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D B Corp Ltd.

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D B Corp Ltd.


Public Limited Company

Traded as



Media Conglomerate / Diversi ied Businesses


B!opal" Mad!ya Prades!" #ndia

Key people

R C $gra%al &C!airman' Sud!ir $gra%al &Managing Director' Pa%an $gra%al &Dy( Managing Director' )iris! $gra%al &Director'


Daini* B!as*ar Divya B!as*ar


+,(+-. billion&/S01,2 million' &12+13+-' 4+5

Operating income

-(6.7 billion &/S0,8 million'&12+13+-'4+5

et income

1(+9+ billion &/S0-, million'&12+13+-'4+5



D B Corp Ltd., informally known as the Bhaskar Group, is a diversified business conglomerate of ndia with business interests in newspapers and publishing, te!tiles, F"C#, oils, solvents, power, real estate and internet services. Listed on the Bombay $tock %!change, the group is ma&ority owned by the Bhopal based 'grawal family.

(he group rocketed to the top of the print media industry in ndia with its flagship )indi daily newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar, #u&arati daily newspaper, Divya Bhaskar and "arathi daily newspaper, Dainik Divya "arathi. "aga*ine 'ha+ ,indagi is also published by the group. ts collaboration with ,ee #roup has resulted in D-', short for Daily -ews and 'nalysis, which en&oys a large readership in "umbai.

0 -ewspaper business 1 "aga*ine Division 2 3ther businesses 4 5eferences 6 %!ternal links

-ewspaper business.edit/
Bhaskar group runs 7 newspaper titles across 04 states of ndia with their 87 editions 9 reaching out to 0:.; million readers every day<

Dainik Bhaskar is the )indi newspaper covering the states of "adhya =radesh > Chhattisgarh, 5a&asthan,Chandigarh, )aryana, =un&ab, )imachal =radesh, ?harkhand,-ew Delhi. Divya Bhaskar is the #u&arati newspaper started by the group in 1@@2 from 'hmedabad, where it became -o 0 from day 0 of its launch. 's of 1@@:, Divya Bhaskar is the largest circulated #u&arati daily of ndia, and has the ma!imum editions by any newspaper in the state of #u&arat and West "adhya =radesh.

Dainik Divya "arathi is the "arathi newspaper started by the group in 1@00 from 'urangabad, where it became -o 0 from day 0 of its launch.

D-', the %nglishAlanguage newspaper of the group was launched in "umbai in 1@@4, in partnership with the ,ee #roup.

Business Bhaskar is a businessAtoAconsumer newspaper in )indi launched by the group in 1@@;. t currently has seven editions across five states. (his was first launched in Bhopal, and then followed by launch in ndore, =une and Chandigarh and then )aryana.

n addition, Bhaskar group also owns DB Star, Saurashtra Samachar, DB Gold.

By 0::6, Dainik Bhaskar had displaced Naiduniya as the -o. 0 newspaper in "adhya =radesh B"=C..1/ (he newspaper decided to e!pand outside "=, and was launched in four places as -o. 0 on the Day 0 of its launch< ?aipur B0: December 0::8C, Chandigarh B?anuary 1@@@C, )aryana B?une 1@@@C, and 'hmedabad B12 ?une 1@@2, as Divya BhaskarC..1/ (he groupDs preAlaunch doorAtoAdoor twinAcontact launch programme has been recognised as an 3rbit shifting innovation. t has won Business =rocess nnovation award by "arico Foundation, and is a case study in several BAschools including ndian nstitute of "anagement, 'hmedabad and $=? "5.

"aga*ine Division.edit/
ts maga*ine division publishes two maga*ines, namely 'ha+ ,indagi and Bhaskar Lakshya from ?aipur branch of D B Corp Ltd. 'ha+ ,indagi is being published in )indi as well as #u&arati languages.

