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AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Obvius, LLC

Installation and Operation Manual

Model A7801 Date Jun 21, 2010

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Cop ri!"t In#or$ation

Copyright 2003 - 2010 by Obvius Obvius and AcquiLite are trademar s o! Obvius "oldings ##$
Other brand and produ$t names are trademar s or registered trademar s o! their respe$tive holders% U.S. Government Restricted Rights: &se' dupli$ation or dis$losure by the (overnment is sub)e$t to restri$tions set !ourth in subparagraph *a+ through *d+ o! the Commer$ial Computer ,estri$ted ,ights $lause at -A, .2%227-1/ 0hen appli$able' or subparagraph *$+ *1+ *ii+ o! the ,ights in 1e$hni$al 2ata and Computer 3o!t0are $lause at 2-A,3 2.2%227-7013' and in similar $lauses in the 4A3A -A, 3upplement%

Li$ited %arrant
O567&3 73 8,O67274( 1"73 9A,,A41: 74 #7;& O- A## O1";, ;<8,;33 O, 7M8#7;2 9A,,A417;3' 74C#&274( A4: 9A,,A41: O- M;,C"A41A57#71: O, -714;33 -O, A 8A,17C&#A, 8&,8O3;% 1"73 9A,,A41: 73 5&:;,=3 ;<C#&376; ,;M;2: -O, A## C#A7M3 A(A7431 O567&3% O567&3 3"A## 4O1 5; #7A5#; -O, A4: CO43;>&;417A# O, 74C72;41A# 2AMA(;3% O567&3=3 1O1A# #7A57#71: -O, A## C#A7M3 3"A## 5; #7M71;2 1O 1"; 8,7C; 8A72 -O, 713 8,O2&C1% Obvius promises buyer that any standard produ$t manu!a$tured by Obvius shall be !ree !rom all material de!e$ts in design' material' or manu!a$turing !or a period o! 2 years !rom the manu!a$ture date? provided' ho0ever' that the 0arranty shall not e@tend to ordinary 0ear and tear or to normally repla$eable $omponents *e%g%' batteries+% 2uring the 0arranty period' Obvius may repair or repla$e *in its sole dis$retion+ any produ$t su!!ering !rom a 0arranty de!e$t and returned !reight prepaid by buyer' 0ith no $harge to buyer !or any 0arranty repair or repla$ement% 1he 0arranty shall remain in !ull !or$e and e!!e$t !or su$h 2 year period' provided that the produ$tA *1+ 0as installed' operated' and maintained properly? *2+ has not been abused or misused? *3+ has not been repaired' altered' or modi!ied outside o! Obvius=s authoriBed !a$ilities? *C+ has not been sold sub)e$t to other 0arranty terms spe$i!ied at the time o! sale? and *.+ is still o0ned by the original pur$haser% 1his 0arranty provides spe$i!i$ legal rights that may be varied by state la0% Obvius=s produ$ts are not designed !or li!e or sa!ety appli$ations%

&roduct Application Li$itation

Obvius produ$ts are not intended !or use in $riti$al appli$ations su$h as nu$lear !a$ilities' human implantable devi$es or li!e support% Obvius is not liable' in 0hole or in part' !or any $laims or damages arising !rom su$h uses% Obvius strongly believes in $ontinuous improvement' there!ore 0e must reserve the right to $hange spe$i!i$ations and produ$t o!!erings 0ithout noti$e% 9here possible' 0e 0ill substitute produ$ts 0ith eDuivalent !un$tionality 0hen ne$essary%

'"is product is not intended #or li#e sa#et applications( Do not install t"is product in "a)ardous or classi#ied locations( '"e installer is responsible #or con#or$ance to all applicable codes(
*CC &art 1+ In#or$ation ,ote- '"is equip$ent "as been tested b t"e $anu#acturer and #ound to co$pl .it" t"e li$its o# a class A di!ital device, pursuant to part 1+ o# t"e *CC rules( '"ese li$its are desi!ned to provide reasonable protection a!ainst inter#erence ."en t"e equip$ent is operated in a co$$ercial environ$ent( '"is equip$ent !enerates, uses, and can radiate radio #requenc ener! and, i# not installed and used in accordance .it" t"e instruction $anual, $a cause "ar$#ul inter#erence to radio co$$unications( Operation o# t"is equip$ent in a residential area is li/el to cause "ar$#ul inter#erence in ."ic" case t"e user .ill be required to correct t"e inter#erence at "is o.n e0pense( Modi#ications o# t"is product .it"out t"e e0press aut"ori)ation o# Obvius nulli# t"is state$ent(

Obvius 1100 ,% 211t" 'errace 2illsboro, O3 45005 p"- +01670162044 ...(obvius(co$

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Table of Contents
Overvie0%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C 7nstallation Che$ list%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C "ard0are Overvie0%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%. A7801 -eatures and 3pe$i!i$ations%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%. ;le$tri$al Conne$tions%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%E "ard0are 7nstallation%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%E 5asi$ 4et0or Con!iguration%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%7 #aptopFComputer 3etup%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 A$Dui#ite Administration Overvie0%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ 3e$urity%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%10 #ogger%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%11 8ulse 7nputs - 3tatus%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%11 8ulse 7nput %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%13 8ulse 7nput ,ate $on!iguration%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%13 8ulse (rouping %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1C #ogger 3etup%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1C 4et0or ing%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1. 4et0or 3tatus%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1. ;thernet setup%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1. 1roubleshooting ;thernet 8roblems%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1E Modem 3etup%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1E Modem 888 2ialout%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1E ;@ample 2ialout to an 738 or ,A3%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1E Modem 888 2ialin%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%17 ;@ample 2ialin !rom a 9in/8FM; $omputer%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%17 ;@ample 2ialin !rom a 9in<8 $omputer%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%18 3ystem Options%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1/ 3tatus%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1/ 8ro$esses%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1/ 2ate and 1ime%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%1/ &niversal 1ime 7s :our -riend%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%20 3ystem logs%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%20 2iagnosti$s %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%21 Conne$tion 1est%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%21 #C2 Console%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%21 #og -ile 2ata%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%23 #og -ile 3tatus%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%23 #og -ile -ormat%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%23 #og 3torage Capa$ity%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2C &ploading data to the 5MO 0ebsite%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2C ,etrieving 2ata -rom the A$Dui#ite%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. "118 2ire$t !rom the A$Dui#ite%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. "118F8ost &pload 1o 5uilding Manager Online%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. "118F8ost &pload 1o :our 2atabase 3erver%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. ;nertra@ do0nload dire$t !rom the A$Dui3uite%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. ,emoving 2ata -rom the A$Dui#ite%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2. #in ing to A$Dui#ite 2evi$e 3tatus 8ages%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2E -irm0are &pdate%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2E

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

1he A$Dui#iteG data a$Duisition system is designed to allo0 o0ners and managers o! $ommer$ial and industrial !a$ilities 0ith a $ost-e!!e$tive means o! gathering $ru$ial in!ormation in a timely manner% 1o meet these reDuirements' the A$Dui#iteG system provides the installer 0ith all the tools ne$essary to install and $on!igure the hard0are and so!t0are 0ith a minimum o! time and investment%

Installation Checklist
An A$Dui#iteG system installation has the !ollo0ing $omponentsA ,eDuired hard0are
A$Dui#iteG A7801-1 2ata A$Duisition 3erver *reDuired+ 2ata $onne$tion *ethernet or phone line+% ;thernet Cat . $able *reDuired !or $onne$tion to e@isting #o$al Area 4et0or +? or ;thernet Cat . Crossover $able *reDuired !or dire$t laptop-to-A$Dui#ite $onne$tion+? or 8hone line and $ord *reDuired !or modem $onne$tion+

;@ternal hard0are
8ulse output transdu$ers !or measuring gas' ele$tri$ity' 0ater' et$% !rom e@isting meters and sensors%

Ma e sure to

obtain the pulse output s$ale' or multiplier !or ea$h devi$e you 0ill be using% 4e@t' $hoose one or more o! the !ollo0ing $onne$tion methods% -or #A4 installations onlyA
;thernet 10Mbit hal!-duple@ $onne$tion point *hub or s0it$h+ 78' 4etmas ' gate0ay' and 243 addresses *$he$ 0ith system administrator+ "118 8ro@y address *optional+' may be reDuired i! the A$Dui#ite is behind a !ire0all *$he$ 0ith system

administrator+ -or dialout installations onlyA *A$Dui#ite initiates a phone $all to your 738 or modem server+

8hone line 0ith dialtone% May be shared 0ith other devi$es su$h as a !a@ ma$hine% 8hone $ord !or $onne$tion to phone system 2ial out a$$ess pre!i@es' and long distan$e a$$ess $ode i! reDuired% *ie' dial / !or lo$al line+ 7nternet dialup a$$ount or Modem 3erver phone number *$he$ 0ith 738+ 1ime to dial% 7! phone line is shared' $hoose a time o! day 0hen other devi$es are not in use' su$h as Cam% A regular telephone !or line testing and diagnosti$s

-or dialin installations onlyA *A$Dui#ite re$eivesFans0ers a phone $all !rom your $omputer+

8hone line 0ith dialtone% Must be 4O1 shared 0ith other devi$es% *or use appropriate line sharing devi$e+ 8hone $ord !or $onne$tion to phone system% 1elephone number !or the phone line that the A$Dui#ite 0ill be atta$hed to% *so you $an $all the A$Dui#ite+ Ma e note o! the A$Dui#ite dialin 78F4etmas !or !uture use% A regular telephone !or line testing and diagnosti$s

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Hardware Overview
A7801 Features and Specifications
8ro$essor Memory #;2 Console #A4 Modem 8roto$ols 8o0er 3upply 7nterval ,e$ording 7nputs1 8ulse 7nputs ,2000 - 8bit embedded $pu' 22MhB% .12H !lash' .12 sram% C@ pulse input' C@ modem a$tivity' po0er' alive' ;thernet lin Fa$t 2 @ 1E #C2 *passive+' t0o pushbuttons 10base-1 ;thernet' hal! duple@ 6%3C bis' 33'E00 bps 1C8F78' 888' "118F"1M#' 418 /-1262C' .00mA' $lass 2 0all bri$ trans!ormer% 4orth Ameri$aA 110-1206AC' E0hB' primary% *standard' in$luded+ &ser sele$table 1-E0 minutes% 2e!ault 1. minute interval C pulse $ount inputs intended !or use 0ith dry $onta$t outputs% *$onsumptionFrateFruntimeFstatus+ 3tandard and H:I modes !or !orm A and C relay outputs Ma@imum rateA 10hB' minimum pulse 0idth .0ms Conta$t $losure thresholdA E00 1@ input intended !or use 0ith dry $onta$t output% 4orth Ameri$aA 7ndoor' temperature 0J - .0J$' 0 - /.K humidity' non-$ondensing% 8L @ /%2.L @ 2%.L

&tility syn$ input ;nvironmental 3iBe


inputs are intended !or lo0 voltage $lass 2 outputs%

i! the produ$t is used in a manner not spe$i!ied by the manu!a$ture' the prote$tion provided by the eDuipment may be impaired%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Electrical Connections

