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Subject: Police Misconduct Complaint


Oldham County Sheriffs Office Fiscal Court Building 100 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 2 La Grange, KY 40031 3/31/2014 2:43:03 PM Dear Sheriff Sparrow: I'm writing to report a formal complaint of unprofessional conduct against a member of your law enforcement agency. The complaint is against Capt. Bob Noble for unprofessional conduct and for making a threat to retaliate against a complainant. Equally important, is a notification to your office that this officer is predisposed to making false statements. This morning I received a telephone call from the complainant April Behling. April Behling reported that she had spoken with Captain Noble this morning. During the phone call she reported that Capt. Noble behaved unprofessionally by hanging the phone up in her face. This behavior is similar to what I experienced yesterday by telephone. The recorded call with Capt. Noble can be found on our webpage and on YouTube:
After informed Capt. Noble that April Behling wanted to pursue a complaint Capt. Noble stated that he was waiting for her to come down to the station because she may be subject to a "Case of her own." It was my impression that the comment was made as a threat to retaliate. Capt. Noble also informed me that her complaint had no merit though he has not investigated the complaint, collected any evidence or talked to any witnesses. Upon speaking with my client Capt. Noble was belligerent, hostile and offensive according to the client. I am requesting that you supervise the investigation of the complaint by April Behling and that you ensure that she is protected from retaliation by Capt. Noble or any other officer. The video we posted involving Capt. Noble has substantial public interest. It has been reviewed by seven hundred people in less than forty-eight hours. I contacted the County attorney's office this afternoon to inform them of the misconduct reported to your office and the threat of retaliation by Capt. Noble. I have also requested that they monitor the situation to ensure that the law is followed. In addition to his other misconduct Capt. Noble brazenly made false statements to my client this morning. Capt. Noble told the client that I was upset. He claimed that I hung the phone up in his face. I have two recordings of the telephone call. Neither of the recording support the claim that I was upset nor that I hung the phone up on the Capt. I believe Capt. Noble made the false claim that I hung up to justify his conduct and to defend himself from a personnel complaint. During the phone call I requested your contact information. I also informed Capt. Noble that I intended to report his unprofessional behavior. His cynical response to the potential of being reported was to make up a story justifying his behavior. Please consider this letter a formal complaint of police misconduct against Capt. Noble. I am also requesting the following records under the Kentucky open records law: Please provide a copy of any publicly available portions of Capt. Noble's personnel file. I request that you retrieve a copy of the recorded call to my office by Capt. Noble. Please provide copies of all policies concerning truthfulness and professionalism by members of your law enforcement agency. Please provide any recordings of telephone calls between my client April Behling on March 31, 2014 reporting misconduct to your agency. Please provide copies of all excessive

force complaints within the past three years against your agency. I will accept summaries of the complaints if they are available. Your responses to this letter will be published on our website to inform the public and the complainant of the outcome of my communications with your office. I look forward to your response to my submission. Diop Kamau

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