3ther businesses.edit/
(he group has a strong presence in the 5adio segment, with 07 stations across 7 states of ndia under the Brand -ame A MYFM. "CL a group companyA controls all the portalsA, t also has a short code ! "# available for $"$ based information sharing, subscription services on "obile platform

Dainik Bhaskar For todays eApaper click here

Dainik Bhaskar, the flagship )indi daily started in 0:6;, stands as an e!ample of achieving perfection through determination. (oday the newspaper highlights many positive values that have driven ndia, its growth and aspiration. t is depicted as a change agent through its philosophy F,id Garo Duniya BadloH. t covers international, national and local news, politics, business and sports. (he paper also has an editorial page containing the views of eminent columnists such as "r. =ritish -andy, "r. " ? 'kbar, "r. Guldeep -ayyar, "r. 'ya* "emon, "r. $urendra "ohan, "r. ?oginder $ingh, "r. $alim Ghan, "s. "allika $arabhai and "r. (arak "ehta on various issues. (he first edition of Dainik Bhaskar was published in "adhya =radesh in 0:6;, and it is now published in 27 editions in 01 states, 04.4 mn B$ource< 5$ I4 1@01C A "adhya =radesh, 5a&asthan, Chattisgarh, )aryana, Delhi, =un&ab, )imachal =radesh, ?harkhand, Bihar, ?ammu, Jttarakhand and the Jnion (erritory of Chandigarh.

n order to meet the different reEuirements and adapt to the colloEuial tastes of each distinct market, Dainik Bhaskar is published in 27 editions and 06: subAeditions. $ubAeditions are based on main editions, but are editorially altered in order to meet the reEuirements of various districts within a region. n addition to using the dialect in each market and customi*ing the content of the newspaper to reflect the interests of readers in each region, continuous solicitation of the views of readers is done through the use of reader panels and inAhouse surveys. 5eaders are encouraged to provide their views on, among other things, the content of the newspaper, cover price, improvements we can make to the newspaper and the readersD aspirations. $peciali*ed supplements form an integral part of our product base, as they focus on addressing specific reader needs while offering advertisers a focused reach to a target audience. $upplements generally aim at concentrating on local issues or are targeted at a specific segment of readers Bwomen and childrenC.

Dainik Bhaskar
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Dainik Bhaskar


Daily newspaper




D B Corp Ltd.

Political alignment








Official website

Dainik Bhaskar B)indi< C is an ndian )indiAlanguage daily newspaper published by D B Corp Ltd.. t was started in year 0:6; from Bhopal, the capital city of "adhya =radesh. 's of 1@01, its -ational %ditor is Galpesh Kagnik who operates from Bhopal, "adhya =radesh. Dainik Bhaskar launched Business Bhaskar, the first business daily in )indi, on 17 ?une 1@@;. 's of 1@00, Business Bhaskar is the largest )indiAlanguage business daily and has nine editions BDelhi, Bhopal, ndore, #walior, 5aipur, =anipat, ?alandar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and ?aipurC. Katish G 5a&awat is its founding editor.

o o

0 )istory 1 %!pansion outside "adhya =radesh 2 5elated ventures 2.0 -ewspapers 2.1 'wards 4 $ee also 6 5eferences 8 %!ternal links

Dainik Bhaskar was first published in Bhopal and #walior of the central province. (he newspaper was launched in year 0:68 to fulfill the need for a )indi language daily, by the name 'ubah 'avere in Bhopal and Good Mornin( India in #walior in year 0:67, it was renamed as Bhaskar 'amachar n 0:6;, it was renamed as Dainik Bhaskar which in 1@0@, was the -o. 0 daily newspaper in ndia Band -o. 00 worldwideC in terms of circulation..0/

