where reciprocal agreements are in place will still result in demerit points being recorded against you. The recording of points on your record can result in higher insurance premiums and ultimately the loss of your licence. The following table gives details of the points system in each province.


6 points


2 years



9 points - will be asked to attend interview to give reasons against suspension. If you do not attend or reason not sufficient licence is automatically suspended for 30 days. 15 points - Suspended for 30 days. Failure to surrender licence results in 2 year suspension. 15 points - automatic 1 month suspension. Two suspensions within 1 year result in 3 month suspension. Three suspensions within 2 years result in 6 months suspension.

After suspension you may be required to attend driver reexamination. Points will be reduced to 7. If you reach 15 points again your licence will be suspended for 6 months.


8 points

2 years

Once suspension served points reduced to 7. If an approved defensive driving course is completed before 15 points accumulated, 3 points can be removed every 2 years. A driver assessment may need to be undertaken before licence can be re-instated. All drivers completing suspension must complete a driver workshop before licence re-instatement. Drivers completing Point Reduction courses can have 4 points removed every five years. You are required to take a knowledge test and possibly a road test before licence is reinstated.

New Brunswick

3 points

10 points - suspension for 3 months

2 years

Newfoundland & Labrador

6 points

12 points - suspended for 2 months. Second or third convictions within two years result in 4 month suspension.

2 years


7 points

15 points - suspended for 3 months. Two suspensions within two years results in 6 month suspension and a third suspension results in a 12 month suspension. 10 points - suspension for 6 months

2 years

Nova Scotia

6 points

2 years

You may be required to attend driver training before reinstatement of license. Drivers completing recognized defensive driving courses can have 4 points removed every five years.

Motoring 37
6 points


2 years


Prince Edward Island

9 points - will be asked to attend interview to give reasons against suspension. If you do not attend or reason not sufficient licence is suspended for up to 3 months. 12 points - three month suspension. For offenses securing 12 points individually a 12 month suspension will be imposed.

The completion of a Canada Safety Council driving course can result in the removal of 3 demerit points.


Manitoba runs a merit and demerit program in which drivers gain merits for good driving and receive demerits for bad driving which increase or decrease insurance premiums accordingly. A person can earn up to 5 merits and for every merit earned two demerits can be removed. Penalties paid through this program are in addition to fines handed out by law enforcement for traffic convictions. convictions can result in licence suspension and/or jail. In B.C. they are referred to as Driver Penalty Points (DPP’s) which are assessed on an annual basis. Accumulation of points directly affects insurance premiums for the following year. DPP’s can be eliminated by either paying the amount outstanding in full or by surrendering your driving licence for 1 year. A reduced premium can be obtained by surrendering your licence for 30 days or more. Penalties paid through this program are in addition to fines handed out by law enforcement for traffic convictions Saskatchewan runs a Safe Driver Recognition program (SDR) which credits drivers for safe driving and penalizes bad drivers. This is reflected in insurance premiums where each demerit point equals a $25 penalty. Each year of incident-free driving moves you one point towards the Safety Zone. After three years of penalty free driving, drivers are returned to the starting point and can begin to acquire discount again. Penalties paid through this program are in addition to fines handed out by law enforcement for traffic convictions

British Columbia


All the above apply to fully licensed drivers. Learner drivers and newly qualified drivers will be governed by stricter rules. Offenses under the Criminal Code of Canada may result in high fines, longer suspensions and jail sentences.

Petrol (gas) prices per gallon around the world

38 Kidzone

Help, my parents are taking me to canada
Some kids find out very early on in the process that their parents are thinking of moving to Canada, others only find out after the decision has been made. However you find out that you may be moving to Canada it will be a strange and scary time. Here are some tips to help you through this process.
Because of the time it takes to apply to move to Canada most people, adults and kids alike will have plenty of time to adapt to the idea. We always advise adults to use this time to research where they are going to be living, where they are planning to work etc. and the same is true for younger family members.

Get involved
However old you are and whatever your feelings about moving you can use this time to do your own research and get involved in your parents plans. Most parents will want to get their children involved in the whole process of moving but if you feel that your parents are mot involving you as much as you would like, get them to read this article and hopefully it will help them see that by getting you involved it will help everyone. When you are first told that your family may be moving to the other side of the world it can be a pretty exciting but scary thought. Remember though, it is scary for the adults too. They have to decide where you are going to live and how they are going to earn money to support you. They will also be worried about how you will cope with the move and how this will affect the whole family. Research has proved that most times the kids fit in quicker and easier to their

new lives than the adults. Younger people make friends much more easily than adults. You will also be starting a new school or college so will be meeting lots of new people. Your parents on the other hand may only get to see a few people at work or neighbors, so might not have as many friends as you. In surveys the reason that most adults with children give as their reason for going to Canada is to give their kids a better life. So, although this might seem like a really big and scary thing to do, your parents are doing it because they feel that you will have a better life there and not because they want to upset you and destroy your life. Many kids really don’t want to move when they first find out. After all it will mean leaving your home, school, groups and friends behind and who wants to do that. However once the initial shock and anger goes away, most young people will find the whole thing pretty exciting. As long as both you and your parents make sure that all the major decisions are discussed with all family members then

everyone will know who is worried about what and why.

But lets start at the beginning. You know that your family is planning to start a new life in Canada. This may be in a few months or a few years depending on what stage of the application process your family is at. Don’t waste this valuable time, use it to your advantage to find out as much as possible about Canada and what it can offer you. Most parents will have a good idea of where they are going to be moving to, so you will know roughly which town or city your potential new home will be in. This is a time when you can use the internet to do lots of research. If for example you know you will be moving to Halifax in Nova Scotia enter this into a search engine and see what information you can find out about Halifax. Find out where the schools are and what they teach, see if there are any local groups you can join, where the parks are, what

Kidzone 39
Familiar things: Just because you are moving to a new country doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Make sure that you pack some of your familiar toys, games etc. Even if you have a restricted amount of space there should be enough room for one or two things that will remind you of “home.”

