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: 05 Geneva, Switzerland July 2005

Pops Fernandez and

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Analysis: Today’s Struggle (Part 1) . ............... page 16-17
the Federalist .................................................... page 18-20
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Hotdog coming to

After last year’s successful show of

Santiago & Rachel Alejandro last
June -- Philippine Independence Day
celebration two other legendary pillars
in Phlippine music scene are coming to
Europe in September.
POPS FERNANDEZ, the undisputed

PerryScope - The Philippines’ Nouveau Rich ...... page 2-3

Rights of Undocumented Migrant Workers ...... page 4-5
Walang p. . ............................................................. page 6-7
Health Corner - Grandma’s cures ......................... page 8-9
Nang Ako’y Mangulila Dito Sa Kaharian ........ page 10-11
Migrante-Geneva .............................................. page 12-14
concert queen with numerous hits to
her credit. Pops’ music career spans
25 years of performances and include
numerous awards in the Philippine Concert Schedules
music scene, including Best Female ZURICH
Host, Best Concert Performer, Most 23 September 2005 at Dietikon Halle
Popular Female Concert Performer, Tickets -- SFR 75.- & SFR 100.-
Entertainer of the Year, Female Available at Golden Asia Store
Entertainer of the Year, Most Famous 01 273 2787 * 076 371 6987
Celebrity Mother and much more. She GENEVA
is one of the most sought after female 24 September 2005 at The Palladium
entertainer in the Philippines Tickets -- SFR 75.- & SFR 100.-
Available at Geneva-Manila Express
HOTDOG, the group that re-invented 022 731 7916
disco-party music with a distinct Pinoy
sound such as “Annie Batungbakal”,
“Bongga Ka ‘Day”,”Pers Lab”, “Langit
na Naman” and “O Lumapit Ka“.
Their songs ruled the airwaves and
dominated the dance floors of bars
and discotheques all over the country. 8, rue Neuve-du-Molard
In 1997, Hotdog earned top charts
CH-1204 Genève
with “Manila”, their tribute to Overseas
Filipino Workers (OFWs) longing for
Tél : +41 22 310 42 44
their home country. Their distinct music Fax : +41 22 310 44 67
style has touched the hearts of Filipinos Mobile: +41 79 213 64 47
over many years.
The Philippines’ Nouveau Rich

In 1901, just after the Americans took years of Spanish colonial administration.
KARAPATAN over the civil administration of the
Philippines, young Filipinos -- in quest
The local pool of available professionals
tremendously helped in filling the civil
for a better life -- went to work in the service jobs during the Philippine
pineapple plantations in Hawaii. Thus commonwealth government. It helped
began the Filipino Diaspora that has in preparing the Philippines for self-rule.
brought millions of Filipinos to different Thanks to the Filipino migrant workers in
countries in the world today. the United States, higher education was
By 1940, there were almost 250,000 no longer the exclusive domain of the
Filipinos, mostly men, who found their rich families.
way to the various regions in the United Today, a little more than a century
States. Because of the disparity of after the Filipino Diaspora began,
male/female ratio of the manongs and approximately eight million Filipinos
manangs, most the men remained are working in more than 100 countries
single, a situation where a lot of them around the world. The bulk of them
were able to save money and send -- more than three million -- are in the
them to their parents or siblings back United States and have pretty much
home. Their remittances enabled their established themselves in mainstream
relatives to go to school and graduate America and have raised their children
with degrees. as Americans. Similarly, Filipino
As a result, many Filipinos became immigration to Canada is increasing at a
professionals because of the stipends rapid pace.
they received from a relative in the Outside of the United States and
United States. It was pretty expensive to Canada, Filipino contract workers,
send a son or daughter to Manila where known as Overseas Filipino Workers
most of the universities were located. (OFWs) work in various countries, mostly
Without the financial assistance from in the oil-rich Middle East. Through the
a relative working in the United States, Philippine government, OFW contracts
only the landed families would be able to are secured from the countries needing
send their children to the universities in contract workers. Unlike the Filipino
Manila. immigrants to the US and Canada
In my estimation, I believe that within where citizenship can be achieved in the
a generation, the Philippines produced host country, an OFW stays in the host
more professionals (e.g., doctors, country until his or her contract expires.
teachers, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, However, contracts are renewable and
engineers, etc.) than during the 300