Hardware Installation
Step 1 - &npa$ materialsA ,emove all materials !rom shipping bo@ and veri!y all reDuired $omponents are available Step 2 - Mount the A$Dui#ite on the 0all or other appropriate lo$ation% Step 3 - Conne$t the pulse output devi$es% -or H:I pulse output meters' atta$h the normally-open $ir$uit to the A$Dui#ite% 1hese are usually the H and I terminals% 4oteA i! the meter is a true H:I meter *!orm C+ you must $he$ the yB $he$ bo@ in the pulse input $on!iguration page% 8lease re!er to the pulse input se$tion o! this do$ument !or !urther details% A spe$ial 3yn$ 7nput $onta$t $losure input is provided !or M;nd o! demand intervalM signal !rom the utility or other sour$e% 9hen this $onta$t is $losed' the A$Dui#ite 0ill immediately begin a log $y$le and re$ord data !or ea$h meter% &sing this pulse input 0ill override the log $y$le period option in the loggerFsetup $on!iguration page% 1he terminal blo$ and #;2 are labeled M3yn$ 7nputM in the ele$tri$al $onne$tions illustration above% 1he 3yn$ 7nput status #;2 0ill blin 0henever a $onta$t $losure is dete$ted on this input% Step 4 - 8o0er-up and diagnosti$sA A!ter po0er is applied' the green po0er light on the A$Dui#ite should $ome on and the #C2 display 0ill display a series o! diagnosti$ s$reens ending 0ith the !ollo0ing message on the #C2 display *this boot seDuen$e may reDuire up to 10 se$onds to $omplete+A AcquiLite Ready 1his indi$ates that the A$Dui#ite has loaded properly and is ready !or $on!iguration and $onne$tion to the net0or and sensors% 7! the Npo0erL light does not $ome on or the #C2 display does not $y$le to the above s$reen' veri!y that the po0er $ord is plugged in% 7! a!ter $y$ling the po0er the unit still does not po0er up *or i! an error message appears in the #C2 display+ $onta$t te$hni$al support%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

1he Alive #;2 should blin on$e per se$ond during normal operation% Conta$t $losure on pulse inputs 0ill $ause the red pulse status #;2s to blin % 6eri!y ea$h pulse input is !un$tioning properly by observing the pulse status #;2s%
A ive: 1he alive #;2 indi$ates the system is operating $orre$tly% !odem "RA the modem is being monitored or operated by the A$Dui#ite' o!! 0hen the modem is idle% 1his #;2

0ill be on 0hen a dialout $all is in progress' or 0hen dialin is enabled and 0aiting !or an inbound $all%
!odem #$: the modem has a $arrier $onne$tion to a remote system% !odem "%&R%: data is being sent or re$eived on the modem% 'thernet Lin(: 1he ethernet port is $onne$ted to another devi$e su$h as an ethernet hub' or a $omputer 0ith a

$rossover $able%
'thernet Activit)A 1his yello0 #;2 blin s 0hen net0or pa$ ets are sent or re$eived via the ;thernet port% *u se 1+4: pulse input status' #;2 is on 0hen $onta$ts are $losed%

Step , + 7! all devi$es are $onne$ted properly' it is no0 time to $onne$t the server to the net0or or phone line !or remote reporting and $on!iguration% 4oteA -or normal operation' the program Oumper must be positioned to the right% *a0ay !rom the 8rogramming Conne$tor+% 1he programming $onne$tor is a standard 25/ ,3232 serial port' and is only used to update the !irm0are in the A$Dui#ite% 8lease re!er to the -irm0are &pdate se$tion o! this manual !or !urther in!ormation%

Basic Network Configuration

Step 1 - 2etermine the 78 addressing needsA 1he 78 address o! the A$Dui#iteG server $an be implemented using one o! three methods% Che$ 0ith the net0or administrator to determine 0hi$h method applies% -or phone installations' use Mdire$t $onne$tion to laptopM to allo0 initial $on!iguration%
3tati$ 78 address - this is a !i@ed 78 address 0hi$h is assigned by a net0or administrator and Nhard-$odedL into the

A$Dui#ite? or
2ire$t $onne$tion bet0een the A$Dui#ite and a single temporary $omputer su$h as a laptop% *primary $onne$tion

0ill be dialin or dialout by modem+ :ou 0ill need the !ollo0ing in!ormation !rom your net0or administratorA 1he addresses 0ill be in the !orm o! NPPP%PPP%PPP%PPPL+' 0here NPL re!ers to the numbers 0 to /% 4et0or Address 9or sheetA St-tic .* Address 78 addressA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ 4etmas A QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ (ate0ayA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ 243 serverA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ 243 serverA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ "118 8ro@y QQQQQQQQQQQQQ pro@y server portA QQQQQQ $irect #onnection to L-ptop 78 AddressA 1/2%1E8%C0%CC 4etmas A 2..%2..%2..%0 (at0ayA 1/2%1E8%C0%1 243A 70%//%203%E2 "118 8ro@yA Rblan S *!a$tory de!ault settings+

Step 2 - Con!igure the 78 address as sele$ted !rom the table above% -or 2ire$t Conne$tion to #aptop' the address settings above are set as the !a$tory de!ault' and you may be able to s ip to the M#aptopFComputer 3etupM se$tion i! the !a$tory de!ault settings are present% 1o begin $on!iguration' ma e sure that the server displays the start s$reenA AcquiLite Ready 7! this s$reen does not appear on the #C2 display' press and hold the menu *top+ button on the server !or several se$onds and the message should appear%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

1o $hange the 78 address to the stati$ address assigned by the net0or administrator' do the !ollo0ingA A% 8ress the menu *top+ button on$e to get the 1C8F78 $on!iguration menu [Main Menu] TCP/IP Config /. 8ress the sele$t *bottom+ button on$e to get the 78 $on!ig menuA [TCP/IP Config] IP Address #. 8ress the sele$t button again to see the 78 address menuA [IP Address] $. At this point' the $ursor on the display 0ill be blin ing on the !irst number in the 78 address on the se$ond line% '. 1o $hange the number' press the menu *top+ button and the display 0ill $y$le through the digits 0-/ as 0ell as N%L% On$e the $orre$t digit is displayed' press the sele$t *lo0er+ button to advan$e to the ne@t digit and repeat the pro$ess until all the digits are $orre$t% 0% On$e the 78 address on the server mat$hes the assigned 78 address' press the sele$t *bottom+ button on$e more to return to the main 1C8F78 menu% Step 3 + 3et the 4etmas ' gate0ay' and 243 server address as noted in the $hart M4et0or Address 9or sheetM sho0n above by repeating steps A-;% 1he only $hange is that a!ter 3tep 5' press the menu *top+ button multiple times to see the netmas setup menu' then push the sele$t button to set the option% Step 4 + A!ter the address in!ormation has been set' the $hanges ta e e!!e$t immediately%

Laptop/Computer Setup
Step 1 - :ou must have a $omputer to a$$ess and $on!igure the A$Dui#ite% 1his $omputer must have an ethernet $onne$tion *on the #A4 or by dire$t $onne$tion+ and must have a 0eb bro0ser installed su$h as 7nternet ;@plorer or 4ets$ape%

4oteA 7! your building already has an e@isting #A4 that the A$Dui#ite is atta$hed to' you $an use that e@isting $omputer on that #A4% Che$ 0ith your net0or administrator !or details% 7! this option is available' use that $omputer and s ip to step 10 belo0%

1he remainder o! this se$tion 0ill assume the installer has brought a laptop to the site' and 0ill $onne$t the laptop to the building #A4' or dire$tly to the A$Dui#ite% Atta$h the laptop to the A$Dui#ite or #A4 as sho0n in !igure E' ;thernet hoo up%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Step 2 - Atta$h the #aptop to the A$Dui#ite or to the #A4% 7! the #aptop is to be atta$hed to an e@isting #A4' use a standard *dire$t+ ethernet pat$h $able% 7! the #aptop is to be atta$hed dire$tly to the A$Dui#ite as sho0n in the se$ond !igure' use an ethernet MCrossoverM $able% 7! the #aptop is to be atta$hed to an e@isting #A4' obtain a stati$ 78 address *or use 2"C8 addressing+ !rom the net0or administrator% St-tic .* Address 1or the -ptop 3pe$i!y an 78 address 78 addressA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ 4etmas A QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ $2#* $irect #onnection to L-ptop Obtain an 78 address automati$ally% 78 AddressA 1/2%1E8%C0%1 *All other reDuired settings are assigned 4etmas A 2..%2..%2..%0 by the 2"C8 server+ *A$Dui#ite !a$tory de!ault settings+

Step 3 - Con!igure the laptop 78 address using the !ollo0ing steps% 4oteA Only M3 9indo0s is detailed belo0' ho0ever you $an use any O3F5ro0ser you 0ish su$h as Ma$O3 or #inu@% 2etails on net0or setup !or non-0indo0s operating systems is beyond the s$ope o! this do$ument ho0ever% A% -rom the 9indo0s start menu' sele$t the M3ettingsFControl 8anelM option% 2ouble $li$ the net0or i$on in the displayed 0indo0% 4oteA 7! you are using 9indo0s 2000 or 9indo0s <8' sele$t the =#o$al Area= $onne$tion i$on in the net0or !older' then $li$ the M8ropertiesM button% 5% 7n the net0or setup dialog' there should be a list o! items in$luding adapters' $lients and proto$ols% #o$ate the proto$ol labeled M1C8F78M% 4oteA 7! you have multiple ethernet $ards' you may have multiple lines labeled M1C8F78 --T ethernet $ardM% #o$ate the ethernet $ard that $orresponds to the physi$al $onne$tion to the A$Dui#ite and then sele$t the 1C8F78 option that is lin ed 0ith that ethernet $ard%

C% 2ouble $li$ the 1C8F78 option you sele$ted in step 5 above% An e@ample is sho0n in !igure 8 above% 3et the 78 and 4etmas !rom !igure 7 *laptop net0or address 0or sheet+ above% 7t 0ould be help!ul to ma e note o! your previous settings in this dialog so you may set them ba$ a!ter you are done 0ith the A$Dui#ite Con!iguration% 2% Close the 1C8F78 settings dialog' and 4et0or dialog% 7! you are using 9indo0s /.' /8' or M;' you 0ill be reDuired to reboot your $omputer%