When you land
This will be the scariest bit for you as now it is for real. You really are moving to Canada. Once you are in your new home or temporary accommodation, explore the neighborhood and get to now the area and where the local kids hang out, remember you are local too now! Join some of the local groups such as scouts or girl guides or some of the sporting clubs. There are lots of activities for kids of all ages in Canada during the summer and winter. Lots of these activities are sports related as Canada is a very sports focused country. Most kids learn to skate as soon as they can walk as ice hockey is very very popular here. Just because you have never skated before or have never played hockey doesn’t mean you cannot take it up once you arrive. There are lots of school teams and places where you can learn to skate. Even if you don’t think that hockey is something you will like, it might be worth joining in as you will meet new people and find other places to go and other things to do through them. The more people you meet of your own age group, the more you will become involved in the local community. Also the more groups and sports activities you take part in the more involved your parents will get. This will allow them to make friends with other parents and so you are really doing them a favor too! Over the coming months we will be looking into all these things in much more detail, so if you have a particular concern or interest please let us know and we will feature it for you.

sports teams are in the area and so on. Depending on your interests there will be a wealth of information waiting for you. If your parents restrict your internet usage, explain to them what you are doing and why. We are sure that once they know you are taking an active interest in your new life in Canada they will be happy to allow you to do this research. Remember you might find out things they don’t which will be useful to them too. Look through back issues of Muchmor to find out ore about different areas, schooling, kids groups etc. The more research you do the more you will find out and the better prepared you will be. Remember if there is something really worrying you talk it over with your parents. They will want to know how you feel and will want to help you through this difficult time.

Fact finding trips
Lots of families try to do at least one fact finding trip to Canada before they land for good. Usually this trip includes the kids and will give you an excellent opportunity to find out even more about your new home and what it can offer you. Before you go make a list of all the things that are important to you such as schools, youth groups, sports activities etc. It is a very good idea for both you and your parents to visit the schools that you may be attending. Your parents can arrange a meeting with the head teacher to discuss what the school has to offer you as a pupil. You might get the opportunity to meet teachers and other kids whilst you are there. Try to plan your visit during a time when the kids take a break i.e. recess or dinner time. This way you will be able to

join them in the school yard and talk to them face to face. You might even be able to make some friends and take away a few email addresses to keep in touch with them. Use these trips to visit groups that you might like to join when you land. Most groups will welcome you to visit them and will want to show off their activities. Again this is a good way to make friends and contacts before you land for good. If you have done your research well you will know where all the local parks and recreation areas are, so take the time to visit them to see what they have to offer. The things you do on the fact finding trip will very much depend on your own personal interests and needs, so make sure you have a list ready before your trip so you can plan these things in advance with your parents. Remember though, they will want to do things too, so you might not be able to everything you want in one trip.

Before you leave
Once you know for sure that you are moving to Canada and the flights are booked, make sure you do the following. Contact details: Make sure you have contact details for all your friends. use a book or your computer to store names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Make a note of friends birthdays so you can send birthday cards and keep in touch with them. Don’t forget to make sure your friends have your details too. Don’t forget to include the contact details of people in Canada that you may have met on fact finding trips. Once you land you can contact them and you have some instant friends.

40 Kidzone

Secondary school curriculum
Last month we took a look at the school curriculum for children in elementary schools. This month we look at what older children in secondary schools will be learning across the country. Secondary schools include grades 9 - 12 or ages 14 - 18 years. Alberta English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Life Skills. From grade 10 Information and Communication Technology and Career and Life Management are added. Optional Courses include: Career and Technology, Performing Arts, Languages, Environmental and Outdoor Education and Ethics. From grade 10 other options include Aboriginal Studies and Off Campus Programs. British Columbia English Language Arts, Mathematics, Business Education, Technology Education, Health and Career Education, Fine Arts, Information and Communication Technology, Languages, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies. Manitoba English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Health Education, Science, Social Studies. Optional subjects take in addition to core subjects include Languages, Technology Education, Business and Marketing Education,Home Economics etc. Saskatchewan English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Arts Education. Students can choose from elective courses in addition to the core curriculum with many subject options available. Ontario The Arts, Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, Languages, English, Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Native Studies, Science, Social Sciences, Technology. Interdisciplinary Studies added from grade 11. Social Sciences and Humanities replaces Social Sciences from grade 11. Quebec Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Art Education, Personal Development. New Brunswick English Language Arts, French, Health and Physical education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Vocational Education, The Arts, Transition Education, Personal Development and Career Planning. Prince Edward Island Arts, Communication and information Technology, Health and Family Life, Home Economics, Industrial technology, Language Arts, Mathematics, social Studies, Science. From grade 10: Arts, Communication and Information Technology, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Core French. Nova Scotia English language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science. Other optional courses are taken in addition to core subjects. Newfoundland and Labrador Art Technologies, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education, Science, Core French. Other optional courses are taken in addition to core subjects. Most provinces offer optional courses which run in addition to core subjects.

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City wordsearch

















Regina Moncton Sudbury Kamloops



Toronto Labrador City Windsor Montreal Ottawa Saint John Sydney London

Victoria Charlottetown Vancouver Thunder Bay

Winnipeg Calgary Saskatoon Cornwall

Edmonton Halifax Prince Albert Quebec

Sharon Armitage Broker of Record (email)

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42 Out & About

Flights of fancy
It’s that time of year when people are starting to plan their fact finding trips and landing journeys. So we thought it the right time to take a look at flight costs from various destinations to locations throughout Canada.
We chose flights from London, United Kingdom, San Francisco, USA, New York, USA and Paris, France. All prices quoted are total costs, including any airport taxes and duty and are for one adult return fare. We chose the lowest cost quoted for each search and prices are quoted in local currencies. Zoom flights use Muchmor readers discount code MM2007ZA. All return flights are for the dates of April 15th - 29th. If these dates are not available, next available date used. All one-way flights are for April 22nd. Direct flight indicated by (d), stop-over (s).