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Association KAKKAMPI
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Editorial Board
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by Perry Diaz

an OFW could end up working in the stay and help rebuild our motherland, a

same country for more than 10 years. wasteland plundered to the ground by a
Since most of the OFWs are provided corrupt system of government.
with housing and other amenities, The Filipino Diaspora will continue to
their savings are substantial. Total fill the manpower needs of a globalized
remittances of OFWs to their families economy. I would not be surprised if the
in the Philippines are more than eight OFWs would increased to 25 million in
million dollars a year. That makes ten years. Why? The Filipinos’ penchant
manpower one of the highest -- if not the for education will readily equip them to
highest -- exportable commodity. compete in the global economy. And
When I visited the Philippines last since the universal lingua franca is
month, I traveled to the Ilocos region. English, Filipinos should have an edge
Along the way, I saw something that over other nationalities provided that
I never saw during my previous visits English would remain as the medium of
to the Philippines. The landscapes instruction in Philippine schools.
on both sides of the national highway In the airplane on my way back to the
were dotted with large homes. I saw US, I was seated next to a Filipino
Mediterranean, Italianate and California named Danny. We chatted for the
homes with tile roofs and stucco walls next few hours to Hong Kong where I
in the middle of the rice fields. They changed flight to California. I found out
stood there like mirages. But they were that Danny works for an American drilling
real. Some of them were three stories company in Papua-New Guinea. Danny
with canopied rooftop balconies, a fairly and his family had just completed a
common sight. They have SUVs in the four-week tour of the US. After the tour,
carports. “I am certain,” I told myself, he brought his wife and three children
“these homes are owned by rich people.” home to Quezon City and took a flight for
Yes, they’re owned by rich people Papua-New Guinea the next day. Danny
-- the nouveau rich. Their number is explained that his contract with the
growing fast. Each day, 3,500 OFWs American company was to work 12-hour
leave the Philippines for overseas work shifts daily for 28 days straight and then
contracts. Think of their remittances take off for 28 days straight. The 28-day
to their families. Think of the palatial cycle is repeated all year round and the
homes they’ll build for their families. company pays for Danny?s airplane
Think of the education their children tickets to and from the Philippines. What
will get. Think of the professionals who a deal. I asked Danny what he and his
made it through college because of their family do during his 28-day off. “Travel,”
relative’s financial assistance. Think of he said.
the revenues the Philippine government Danny said that there are 30,000 OFWs
will earn from the remittances. working in Papua-New Guinea. That is
Because of the OFWs, the next just a drop in the bucket of the number
generation of Filipino professionals will of OFWs currently working overseas.
number in millions. Millions of highly But the economic power that their
educated professionals working in the remittances create in the Philippines will
various business sectors and industries. eventually reach a critical mass which
Some of them would probably go the would turn the Philippine economy
United States, Canada or the Middle around.
East. But I hope that most of them would (