AcquiLite Administration Overview

1he A$Dui#ite should no0 be available on the lo$al area net0or !or you to a$$ess using a 0eb bro0ser su$h as 7nternet ;@plorer or 4ets$ape% Step 1 - &se your 0eb bro0ser to $onne$t to the A$Dui#ite by entering httpAFF1/2%1E8%C0%CCFsetupF 9here 1/2%1E8%C0%CC is the 78 address displayed on the on the A$Dui#ite #C2 display% Step 2 - 9hen prompted' use the !ollo0ing de!ault login in!ormation #oginA admin 8ass0ordA admin Step 3 - :our 0eb bro0ser should no0 display the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration menu% 1o the le!t' a list o! $on!iguration options are available% On the right' a spe$i!i$ $on!iguration page 0ill be sho0n% 1he !irst page is a 0el$ome message 0ith some system status in!ormation% 8ro$eed 0ith the $on!iguration o! the A$Dui#ite using your 0eb bro0ser%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Step 4 3 7n the le!t side menu' under the a$$ounts se$tion' sele$t the Admin a$$ount' and $li$ =Change 8ass0ord=% All units are shipped 0ith the same !a$tory de!ault pass0ord' and it should be $hanged to prevent un0anted a$$ess% Step , + ;@pand the 4et0or ing option' and sele$t setup% 6eri!y the addresses are $onsistent 0ith those in the M4et0or Address 9or sheet%M Step 4 + 3ele$t the 8ulse7nputF3etup menu option% 3pe$i!y the 3ystem #oop 4ame% 1his 0ill be$ome the name o! the A$Dui#ite% 1his is the name that 0ill appear on the 5MO 0ebsite servi$e *i! subs$ribed+% 3pe$i!y the data logging period% 1he de!ault is 1. minutes% Step 5 3 2e$ide upon a method o! data trans!er% *see se$tion later in this do$ument+ % 7! you sele$t the "118F8ost method to send data to the 5MO 0ebsite' you $an $on!igure this by sele$ting the #og-ile2ataF 3etup&pload page% A% Ma e note o! the A$Dui#ite serial number% 5% 3ele$t upload options as needed !or time o! day to upload the data and retry $ontrol% C% 3pe$i!y the M1arget address to upload data%M 1his is the 0ebsite address 0here the A$Dui#ite 0ill send the $olle$ted data% 7! you have an in-house data $olle$tion servi$e' you should enter the address o! your data server in this !ield% Obvius also provides a servi$e $alled 5uilding Manager Online that $an $olle$t and report data !or you% 7! you are using the 5MO servi$e' the target address to upload data should be set to httpAFF000%buildingmanageronline%$omFupload%php 2% 9hen $on!iguring the A$Dui#ite to send data to the 5MO site or your o0n data $olle$tion server' the A$Dui#ite 0ill authenti$ate itsel! 0ith the server by using the serial number and a pass0ord% 1his pass0ord must be supplied here' and $an be obtained 0hen you subs$ribe !or the 5MO servi$e' or by your database administrator% ;% Cli$ MApplyM to save your $hanges% 7! you sele$t a manual trans!er method' remove *blan out+ the target address in the #og-ile2ataF3etup&pload page%

1he A$Dui#ite has one level o! se$urity% On$e logged in' a user may $hange any o! the A$Dui#ite settings% % 9hen using a bro0ser to a$$ess the A$Dui#ite' basi$ http authenti$ation is used to prompt your bro0ser !or a username and pass0ord% 1he admin a$$ount uses NadminL as the de!ault pass0ord% 1o $hange the pass0ord' sele$t the A$$ounts menu !rom the le!t side tree display% Cli$ the NChange 8ass0ordL button to set a ne0 pass0ord !or the sele$ted a$$ount%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Pulse Inputs Status
1he pulse input listing page provides a vie0 o! all the data points that are present in the A$Dui#ite% 1hese are grouped by the pulse input' numbers 1 through C% 1he !ollo0ing s$reen shot sho0s this grouping%

-or ea$h pulse input' there are !ive data points% 1hese are as !ollo0sA
Consumption% 1his value is updated 0hen a ne0 pulse is $ounted by the A$Dui#ite% ,ate o! $onsumptionA average rate during the log interval% -or 0h' this is the blo$ demand% 1his value is updated at

the end o! the logging interval%

,ate instantaneousA the instantaneous rate based on ho0 !ast the last . pulses arrived% 1his value is updated 0hen a ne0

pulse is $ounted by the A$Dui#ite% 1his point may be invalid i! no pulses 0ere $ounted during the log interval%
,ate MinimumA minimum instantaneous rate observed during the log interval% 1his value is updated at the end o! the

logging interval% 1his point may be invalid i! no pulses 0ere $ounted during the log interval%
,ate Ma@imumA ma@imum instantaneous rate observe during the log interval% 1his value is updated at the end o! the

logging interval% 1his point may be invalid i! no pulses 0ere $ounted during the log interval%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

1o $on!igure a pulse input' $li$ the $on!igure button at the bottom o! the page% 1he page 0ill be redra0n 0ith options !or alarm and pulse $on!iguration%

3et the alarm levels as needed% 7! both lo0 and high alarms are Bero' no alarm 0ill be $he$ ed% Che$ the N$onsoleL $he$ bo@ !or data points that should be presented on the A$Dui#ite #C2 s$reen% 4ames and values o! these data points 0ill be s$rolled about every ten se$onds on the #C2%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Pulse Input
Cli$ the NCon!igure 8ointL button to the right o! the pulse input $onsumption point as sho0n in the previous image%

7n this $on!iguration page' you may set the n-me o! the pulse input% 1his 0ill allo0 you to give the data point a name that represents the !un$tion o! the meter% NMain 5uilding 8o0erL !or e@ample% 1he mu tip ier is used to $onvert the pulses to engineering unit data% -or e@ample' i! your meter provides one pulse per 0%01H9"' then a multiplier o! 0%01 is reDuired% ;a$h model o! po0er meter is di!!erent and has a di!!erent multiplier% :ou must obtain the $orre$t pulse multiplier !rom the meter manu!a$turer prior to $on!iguring the A$Dui#ite% 3ome po0er meters have an option to $on!igure the multiplier% Options o!ten in$lude 1' 0%1' 0%01' 0h per pulse% 1he best method to $on!igure the pulse is to sele$t the smallest multiplier available' $onsidering the ma@imum load and pulse rate% 1o $al$ulate the pulse rate'use the !ollo0ing !ormulaA pulses per se$ond U H9 3E00 multiplier% -or e@ample' i! you have a meter on a 100H9 load and a multiplier o! 0%01 0hFp 100H9 3E00 0%01 U 2%7 pulses per se$ond% 1he A$Dui#ite $an $ount pulses at speeds o! 10 pulses per se$ond' ho0ever it is best to s$ale the pulse multiplier to that one pulse per se$ond is the ma@imum rate% Counting pulses at a higher rate than 10 pulses per se$ond 0ill $ause the A$Dui#ite to miss pulses% 1he A$Dui#ite $an $ount a ma@imum o! 2V32 *C%2/. billion+ pulses% At a rate o! . pulses per se$ond' the A$Dui#ite $ounter 0ill roll over in appro@imately 27 years% 4eedless to say' rollover should never be an issue% 1he 678 option' 0hen $he$ ed' 0ill $ause the A$Dui#ite to $ount both the leading and trailing edge o! the pulse% 5y de!ault' this option is un$he$ ed' and only $onta$t $losures are $ounted% *not $onta$t openings+% 7! you have a true H:I meter' ea$h opening is $ounted as a pulse' and ea$h $losure is another pulse% -or !urther details on H:I meters' please revie0 the te$hnote on the topi$ at 000%obvius%$om% 1he Units !ield is used to $on!igure the engineering units !or this input% e%g% H9"' (allons' Cubi$ -eet' et$%

Pulse Input !ate confi"uration

A se$ond NCon!ig 8ointL button is present ne@t to the pulse rate data point% 1his option 0ill allo0 you to $on!igure the unit o! measure !or the ,ate point' as it pertains to the $onsumption point% -or most units o! measure' the rate is automati$ally $al$ulated and this option 0ill not be present% -or e@ample' i! the $onsumption is measured in H9"' the rate 0ill be H9% 1o $on!igure this option' $li$ the Con!ig 8oint button% :ou may sele$t a rate Nper minuteL or Nper hourL to $orre$tly s$ale the measure% 1hus' i! your $onsumption units are NgallonsL' the rate 0ill be Ngallons per minuteL%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

*u se Grouping
1he A$Dui#ite has the ability to tra$ related pulse inputs !rom H9" and H6A," meters% 1o enable this' $he$ the group option in the #oggerFsetup page% 1he !ollo0ing $hange 0ill be sho0n in the 8ulse 7nput W status page%

4oti$e that there are no0 !our ne0 data points a!ter pulse inputs one and t0o% 1he A$Dui#ite 0ill $al$ulate the !ollo0ing based on the t0o points in the group%
Apparent 8o0er *demand+A 1he apparent po0er is $al$ulated at the end o! the logging interval' that sho0s the average

H6A during that period%

Apparent 8o0er *instantaneous+A 1he instantaneous apparent po0er is $al$ulated the same 0ay as the demand value'

ho0ever the instantaneous rate points are used in the $al$ulation% 1his point is updated every time a ne0 pulse arrives at the A$uDi#ite inputs% 1his point may be invalid i! no pulses 0ere $ounted on either input during the log interval%
8o0er -a$tor *demand+A 1he po0er !a$tor is $al$ulated at the end o! the logging interval' that sho0s the average during

that period%
8o0er -a$tor *instantaneous+A 1he instantaneous po0er !a$tor is $al$ulated the same 0ay as the demand value' ho0ever

the instantaneous rate points are used in the $al$ulation% 1his point is updated every time a ne0 pulse arrives at the A$uDi#ite inputs% 1his point may be invalid i! no pulses 0ere $ounted on either input during the log interval% 4oteA 0hen $on!iguring the pulse inputs in a group' the H9" pulse input must be atta$hed to input one or three' and the H6A," pulse input must be atta$hed to input t0o or !our%

Lo""er Setup
Seri- 9umber: 1his is the &niDue serial number o! the A$Dui#ite% 7t is also used as the ;threnet MAC address% 1he 3erial 4umber is used in all log !ile des$riptors 0hen uploaded to a $entral database 0ebsite su$h as 5MO%
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S)stem 9-me: 1his is the name o! the A$Dui#ite% 1his name 0ill be present on all log !ile des$riptors 0hen uploaded to a $entral database 0ebsite su$h as 5MO% 7t is help!ul to name the A$Dui#ite based on the physi$al lo$ation o! the system' or building% Log .nterv- : 1his option sets the log interval !or the A$Dui#ite% Options range !rom on$e per minute to on$e per hour% All o! the sele$tions are evenly divisible by one hour% 1he A$Dui#ite $al$ulates the ne@t log time by !inding the ne@t multiple o! the log period past the start o! the hour% -or e@ample' i! the log period is 1. minutes' log readings 0ill be ta en at 0' 1.' 30 and C. minutes past the hour% 1he log period is not $al$ulated based on N1. minutes a!ter the last readingL 9hen the A$Dui#ite is !irst started' it 0ill ta e an initial reading immediately% -ollo0ing that' the ne@t log reading 0ill be $al$ulated as a multiple o! the log period a!ter the hour% 1he initial reading is ta en to allo0 the A$Dui#ite to gather in!ormation !or meters that reDuire demand $al$ulations' as 0ell as provide a$$urate in!ormation starting 0hen the A$Dui#ite is booted% .nst-nt-neous c- cu -tion histor): 5y de!ault' the A$Dui#ite $al$ulates the instantaneous rate o! $onsumption based on ho0 long it too !or the last . pulses to be $ounted% :ou $an $hange this to $al$ulate based on the last 2 to 20 pulses% 3etting this to a smaller number $auses the instantaneous rate to )ump around in value more than a larger number% Group 6:h&6;ARh inputs 1 -nd 2' *and 3XC+A point 1U 0h' point2U varh' $al$ulate va' and po0er !a$tor !or the =group=% -or !urther details' see the previous se$tion on point groups% $emo !odeA 9hen $he$ ed' the A$Dui#ite 0ill generate pulses internally' and blin the pulse input #;2s% 1his is use!ul !or demonstrating the A$Dui#ite to a $ustomer' or $reating log data to revie0 the log !ile !ormats% 1his option should not be enabled in devi$es that are deployed as 0or ing units%