Air Canada Zoom Airlines British Airways BMI Air Transat American Airlines

£343.80 (d) £272.95 (s) £362.80 (d) £343.80 (d) £294.00 (d) £446.20 (s)

San Francisco, USA
Scenario 1: Return flight from San Francisco to Vancouver

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines

$321.93 (d) $433.46 (d) $1,128.79 (s) $321.61 (d) $321.65 (d)

Scenario 3: One-way flight from London to Vancouver

Northwest Airlines

Air Canada Zoom Airlines British Airways BMI Air Transat American Airlines

£772.10 (d) £231.20 (d) £792.10 (d) £2,476.10 (d) £239.00 (s) £718.80 (s)

Scenario 2: Return flight from San Francisco to Toronto

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$533.54 (d) $554.26 (s) $526.24 (s) $533.15 (d) $554.20 (s)

London, United Kingdom
Scenario 1: Return flight from London to Vancouver

Air Canada Zoom Airlines British Airways BMI Air Transat American Airlines

£444.20 (d) £377.80 (d) £543.20 (d) £444.20 (d) £388.00 (s) British Airways £589.40 (s) BMI £2,050.10 (d) £185.00 (d) £568.20 (s) £643.10 (d) Scenario 4: One-way flight from London to Toronto

Air Canada Zoom Airlines

£649.10 (d) £189.20 (s)

Scenario 3: One-way flight from San Francisco to Vancouver

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$146.49 (d) $461.46 (d) $732.42 (s) $146.49 (d) $248.61 (d)

Scenario 2: Return flight from London to Toronto

Air Transat American Airlines

Out & About 43
Scenario 4: One-way flight from San Francisco to Toronto

Air Canada

$233.49 (d) $498.83 (s) $312.67 (s) $221.74 (d) $826.59 (s)

Lufthansa British Airways Zoom Airlines KLM Air France

€704.55 (s) €582.08 (s) €461.91 (s) €759.00 (s) €592.37 (d)

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$249.69 (d) $289.46 (s)

American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines

$255.69 (s) Northwest Airlines $249.69 (d) $308.04 (s) Scenario 4: One-way flight from New York to Toronto

Scenario 3: One-way flight from Paris to Vancouver

New York, USA
Scenario 1: Return flight from New York to Vancouver

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$163.69 (d) $163.68 (d) $163.69 (d) $163.69 (d) $294.68 (s)

Air Canada Lufthansa British Airways Zoom Airlines KLM

€3,652.76 (s) €3,709.84 (s) €1,385.67 (s) n/a €3,057.38 (s) €

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$472.14 (d) $719.99 (s) $484.08 (s) $472.11 (d) $503.65 (s)

Paris, France
Scenario 1: Return flight from Paris to Vancouver

Air France

Scenario 4: One-way flight from Paris to Toronto

Scenario 2: Return flight from New York to Toronto

Air Canada

€664.61 (s) €826.07 (s) €886.60 (s) n/a €862.00 (s) €861.36 (s)

Air Canada Lufthansa British Airways Zoom Airlines KLM Air France

€3,347.18 (d) €2,971.84 (s) €1,175.67 (s) €290.16 (s) €2,648.00 (s) €4,265.38 (s)

Air Canada American Airlines Continental Airlines United Airlines Northwest Airlines

$361.19 (d) $361.26 (d)

Lufthansa British Airways Zoom Airlines

$361.28 (d) KLM $361.15 (d) Air France $382.20 (s) Scenario 2: Return flight from Paris to Toronto

Scenario 3: One-way flight from New York to Vancouver

All price correct at time of search (16-17th January 2008).

Air Canada

€493.37 (d)

44 Tea Break

I wanted to thank you for including a new kids section. My mum always reads Muchmor and I read it too, but liked the bit about the scouts. I am not in the scouts now but think I might join in Canada as mum and dad think it will be a good place to meet new friends. Josh, UK Thanks Josh, we agree with your mum and dad. Groups like the scouts are a great way to meet new people wherever you live, especially when moving to a new location. Good luck. Thank you, thank you for your story about the girl guides, I saw the bit about Lones. I had never heard of these but contacted a group near to where we will be living when we move to Canada at the end of 2008. They have allowed me to join their Lones so I can take part in the activities even before we land. Jenni, UK That’s great news Jenni, we are pleased we pointed this out for you. Good luck with your move to Canada. I just wanted to thank you for your article about wills. My husband and I have been in Canada for nearly two years and although we had wills in Ireland we never gave them a thought here for some reason. Your article reminded us we need to sort this out and we were shocked to learn that we would not necessarily automatically get each others money upon death. Great article, a great reminder, thanks. Bernadette, London, ON I’m afraid wills are one of those things we all prefer not to think about and it is certainly not on most peoples priority list when they land in Canada. Glad we could help.

My friend told me I can check the progress of my application online. Is this true and if so where do I find this? Tony, Spain Your friend is probably referring to the e-client service supplied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You can find this online by clicking on this link. Although this is available to all applicants it gives very limited information and if you have sent your application but are in the long queue you will probably just get the message “in process”. On many occasions you are contacted by CIC long before e-client gets updated. Another way of checking your application is via CAIPS. We covered this in our August 2007 issue, so please feel free to download this from our website using this link. Can I buy a property in Canada even before I live there? I would like to visit this year and possibly buy a house

ready for when I move out in 2009. I am not sure of the laws regarding this. Donna, Edinburgh Well Donna, you can certainly buy a house without being a permanent resident. So in theory you can buy when you visit, However, if you need a mortgage to do this you may have to arrange this from Scotland rather than Canada as you will find it hard to get a financial institution in canada to agree to loaning money to a non resident, although is not impossible. Another word of warning is make sure you want to do this before being sure you will get residency. You may end up with a property in Canada that if your residency is not granted you can never live in which would be heartbreaking as well as financially hard.