)*pansion outside Madhya +radesh%edit&

By 0::6, Dainik Bhaskar had displaced Naiduniya as the -o. 0 newspaper in "adhya =radesh B"=C..1/ (he newspaper decided to e!pand outside "=, and identified ?aipur, the capital city of 5a&asthan, as the market with the highest potential. Dainik BhaskarDs target was to enter ?aipur as -o. 1 newspaper Bin terms of circulationC on Day 0, with 6@,@@@ copies. (o achieve this target, it did a survey of 1@@,@@@ potential newspaper buying households in ?aipur. nstead of outsourcing the task of surveying households, it set up an inAhouse team of 7@@ surveyors. (he team was highly trained in customer engagement, and was trained by e!perts in body language, grooming, posture, approach methods, social norms and rules etc. Based on survey feedback, they went back to each of the households surveyed, to show them a prototype of the newspaper and gave them the option to sign for an advance subscription. (he customers were offered a subscription price of 5s. 0.6@ Bas against the newsstand price of 5s. 1C and a refund in case of dissatisfaction. When Dainik BhaskarDs first launch outside "= happened in ?aipur on 0: December 0::8, it entered the market as -o. 0 newspaper with 071,247 copies. 5a&asthan =atrika, the former -o. 0, had a circulation of &ust 0@@,@@@ copies at that time. .1/ (he newspaperDs ne!t target was Chandigarh. t launched a customer survey in ?anuary 1@@@, covering 11@,@@@ households. 't that time, the %nglish language newspapers in Chandigarh outsold the )indi newspapers by si! times, with The Tribune as the leader B6@,@@@ copiesC. Dainik BhaskarDs survey found that people in Chandigarh preferred %nglish newspapers because of better Euality. 's a result, the newspaper concentrated on design, and incorporated the local Chandigarh dialect in the design, mi!ing )indi and %nglish. Dainik BhaskarDs second launch outside "= happened in Chandigarh in "ay 1@@@< it entered the market as -o. 0 with 8:,@@@ copies..1/ n ?une 1@@@, Dainik Bhaskar entered )aryana, again as -o. 0 on first day, with 170,@@@ copies. .1/ For its fourth launch outside "=, Dainik Bhaskar identified 'hmedabad, #u&arat as the city with highest potential. t surveyed 01,@@,@@@ households, with a team of 0@6@ surveyors, 84 supervisors, 08 *onal managers and 4 divisional managers. (he surveyors were gathered largely through posters at colleges and wordAofAmouth publicity, instead of e!pensive print and (L advertisements. -early 4@A6@M of the surveyors were later absorbed in Dainik Bhaskar or Divya Bhaskar, while the rest were given a certificate of appreciation. (he team was trained to reach out to ; lakh households in 'hmedabad and 4 lakh households in ad&oining districts, in a time span of 4@ days. (he newspaper was launched in 'hmedabad on 12 ?une 1@@2, under the name Divya Bhaskar, as -o. 0 with 461,@@@ copies Ba world recordC. Within 06 months, it entered two more cities of #u&arat< $urat and Ladodara. (o counter the BhaskarDs groupDs threat, the leading #u&arati newspapers came up with color pages, price reductions and several highAvalue customer offers. )owever, by 1@@:, Divya Bhaskar became the largest circulated #u&arati daily with 00.6 copies. .1/

Dainik BhaskarDs preAlaunch doorAtoAdoor twinAcontact launch programme has been recognised as an 3rbitA shifting innovationN by %rehwon nnovation Consulting. t has won Business =rocess nnovation award by "arico Foundation, and is a case study in several BAschools including " 'hmedabad and $=? "5. n 0::8, Dainik Bhaskar had a circulation of 26@,@@@ copies in "adhya =radesh B"=C. By 1@@4, this figure rose by more than 0@@@M to become 2.6 million in si! states Bincluding 1.6 million in )indi and 0.1 million copies of Divya Bhaskar in #u&aratiC..1/ n 1@@8, it was launched at 'mritsar and ?alandhar simultaneously, with 07;,@@@ copies..2/ A Delhi, "adhya =radesh, 5a&asthan, Chhattisgarh, )imachal =radesh, =un&ab, )aryana, Chandigarh, Jttar =radesh and#u&arat..4/