#etwor$ Status
1his page displays the $urrent status o! the A$Dui#ite net0or $onne$tions% 1he basi$ net0or address and netmas 0ill be sho0n !or both the ethernet $onne$tion and 888 $onne$tion% 7! the A$Dui#ite has not made a 888 $onne$tion' the 888 address and gate0ay 0ill be Bero% Other0ise it 0ill sho0 the value o! the $urrent or last $onne$tion% Gateway address: DNS: Interface table: # + 0 6 I addr. +++++++++++++++ !as" +++++++++++++++ 2,,.2,,.2,,.0 2,,.2,,.2,,.2,, #$ +++ yes n) %y$e !%# &la's eer(r)*ter +++++ ++++ ++++++ +++++++++++++++ et600 . $$$ 600

Et%ernet setup
1he ethernet setup page has the !ollo0ing optionsA
78 AddressA 1he ip address o! the ethernet inter!a$eA 2e!ault 1/2%1E8%C0%.0 4etmas A 1he netmas o! the ethernet net0or % 2e!ault 2..%2..%2..%0 (ate0ay AddressA 1he gate0ay is the routing devi$e that moves tra!!i$ !rom the #A4 to the internet% 1he de!ault is

1/2%1E8%C0%1% 7! you do not have an internet $onne$tion !or your lan' or you are using a $rossover ethernet $able' leave this !ield blan %
243A 1his is the 243 server address% 7! you are using a dialout $onne$tion' these 0ill be overridden by the address

provided by your dialup isp% 7! you only use the A$Dui#ite on a $rossover $able andFor dialin mode' you should leave these blan %
"118 8ro@y% 7! your #A4 is $onne$ted to the internet using a sophisti$ated !ire0all' you may need to use the "118

pro@y !eature% Che$ 0ith your #A4 administrator !irst' ho0ever i! you don=t have a pro@y set on your $omputer *M37;F1oolsFConne$tions-tabF#A4-3ettings+ then you most li ely don=t need to $on!igure the A$Dui#ite to use a pro@y% 7! in doubt' leave this blan !irst' and try the $onne$tion test% 7! it !ails' as your #A4 administrator about pro@y servers' i! any%
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A!ter $hanging any o! the settings on this page' you 0ill be reDuired to reboot the A$Dui#ite &se the systemFstatus 0eb $on!iguration page' or the #C2 $onsole to reboot the A$Dui#ite%

&rou'les%ootin" Et%ernet Pro'lems

A!ter re$on!iguring the ethernet settings you e@perien$e problems a$$essing the A$Dui#ite 0ith your 0eb bro0ser' $he$ the !ollo0ing items%
6eri!y that you rebooted the A$Dui#ite a!ter ma ing the $hanges to the net0or settings% &se the A$Dui#ite #C2 $onsole% Che$ the 78 address and 4etmas % 6eri!y these are $orre$t% 6eri!y the net0or $onne$tion in your $omputer has the proper 78 address' on the same subnet' to a$$ess the A$Dui#ite%

(odem Setup
1his $on!iguration option 0ill allo0 you to $on!igure spe$i!i$ !eatures in the modem i! needed% -or most appli$ations' the de!ault settings are o % 1he options are as !ollo0sA !odem t)peA multite$hA A Multi1e$h modem 0as dete$ted% *de!ault on all A7801 A$Dui#ite devi$es+ !odem SpeedA 3ele$t the ma@imum baud rate to use% On noisy phone lines' try setting this to 1C%C bps !or a more reliable $onne$tion% !odem setup stringA 1his option allo0s the use o! spe$ialiBed modem setup strings% 1he de!ault NA1L is su!!i$ient !or most appli$ations% Cli$ the Nuse de!aultL button to enter the de!ault setup string% Spe-(er ;o ume: 1his option sets 0hether the spea er is on or o!!%

(odem PPP )ialout

1he A$Dui#ite has a dialout !eature that 0ill allo0 the A$Dui#ite to pla$e an outboud $all and upload data to a $entral database server% 7! the dialout !eature is enabled' the dialout $onne$tion 0ill be initiated be!ore the data upload pro$ess is started% 2ialout $onne$tions allo0 the A$Dui#ite to $onne$t to a generi$ 888 server su$h as a ,A3 system' or an internet servi$e provider *A11 9orldnet' ;arthlin ' 4et$om' et$%+ 7nternet servi$es that reDuire $ustom so!t0are su$h as AO#' Ouno' and A11 (lobal are not supported% 1o test i! a dialup servi$e is supported' simply use the M3 9indo0s built in dialup-net0or ing !eature and attempt to establish a $onne$tion% 7! su$$ess!ul' the A$Dui#ite should 0or 0ith the servi$e% :ou may 0ish to test the dialup a$$ount phone number' username and pass0ord 0ith 0indo0s !irst to veri!y that the a$$ount 0or s $orre$tly% 'n-b e&$is-b e: turn on or o!! the ability to pla$e an outbound $all to an 738% 4ote' 0hen enabling this !eature' the de!ault gate0ay in the net0or setup 0ebpage is removed% :ou must reboot a!ter enabling or disabling dialout support to ma e the $hange ta e e!!e$t% *hone number to di- : 1his is the phone number to $all% A $omma $an be used to pause !or 1 se$ond' use!ul a!ter dialing / !or an outside line% Usern-meA the login or username o! the dialup a$$ount at your 738% *-ss<ordA 1he passo0rd !or the 738 a$$ount%

E*ample )ialout to an ISP or !AS

1he A$Dui#ite has the ability to pla$e phone $alls to a ,emote A$$ess 3erver *,A3+ or 738 in order to upload data that has been $olle$ted !rom the pulse output devi$es% 1his !eature is use!ul 0hen using the A$Dui#ite on a phone line 0ith the 5uilding Manager Online servi$e' or 0ith your o0n data $olle$tion server% 2ialout $on!iguration is not use!ul i! you do not have a $entral database server to send the data to% Step 1: Colle$t the ne$essary in!ormation% :ou 0ill need some details about the 738 or ,A3 you 0ill be $alling% $i- out server det-i s 2ialout pre!i@ and long distan$e a$$ess $ode *i! needed+ ie dial / !or an outside line QQQQQQ 738 or ,A3 telephone numberA QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 738 or ,A3 243 serverA QQQ%QQQ%QQQ%QQQ *optional+ 738 or ,A3 login name QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 738 or ,A3 pass0ord QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 2ialout 0or sheet

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Step 2: 8lug a regular telephone into the phone line that the A$Dui#ite is to use% 6eri!y the line has dialtone% Attempt dialing the 738 or ,A3 phone number' and $on!irm a modem ans0ers the phone% 7! so' hangup' atta$h the A$Dui#ite to the phone line and pro$eed to the ne@t step% Step 3: 3ele$t the 4et0or F8880FModem3etup option !rom the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0ebpage% 3et the Msetup stringM by $li$ ing on the Muse de!aultM button% 1he de!ault is simply NA1L% 3et the Mlimit $arrier speedM option to 33E00% 7! the phone line is noisy' and dialout $onne$tions are !ailing' you may 0ant to redu$e this setting% Cli$ apply $hanges to save the setting% Step 4: 3ele$t the 4et0or F8880F2ialout3etup option !rom the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0ebpage% 6eri!y the basi$ $on!iguration page is sho0n *the de!ault+% 7! the Nsho0 basi$L button is present in the lo0er right' $li$ it to redu$e the number o! $hoi$es to the !ollo0ing% A% 5% C% 2% Che$ the bo@ to enable dialout% ;nter the phone number in the spa$e provided% ;nter the login name and pass0ord to the isp dialup a$$ount in the spa$e provided% Cli$ Apply Changes to save the settings%

Step ,: 3ele$t the 4et0or F3etup option !rom the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0ebpage% 3et the 243 server*s+ to the addresses provided by your dialup 738 a$$ount provider% Cli$ the MApplyM button to save your $hanges% :ou 0ill be prompted to reboot the A$Dui#ite !or the $hanges to ta e e!!e$t% 1he 243 server address is reDuired !or dialup $onne$tions to be able to lo$ate the buildingmanageronline%$om 0ebsite !or data uploading% ,eboot the A$Dui#ite *using the systemFstatus page' or the $onsole pushbutton menu%+ Step 4: Use the Conne$tion 1est page in the 1estingF2iags menu on the A$Dui#ite !or a !ull report o! the dialout $onne$tion progress% ;ven i! you are not using the 5MO servi$e' you $an still test dialout 0ith this !eature% :ou may ho0ever re$eive an error that the A$Dui#ite is not allo0ed to trans!er data to the 5MO server% -urther in!ormation on the $onne$tion test is provided in the $onne$tion test se$tion o! this manual%

(odem PPP )ialin

1he A$Dui#ite is designed to allo0 in$omming $onne$tions !rom any generi$ 888 system in$luding Ma$O3' #inu@' 9indo0s /@' <8 and 2000% 1he dialin !eature is disabled by de!ault' and must be enabled !rom #C2 $onsole or the dialin options menu in order to re$eive $alls% 2ialin options in$lude the !ollo0ing% 'n-b edA Che$ this $he$ bo@ to enable dialin support% 9hen $he$ ed' the A$Dui#ite 0ill ans0er any ring on the phone line' a!ter the !irst ring% 7! not $he$ ed' the A$Dui#ite 0ill never ans0er a ring on the phone line% Loc- .* -ddress: 1his is the 78 address assigned to the A$Dui#ite side o! the dialin $onne$tion% 1his address is the one 0hi$h you must use on the $omputer in the 0eb bro0ser address line 0hen remotely a$$essing the A$Dui#ite 0ith a dialin $onne$tion% 1he de!ault is 1/2%1E8%238%1 Remote .* -ddress: 1his is the 78 address assigned to the $alling $omputer% 1he de!ault is 1/2%1E8%238%2 9etm-s(A 1he netmas that de!ines the subnet !or both the lo$al and remote ip addresses% 1he de!ault is 2..%2..%2..%0 &nless you have spe$i!i$ reDuirements' the de!ault 78' remote 78 and 4etmas should be su!!i$ient%

