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Day 0: Wednesday (February 19) 1am onwards 7:30am 7:30am-9am



9am-12nn 12nn-1pm 1pm-3pm 3pm-5pm 5pm-7pm 7pm-9pm 9pm-11pm 11pm-5am Day1: Thursday (February 20) 5am-6am 6am-6:30am 6:30am-9am 9am-12nn 9am-9:25am 9:25am-9:35am 9:35am-9:40am 9:40am-9:45am 9:45am-9:55am 9:55am-10:05am 10:05am-11:05am 11:05am-11:10am 11:10am-11:55am 11:55am-12:00am 12nn-1pm 1pm-1:20pm 1:20pm-6pm 6pm-6:30pm 6:30pm-8:30pm 8:30pm-11pm

Pick up REOs, Workcomms Arrival Breakfast Check in Freshen up Physical set up-RAL/RNAL LUNCH Final Set Up/Checking--------Sorting of Kits, Certis, Practice of Scripts, etc. Actual Dry Run (Go to respective designations, AOR) Final Meeting/Review Concerns DINNER/Freshen Up Practice for Performance Sleeping Time

Tatay Manny



Dress up (SGV Shirt) Go to registration Area REGISTRATION (putting CERTIS in chairs) Morning Program Assembly Opening Prayer/National Anthem Introduction AVP Opening Remarks Membership Presentation SGV Talk (awarding after) *certis for delegates are there beforehand* Wrap up; Break Deloitte Talk Runthrough of Events (for the first day) House rules be observed!!!!! LUNCH Seminar (P&A) (Mockboard Area) Mockboard/Doodle and The Mode for RNAL Preparation for beach serenade Dinner Summer Party/Meeting de Avance

Head: Jeck/Tabz WC: RJ, Pichy,& Cloyd) Ychan, Jonnel, MC: James Lumba Heads: elthon and Ferr, Ken RJ, Pich, Cloyd AJ James AJ Zheena Echo AJ for certis, tabs for Tokens

ACAD TEAM Acad/NonAcad Team

MC:RJ & Zhee/ Salcedo

The start of Non Acad events Elections In charge Acad Team Acad Team Elthon. kain na ang acad team.Notes to Day 0 and Day 1 *Walang sabay kumain between acad and non acad. Dad. REOs) White for Aspirants. kain na dapat yung non acad commiittees *along preparation of beach serenade. Isla. 2014 5am-6am 6am-7am 8am-11:30am 11:30 11:30 8pm-8:15pm 8. RJ (Assist the Topnothers) SINO DITO? Dad AJ Echo *Morning: Corpo Attire (Aspirants RSCs. * Day 2 Friday February 21..15pm-8:30pm 8:30pm-8:35pm 8:35pm-8:40pm 8:40pm-8:45pm 8:45pm-8:50pm 8:50pm-8:8:55pm 8:55pm-9:10pm 9:10pm-9:15pm 9:15pm ONWARDS Activities Dress up Breakfast Preparation for MockBoards Mock Boards Debate Testimonial Dinner Introduction of Topnotchers AVP Top10 Top8 Top7 Top6 Top3 Open Forum TOAST AVP feat. Black for REOs and RSCs *ROY JAMES: Get the numbers of Topnotchers *AJ: In charge of Certis (Testi) *TABZ: Toke ns (Testi) . Joba (Adjudicator) Hell (host). committees *while mock board.

search the oldest alumni . MOLCP. f. 2014 6am-7:30am 7:30am-11:30am 12:30pm 1pm-5pm 5pm-7pm 7pm onwards Activites Dress up & Breakfast Playoffs Assembly for Palarong JPIAn Palarong JPIAn Preparation for Masquerade Awarding1 Proclamation of the New Set of Officers Party Party In Charge Ferrs Team . (IC: Renzel) *Flash mob of REOs shall take place. a. e. b. *Before Play offs. Matt (QM) VPComm. Elthonn Renzel and the Aspirants Elthonn *Attire: Deloitte Shirts for REOs only. 1.Day3 Saturday February 22. ACAD TEAM should have taken their BFast already *Head per station in Palarong JPIan shall be the Aspirants. d. MOJ) Messages (From Jeck to Ferr and then Zheena) *RJ: Get Testimonials from Alumni. c. Awarding CINEJPIA Special Awards Intermission King and Queen of the Night Major Awards (MOLC.

Day 4 Sunday February 23. Adri James (MC) *Attire: ARC Shirt *NOTE: There shall be clarifications regarding the COMPUTATION of the OVER ALL CHAMPION. based system shall be used. Awarding *NOWI: Certis *AJ: AVP featuring THANK YOU *Elthon/Ferr: Awards *Ken: Over all . The highest pointer in either acad or non acad shall be the basisi for computation of the next highest. (After runthrough) *Points from the participation should not exist the points from being the champion. Cloyd. *Ken: Take charge of getting the results. thus. 2014 6am-6:30am 7am-8am 8am-10am 10am-12nn Activities In Charge Preparation for Check out Breakfast Check out Awarding2 Jeck. 2.