An immigrant, helping NEW immigrants find their NEW HOME or an investment property for the past 18 years. email or call me TOLL FREE TODAY

Tel: 1-877-256-0006 email:

Tea Break 45

Top Canadian…
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

TV shows
11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. ER - 1.42 NFL Playoffs, Game 2 - 1.37 Celebrity Apprentice - 1.36 Without a Trace - 1.30 Jeopardy - 1.22 NHIC, Game 1 - 1.20 Terminator Chronicle - 1.19 Prison Break - 1.18 Ghost Whisperer - 1.17 Corner Gas - 1.16

American Idol (Tue) - 3.03 American Idol (Wed) - 2.75 Amazing Race 12 - 2.03 C.S.I. Miami - 2.03 Law & Order - 1.93 Law & Order: SVU - 1.89 NFL Playoffs, Game 1- 1.82 C.S.I. - 1.78 CTV Evening News - 1.58 NCIS - 1.43

1. In Rainbows, Radiohead 2. Muchdance 2008, Various 3. Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna 4. Taking Chances, Celine Dion 5. As I Am, Alicia Keys 6. Duets, Friends and Legends, Anne Murray 7. Reminder, Feist 8. Blackout, Britney Spears 9. Timbaland Presents Shock Valu, Timbaland 10. Mothership, Led Zeppelin

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Game Plan Saw IV Sydney White 3;10 to Yuma God Luck Chuck 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Mr Woodcock Death Sentence Sunshine War Shoot ‘Em Up

Fiction paperbacks
1. Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen 2. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini 3. The Overlook, Michael Connelly 4. Atonement, Ian McEwan 5. Memory Keepers Daughter, Kim Edwards 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Gathering, Anne Enright The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett Exit Music, Ian Rankin Secrets from the Vinyl cafe Next, Michael Critchton

Fiction hardbcks
1. Late Nights on Air, Elizabeth Hay 2. Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini 3. Divisadero, Michael Ondaatie 4. World Without End, Ken Follett 5. For One More Day, Mitch Albom 6. Confessor, Terry Goodkind 7. Playing for Pizza, John Grisham 8. T is for Trespass, Sue Grafton 9. Canadian Short Stories, Jane Urquhart 10. Lord John & the Hand of Devils, Diana Gabaldon

46Skiing Break Tea
Olympics Bungee Jumping Riverside Golf Course


Networking in Canada

Coast Mountains Snowboarding Awards Sleigh Ride Wedding Disabled

Tube Park Activities Slopes Aerial Tours WinterPRIDE Package

Hot Rod Tour Helicopter Nursery Hotel Festivities Campground

Dog Sledding Blackcomb Nordic Skiing Wheelchair Village Ticket

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January 2008

More properties online at

A look back at the 2007 real estate market
Last year saw a record year for real estate in Canada as reported by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Not only were more properties sold but the average selling price was also higher than ever before.
Across the whole of Canada 362,934 homes were sold via the MLS system. The average price across the country was a record $326,055, an increase of 10.8% on 2006. "Resale housing demand remained high throughout 2007 due to job and income growth, the continuation of attractive financing, and upbeat consumer confidence," said CREA chief economist Gregory Klump. During December 2007 the highest reported year on year gains in price were recorded in 24 of the major markets. The average price across these markets was $332,836. Home sales set new annual records in a number of major markets including Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, London-St. Thomas, Hamilton-Burlington & District, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, Halifax, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

British Columbia
The most expensive real estate in Canada is located in Vancouver where the average selling price in December was $566,192. This is a gain of 9% on the previous year. The availability of jobs associated with the 2010 Olympics is credited with much of this boom. Victoria also set records with over $4.1 billion of sales in 2007. The total number of sales increased by over 12% whilst the average selling price rose 8.5% on the year. The average selling price in Victoria was $536,000. The Fraser Valley saw increases of 11.4% on single family homes with the average selling price being $520,317.

Regina and Saskatoon recorded the highest price increases across the country. Both cities saw price rises of over 45% on the previous year. "The combination of a spike in the number of available jobs, the reasonable cost of living, and the attractiveness of the prairie lifestyle led to an unprecedented number of people searching for homes," said a spokesperson from the Saskatchewan Real Estate Association. Regina saw average selling prices of $200,407, up 46.5% whilst Saskatoon jumped 45.6% to an average of $255,271.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia set its own records with 13,736 properties sold during 2007 at an average selling price of $180,989. These

48 Realty
sales totaled $2.3 billion an increase of 18.6% on the previous year. This activity was led by strong sales in the Halifax/Dartmouth area. The average selling price in Halifax was $209,156. Edmonton increased its figures by 12.1% to an average of $329,705 in December. Over the course of the year the prices rose an average of 11.7%.

New Brunswick
Saint John saw some of the highest gains in Atlantic Canada. The average selling price during 2007 was $135,193 an increase of 6%.

In Winnipeg the demand outstripped supply boosting prices and making it very much a sellers market. The average selling price in the city was $172,475, an increase of 6.8% on 20056.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador overall saw increases of 15.3% with the average selling price being $163,276.

The Ontario housing market has been very strong with many areas seeing record sales and pricing. Toronto saw house prices rising 12% on 2006 with the average selling price pushed up to $376,236 from $351,941. However, December saw year on year gains of 17.5% when the average selling price was $394,931. Over 93,000 properties were sold in the Toronto Real Estate Board region during 2007. Ottawa, the country’s capital saw increases of just over 11% with average prices of $276,839. Thunder Bay in northern Ontario saw price rises of 20.5% bring the average selling price in December to $135,604. Sudbury also saw higher selling prices than previous years at $189,489, an increase of 17.1%. The Windsor region of Ontario saw losses during December with prices down 3.4% to an average of $159,068. This is mainly due to the instability of the manufacturing market which the city so heavily relies upon.

Quebec City saw high gains of 17.3% with the average selling price of $174,768. However, Montreal saw more modest gains of 8.5% giving an average selling price of $242,485. Trois-Rivieres saw even higher increases of 21.8% bring their average selling price to $127,672.

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After a rapid rise in demand and prices during the first half of 2007 the Alberta market leveled off during the second half of the year. Calgary saw average December house prices of $400,139, a gain of 10.7%. The average selling price throughout the year in the city was $421,000, an increase of 16.6%.

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Realty 49

MLS: 260267 Price: $242,900 Province: Saskatchewan City: Saskatoon Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1
New three bedroom townhouse located on the South end of Warman - only five minutes to Sasaktoon! 1284/2 Sq. Ft. two storey with a single attached garage. Beautiful kitchen with island and stainless steel appliances, two extra piano style windows in living room, upgraded flooring, two piece bath on main level and a extra large master bedroom. Driveway, fence and landscaping to be completed in the Spring of 2008. Quick possession available. NEW, NEW, NEW! Call for your personal showing today.