The Rights of Undocumented Migrant Workers
by Douglass Cassel

On the eve of a meeting with President American or migrant, documented or

KARAPATAN Vicente Fox in Mexico and at the
outset of an election year in which he
undocumented. Immigration law is one
thing; labor law another.
courts the Latino vote, President Bush Two years ago, unfortunately, five
has rediscovered -- after a lapse of members of the Supreme Court
more than two years -- the millions of undermined our labor laws by ruling
undocumented migrant workers in this that when employers illegally fire
country. These hard-working people, he undocumented workers for union
now remembers, deserve to be treated organizing activities, the workers
with dignity and a degree of legality. So generally cannot get the basic remedy
let them stay here for three-year stints, of back pay for the period after they
he proposes, as long as they have jobs were fired. Even though Congress had
no American wants. not barred back pay, the majority in
Despite its political taint, the proposal the Hoffman Plastics case thought that
has two merits: it puts an issue awarding back pay would be contrary
important to millions of families back on to the “policy” of our immigration laws.
the public agenda, and it takes a step in Four justices, backed by federal labor
the right direction by recognizing reality. and immigration agencies, dissented.
But it also poses problems. Among Granting undocumented workers the
others it leaves the door open to theoretical right to organize unions,
continued exploitation of migrant but then denying them the remedy
workers. As initially proposed, it would needed to make that right effective,
tie their right to remain here to their they said, would cut against the policy
keeping a particular job. That gives not only of our labor laws, but also
employers unfair leverage. They could of our immigration laws, by making it
demand, for example, that workers more attractive for employers to hire
work evenings without overtime pay, or undocumented workers.
turn their backs on union organizers. If In response, Mexico asked the Inter-
a worker refuses, the employer could American Court of Human Rights
then say, you’re not only out of a job, for an advisory opinion on whether
you’re out of the country. undocumented migrant workers are
Granting labor rights to undocumented entitled under international human
migrants protects not only them but rights law to equal labor rights and to
American workers as well. If employers equal protection of the law when those
need not respect their rights to organize rights are violated.
unions, to strike, and to receive equal Established in 1979 by the
pay and work equal hours, employers Organization of American States, the
would have an incentive to hire cheap Inter-American Court has now been
foreign labor over American labor. joined by all Latin American nations
And union bargaining leverage is (except Cuba), and can issue binding
undermined, if employers know they rulings in contested human rights
can freely exploit a portion of a union’s cases. For countries like the United
members. States which have not joined the Court,
Federal labor, wage and hour laws it can still issue non-binding, advisory
therefore do not make the rights of opinions.
 workers turn on whether they are
The Court’s seven judges meet Because US law does not deny labor

periodically in San José, Costa Rica. rights to undocumented workers, it is
Although a respected United States generally consistent with the Court’s
jurist, Thomas Buergenthal, once sat opinion. But the US Supreme Court
on the Court, its judges today are all ruling on back pay is an exception.
from Latin America and the Caribbean. Although the Inter-American Court did
The six who ruled on Mexico’s request not expressly mention the case, it made
are leading experts from Barbados, clear that remedies for violations of
Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and labor rights of undocumented workers
Venezuela. must be real and effective, not merely
The United States had an opportunity formal. Employers who fire migrant
to present briefs and oral argument, workers for exercising labor rights
as it had done in another case five should pay a price, and their workers
years earlier. But the State Department must be compensated.
declined the opportunity. The Bush proposal renews legitimate
debate on our immigration policy
Last September the Court issued its
toward undocumented migrants. But
unanimous ruling. Under international
as the Inter-American Court advises,
law, it explained, nations can
international law allows little room for
deny certain important rights to
debate on at last two points -- their
undocumented migrants. They can
equality of rights in the workplace and
exclude them from their countries, or
in the courthouse.
expel them once they arrive. They can
deny them work permits altogether or
for particular industries. And they can
bar them from voting or participating in
electoral politics.
But international law also recognizes a
fundamental principle of equality and
non-discrimination. Nations therefore
cannot authorize or permit unjustified
discrimination against undocumented
migrants. Once workers enter a country
and gain employment, even unlawfully, 2nd Hand Computers
there is no justification for denying them for SALE
equal labor rights and equal protection
of the law.
The opinion provides authoritative
advice on international law to all
+41 76 5459679
For more info, CALL

countries in the hemisphere, not only

the US. While the US has the largest
number of undocumented migrants,
briefs before the Court show that there
are also many undocumented workers
-- and discrimination against them
-- in several other countries, including
walang p.
luna bayle

