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RIZAL BOUND FOR HONG KONG            The primary reason why he left Europe were the differences in political

persuasion with M.H del Pilar and other Filipinos in Spain and his desire to lead Propaganda movements. Upon his arrival in hong kong, Jose M. Basa gave him a warm welcome and he immediately practice medicine to earn living. Before Christmas of 1891, Don Francisco, Paciano and Silvestre Ubaldo arrived in Hong Kong. His mother, sisters, Lucia, Josefa and Trinidad also go to Hongkong. Dr Lorenzo P. Marquez a portugese ophthalmologist became his friend and he help Rizal to have clients. Because of the unbearable regime under Gov. Valeriano Weyler, Rizal conceived of founding colony in Borneo (Sabah? Malaysia?), British owned island and he will called it a „new Calamba‟. This is the landless Filipino families. On March 7, 1892 he negotiate with British authorities and successfully gave him 100,000 acres of land (405 sq. kilometer), with a beautiful harbor, good government for 999 years free of all charge. He wrote to governor general Eulogio Despujol, who promise a better programfor Filipino people. Eduardo de Lete publish an article in La Solidaridad portraying him a coward and opprortunistic for being comfortable and safe in Hong Kong, while abandoning the cause. Rizal decide to return to Manila and confront Despujol regarding his plan, establishment of La liga Filipina in Manila. st After celebrating his 31 birthday at Hon Kong, on June 26, 1892, he returne to Manila and met Despujol who discourage him from going to Borneo, istead give him lands. On June 27, Rizal boarded train in Tutuban station and visited his friends in Malolos, San Fernando, Tarlac, but all he visited was raided by Guardia Civil. July 3, 1892, they established the Liga Filipina at Tondo Mania. After four days, he was arrested and temporary prison in Fort Santiago then deported to Dapitan in Norther Mindanao. The allegation: he possess leaflets enetitled „Poor Friars‟ containing documents how Dominicans amassed gre at wealth which is contrary to vow of poverty. RIZAL IN DAPITAN: In Dapitan, he lived in the residence of Don Ricardo Carnicero, Captain of Infantry and Politico-Military Governor of Dapitan, who gave him a good report to the Governor General. He gave a parole to Rizal to move around and report only once a week. He was then succeded by Juan Sitges, who at first is demanding but later grew like deporter. While in Dapitan he continue to be Physician and he operated the eye of his mother; he became his patient Don Igancio Tumarong who paid him P3,000; Florencio Azcarraga a hacienda sugarcane owner from Aklan; Englishman paid him 500. As educator he established a modest school for selected pupils between 13 to 14 from prominent families. They do not paid tuition fees, but they work in his garden, fields, and other civic project in the community (reading, writing in Spanish, English, history, geography, mathematics; they collect various specimen of plants and animals) As Engineer, he contributed to clean waterworks in Dapitan; As scientist he make scientific study in Dapitan and other places in zamboanga; .he even sent some to Dresden: Draco Rizali (flying dragon), Apogonio Rizali (small beetle) and Rhacaphorus Rizali (rare frog). As farmer he plant mangoes, lansones, santol and he bought 16 hectares of land, later event the near by farmland near the river. He taught the modern farming. Josephine Bracken in Dapitan: Engr. George Taufer arrived in February 1885 from Hong Kong to consult Rizal regarding possible eye treatment. It is through his friend in Hong Kong Julio Llorente introduced them to the engineer. With daughter is his adoptee daughter Josephine Bracken (whose mother died early child hood) Taufer objected vehemently to the relationship. Josephine calmed down and promising to accompany him back to Manila and telling Rizal she would return. She did (April). Father Obach, parish priest of dapitan refused to marry them because of the absence of ecclesiastical permission from Bishop of Cebu. Since the parish of dapitan could not marry them, one moonlight they went to the beach and united themselves to take man and wife.


without his knowledge. the Spanish Governor General signed the execution of Dr. Unfortunately. He was advised by some patriots to stay behind the Singapore to be protected by British Law. was heavily under surveillance. On Sept. one name looks familiar Luis Taviel de Andrade. Isla de Panay arrived at Barcelona and heavy guards escorted Rizal. so he still need to wait for another ship. Antonio Ma. the governor general who ordered his banishment to Dapitan. There were some Filipino patriots tortutred just to have evidence against Rizal. Eulogio Despujol. Judge Advocate General Don Nicolas dela Pena made recommendations: 1) Rizal immediately brought to trial. they return Rizal‟s diary. On August 30 also. a very insulting masterpiece that shows joy. 1896”. Ilo-ilo. Rizal received a letter of introduction for Minister of War and Minister of Colonies that absolves him from all the blame of revolutions. but unfortunately. Among the list. Rafael Dominguez as special Judge Advocate. Gen. it was denied by Chief Justice Loinel Cox on the ground that it is warship of foreign power. On Sept. 20. On Dec. Leftist led by Andres Bonifacio plot to overthrow the Spanish government but unfortunately discovered by Fr. 1896.14th Meeting RIZAL TO CUBA   Dr. 28 1896. His diary is even confiscated and his cabin is heavily searched try to look for seditious materials but htye failed to have one. in which Singapoe Authorities do not have jurisdiction. On Oct. Preliminary Investigation was set by Judge Advocate Col. brother of Jose Taviel de Andrade who serve as his bodyguard in Calamba. boarding Colon. Mariano Gil. 29). he wasbound again to Manila. Rizal was unaware of this attempt. While waiting. but he was not permitted to confront those who testified him. Ramon Blanco received the Preliminary Investigation on Nov. Jose Rizal. The Spanish Military band play Marcha de Cadiz. Dr. Augustinian Cura of Tondo on August 19. In their stopover at Suez Canal. 3. 26. On Oct. Testimonial and Documentary evidence supported his case. 3. but regret the same. and on August 30. he was one day late. Regidor and Sixto Lopez instructed English Lawyer Hugh Fort to file a case of writ of habeas corpus.   2 . Rizal was given a hundred list of names to choose his defense counsel. Camilo de Polavieja. Gov. From here. Ramon Blanco to declare state of war in the eight provinces for rising arms against Spain. he was accorded courteously by guards. Rizal was transferred to Fort Santiago with heavy guards. he will board Isla de Luzon going to Spain. Rizal. He boarded Espana in traveling from Dapitan to Dumaguete (Negros Oriental). On Nov. Later on. which force Gov. Colon was full of soldiers and their families. Colon reached Manila and Spanish is rejoicing for additional reinforcements.26.    15th Meeting        RIZAL LAST HOMECOMING In Colon. On Nov. revolutionist led by Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto led the attacked at San Juan. and Rizal became the subject of 5-day investigation. he boarded Isla de Panay and it has stop over at Singapore. 2. he was transferred to cruiser Castilla by order of Gov. Jose Rizal volunteered his services as physician attached to the Spanish medical corps in Cuba. The Spanish spectator when Rizal was executed shouted Viva Espana! Death to the Traitors. and appointed Capt. 2) He should be kept in prison 3)an order of attachment to the amount of one million should be issued against his property 4) he should be defended in court by military/ army officer and not by civilian lawyer. Originally. 6. Capiz and Romblon. Francisco Olive. a bad news from a passenger informed him of his arrest (Sept. He was now under the authority of military commanader Gen. Cebu. Rizal was informed of the revolution in the Philippines because of the newspapers from Madrid. 30. blaming him for it. Ramon Blanco. The plot push through known as “Cry of Balintawak on Aug. The Letter of introduction was merely a coded telegrams. the ship Captain Alemany informed him that he should stay in cabin unless further orders from Manila. While rejoicing.