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Taylor N.

Excels at communicating with peers and supervisors to ensure all goals and deadlines are met Known as a team player willing to pitch in and help others without having to be asked Maintain a high GPA and campus involvement by using excellent time management skills Dependable leader focused on being organi ed and detailed!oriented

Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Business Management & Marketing May 2016 Northwest Missouri State University Maryville, MO GPA "#$%&'#(( )ollegiate Awards* Academic +onor ,oll -" trimesters. Awards* Midwest Exchange Program /cholarship0 1ut of /tate Award0 Distinguished /cholar Award0 )ommunity 2lood 2ank Donor0 1toe )ounty +ome Extension /cholarship )omputer /kills* Microsoft 3ord0 PowerPoint0 Excel0 Access0 Publisher0 1utlook

Northwest Missouri State ni!ersity Mary!ille" M# Athletic Department Marketing Intern $ugust 201% & 'resent Planning and perform promotional events for collegiate volleyball0 soccer0 and basketball games Display problem solving skills and the ability to maintain composure in a fast paced environment 3ork with a team to complete necessary duties to create an exciting game day environment ,ecruits spectators to participate in promotional events and reward them with ac4uired pri es 5olunteer up to 6( hours a week preparing for and working athletic events Student Ambassador December 2012 & 'resent Educate prospective students and families about 7orthwest8s culture and atmosphere while on tour Anticipate challenging student and parent 4uestions and respond 4uickly and professionally Develop uni4ue relationships with guests to create an inviting and memorable experience 9nterview potential ambassador candidates and train new hires (y&)ee *incoln" N+ Cashier/Stocker 2011 & 'resent Greet and interact with customers to determine the customer needs Promote products and direct customers to the appropriate location Assist the sales team to complete customer transactions by managing a cash register 1rgani e the store and stock products to consolidate merchandise



Sigma -a,,a Sorority -:all 6(%6! Present. 5ice President of Philanthropic /ervice -December 6(%"!Present. /ocial Events )hair -/pring 6(%"!:all 6(%". Greek 3eek )ommittee Member )ontribute to campus and community through participation in at least %" hours of philanthropic events each trimester

)olunteer .ork 7odaway )ounty +umane /ociety

7oyes +omes Al heimer8s ,esearch 2reast )ancer ,esearch :riendship +ome&:resh ;uarter 3alk )ity 9mpact&Gifts of <ove /pecial 1lympics