E*ample )ialin from a +in,8/(E computer

1he A$Dui#ite has the ability to re$eive and ans0er phone $alls !rom a 9indo0s $omputer in order to allo0 remote $on!iguration' or to $olle$t data that has been logged !rom the pulse output devi$es% 1his !eature is use!ul 0hen using the A$Dui#ite on a phone line and a $entral database server is not present% 1he dialin !eature 0ill support the 9indo0s builtin dialup net0or ing !eatures' and $an be used as easily as a dialup 738 servi$e% Step 1: Colle$t the ne$essary in!ormation% :ou 0ill need some details about the 738 or ,A3 you 0ill be $alling% $i- in det-i s A dedi$ate phone line is reDuired' and $an not be shared 0ith a !a@ ma$hine or other devi$e% 1elephone numberA QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ *the phone line the A$Dui#ite is atta$hed to+ 3tati$ 78 addressA 1/2%1E8%238%1 *the A$Dui#ite 888 78 address+ 3tati$ 4etmas A 2..%2..%2..%0 ,emote AddressA 1/2%1E8%238%2 *the 78 address assigned to the $alling $omputer+ Admin pass0ordA QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 2ialin Address 9or sheet%%
Page 17 A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Step 2: 8lug a regular telephone into the phone line that the A$Dui#ite is to use% 6eri!y the line has dialtone% &se a se$ond telephone and dial the A$Dui#ite phone number and veri!y the !irst telephone rings' and $an be ans0ered% 7! it does not ring' veri!y the telephone number dialed is a$tually asso$iated 0ith physi$al phone line% 7! the line tests o ' hangup' atta$h the A$Dui#ite to the phone line and pro$eed to the ne@t step% Step 3: 3ele$t the 4et0or F8880FModem3etup option !rom the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0ebpage% set the Msetup stringM by $li$ ing on the Muse de!aultM button% Cli$ apply $hanges to save the setting% Step 4: 3ele$t the 4et0or F8880F2ialin3etup option !rom the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0ebpage% A% Che$ the Mdialin enabledM option 5% 3et the 78' 4etmas ' and ,emote Address as sho0n in -igure / - 2ialin Address 9or sheet% 1he 78 addresses sho0n *!a$tory de!ault+ 0ill 0or !or most dialup $onne$tions% 7! you ma e $hanges to the 78 address' ma e note o! it !or !uture use% C% Cli$ MApplyM to save your $hanges% Step ,: 2ialing into the A$Dui#ite 0ith 9indo0sA A% -rom a 9indo0s /.F/8FM; $omputer' sele$t the 3tart Menu' and then sele$t the Control 8anel% 2ouble $li$ the Mdialup net0or ingM !older% 5% Cli$ MMa e a ne0 $onne$tionM C% 4ame the $onne$tion 0ith an appropriate name !or the A$Dui#ite% Cli$ 4e@t% 2% ;nter the phone number used to $all the A$Dui#ite as sho0n in the 2ialin Address 9or sheet% Cli$ 4e@t' then -inish% ;% 2ouble $li$ the ne0 $onne$tion i$on in the dialup net0or ing !older% -% 6eri!y the phone number is a$$urate (% ;nter NadminL as the login name' 9hen prompted' enter the pass0ord to the A$Dui#ite admin a$$ount% *de!ault is NadminL "% Cli$ 8roperties to sho0 a $on!iguration dialog !or the $onne$tion% 7% Cli$ the 4et0or tab' veri!y the dialup server type is M888M and the 1C8F78 proto$ol is the only item $he$ ed in the Mallo0ed proto$ols areaM O% Cli$ 1C8F78 8roperties' and veri!y the $onne$tion uses a server assigned 78 address% H% Cli$ OH to $lose this dialog% #% Cli$ the MConne$tM button to dialin to the A$Dui#ite% On$e the $onne$tion is established' use your 0eb bro0ser to $onne$t to the A$Dui#ite by entering httpAFF1/2%1E8%238%1FsetupF 9here 1/2%1E8%238%1 is the 3tati$ 78 address listed in the 2ialin Address 9or sheet% :our bro0ser 0ill no0 be able to a$$ess the A$Dui#ite the same 0ay as you did in the #A4F2ire$t Conne$tion setup in previous se$tions o! this manual%

E*ample )ialin from a +in-P computer

1he A$Dui#ite is designed to allo0 $onne$tions !rom any generi$ 888 system in$luding Ma$O3' #inu@' 9indo0s /@' <8 and 2000% 9e have !ound that 0indo0s <8F2000 has a timeout issue that a!!e$ts some $omputers but not others% 9hen $alling the A$Dui#ite 0ith 0indo0s <8F2000 you may re$eive an error message stating that a loopba$ error 0as dete$ted' pre$eded by 0indo0s hanging up promptly a!ter $onne$ting to the A$Dui#ite% 7! that is the $ase' a slight delay in the dial pro$ess !or 0indo0s 0ill $orre$t the problem% Adding this delay in a dial s$ript is detailed in steps P1 and P3 belo0% 7t is re$ommended that you test the dialout $on!iguration !irst 0ithout the delay s$ript !irst' and add it only i! reDuired% Step 1: =option- > &sing notepad' $reate a te@t !ile $alled N$AY0indo0sYsystem32YrasYA$Dui#ite%s$pL% 7n that te@t !ile' add the !ollo0ing s$ript $r)c /a0n delay 2 end$r)c 3ave and $lose the !ile Step 2: Create a 0indo0s net0or ing $onne$tion% A% -rom the $ontrol panel' sele$t 4et0or Conne$tions% Cli$ NCreate a ne0 $onne$tionL 5% 1he NConne$tion 9iBardL 0ill appear 0ith a 0el$ome s$reen and no options% Cli$ ne@t%
Page 18 A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

C% 2% ;% -%

3ele$t NConne$t to the internetL and $li$ ne@t 3ele$t N3et up my $onne$tion manuallyL and $li$ ne@t 3ele$t NConne$t using a dialup modemL and $li$ ne@t ;nter NMy A$Dui#iteL !or the 738 name% *you may 0ant to name ea$h A$Dui#ite $onne$tion by the name o! the building 0here it resides% + Cli$ ne@t% (% ;nter the phone number o! the phone line atta$hed to the A$Dui#ite% Cli$ ne@t% "% ;nter NadminL !or the username' and the admin pass0ord in the pass0ord !ield% &n$he$ the option NMa e this the de!ault internet $onne$tion%L Cli$ ne@t% 7% 1he $onne$tion 0iBard 0ill sho0 you that the setup is $omplete% Cli$ -inish% Step 3: =option- > Con!igure $onne$tion details% A% ,ight $li$ on the NMy A$Dui#iteL $onne$tion i$on you $reated in step 2 above% *you may also $li$ the properties button in the dialout dialog bo@% 5% (eneral 1abA de!aults are o % C% Options 1abA 6eri!y the option Nin$lude 0indo0s login domainL is not $he$ ed% 3et any timeout values i! desired% 2% 3e$urity 1abA 3e$urityA &se N1ypi$alL' allo0 unse$ured pass0ord% At the bottom o! the dialog bo@' in the se$tion N7ntera$tive #ogin and 3$riptingL% Che$ the N,un 3$riptL $he$ bo@% Cli$ the bro0se button belo0 the s$ript name% 3ele$t the A$Dui#ite%s$p !ile $reated in step one above% Cli$ the open button% 1he s$ript name should appear to the right o! the ,un 3$ript $he$ bo@% ;% 4et0or ing 1abA de!aults are o % -% Advan$ed 1abA de!aults are o % (% Cli$ O to save the $hanges% Step 4: A% 5% C% 2ial the $onne$tion% 2ouble $li$ the NMy A$Dui#iteL $onne$tion i$on% Complete the pass0ord !ield i! it is blan % 1he pass0ord is the Admin pass0ord o! the A$Dui#ite% Cli$ the dial button% 1he modem usually ta es bet0een C0 and E0 se$onds to establish a $onne$tion%

On$e the $onne$tion is established' use your 0eb bro0ser to $onne$t to the A$Dui#ite by entering httpAFF1/2%1E8%238%1FsetupF 9here 1/2%1E8%238%1 is the 3tati$ 78 address listed in -igure / - 2ialin Address 9or sheet% :our bro0ser 0ill no0 be able to a$$ess the A$Dui#ite the same 0ay as you did in the #A4F2ire$t Conne$tion setup in previous se$tions o! this manual%

!stem O"tions
1he system status page sho0s the $urrent memory and !lash dis utiliBation values' system up-time' battery status' and $urrent time%

1he system pro$ess table is sho0n in both tree and tabular !ormats% 1he pro$ess list is use!ul 0hen $onta$ting Obvius te$hni$al support%

)ate and &ime

1he A$Dui#ite eeps time using &1C or &niversal time% All log !iles are re$orded in &1C time as 0ell% 1imestamps sho0n on the A$Dui#ite lo$al $on!iguration pages are $onverted to lo$al time !or the $onvenien$e o! the installer% 1he dateFtime $on!iguration page provides the !ollo0ing options% $-te&time in &1C and #o$al time% &se the dropdo0n menu to set the time manually i! needed% *$li$ apply 0hen done+ "ime Server: 3pe$i!y the dns name or ip address o! your time server% 1he de!ault Ntime%obvius%$omL $an be used i! the A$Dui#ite has a $onne$tion to the 7nternet% 1he A$Dui#ite 0ill attempt to syn$hroniBe time 0ith the time server every time an upload session% 1his 0ill ensure that the $lo$ is $he$ ed and ad)usted at a minimum o! on$e per day% 1ypi$ally' the syn$hroniBation 0ill align the $lo$ to 0ithin X-1 se$ond o! the internet time sour$e or atomi$ $lo$ % :ou may need to

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

veri!y i! your !ire0all 0ill allo0 418 pa$ ets to pass through% (enerally' it is better to use a lo$al time server i! possible% 1he time server time%obvius%$om supports both 418 and ,date time proto$ols% 4oteA the A$Dui#ite only supports the 418 time proto$ol%