MLS: 257535 Price: $1,049,000 Province: Saskatchewan City: Saskatoon Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3
This amazing 'to be built' two storey walkout will boast over 4100 sqft on all 3. Four car garage, 9' ceilings, custom kitchen and baths anc closets, possible 4th bedroom. Custom moulding pkg, central air, central vac, heated basement floor. Too many extras to list.

MLS: 258631 City: Saskatoon

Price: $599,900 Province: Saskatchewan Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Brand new and beautiful in a prime Briarwood location! This spacious, fully developed 1613 square foot raised bungalow features exceptional quality and style with dramatic vaulted ceilings, gleaming hardwoods, polished granite and an amazing ensuite bath with seperate air tub, 3' x 5' shower and dual sinks. Complete with 4 bedrooms plus a bright and inviting main floor den/office, this exceptional home is ready for immediate possession. Quality construction by Ward Homes - Saskatchewan New Home Warranty is included.

MLS: 259231 Price: $277,500 Province: Saskatchewan City: Saskatoon Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1
Priced below market value and ready for a quick possession date. A very attractive "West Coast Style" 3- storey town house condo in excellent condition anda preferred end unit model with more open views than most other units. A good color scheme with a white kitchen, 6- appliances, balcony off the kitchen, central air conditioning, 2- bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus a flex room on the main level. There is a single attached garage with direct entry plus 1- electric parking stall. Condo fees are $155.57 per month which includes the water. You will like what you see, this is a great property..

MLS: Various lots Price: $60,900 - $139,900 Province: Saskatchewan City: Prince albert
These beautiful lake lots come in a variety of dimensions and elevations and are conveniently located just 10 minutes west of the town of Big River on highway 55. Power & phone service to be run upon completion of roads. Marina to be located on the south west corner in the phase one of the development. This is your chance to get in at phase one prices. Lots being sold first come first serve. Investor package available..

50 Realty

Helen Parnell Tel: 403-932-8888
MLS: C3302604 City: Cochrane Price: $562,500 Bedrooms: 5 Province: Alberta Bathrooms: 3

This 5 bedroom 3 bathroom walkout bungalow in the sought after community of Riverview Circle. Enter the main floor family room and admire the rich Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors throughout. The main floor also contains the Master bedroom with 5 piece en-suite, 2nd bedroom/ flex room, re-modeled kitchen with granite worktops and brand new appliances, mudroom and 4 piece guest bathroom. Access the deck from the privacy of the Master bedroom or the dining area. Panoramic views of the golf course can be enjoyed on those long sunny evenings whilst cooking on the gas line BBQ.

MLS: C3297692 City: Cochrane

Price: $279,500 Bedrooms: 3

Province: Alberta Bathrooms: 2

Great private, secluded and quiet place to call home. This home has it all. Nice size family room to cosy into on these cold nights. The kitchen is bright with dining area and new laminate flooring installed earlier this year. The kitchen faces west so great for the evening sun. A two-piece washroom completes this level. Upstairs you have a good size master and then two further bedrooms. The 4-piece washroom is all new with tiling all the way to the top of the wall by the deep soaker tub. The walkout basement needs your finishing touches but walks out on to a nice deck on private fenced yard. Unit backs onto a treed

MLS: C3297037 City: Cochrane

Price: $569,900 Bedrooms: 4

Province: Alberta Bathrooms: 3

Executive style 2 storey walkout that has real "WOW" value. Open foyer at front entrance,sweeping staircase to upper level with open hallway and four bedrooms. Cozy living room off kitchen as well as an office/den. Beautiful wood cabinets in kitchen. Deck off garden door with valley views. Main floor laundry room includes washer and dryer with purchase. Large master BR has wonderful bright ensuite with soaker tub. Walkout has been professionally developed with wet bar, custom built-in wall unit and fireplace, another bathroom with extra large tiled shower.

MLS: C3295500 City: Cochrane

Price: $489,000 Bedrooms: 3

Province: Alberta Bathrooms: 3

Lovely, fully finished, 2 story family home in sought after Riverview. Spacious master bedroom with gleaming hardwood and 4 piece ensuite. 2 other well sized bedrooms. Main floor features hardwood and porceline tile, open kitchen and family area, formal dining and livingroom.. Fully finished basement with 2 more "bedrooms" full bathroom and family/rec room. Beautifully landscaped including New composite decking and aluminum rails. Includes all appliances!

MLS: Exclusive City: Calgary

Price: $629,900 Bedrooms: 3

Province: Alberta Bathrooms: 2

This former Jager show home is nestled in the beautiful Crestmont sub division in the SW. The home has large west facing windows with some mountain view.Features include 18ft. ceiling in living room, barrel ceiling in Bonus room and vaulted ceiling in Master Bedroom. Gormet kitchen has stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floor in kitchen /dining room, ceramic tiled entry ways and walk-trough pantry. All windows have high end custom drapes,rods and blinds. There is a 2 storey feature gas fireplace in the living room. Dining area has a door leading to the deck. Main floor includes a laundry area, walk through pantry and half bath,and a den/office. Master bedroom with seperate ensuite with his and her sinks, a shower and corner soaker tub. The two car garage is insulated and drywalled.

Realty 51

MLS: 2076970 City: Prince Edward

Price: $169,900 Bedrooms: 2

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 1

2 Bedroom Bungalow in great Sub-division. Open concept Kitchen - Living room, Hallway to bedrooms and one bedroom door wider for wheelchair access. Single car detached garage built approx. 2 years ago. Storage room with access to 4'crawl space off of kitchen. Good sized kitchen with plenty of cabinets. Lot size to be verified.

MLS: 2075898 City: Prince Edward

Price: $375,900 Bedrooms: 5

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 2

Grand Century Home situated on a 12 acre parcel of land with great Privacy! Large barn in good condition. This home boasts many original features, 9 1/2 foot ceilings, extra wide baseboards, original trim and most doors. Over 3400 sq. ft. with great potential. Spacious 4 bedrooms upstairs, original wood bannister. Large room on main floor could be master bedroom or Parlour. This all brick home is set back from Road with long driveway going into property, offers a wonderful Privacy!