this is a common phrase used here in unbridled pride was enough to wreak
KARAPATAN geneva among the filipino community. it
means “walang papel” or succinctly, “no
havoc and make the other lose his/her
job plunging his/her family into more
paper.” many filipino migrant workers poverty. it was poverty that sent them
here are undocumented or do not have out in the first place. but all is forgotten
residence permits. from the rough when anger is there.
5,000 in geneva, maybe 70 percent are it makes my heart cry to hear of
undocumented. these stories. traveling from country
they live in fear from the men in to country, seeing the plight of my
uniforms that routinely check bus countrymen, it has been a privilege to
passes. they fear the winter raids. most share in their lives. i am also an OFW
of all, they fear the denouncement of (overseas filipino worker). but my life is
their fellow countrymen. because of arguably better than most.
this, kababayans (compatriots) often one of my friends now, who i used to
ignore the other which is contrary go hiking with in the lush mountains of
to filipino inherent values. so many our alma mater is cleaning houses and
instances have happened that a filipino scrubbing toilets in a country that once
was “raided” because of some petty colonized us for almost 400 years.
argument that arose. anger subsumed it is still a decent living. but poverty
the other and the reasons why both of has driven my countrymen out of our
them worked and cleaned toilets didn’t homeland. when will this diaspora end?
matter anymore. a trampled ego or
the philippines blessed with 7,101
Advertisement islands have made some lives unlivable
for some. a golden age ended with the
power hungry politicians so eager to fill
their pockets with government money.
so many filipinos seeking greener
pastures are willing to give up the
prestige of a degree to clean houses
in a far away land. they risk being
deported from switzerland to put food
on the table for their families back
never had i seen such determination.
not even when i was in the states,
where the undocumented lived in
relative comfort.
KAKKAMPI T-shirt when i first left my country in 1990, i left
that picture of poverty, the tenement
style BLISS housing project that Imelda
Pre Order Now Marcos had constructed. i left some
playmates whose joy was to fiddle
with the passenger jeep parked in the
+41 76 545 9679 then brown earth. i left the insult of my
tattered clothes. i left the public school
 whose teachers made students come
over their houses to do extra credit i reminisce the lashes on the back of

work to check school papers. sarah balabagan, who was punished
i saw what the american dream was. by shari’a law for murdering her
blessed filipinos who had gotten out rapist/employer. i remember the blood
during marcos’ time or even earlier of an abortion on our carpet. i recall
and when doctors and nurses were the denial of fear in iraq’s abundant
in demand, had resurrected their oil-wealth as filipinos witnessed the
impoverished lives from the ashes and transition of dictatorship to eventual
lived in enviable comfort. hostage-taking.
big houses with manicured lawns, this is all in the name of putting food on
swimming pools and billiard rooms, the table and making the lives of filipino
erected from the sweat of the 18-hour families better.
shifts of some toxic hospital ward. they statistics show that 1 out of 10 in the
had reaped the rewards of their labor. philippines has an OFW. that is 10
some forgot what it was like to be million filipinos seeking their fortunes
poor and began to look down on the elsewhere. it is millions of families
less fortunate often renouncing charity separated, a mother and father that
because they had risen from their children never knew and came to
perceived own sweat. symbolize only a source of monthly
stipends to buy the latest phone.
others still did not fail to recognize the
the children sometimes follow when
help they got and passed on the good
there are legal means. others stave
work by helping others in need.
off homesickness and go as long as
it is sorrowful to see suffering of broken 11 years without going home to their
homes because of economic dictates. families. the phone card business
why can’t we provide for our people in thrives because of phone calls that
our country? substitute for hugs and kisses.
i sit here now in geneva and i walang p. can invariably equate walang
remember the countless parties in the pera (no money). such a sad reality but
states of the filipino organizations. i reality is never really the rose-colored
recount the bloodied suicide attempt of fantasy we all hold dear in our hearts.
a kababayan who just slashed her wrist we just like to hope and wish it was.
because of a love triangle in abu dhabi.



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Nang Ako’y Mangulila Dito Sa Kaharian, KSA

Sa harap ng umiikot na orasan ako’y nabahala

KARAPATAN Takot sa bawat segundong paglipas
Lakas ko’y unti-unting naparam
Katawan ko’y nanghina
Sa isip ko ako yata’y tumatanda

Di naglaon lumubog ang araw sa kanluran

Ilaw nito’y naparam
Kadilima’y bumalot sa sangdaigdigan
Narinig ko ang pighating sinisigaw
Sa loob ng aking kamalayan

Singlakas ng tunog ng kidlat

Yumanig sa kapaligiran
Panaghoy ng kasiphayuan
Takot pagdating ng bukas
Karimlan ang aking masilayan

