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Queer Academy Letter of Support for UCLA Divestment Queer Alliance is a coalition of organizations that advocates on behalf of the

queer students at UCLA in ensuring that the issues pertaining to our communities are addressed in relation with UCLA administration faculty, staff and students. Queer Alliance serves as a resource, meeting place and the official voice of LGBTQIASGL students and their allies at UCLA. We started up at UCLA with the expectation of a high moral obligation to social justice, efficacy, responsibility, respect, and above all, protection of human rights from our administration. The fact that the University of California is currently invested in the business of an entire people’s continued oppression, goes against our values, not only as students, but also as fellow human beings. The news reports by international human rights organization on violations against the Palestinian people resonate a far too familiar message to our broad community of injustice. We cannot stand ideally by as our student fees are used to perpetuate this cycle of violence. Queer Alliance at UCLA stands in full solidarity with Student for Justice in Palestine at UCLA and supports the UCLA DIVEST campaign; a campaign that seeks to divest from companies that perpetuate and profit from violations of Palestinian rights. Although previous resolutions have failed, we believe that justice will be given to those people who fight for it. We will stand by your side, for an injustice to one is an injustice to all of us. In solidarity and with love, Queer Alliance at UCLA