MLS: 2074064 City: Prince Edward

Price: $249,900 Bedrooms: 4

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 2

Well Kept family home in Great subdivision. Fully finished home on both levels. 2 bedrooms up and 2 bedrooms on lower level, with 4pc. washroom on both as well. Spacious eat-in kitchen with patio doors to deck and above ground pool. Backyard faces parkland. Finished rec-r.

MLS: 2073841 City: Wellington

Price: $239,900 Bedrooms: 2

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 2

Prime area of Wellington, quiet Cul-de-sac with many Newer homes! Walking distance to all amenities. This lovely 2 bedroom home would make a perfect retirement home. Gleaming hardwood floors, ceramic tiles,spacious master bedroom with bright 3pc. ensuite and large walk in closet. Open concept living area with gorgeous kitchen with patio doors to deck facing parkland. Large laundry room with access to attached garage. Full partially finished basement. Move in condition a must see

52 Realty

"What's up" with this market???
By Stef Lukas of Lukas Group Realty, Calgary Well, it depends a great deal on: who do you ask and believe, which newspaper you read and whether or not you believe everything you read, which real estate "guru" or self made financial advisers you listen to, which Bank economist you believe in, providing he did not advise his Bank to get greedy and buy subprime mortgages and is now looking to be bailed out by our tax dollars, et
Personally, I don't make predications other than that it will be nice weather in June and will cold in December, but having toiled in this business for the past 18 years and watching numbers that generate statistics with primary responsibility to advise and guide you ( buyers), let me offer you some insight and facts that are substantiated with numbers. First, let's look at the 2007 Real Estate Market: 2007 was a very interesting year in the Real Estate market. With exceptional gains in values in the first part of the year and then almost as substantial a decrease in the last half of the year made for quite the roller coaster ride. Sometimes in mid June, sales stopped as if someone turned water spiked off, and we saw number of properties for sale piling up. Almost 34% of those listings where speculators trying to exit the market and make huge gains by listing their property's well above the market value, and then when by September they couldn't sell it, prices started to drop, newspapers made big sensational headlines that the Calgary Home prices went down, builders are not building as much and so on. You would have thought, major disaster set in. Our sales were still strong and finished the year only 3% down from record setting 2006. The result was a year to year increase in average prices of just over 18% which makes us ecstatic. This works out to a 72% return on a property purchased one year ago. Just on appreciation alone! Now forecasts for 2008 are slightly lower at only around 12% for an increase, but this still works out to 48% return next year. Are You Ready For 2008? You should be, and if you haven't been pre-approved for the mortgage, saved initial deposit money, hurry up, IT'S BUYERS MARKET STILL, and will remain so for the at least first half of this year. We expect interest rates to go further down; watch for the Fed's announcement after or on January 21, there is a large amount of inventory for sale. Already in the first couple week since Christmas, we have seen over a 10% increase in listings. Almost as though people didn't want strangers wandering through their homes during Christmas so they let their listings expire and have now relisted, or waited to get through another Christmas before trying to sell. New Home Builders have totally slowed down and some sit on large numbers of spec homes for sale. As of today, January 15/08 T 12:00 noon, we have 3228 detached single family homes on the market and 1772 condos, 50% more than at the same time last year. So, WHY BUY NOW and not wait for prices to drop further,( same question I have been asked times and again)?? Very simple answer: as you wait and wait, smart people will buy, inventory will diminish, new home builders can't afford to build much until all these resale inventory is almost gone, and that might take us to June, when all of sudden, inventory will be down and anyone placing their property for sale will ask more than they would today. Simple rule: supply and demand.

Some Great Deals Today
If you are looking for starter home, the Best Deal in town is 2 storey, 1108 square feet, 3 bedrooms in Martindale, for $309,900. There are 41 property's ( including: single detached, attached, townhouse) for under $310,000 available today. Another great one is in Strathcona Park: 2 storey split, 1974 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 piece ensuite, bath plus 2 more full bathrooms, one half bathroom, fully finished walk out basement, totally remodelled for only $599,000. For new built homes, we will have 3 show homes for sale in Panorama Hills in February, you can reserve now, for about $365,000, all by Carolina Homes, 3 bedrooms with ton of upgrades. In Evergreen, SW. we also have some great deals by Carolina Homes offered exclusively for our clients. If you like NW, we have Fantastic new home in Tuscany, 4 bedrooms on upper floor, almost 2600 sq. ft, bonus or another bedroom on the main floor, kitchen to die for, main floor laundry: $679,800 ( best deal in Tuscany for square footage).

Realty 53

So what does $250,000 buy you?
Well the answer to that question very much depends on where you are buying and what your requirements are. Here are a few examples. British Columbia
In the Kamloops area you can get this three bedroom, two bathroom property which sits on 2.6 acres. It is a large house with over 3,000 sq ft of living space and is close to Gun Lake with fabulous mountain views.

In New Westminster you could make this one bedroom condominium your home for $250,000. It offers 700 sq ft of living space and is only four years old. You will have to take into account to monthly condo fee of $165 though.

In Calgary you can purchase a nice two bedroom, two bath condo in the Brindlewood neighbourhood. It is over 750 sq ft and offers indoor parking. Close to all amenities. Contact Stef Lukas for more info.

Another condo for sale in Calgary is this two bedroom apartment in Bowness which is over 900 sq ft and has views of Olympic Park. Contact Helen Parnell for details

For a little under $250k you can own this townhouse in Saskatoon, on sale with Michael Chudoba. It has two bedrooms and 1,124 sq ft of living space. It comes with six appliances, central air, central vac and an unfinished basement.

In Swift Current you can get a four bedroom, two bathroom house on a acre. It has 1,252 sq ft and was built in 1958. It comes with a double detached garage, 6-man hot tub and many updates.