At sa gitna ng madilim na sulok ng pangungulila

Mga mata ko’y lubog ng luha
Unti-unting dumaloy ang dalisay na tubig
Sing-lamig ng tubig sa batis
Walang puknat ang pagdausdos

Hanggang masaid ang bukal

At kusang huminto ang kanyang mga patak
Di naglao’y tumilaok ang relong nakahimlay sa dingding
Tuloy inasam kong na sana umikot pabalik ang orasan
At ibalik ang oras ng aking kabataan

Kung saan tahimik akong nanimlay

Sa loob ng tahimik na mundong bumalot
Nag-aruga at nagbigay buhay sa akin
Ang hininga n’ya’y nagbigay lakas sa akin
Bawat hakbang n’ya’y dumuyan sa akin

At sa bawat saya na kanyang tinamasa

Ng Inang mahal pintig yaring buhay
Sa liwanag ako’y kanyang pinagpala
Sa malawak na kaparangan
Mga nakatayong magagandang halaman

Mga tanawin sa kabukiran, mga alon sa karagatan

Mga ulap sa kalangitan
Kasabay ang mga nagliliparang ibon sa himpapawid
Ang pagaspas ng kanilang mga pakpak awit ng kapanatagan
Napagmasdan ko ang busilak ng haring araw

Sa bawat umagang nasa bisig ako ng Ina kong mahal

Kasama ang malambing hangin amihan
Humahaplos sa musmos kong hubad na katawan

Ngayon heto ako nananabik sa Inang Bayan

Sa isang kahariang ibang-iba sa mundo ko noon
At pawang alaala na lamang
Ang namamayani sa aking puso’t isipan
Ang munting mundo ng aking kabataan


Kasabay ang pangakong di ako padadaig ng lungkot

Dahil ang buhay ko noon ay karugtong sa buhay ko ngayon
At ang milya-milyang layo ko sa aking mga minamahal
Ang pangungulila ng kanilang matatamis na ngiti
Ang kanilang mga yakap ng pagmamahal

Ay dapat maging inspirasyon ko

Upang ipagpatuloy ang sigla ng buhay
Sa pagharap ng bukas na mayliwanag na naghihintay
Kasama ang pamilya kong nananabik sa aking pagbabalik
Sa napakagandang Inang Bayang-tinubuan.

Paul O. Pruel
Riyadh City, KSA


Place your

Call: +41 76 545 9679


Gloria must heed the OFWs’ and people’s call and resign now -
It is time to go for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo In the Philippines and in overseas Filipino
to step down. communities abroad, more and more of our
The overseas Filipino workers, their families compatriots are rallying to the call for the
and the Filipino people have been seeking most anti-OFW and most corrupt President
out the truth and justice on the lingering to resign.
issue of massive fraud and violence in the No amount of Malacanang’s manufacturing
last national elections. efforts can put up a semblance of support
We have long suffered from the various to the crumbling Macapagal-Arroyo
anti-OFW and anti-people policies that have administration.
been worsened under the Macapagal-Arroyo We are conducting all forms of actions
regime. From negligent diplomatic posts, the here and abroad: from petitions, forums,
violent repression of dissent and runaway assemblies and the ongoing boycott of
price hikes in oil and basic commodities and remitting via formal channels. Our No
services, this administration has worsened Resign, No Remit Campaign will continue
the already miserable lives of our people. to gain ground as long as Gloria clings on
to power.