Univers- "ime .s 7our 0riend

#og data is stored in &1C time% 1his allo0s data $olle$tion servi$es su$h as 5MO to $olle$t data !rom multiple sites in di!!erent time Bones% 7! you are operating your o0n database system to store log data !rom the A$Dui#ite' it is best to store the data in &1C time in the database as 0ell' and only $onvert it to lo$al time 0hen generating the !inal report or graph !or the user% 7! you store data in #o$al time' you 0ill have the !ollo0ing issues% 1+ #o$al time is relative% 7s #o$al the time 0here the A$Dui#ite e@ists' or #o$al to 0here the data is stored% 7! lo$al to the A$Dui#ite' you must shi!t ea$h A$Dui#ite data set depending on its lo$ation% 2+ 1here are about 11 time Bones in the &3% 3ome observe 231' others do not% 1hese in$lude Alas a' Aleutian' AriBona' Central' ;astern' "a0aii' 7ndiana' Mi$higan' Mountain' 8a$i!i$' and 3amoa% 3+ 9hen $onverting to lo$al time' there 0ill be one hour o! overlapping data in the !all 0hen the time is ad)usted !or 2aylight 3avings time% ie' log entries run 12AC.' 1A00' 1A1.' 1A30' 1AC.' 1A00' 1A1.' 1A30' 1AC.' 2A00am% 1his 0ill prevent you !rom sorting your data by time in your database% C+ 7n the spring' you 0ill have a gap in the data !rom 1A./ to 3A00am% 1his $an $ause problems i! you are $al$ulating demand values based on $onsumption% .+ Converting #o$al time to any other timeBone usually involves $onverting it to &1C !irst% &sing &1C time solves these problems elegantly% 1he best pra$ti$e is to store data in the database in &1C !ormat and then $onvert the in!ormation 0hen generating a report !or the user% -or e@ample' i! you 0ish to dra0 a graph o! H9 over 1ime' prompt the user !or a date range' say Oan 1 midnight to Oan 2 midnight% 1a e the user spe$i!ied end points and $onvert these times !rom #o$al time to &1C% 4e@t' $reate an 3># Duery using the ne0 &1C !ormatted data as your sele$t statement% ieA 3;#;C1 Z !rom 1A5#; 0here time T =2003-01-01 08A00A00= and time [ =2003-01-02 08A00A00= 4ote the time is 8 hours ahead o! lo$al time% 1his e@ample is !or 8a$i!i$ 0hi$h is 8 hours o!! !rom &1C% 1his 0ill return a list o! data points bet0een the t0o spe$i!ied time ranges% 4e@t' plot the data on a graph' using the &1C times !or start and end points% #astly' 0hen dra0ing the =time= legend on the graph' $onvert the values ba$ to #o$al time be!ore displaying% 7e' 2003-01-01 00A00A00 to 2003-01-02 00A00A00% Any division lines on the time a@is $an be handled the same 0ay% 1he advantage o! using this te$hniDue is that it 0ill properly dra0 a graph a$ross 231 $hange boundaries% 1he graph a@is is based on &1C time 0ith no 231' and 0ill not sho0 a gap or overlap a the time o! the $hange% 1he a@is labeling 0ill be $orre$t as 0ell' mat$hing the &1C times pre$isely% Another 0ay to handle the $onversion is to Duery and $onvert all the returned timestamps to lo$al time be!ore dra0ing the graph% 1his is use!ul i! you do not have detailed $ontrol over the graph legend dra0ing pro$ess% 1his te$hniDue 0ill not properly graph a$ross 231 $hanges as the graph is based on lo$al time in$luding 231 $hanges%

S.stem lo"s
1he A$Dui#ite $an eep several log !iles that report the general operation o! the system' not related to the normal data logs% 1hese in$lude the !ollo0ingA
3ystem MessagesA A list o! system log messages related to the operation o! the A$Dui#ite% 1hese in$lude the upload log

messages' dialinFout' time $hanges' and any system errors that have o$urred%
#ogger Con!iguration -ileA 1his page allo0s you to vie0' in te@t !ormat' the $on!iguration options o! the system% 8ulse input $on!iguration !ileA 1his page allo0s you to vie0' in te@t !ormat' the $on!iguration options o! the pulse inputs% 8ulse log data *html+A 1his page 0ill allo0 you to vie0' in a 0eb page' all the stored pulse log data on the A$Dui#ite% 8ulse log data mb-001%log *e@port+ 1his page 0ill provide the pulse log data in te@t *$sv+ !ormat% :ou may need to

right-$li$ on the mb-001%log lin and sele$t Nsave target asL !rom the menu to save the log data to your $omputer hard dis % *urge Log 0i esA 1his button 0ill $lear all the system log !iles listed on this page' but not the meter data log !iles% *deletes ernel' boot' !tp' messages' upload log !iles+
Page 20 A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Connection &est
1he $onne$tion test page 0ill attempt to establish an "118 session 0ith the spe$i!ied upload server% Cli$ the Nbegin testL to start this pro$ess% 7n!ormation 0ill be printed in bla$ % 3u$$ess responses 0ill be printed in (reen' !ailure messages 0ill be printed in ,ed% A sample upload test !ollo0sA
N)te: #se t-e Syste/(Syste/1)' $a'e t) set t-e l)' re$)rt le2el t) Deb*' f)r /)re deta0led 0nf)r/at0)n. 32004+03+13 00:03:,934*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: Start0n' sess0)n: 20.04.0312b 32004+03+13 00:03:,934*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: 1)'f0le *$l)ad atte/$t 1 6/a7 38 started. 32004+03+13 00:03:,934*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: 9%% sess0)n trace enabled. 32004+03+13 00:03:,934*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: D0al)*t d0sabled4 c)nnect0n' by :t-ernet 1;N. 32004+03+13 00:03:,934*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nnect0)nDeta0ls: #$l)ad #=1 l))"s )"4 res)l20n' address f)r www.b*0ld0n'/ana'er)nl0ne.c)/ 32004+03+13 00:04:0234*$l)ad4IN&54Send;c>*010teStat*s: send0n' 0nf) t) re/)te ser2er. 32004+03+13 00:04:0234*$l)ad4IN&54%< <)nnect: c)nnect0n' t) ser2er at 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: &0n0s-ed read0n' data fr)/ re/)te -)st. 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: G)t: S#<<:SS 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54Send;c>*010teStat*s: ;c>*010te stat*s 0nf)r/at0)n was *$l)aded. 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54#$l)ad;ll1)'&0les: creat0n' l)' f0le t) *$l)ad 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54#$l)ad;ll1)'&0les: Start *$l)ad 3 rec)rds 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54%< <)nnect: c)nnect0n' t) ser2er at 32004+03+13 00:04:0334*$l)ad4IN&54SendData&0le: )r0'0nal l)' f0les0?e @ 2914 t)tal b)dys0?e @ 1479 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: &0n0s-ed read0n' data fr)/ re/)te -)st. 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: G)t: S#<<:SS 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54#$l)ad;ll1)'&0les: 3 1)' data rec)rds were *$l)aded s*ccessf*lly 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54#$l)ad;ll1)'&0les: &0n0s-ed f0le *$l)ad $r)ced*re. 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54Sync;ll<)nf0'&0les: Start0n' c)nf0' f0le sync w0t- re/)te ser2er. 32004+03+13 00:04:0434*$l)ad4IN&54%< <)nnect: c)nnect0n' t) ser2er at 32004+03+13 00:04:0,34*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nf0'!an0fest: f0n0s-ed send0n' /an0fest re>*est4 read0n' res*lt. 32004+03+13 00:04:0,34*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nf0'!an0fest: c)nf0' f0le l)''erc)nf0'.0n0 c-ec"s*/ /atc-. 32004+03+13 00:04:0634*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nf0'!an0fest: c)nf0' f0le /b+001.0n0 d0ffers 32004+03+13 00:04:0634*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nf0'!an0fest: l)cal f0le 0s newer by 31418 sec)nds. 32004+03+13 00:04:0634*$l)ad4IN&54Sync;ll<)nf0'&0les: =e/)te c)nf0'*rat0)n f0les are all)wed. 32004+03+13 00:04:0634*$l)ad4IN&54Get<)nf0'!an0fest: c)nf0' f0le /an0fest d)wnl)ad c)/$lete 32004+03+13 00:04:0634*$l)ad4IN&54%< <)nnect: c)nnect0n' t) ser2er at 32004+03+13 00:04:0734*$l)ad4IN&54Send<)nf0'&0le: Start *$l)ad /b+001.0n0 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: &0n0s-ed read0n' data fr)/ re/)te -)st. 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54=ead#$l)ad=es*lt: G)t: S#<<:SS 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54Send<)nf0'&0le: c)nf0' f0le *$l)aded s*ccessf*lly 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54Sync%0/e: adA*sted cl)c" dr0ft 0 sec)nds 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: #$l)ad $r)cess c)/$leted 0n 9 sec)nds 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: #$l)ad res*lts: 2 )"4 0 fa0l 32004+03+13 00:04:0834*$l)ad4IN&54 r)cess#$l)ad: Ne7t *$l)ad sc-ed*led f)r !ar 134 2004 0:12:08 #%<.

4ote in the last se$tion 0here 3&CC;33 is indi$ated% *highlighted in this e@ample !or $larity+%

LC# Console
1he A$Dui#ite has an #C2 $onsole and t0o push buttons labeled NmenuL and Nsele$tL% 1hese $an be used to $on!igure some o! the basi$ !eatures o! the A$Dui#ite% 1he intended purpose o! the $onsole is to $on!igure the A$Dui#ite to a point 0here a $omputer $an $ommuni$ate 0ith it !or !urther detailed $on!iguration% 9hen the A$Dui#ite is running' it 0ill sho0 NA$Dui#ite ,eadyL and the $urrent time alternated 0ith the ethernet 78 address% 7! you $hoose to enable the $onsole display o! data points' the #C2 0ill also sho0 the sele$ted point names and $urrent reading values% 1he display 0ill $hange to the ne@t listed item about on$e every 10 se$onds% 7! a data point name is longer than 0ill !it on the 1E $hara$ter 0ide display' it 0ill be s$rolled% 8ressing the sele$t button 0ill $ause the display to $hange to the ne@t $on!igured item% 8ressing the sele$t button Dui$ ly 0ill s ip through multiple display points% 8ressing the Menu button 0ill $ause the main menu to appear% On$e RMain MenuS is sho0n on the $onsole' the menu button 0ill $hange the menu option' and the sele$t button 0ill ta e a$tion on the $urrently displayed option% 3ome options provide sub menus' others allo0 you to edit the option value% 1he !ollo0ing is a tree display o! the main menu and sub menus% B!a0n !en*C %< (I <)nf0' B%< (I <)nf0'C I ;ddress Net/as"
Page 21 A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server


Gateway DNS Ser2er 6$re20)*s /en*8 BD0al)*tC D0al)*t 5n(5ff -)ne N*/ber #serna/e assw)rd 6$re20)*s /en*8