54 Realty

A statement by the Canadian Real Estate Association

increase more slowly as the market becomes more balanced. In most provinces, the market will nevertheless remain historically tight – with the tightest markets being in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Nationwide, the average The Canadian housing market in residential price is forecast to increase 5.5 2007 set a number of MLS® sales per cent to about $322,700. records, and the re-sale housing market is According to CREA’s Chief expected to remain at near record sales Economist, a larger supply of listings will levels in 2008, according to The Canadian be one of the balancing influences in Real Estate Association. 2008. New listings are forecast to rise in Annual residential MLS® sales all provinces except Alberta, where they’re activity totaled 520,747 units in 2007, up expected to retreat after spiking in late 7.6 per cent from 2006 levels. This was 2007. the largest annual sales growth since “The challenge for the Canadian 2002, and the first time transactions via housing market will be the extent to which the MLS® systems of real estate boards employment and consumer confidence in Canada have surpassed 500,000 units may be affected by a slowdown in the sold in one year. U.S. economy,” Ann Bosley adds. “The results in 2007 show the strength and the affordability of the Canadian residential market,” says CREA President Ann Bosley. “The statistics again show just how different the housing markets are in Canada and the United States. Canadian REALTORS® know that Canadian mortgage lenders correctly see that home prices will continue rising. We Sales figures compiled by realty giant know there is still strong competition for Re/Max showed condominiums in central mortgage business in Canada.” Toronto rose by 12.2% last year, Three key economic ingredients will compared to 11.5% for single detached keep Canada’s housing market on a homes. In the city’s west end, condo different track from the United States. One prices increased by 7.3%, compared to a is consumer confidence, the second is 6.6% rise in the price of homes. employment, and third is affordable Both areas include some of the interest rates. The Bank of Canada cut hottest condominium markets in the city, interest rates on January 22nd because of but even in less active parts of the Toronto weaker prospects for Canadian economic area there are still pockets of rapid price growth in 2008. “Those lower interest increases, said Charlene McAdam, a rates will also help temper the erosion in spokeswoman for Re/Max. housing affordability due to additional “In some districts, it’s more than home price increases,” Bosley added. The doubled the [price] numbers from 2006,” Bank of Canada is expected to cut its she said. “This is the first time we’ve seen trend-setting rate again in March. this — it’s the first time that condos have CREA’s Chief Economist Gregory even come close to the increase in single Klump says that the Canadian housing homes.” market in 2008 will pull back from the Ms. McAdam said the soaring values breakneck pace set in 2007, but this is still for condominiums, particularly high-rise forecast to be the second-busiest year on units in the downtown or along the record in almost all provinces, with waterfront, are being driven by residential unit sales reaching an extraordinary demand. “Demand has estimated 512,705 units. soared because of the differential in price Average prices for MLS® home between condos and detached homes sales are expected to keep setting and because condos as a lifestyle have records in 2008, although prices will really taken off,” she said. “It’s just

Condos outsell single family homes in Toronto

unbelievable how quickly some of these units are turning over.” Ms. O’Neill of the Toronto Real Estate Board agreed that the sales figures for condominiums have been “quite astounding,” but cautioned that the average price increase is being driven by a handful of areas where bidding wars have created enormous demand. “It’s not happening everywhere,” she cautioned. “There are some very hot pockets where prices are rising very, very quickly ... particularly in Yorkville, along the harbourfront and in Bloor and Avenue Road.” Still, Ms. O’Neill said there has been a clear shift in homebuyers’ priorities over the past year or two that has made condominiums much more attractive than detached homes. “The mentality is changing,” she said. “People want to be downtown, close to all the amenities, all the entertainment.” Jane Renwick, the editor of the condo trade quarterly Urbanation, said that the price hikes for condominiums — particularly in the downtown core — are in no danger of easing off soon. “There was some very aggressive price increasing last year, because there was a lot of demand for these condominiums,” she said. “There’s still some room for more price increases, we think.”

55 Realty

MLS: C3293558 Province: Alberta Bedrooms: 2

Price: $365,000 City: Calgary Bathrooms: 2

***PRICE BELOW MARKET VALUE FOR QUICK SALE...LOWEST PRICED UNIT IN COMPLEX***beautiful 2 story-WALKOUT-townhouse. Several recent upgrades include stained maple hardwood flooring, new carpet for upper level and fresh paint. Walk into 9ft ceilings Main floor features large living room with fireplace and bay window, 2 piece bath,huge kitchen with custom designed ceramic tile flooring with back splash, dining area with patio doors open to sunny deck. Upper level boasts two large bedrooms, EACH with walk in closets and 4 piece en suites, laundry area!!! WALK OUT lower level in bright, open and updated. Insulated & drywalled double garage ( 21"x 19" ) completes this package.

MLS: C3289958 Province: Alberta Bedrooms: 4

Price: $682,500 City: Calgary Bathrooms: 3

Tanglewood Estates proudly presents this 2 storey, 2595.52 S.F.,4 bedroom,full Baths,Maple Floors, Granite Counters, Gas Fireplace, Oversized Double Garage, Main Floor Laundry/Mudroom, Freshly Landscaped,Mountain View. Now is the time for you to acquire your personal show home and reveal your individual style with the various accent walls, art niches, and custom built-ins incorporated throughout this sophisticated home. Huge floor to ceiling windows bring in loads of bright sunshine into the kitchen and family room. Entertaining will be a breeze in the gorgeous kitchen, boasting thick granite counters and mocha kitchen cabinets with the large island, opening into the family room.

Realty 56

MLS: 2076639 City: Picton

Price: $975,000 Bedrooms: 5

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 4

Located on prestigious Loyalist Parkway overlooking Picton Bay stands this fifties vintage structure renovated & added to in a "Southwestern" style. Prince Edward County Glenora Road lakeside living at it's best. Beautiful sunsets, easy access to sheltered water, substantial lake activity(birds, sailing school, kayaking, world class fishing, seaplanes, power & sailing yachts), an award winning saltwater pool & hot tub & a myriad of lake facing rooms including the substantial in-law suite. The custom designed large well equipped commercial kitchen is a Chef's dream. B&B potential

MLS: 2075613 City: Hillier, Quinte

Price: $269,000 Bedrooms: 4

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 4

Immaculate home on pleasant bay. Walk-out from basement with guest suite potential. Large insulated double garage plus: Marsh waterfront for the naturalist, Central air conditioning, Central vacuum system, TV antenna, Garage: double, Garage: attached, Garage: detached, Double width or more driveway, Paved driveway, Crushed stone driveway, Oil or heating oil, Brick exterior finish, Vinyl exterior finish, Asphalt shingles roofing, Smoke Detectors, Garage with inside entry, Carpeted Floor

MLS: 2072669 City: Prince Edward

Price: $395,000 Bedrooms: 2

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 2

Bungalow set back from the road on 10 acre lot of mixed bush. This property will be of interest to nature lovers, gardeners or anyone just wanting privacy. Some renovations completed. Filtered waterview and R.O.W. to bay, some newer windows, fireplace in L/R and woodstove in family room. All newer appliances.

