Installation for the Daily Reports 11/1/06

Written By: Richard Troiano x55191

What are the ‘Daily Reports’?
A collection of information detailing tickets pulled from E-ESM that are Sev-3 or Sev-4 for all US Sites, Canada, Europe & Asia. There are four main pieces to the daily reports. FT GDS Daily Aged Tickets Report MMDDYY.pdf FT GDS SLA Daily Report MMDDYY.pdf Daily Report for MMDDYY.doc MMDDYY.xls (Adobe) (Adobe) (Word) (Excel)

After you install the required software, the Daily Report for MMDDYY.doc and MMDDYY.xls will be automatically generated for you.

Installation for the Daily Reports Software Requirements
Adobe Acrobat v5 (and up) Installer for the Daily Reports Microsoft Access 2003 Microsoft Excel 2003 Microsoft Outlook 2003 Microsoft Word 2003 Microsoft Visual Studio 6

Software Installation

Microsoft Visual Studio 6
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 is a manual installation. Here is the installation procedure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Go to \\noam\dfs$\software\desktop\ManualApps\Cross Platform\Visual Studio 6.0\CD1\ Run Setup.EXE Click Next at the first splash screen Check I Agree at the EULA, then left click Next Click Next at the Product and User ID screen (Accept Defaults) Choose Custom as the install type, left click Next Leave the install directory as Default. Left click Next. A warning will pop up, click on Continue to Install Left click OK at Product ID Choose Select All from the components option and left click Continue. Choose OK at register environment variables. Choose No at the Source Safe Database Format Now files will begin to be copied over to your computer. During this part of the install you will suddenly see an error saying the installer could not find a file called GLOBE.AVI. Ignore the error and continue with the installer.

14. You will be prompted with a recommendation to install the C++ Tools Program Manager. Choose OK. 15. The installer will now ask you to reboot. Close all open files and reboot your machine. 16. When the machine reboots, choose No when it asks if you want to have the MSDN (MicroSoft Developers Network) installed. 17. Do not choose to install the InstallSheild component. 18. Uncheck the option to Register Now. 19. Done!

Adobe Acrobat 5
Adobe acrobat is an application that allows you to create .PDF files. Please install Adobe Acrobat via AFI. If you do not know how to use the AFI tool, ask the site manager at your location. \\noam\dfs$\software\desktop\packages\_AppInstall\AFI Other versions of Adobe Acrobat should work, but currently the machine that is being used to generate the reports is using v5 with no problems. 

Installer for the Daily Reports
1. Open the following folder \\sacr01dss01\Backups\Installer_For_The_Daily_Reports 2. Run Setup.exe 3. Click OK 4. Click the computer icon to begin the installation. Leave the default location for the destination. 5. If you are asked if you would like to keep your copy of fm20.dll, keep the most current copy. 6. Once the install completes, you will receive the following message:

7. Click OK. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, Access 2003
Each of these applications should be installed as core applications on any machine. Install these applications via AFI.

Final Steps
1. Go to Start > Run and type cmd.exe and hit enter 2. type (or ctrl-left click) \\sacr01dss01\Backups\Data\dailyreport_createdir.bat This batch file will create C:\Daily Report and C:\Access\Templates on your local machine and copies over the templates for the daily reports installer.

3. Now go to C:\Daily Report, and open the New MMDDYY Source.xls file. 4. A security warning will appear asking if you want to enable macros. Choose Enable Macros (check next section for info on changing your macro security) 5. You should now see a window titled Welcome to the Daily Report (see below!). Left click the run button.

6. You should see the excel spreadsheet behind the Welcome to the Daily Report window start to auto populate data.

^ Before Clicking Run (spreadsheet is blank)

^ After Clicking Run (data is automatically populated into columns) Now click Create Report Files. This will create a word document, called Daily Report for MMDDYY.doc and a excel spreadsheet called MMDDYY.xls. MMDDYY will be replaced by the current date. Both files will be located in C:\Daily Report You are now done setting your machine to run the daily reports.

If you need any further instructions on what to do at this point, please call Richard Troiano @ x55191 or Don Mellinger @ x54794

Macro Security
In Excel, you may need to set your macro security settings to a lower level or you will get a nag screen warning you that your macro security is set too high. You can set macro security in Excel by going to Tools > Options > Security Tab and set your security level to Medium (see pic below)

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