,e-ated ventures%edit&
Divya Bhaskar is the largest circulated daily of #u&arat as per 'BC B'udit Bureau of CirculationC, and has the ma!imum number of editions by any newspaper in #u&arat. t is published from 'hmedabad, Baroda, $urat, 5a&kot, ?amnagar, Bhu&, "ehsana, Bhavnagar B$aurashtra $amacharC. (he company launched %nglish newspaper D-' in "umbai in 1@@4 in partnership with the ,ee #roup. D-' is published from "umbai, Bangalore, =une, 'hmedabad and ?aipur. D-' is the second largest broadsheet newspaper of "umbai, as per ndian 5eadership survey B 5$ 51 @:C.

Dainik Bhaskar in the year 1@00, announced Bhaskar Bollywood Awards to honour the e!cellence in Bollywood selected through =ublic Lotes. Following are its Categories< )ereOs a list of Bollywood Bhaskar 'ward winners<

Winner (For) Category !"" !"

#uperstar of t$e %ear (&ale)

'b$ineta (o) "

!"ay De#$an

!"ay De#$an

%&nce 'pon a (i e in )* baai+ %,in$ha +

#uperstar of t$e %ear (Female) -atrina -ai.

'b$inetri (o) " %(ees )aar -han+

/idya Balan
%(he Dirty 0ict*re+

'ction Hero of t$e %ear

,al an -han

!kshay -* ar

*abanng+&ac$o &an of T$e %ear


%1owdy 1athore+

Film of T$e %ear

!rbaa2 -han

3kta -apoor
%(he Dirty 0ict*re+

Filmma,er (*irector) of t$e %ear

!bhina# -ashyap

1ohit ,hetty
%,in$ha +

&ost *ramatic (ewcomer (&ale)

1an#eer ,in$h
%Band Baa"a Baaraat+

!y*sh ann -h*rrana

%/icky Donor+

&ost *ramatic (ewcomer (Female)

,onakshi ,inha

0arineeti Chopra
%Ladies #s 1icky Bahl+

-est 'ctor in Comic .ole

Not Awarded

1iteish Desh *kh

&ost Creati/e Film


/icky Donor

&ost 01traordinary Performance

C$aracter of T$e %ear

,al an -han
Dabann$ -han
%0aan ,in$h (o ar+

#ong of t$e year

1ahat 5ateh !li -han

%(ere )ast )ast Do 6ain, %Dabann$+

Hi esh 1esha
%(eri )eri 0re



2tem (umber of T$e %ear

)alaika !rora -han

)*nni Badnaa H*i,%Dabann$+

-atrina -ai.
Chikni Cha eli,%!$neepath+

#inger of t$e %ear (&ale)

Not Awarded

)ohit Cha*han
6aadaan 0arindey,%1ockstar+

#inger of t$e %ear (Female)

Not Awarded

,hreya 7hoshal
%(eri )eri 0re -ahaani,%Body$*ard+

-est *ialogue of t$e %ear

-ole To$ 3$a,aas

!"ay De#$an

/idya Balan

Filmein sirf 3 chizon se chalti hain Bas Dua Mein Yaad Rakhna entertainment,entertainment,entertainme %&nce 'pon a (i e in )* baai+ nt %(he Dirty 0ict*re+

'nti4#ocial C$aracter of T$e %ear

Not Awarded

,an"ay D*tt

-est -ollywood Host

Not Awarded

! itabh Bachchan
%-a*n Bane$a Crorepati+

-est Hollywood Film in Hindi

Not Awarded

(itanic 8D

&ost #educti/e -ody (&ale)

Not Awarded

,al an -han

&ost #educti/e -ody (Female)

Not Awarded

-atrina -ai.

#pecial 'ward
Contribution to !! Years of "ndian cinema


! itabh Bachchan