MLS: 2076824 City: Prince Edward

Price: $229,000 Bedrooms: 4

Province: Ontario Bathrooms: 2

Brick century home in good area of Picton. Owners have completely renovated kitchen, 2 baths [one with clawfoot tub], newer roof, electrical upgrade including breaker panel plus gas furnace. All pine floors, 9' ceilings, 3 season sun room, back stairway, 10' x 10' deck plus insulated garage/workshop.

57 Realty

Donna McNeil Exit Realty Metro Tel: (01) 902-222-4937
Exit Realty Metro 2055-1658 Bedford Highway Bedford NS B4A 2X9

MLS: 00570739 City: Wellington

Price: $269,900 Province: Nova Scotia Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1

If a park like property and privacy is what you are looking for, well take a closer look. This one of a kind gem has one of the most private settings available in the area. Beds of perennials fill the property and line the paved driveway. The home sit on professionally landscape lot that measures almost an acre in size and backs on over 7 acres of unused HRM Parkland. Inside you will be equally impressed with new hardwood floors, fully finished basement with walkout, 3 bedrooms and open kitchen. Truly a pleasure to view!

MLS: 40544603 City: Grand Lake

Price: $274,900 Province: Nova Scotia Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 2

Love privacy? This is the one for you. Situated on 2.5 acres on Kelly Lake, this large family home has 200ft of Lake Frontage. Home features 3 bedrooms on the main level, plus room for 3 more downstairs, a large kitchen with eating area, master bedroom with ensuite, and woodstove for those cool nights, all with a total living space of 2200 sq ft. A new double detached garage makes this the perfect place to call home. Other fine additions include a newly finished 3rd bathroom plus custom crown moldings throughout the Living Room, Dining Room and Hall. What more could you want?

MLS: 41116138 City: Halifax

Price: $374,900 Province: Nova Scotia Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4

This absolutely stunning 2 storey cape cod home has a very unique layout and is situated in desirable St. Andrew’s Village; one of Metro’s most popular subdivisions! You will be impressed by the cozy and yet elegant styling which includes walnut stained birch floors, mushroom glazed kitchen cabinets with center island, and the brick wood burning fireplace. The 3216 sq ft of finished living space offers 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, home office, den, media room, and more.

MLS: 41238866 Price: $469,900 Province: Nova Scotia City: Hammonds Plains Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3
Stunning two storey in Cox Lake Ridge, Hammonds Plains new luxury living community. Deeded lake access, and fabulous views of the lake. Minutes to all amenities.

MLS: 40841470 Price: $344,900 Province: Nova Scotia City: Hammonds Plains Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3
This exceptional three bedroom home with 2500 sq ft of living space is located on quiet, friendly, sought after Carmel Cres., in Highland Park Subdivision. The home is brand new using quality materials. Built with extreme thought and care at every stage of construction. The home features a huge double car garage, private 22x10 pressure treated rear deck, maple kitchen cabinets with island, desk, pantry and garden doors to the deck.

Realty 58

Immigrants do better in small towns
Although large cities like Montreal are still magnets for immigrants, small towns actually yield them greater prosperity, a new study has found. The earnings gap between immigrants in large cities and those in towns with populations less than 100,000 like Joliette, about 60 kilometres north of Montreal - is more than double in the first year of arrival, the study by Statistics Canada says. And immigrants in small towns swiftly overtake their Canadian neighbours' incomes, earning two per cent more after four years and 18 per cent more after 11 years in the community. Immigrants' better rates of higher education and the small towns' steeper immersion in either French or English may explain their success, said André Bernard, the study's author. Big cities may provide a false sense of security, he added, because ethnic communities there can shelter people too much and hinder them from integrating and learning language skills needed for work. The findings are culled from income tax reports of roughly 4 million people, including about 400,000 immigrants, between 1992 and 2005, Bernard said. A large majority of immigrants - about 75 per cent - settle in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Less than three per cent choose to live in very small towns like Ormstown (pop. 3,600), about 50 kilometres southwest of Montreal. For those who do go small, the payoff is unmistakable. The initial income gap between immigrants and the rest of the population is 37 per cent for those living in very large urban areas. This gap decreases gradually and rather slowly, falling under the 10 per cent mark in the twelfth year. But in small urban areas, the initial gap is only 14 per cent, and in the fourth year, the gap is reversed, with immigrants'

earnings surpassing non-immigrants' earnings by 2 per cent. "It may just be easier for immigrants to turn their academic advantage into jobs" in the smaller towns, he said, noting that Canadians there have relatively lower levels of education. Agusti Nicolau, assistant director of the Intercultural Institute of Montreal, said large cities can be intimidating for some newcomers. "It might be easier for some people to make connections in smaller areas," he said. Marie-Thérèse Chicha, a professor of industrial relations at the Université de Montréal, noted earnings in smaller communities are generally lower for everyone, not just immigrants. The study's findings, she said "may just show that it's easier for immigrants to get jobs there because Canadians aren't as interested in small town jobs."

Lamine Foura, 38, a Montreal engineer and community radio host who is originally from Algeria, said the study might give people misconceptions about country life. "It's not like everyone should now rush out to live in the rural areas," Foura said. Large cities provide crucial support networks for immigrants, he said. "I'm certain most of the immigrants who are successful in smaller towns got their jobs before they moved there." The larger, more important context for immigrants is that they are arriving in Canada more highly skilled than those who arrived several decades ago, Foura said. And yet they face a crisis that is present in both urban and non-urban areas: employers' refusal to recognize academic credentials or work experience abroad.

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