BD0al0nC D0al0n 5n(5ff 6$re20)*s /en*8 Data #$l)ad BData #$l)adC S-)w Ser0al# #$l)ad #=1 #$l)ad assw)rd =etr0es #$l)ad N)w 6$re20)*s /en*8 Syste/ BSyste/C Syste/ Na/e 1)' Inter2al De/) !)de S-)w &0r/ware 6$re20)*s /en*8 S-*td)wn 6$re20)*s /en*8 1he "#*&.* sub menu 0ill allo0 you to $on!igure the ethernet settings !or the A$Dui#ite% 1o edit the 78 settings' use the menu button to $hange options' and press the sele$t button to edit the option% On$e sele$ted' you 0ill see the $urent value displayed and a blin ing sDuare $ursor on the !irst $hara$ter% 8ress the menu button to $hange the $hara$ter or digit% 8ress the sele$t button to use the digit and move the $ursor to the right one spa$e% 7! you press the sele$t button multiple times' the $ursor 0ill move right a similar number o! spa$es' allo0ing you to s ip over $hara$ters that may be $orre$t based on the previous settings% 9hen you are !inished entering the 78 address' sele$t a blan spa$e 0ith the menu button' and press sele$t% Any $hara$ters still remaining to the right o! the $ursor 0ill be eliminated% *ie' i! $hanging 128%1/3%100%200 to 10%0%0%1' the ne0 ip address 0ill be several digits shorter than the old one% $i- inA 1his menu provides the ability to enable or disable dialin support% -rom the $onsole' the installer $an enable dialin support and allo0 a remote user the ability to $all the A$Dui#ite and $on!igure the options 0ithout reDuiring a $omputer on site% -or more in!ormation on $onne$ting to the A$Dui#ite revie0 the NModemF888 2ialinL se$tion o! this manual% Shutdo<nA 1his option 0ill stop the data logging pro$esses and se$ure the !lash memory% 9hen se$ured' the $onsole 0ill state that the po0er may be dis$onne$ted% 7t is important to shut do0n the A$Dui#ite $leanly prior to dis$onne$ting the po0er !rom the devi$e% 7t is important to sele$t this option be!ore removing the battery !rom the A$Dui#ite% 1he A$Dui#ite has an advan$ed menu that $an be used to per!orm system $he$ s and $lear all $on!iguration options to the de!ault settings% 1o a$$ess the advan$ed menu' 0ait until the #C2 sho0s NA$Dui#ite ,eadyL and press both the Menu and 3ele$t buttons at the same time% "old both do0n together !or about 10 se$onds% 9hen the advan$ed menu is displayed' you may release the t0o buttons% 1he !ollo0ing is a tree display o! the advan$ed menu% B;d2anced !en*C =eset <)nf0' <lear 1)' 6$re20)*s /en*8 1he Reset #on1ig option 0ill remove all the user settings' data' and pass0ords that have been $on!igured and 0ill return the A$Dui#ite to the !a$tory de!ault settings% 1his is mainly use!ul 0hen re$on!iguring an A$Dui#ite that has been used previously on a di!!erent )ob or pro)e$t%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Log $ile #ata

1he A$Dui#ite stores interval data in non-volatile memory% 1he system battery maintains this memory 0hen the po0er is dis$onne$ted% 9hen the memory is 100K !ull' the oldest data re$ords are over0ritten by ne0 re$ords% 1he system $an store appro@imately 37 days o! data 0hen logging every 1. minutes%

Lo" File Status

1he A$Dui#ite $an display a list o! log !iles in the Mlog !ile dataFstatusM 0eb $on!iguration page% A bar graph 0ill sho0 the amount o! storage $apa$ity that is used by the e@isting log data%

Lo" File Format

On$e you have do0nloaded the data !rom the A$Dui#ite' you 0ill need to pro$ess it% 1he !ile is an A3C77 te@t !ile 0ith $omma delimited data% One line is re$orded !or ea$h log $y$le% =2002-01-31 18A30A00='0'0'0'-0%00'8/%2/'3/%0.'C/%11'0'0'0'0 =2002-01-31 18A3.A00='0'0'0@02'-0%01'10C%2C'3/%0.'C/%11'0'0'0'0 =2002-01-31 18AC0A00='0'0'0'4&##'87%82'3/%0.'C/%11'0'0'0'0 =2002-01-31 18AC.A00='1E1'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&##'4&## 7n this e@ample' the !irst line sho0s a regular log entry% 1he se$ond line sho0s a high range alarm !or data point 2% 1he third $olumn sho0s point 1 as invalid' and the !ourth line sho0s the time 0hen the A$Dui#ite 0as rebooted% 4oti$e the !ollo0ing $olumns are sho0n% 1% 2ateF1ime in &1C *(M1+ time% 1his !ield is Duoted to handle the spa$e in the middle% 1he !ormat is ::::-MM-22 ""-MM-33 2% #og error *i! any+% 0Uno-error' see table belo0% 3% #o0 ,ange alarm bitmap *he@ notation+% C% "igh ,ange alarm bitmap *he@ notation+ .% 2ata point 1 E% 2ata point 2 7% - - 8% 2ata point 4 #omments: $-te&"ime: 1he dateFtime $olumn reports the time at 0hi$h data 0as logged !rom the pulse input devi$e% 1he log dateFtime is in &niversal time% *&1C+ 1his means that the data is logged 0ith no shi!t !or daylight savings time' and must be $onverted to lo$al time !or reporting purposes% 9hen importing into a database' data should be ept in &1C time !or ease o! use% 9hen reporting the !inal data' you should ad)ust the time to re!le$t the lo$al timeBone !or 0hi$h you are reporting% 1he data e@port option on the 5MO 0ebsite 0ill prompt you !or a timeBone 0hen you e@port the data' and 0ill ad)ust the log dateFtime a$$ordingly% 4oteA &1C is sometimes re!erred to as (M1% *(reen0i$h Mean 1ime+ 'rror: 7! the error value is not 0' the remainder o! the $olumns !or this line 0ill be reported as 4&##% 1E0 1E1 1E2 1E3 1EC 3tart log *;ntry in log !ile a!ter A$Dui#ite starts up+ 3top log *;ntry in log !ile i! A$Dui#ite is shut do0n properly+ 3ystem time $hanged' $aused logger to restart logging !or intervals% 3ystem auto-restart #og entry $orrupt%

Lo<&2igh R-nge A -rms: 1his number is a he@ representation sho0ing 0hi$h data points are out o! range% 0@01 sho0s data point 1 in alarm state% 0@0C sho0s data point 3 in alarm state% $-t- *oints: 2ata points are sho0n in the same order as the pulse input $on!iguration display in the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration 0eb page% 2ata is displayed in !loating point !orm% 9hen a spe$i!i$ point is unavailable *CAC8-M bro en 0ire alarm+ or the point is not supported as part o! the $on!iguration *phase 5 $urrent on a single phase "81E3 meter hoo up+ the point 0ill be logged as 4&##% 1his preserves the $olumn stru$ture o! the !ile' and allo0s notation o! invalid data% 3># databases o!ten a$$ept 4&## as a valid entry in a data table to represent invalid data%
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-or data e@ported !rom the 5MO 0ebsite' the $olumns that are invalid *4&##+ are reported as blan !ields% 1his ma es it easier to import into M3 ;@$el as blan $ells% At some point in the !uture' the A$Dui#ite 0ill be $onverted to report blan !ileds rather than M4&##M to ma e dire$t import o! data !rom the A$Dui#ite easier' as 0ell as redu$e the !ile siBe% 2evelopers intending to use data !iles !rom the A$Dui#ite should handle both the 0ord M4&##M as 0ell as a blan $olumn as indi$ations o! an invalid data point%

Lo" Stora"e Capacit.

1he A$Dui#ite stores appro@imately 3.00 interval data re$ords% At a 1. minute logging interval' this 0ill allo0 about 37 days o! data to be $olle$ted%

/ploadin" data to t%e 0(1 we'site2

A!ter the A$Dui#ite has been $on!igured and has logged some data' you 0ill 0ant to $olle$t the data !or analysis% 1here are several 0ays o! $olle$ting the data !rom the A$Dui#ite in$luding the 5uilding Manager Online servi$e% Other methods are noted in the data $olle$tion -A>% 1his se$tion details $on!iguring the A$Dui#ite !or use 0ith the 5MO servi$e% Step 1: -irst' use your bro0ser to $onne$t to the A$Dui#ite% 3ele$t the loggerFsetup page and in the N3ystem 4ameL !ield enter a name !or this A$Dui#ite to uniDuely identi!y it on the 5MO 0ebsite% 5e$ause the 5MO site $an sho0 multiple A$Dui#ite devi$es' it is important to have a des$riptive name in this !ield% Step 2: 3ele$t the &pload 2ata menu option% 1he !ollo0ing !eatures are availableA
AcquiLite Seri- 9umber: 1his is the serial number that uniDuely identi!ies this A$Dui#ite% 1his number $an not

be $hanged% 9hen uploading data to the 5MO 0ebsite' this serial number is used to identi!y the A$Dui#ite to the 5MO server% Schedu ed up o-d time: 1his option allo0s you to $ontrol 0hen the A$Dui#ite 0ill initiate the upload pro$ess% :ou $an sele$t any hour o! the day' and the A$Dui#ite 0ill sele$t some time at random 0ithin that hour to start the upload% 1he random !eature allo0s multiple A$Dui#ite devi$es to share a single dialup a$$ount or phone line by not starting the dialout at the same time !or all devi$es% 7! the A$Dui#ite is on a #A4 $onne$tion *23#' Cable Modem' 11' et$+ an upload time o! MhourlyM may be sele$ted% Up o-d d-t- on - -rm st-tus ch-nge 0ill $ause the A$Dui#ite to initiate the upload pro$ess i! any point on any pulse input data value enters or leaves an alarm state% 1his allo0s the A$Dui#ite to send data 0hen an alarm is dete$ted' and 0ill upload that in!ormation to the 5MO 0ebsite in a timely manner% 1he 5MO 0ebsite 0ill then send email noti!i$ations i! ne$essary% 7! this option is disabled' the 5MO 0ebsite may not be able to send noti!i$ations until the end o! the day 0hen the A$Dui#ite $alls in at its spe$i!ied upload time% Up o-d d-t- on o< dis( - -rm: 1his !eature 0ill $ause the A$Dui#ite to attempt a data upload immediately i! the log !ile storage area is more than 7.K !ull% A o< remote device con1igur-tion: 7! enabled' users may remotely $on!igure alarms' multipliers' and other system !eatures on the 5MO 0ebsite% 9hen the A$Dui#ite uploads data to the 5MO 0ebsite' it 0ill also do0nload any ne0 $on!iguration in!ormation as needed% 4oteA i! $on!iguration $hanges are made to the A$Dui#ite' those $hanges 0ill be uploaded to the 5MO site% 7! $on!iguration $hanges are made at both the A$Dui#ite and the 5MO 0ebsite' the most re$ent $hanges 0ill be used% "-rget Address to up o-d d-t-: 1his is the 0ebsite &,# to upload data to% 1his should al0ays be set to MhttpAFF000%buildingmanageronline%$omFupload%phpM unless you are $on!iguring the A$Dui#ite to send data to your o0n internal database server% *see the 2ata Colle$tion -A> at obvius%$om + *-ss<ord to up o-d d-t-: 1his pass0ord is used by the 5MO 0ebserver to veri!y the A$Dui#ite devi$e authenti$ation be!ore a$$epting the uploaded data% :ou should sele$t a pass0ord other than the de!ault' and ma e note o! it !or !uture re!eren$e% 9umber o1 times to retr): 7n the event o! a !ailure *o!ten due to dialup problems' busy signals' et$+ this option spe$i!ies the number o! retries to attempt the upload again% 7! all retries !ail' the A$Dui#ite 0ill 0ait until the ne@t s$heduled upload time be!ore trying again% "ime to <-it be1ore retr): 7n the event o! a !ailure' the A$Dui#ite $an be $on!igured to 0ait !or a spe$i!ied period o! time be!ore attempting another $onne$tion% 1his option spe$i!ies ho0 long to 0ait be!ore retrying%