Europewide Conference of Organizations of Filipinos (ECOFIL) 2005

By Donnie Mapanao

Rome, Italy. The 2005 ECOFIL event was were represented by delegates from
recently held in the Redemptorist Mission Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and
for Migrants and Pilgrims, in Rome Italy from Switzerland. The discussed came into
2nd to 4th July. The theme of the conference conclusion that each European countries
was: Strengthening the Filipino community has it’s own unique campaign in terms of
In Europe to Advance and Defend their regularisation but has common struggle
Rights and Welfare Amidst Globalization to uplift the right and welfare of migrant
The event was attended by delegates workers particularly those who are non-
from 15 European countries, representing documented. Pastor Cesar Taguba of
various Filipino organizations. These Ecumenical Ministry of Migrant Filipino
organizations represent Filipino migrant- moderated the panel discussion.
based organization, country-base alliances
and associations, migrant sectoral party and
migrant non government organisation.
Fr. Teody Holgado, CSsR welcomed the
delegates with his own version of migrants
Belle Ciao song. He expressed solidarity to
migrant organisations and for the success
of the event. Keynote speech was delivered
by Ms Winnie Flores, congress candidate
representing Migrante Party List. She ECOFIL Picket in front of Phil Embassy, Rome, Italy
highlighted the current depressed situation
among migrant Filipinos, the importance of
migrant organisation and representation to
the Philippine policy making body.
A panel discussion was conducted on
12 Regularisation Campaign. Panel members
Press Statement - July 8, 2005
For reference: Maita Santiago, Secretary-General MIGRANTE Sectoral Party
(+63-927-796-8183) Office Address: 49 Mayaman corner Matahimik Sts.,
UP Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Telefax: (63-2) 926-2838
NEW Tel: (63-2) 920-3705


Gloria has lost what she claims is her Gloria must resign and be made to account
mandate to govern. She is losing whatever for her crimes against OFWs and the
friends she has left. From various people’s people. Since her presidency is illegitimate,
organizations and movements, political all her executive and administrative orders,
parties, business groups, the academe memorandum circulars and issuance must
and churches, Gloria is being increasingly be immediately revoked. All anti-people
pressured to resign. laws such as the new E-VAT law enacted by
Simply said, she has lost it. Congress must be unconditionally repealed.
Gloria must heed the people’s clamor. Clearly, Gloria is an anti-OFW, anti-people,
corrupt and fake President. She has no
Across the country and around the world, legal or moral basis to govern. If she does
the Filipino people will not be fooled. We not resign, the people will oust her from
will not be deceived by diversionary tactics Malacanang.
of self-exile or a revamp of the executive
branch of government. end

On the 2nd day, the event started with The workshop on migrant’s right and welfare
a Mass Celebration officiated by Fr. gave the delegates an opportunity to share
Allan Arcebuche, OFM. It was a unique and discuss actual experiences in each
and liberating experience for the author, organisation. The sharing was focused on
attending a mass with a socially relevant the rights and welfare of migrant Filipinos,
homily on the current Philippine national how this rights and welfare was violated,
situation presented in multi-media how these are advanced and upheld, and
powerpoint. Fr Allan homily highlighted empowerment through organisation and
the worse state of the Philippine national concrete actions. The discussion reaffirms
situation and the challenges among the common experiences among migrants
Christians, religious and migrants for and a call for resolutions for actions.
stronger faith and actions.
continued to next page

ECOFIL Delegates

Petition Letter, GMA to resign

The Japanese Colonel
by Ian Orteza

breakfast was fun. my grandfather was himself and apologized for his country’s
KARAPATAN disoriented. he has alzheimer’s disease.
his short term memory was bust. he talks
mostly of the war as if it was yesterday.
war mongering. he thanked the family
for taking him in for almost 4 years. he
left his calling card. he went away in a
he was in the history zone. i listened. chauffer driven imperial army car. colonel
1936. a few japanese men came looking handa was the commander-in-chief of the
for work. my grandfather’s family had an northern mindanao forces.
abaca plantation in the southern part of he kept going to church. he was a fervent
the country. they gave these men work. methodist. he would walk around. stand
one of them really worked hard and would by the children’s sunday school and
always go to interesting places in the listen. he attended the service in white
area during weekends. his name was mr. civilian suit. then changed to his military
handa. or handa san as they called him. khakis after the service. everybody liked
he was such a nice person that the family him but distanced themselves or shied
gave him an important post. he did his away. he was kind. he once asked why an
work calmly and happily. old church member was missing from the
1940. when the japanese imperial army church. somebody told him that he lived a
occupied the whole country, everyone long way of in the boondocks. he had him
felt fear. one day a knock came on the fetched every sunday for service. there
door. there, dressed in military uniform also was an old woman whose brother
was mr. handa. he was a full colonel. hasn’t written for a time. he took the name
he wanted to see the family. he went and the address and within four days the
into the house alone. he introduced old woman had and answer. such was
colonel handa.