Step 3: Conta$t the Obvius 1e$hni$al 3upport department% 8lease have the AcquiLite serial number and password to upload data handy% :our te$h support representative 0ill $on!irm your 5MO a$$ount and 0ill add the A$Dui#ite to one o! your $lient databases% Step 4: Cli$ the M&pload 2ata 4o0M button% :our data should be sent to the 5MO 0ebserver% Step ,: -or more detailed in!ormation about the trans!er pro$ess' use the Conne$tion 1est page in the 1estingF2iags menu on the A$Dui#ite !or a !ull report o! the data upload progress%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

%etrieving #ata $rom the AcquiLite

Overvie0 o! ho0 the system 0as designed to 0or % 4o0 that you have installed your A$Dui#ite and $on!igured it to $olle$t data !rom your meters and sensors' you 0ill 0ant to $olle$t the data !rom your A$Dui#ite% 1his do$ument 0ill provide an overvie0 !or $olle$ting data !rom the A$Dui#ite% 8ro$essing the data !or billing reports' summaries' and other data pro$essing are beyond the s$ope o! this do$ument% 1hree basi$ 0ays to $olle$t data !rom the A$Dui#iteA
"118 do0nload !rom the A$Dui#ite 0ith a bro0ser *pull+ "118 8ostA 1he A$Dui#ite uploads data to a databaseF0ebserver% *push+

H&&P )irect from t%e Ac3uiLite

1he A$Dui#ite has the ability to e@port log !ile data to a 0eb bro0ser dire$tly !rom the setup 0eb pages% 1o use this !eature' a$$ess the A$Dui#ite setup menu 0ith your 0eb bro0ser% 3ele$t the M#og -ile ;@portM page !rom the #og -ile 2ata menu on the le!t side o! the page% -or ea$h devi$e' a separate log !ile 0ill be saved% 3ele$t the devi$e !rom the dropdo0n list provided% 3pe$i!y Comma or 1ab delimited data' and indi$ate i! $olumn headers are reDuired% Cli$ the do0nload button to do0nload the data% 1he log !ile !ormat is the same as the !ormat used by the 5MO 0eb site% 4oteA All timestamps are in &1C% 9hen importing log !iles into Mi$roso!t ;@$el' be sure to spe$i!y the log data is $omma separated' and use a single Duote mar as the te@t delimiter%

H&&P/Post /pload &o 0uildin" (ana"er 1nline

A$Dui#ite sends data to the 5MO 0ebsite 1he 5MO 9ebsite stores the data in a 3># database% >ui$ reporting !rom our 0ebsite 7n$ludes remote A$Dui#ite $on!iguration servi$e% 7n$ludes alarm noti!i$ation by email% 2ata available !or do0nload in C36F1ab delimited !ormat upon your reDuest% -or pri$ing and to sign up !or servi$e' $onta$t sales\buildingmanageronline%$om or $all X1-.03-E01-20//

H&&P/Post /pload &o 4our )ata'ase Ser5er

A$Dui#ite uploads data dire$tly to your 0ebserver or database server% :ou must supply a s$ript to pro$ess the in$oming data% 3ample s$ript !or #inu@F8"8 is available upon reDuest% ,eDuires 9ebserver' C(7 3$ripting and' database *3>#+ no0ledge Alarm pro$essing available by pro$essing data on your server 0hen data is uploaded 2esigned !or integration 0ith e@isting energy reporting systems%

Enertra* download direct from t%e Ac3uiSuite

Obvius provides a !ree tool $alled ;nertra@ 2# that $an automate the pro$ess o! do0nloading log data !rom the A$Dui3uite to your 9indo0s 8C hard drive% ;nertra@ 2# $an merge ne0 log data into e@isting log !iles on your $omputer as 0ell as provide $on!iguration in!ormation about the A$Dui3uite% ;nertra@ 2# $an also be $on!igured to ma e #A4 or 2ilaup $alls to one or more A$Dui3uite or A$Dui#ite data a$Duisition servers% ;nertra@ 2# $an be obtained !rom the Obvius%$om 0ebsite in the 8rodu$ts se$tion%

!emo5in" )ata From t%e Ac3uiLite

9hen using an "118F8ost method to allo0 the A$Dui#ite to push data to a database server' the A$Dui#ite 0ill automati$ally remove log !iles !rom its= !lash memory on$e the A$Dui#ite has $on!irmed that the !ile 0as re$eived by the database server%
Page 25 A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

;nertra@ 2# also has an option to delete data !rom the A$Dui#ite

Lin$in" to Ac3uiLite )e5ice Status Pa"es

7t may be help!ul to $reate a short$ut or a hyperlin on another 0eb page that 0ill dire$t the bro0ser to bring up a spe$i!i$ devi$e status page in your bro0ser% 1o do this' right $li$ on the page and sele$t properties% 1he url !or the page 0ill be sho0n on that dialog% 3imply $opyFpaste this url into your lin % 1o !ormat a &,# that 0ill bypass the usernameFpass0ord prompt' you $an in$lude the login in!ormation in the &,# itsel!% 4ote ho0ever that this 0ill allo0 any one to dis$over the pass0ord !or the A$Dui#ite% Consider using the pass0ord in the url 0ith $aution%% 1his te$hniDue is sho0n in the !ollo0ing e@ampleA -tt$:((/y$assw)rd:ad/0nD192.168.40.,0(set*$(l)''erset*$.c'0 4oteA 1o allo0 the user to be prompted !or the loginFpass0ord' remove Nmypass0ordAadmin\L !rom the e@ample &,#% More re$ent versions o! 0eb bro0sers may not allo0 pass0ords to be spe$i!ied in the &,# and may prompt the user to enter the pass0ord 0hen a$$essing the devi$e%

$irmware &"date
-rom time to time' Obvius may release !irm0are updates 0ith additional !eatures and system $hanges% 1o !ind out 0hat !irm0are your A$Dui#ite has installed' vie0 the system status page in your 0eb bro0ser' or sele$t the N3ho0 -irm0areL option !rom the #C2 $onsole in the 3ystem menu% -irm0are update !iles may be obtained !rom Obvius te$hni$al support% 1he !irm0are update pro$ess reDuires an ,3232 serial port and a 0indo0s $omputer to run the !irm0are update utility% 5e!ore starting this pro$ess' veri!y your $omputer has a serial port available% :ou may need to dea$tivate other so!t0are su$h as the palm pilot utility or ups monitor so!t0are% 3ome &35 $onne$ted serial ports are not as !ast or reliable as standard $omputer serial ports% 9e re$ommend using the Obvius A?@+US/232 adapter produ$t% 1o update the !irm0are' use the !ollo0ing pro$edure% Step 1: do0nload your log data !rom the A$Dui#ite% #og data stored in the A$Dui#ite memory 0ill not be preserved a!ter the !irm0are update begins% 7n addition' you may 0ish to ba$ up your A$Dui#ite $on!iguration% Although most !irm0are updates 0ill preserve the A$Dui#ite $on!iguration' some updates may reDuire $hanges to the $on!ig storage in the A$Dui#ite memory% Step 2: 3ele$t the shutdo0n option !rom the A$Dui#ite #C2 $onsole% 4oteA do not simply po0er do0n the unit% 3ele$ting the shutdo0n option $auses the A$Dui#ite to ma e a ba$ up $opy o! the pulse $ount and $on!iguration in !lash' so that it 0ill be preserved 0hile the !irm0are is being updated% Step 3: 2is$onne$t the po0er !rom the A$Dui#ite% Move the program )umper to the le!t t0o pins *$losest to the programming $onne$tor+' Atta$h a standard serial $able !rom the A$Dui#ite programming $onne$tor to your $omputer serial port% &se a 25/ male to 25/ !emale straight through $able' not a null-modem $able% A!ter the A$Dui#ite is $onne$ted to the $omputer' re$onne$t the po0er to the A$Dui#ite% 1he po0er led on the A$Dui#ite 0ill turn on' ho0ever the #C2 0ill not sho0 any message' nor 0ill the Alive #;2 blin % -or &35 to ;thernet adapters' use the systemFdevi$e manager $ontrol panel to set the $om port to a value o! 1-C% Step 4: 7nstall the ,-& update utility on your 0indo0s $omputer% 1he installation $onsists o! simply unBiping the ,-&Bip !ile to a dire$tory on your C drive% 3everal !iles should be present in the same dire$tory' in$luding r!u%e@e' !lash%ini' $oldload%bin' pilot%bin% 4oteA ,-& v2%C. or later is reDuired% Step ,A ,un the ,-&%e@e utility% 3ele$t the setup menu' and $hoose Communi$ations% 7n the Communi$ations Options' use the !ollo0ing settings% &se 3erial Conne$tion 5aud ,ateA .7E00 *2e!ault+ most $omputers $an run at 11.200 ho0ever% Comm portA Comm1 *use the $omm port that you atta$hed to the A$Dui#ite in step 3 above+ Che$ Nenable pro$essor dete$tionL Che$ N&se &35 to 3erial ConverterL Cli$ OH to save your options%

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A7801 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server

Step 4: 3ele$t the 3etup menu' and $hoose N-ile lo$ationsL% 1he !iles are should be lo$ated in the ,-& dire$tory' ho0ever you may need to sele$t them manually% 1he !ile lo$ations to use are as !ollo0sA Cold #oaderA $oldload%bin 8ilot 57O3A pilot%bin -lash 1ableA !lash%ini% 1o sele$t ea$h !ile lo$ation' $li$ the N%%%L button to the right o! the !ile name area' sele$t the !ile !rom the ,-& dire$tory' and $li$ o % Cli$ the OH button 0hen !inished 0ith this dialog% Step 5: -rom the -ile menu' sele$t the N#oad -lash 7mageL option% Step ?: A dialog bo@ 0ith a !ile lo$ation item 0ill be sho0n% Cli$ the N%%%L button to the right and sele$t the A$Dui#ite !irm0are image !ile% 1he !irm0are image !ile name 0ill be NA#-1%0/%0/12%binL or similar% Cli$ OH 0hen !inished% Step @: A progress dialog 0ill be sho0n% 1he ,-& utility 0ill do0nload the image to the A$Dui#ite% 7! any problems are en$ountered' a dialog bo@ 0ill appear to alert you to the issue% 9hen $omplete' the ,-& utility 0ill simply $lose the progress dialog% Step 1A: 2is$onne$t the A$Dui#ite !rom the po0er $onne$tor% ,emove the serial $able !rom the programming $onne$tor% Move the program )umper to the right t0o pins' *a0ay !rom the programming $onne$tor+% Step 11: ,e$onne$t the po0er to the A$Dui#ite% 1he A$Dui#ite should start up and $ontinue operation% 1o veri!y the !irm0are' press the menu button until the N3ystemL menu is sho0n' then press sele$t% 4e@t' press the Menu button until Nsho0 !irm0areL is displayed and press sele$t% 1he ne0 !irm0are version number 0ill be sho0n on the #C2% &sing a 0eb bro0ser' $on!irm your system $on!iguration options? the A$Dui#ite should no0 be ready !or servi$e%

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