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After the workshop, resolutions were proposed and approved during the plenary session. These resolutions

• Affirming our role as Filipinos abroad in building • Expressing solidarity with the campaign
a better society to protect and uphold human rights in the
• Opposing proposed increased fees from Philippines
overseas workers/migrants • Expressing support for pro-migrant house
• Calling on Intensification of the campaign to resolutions and urging congress and other
regularize the undocumented government agencies to speed up approval of pro-
• Right to Vote of Filipinos Abroad migrant resolutions.
• Urging the Philippine Government to adopt • Expressing solidarity with European advocates
measures to implement the United Nations of migrant right and welfare and celebrating
conventions for the protection of all migrant international migrant day.
workers and members of their families (CPMWMF) • Expressing support and participation in the
people’s campaign to Oust Gloria Macapagal-
The 2nd day event was concluded by a solidarity cultural activity with a surprise performance from UP singing
ambassador and showcase of creative Filipino talents from different organizations.
The 3rd day plan was change from a city tour to a petition signing and picket in Philippine Embassy in Rome,
Italy, in line with the resolution to support and participate in the people’s campaign to Oust Gloria Macapagal-
Arroyo. The delegates led by Fr. Teody Holgado read and submitted a petition letter to a senior Philippine
Embassy consulate staff, urging Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to resign and give way to the establishment of a
transition government representing the democratic sector of Philippine Society.
14 end
he would even warn the people who never grew hungry. he respected the local

among the kempeitai (military police or traditions. reassigned atrocious soldiers.
the japanese equivalent of the gestapo) won battles by winning the people. gained
was notorious. he had the people report enemies by waging campaigns. all told,
the atrocities. date, time, crime and three he was a professional soldier. he was a
witnesses. not bad for an occupation gentleman. he was admired even by his
force considered an enemy. adversaries. my great-grandfather the
my grandfather however was in the major, included.
jungles and mountains. he was married colonel handa left when general douglas
to a woman (my grandmother) who macarthur landed in leyte. cutting off
was a daughter of a military officer (a the japanese supply lines. he bade his
major) who was fighting a guerilla war, goodbye to the family.
after communications were cut-off in the postwar. my grandfather’s family received
usaphil forces. wherever they went the a letter from japan. colonel handa
whole clan went along with a ragtag army apologized, thanked and wished them
leftovers and a host of other civilians godspeed.
who took up arms against the japanese.
my stone-cold soul was smiling. my
whenever my grandfather would come
mouth agape. old folks could tell stories
to the town, he would be invited over by
that are really un-complicated, warm
colonel handa. talk of war wouldn’t come
and human. simple. i couldn’t top that.
up in the conversation. he just asked
spending time with grandparents are the
how he feels and why he hasn’t come to
church. the colonel knew why.
I don’t know what to make of this tale, it’s
1945. the war was coming to an end.
just that this was a warm surprise from
my grandfather learned a lot about the
all those ww2 atrocities we hear from our
colonel. he was from a samurai clan in
elders. I just thought I’d share.
japan. educated in europe and has a
degree in economics. he went into covert
operations and southern philippines was lifted from my personal journal of
his haunt. he studied the local culture, 11 august 1999.
the language, where and when the crop
harvests would be, the seasons of bounty
and empty. he knew the region. during his
command the area where he was posted


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Analysis: Today’s Struggle (Part 1)
By Mila D. Aguilar

“Therefore you, O son of man, say to the house of Israel: ‘Thus you say, “If our
KARAPATAN transgressions and our sins lie upon us, and we pine away in them, how can we
then live?” ‘
“Say to them: ‘As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the
wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil
ways! For why should you die, O house of Israel?’
“If the wicked restores the pledge, gives back what he has stolen, and walks in the
statutes of life without committing iniquity, he shall surely live; he shall not die.
“None of his sins which he has committed shall be remembered against him; he
has done what is lawful and right; he shall surely live.
Eze 33:10-11, 15-16

Many will be surprised at the combination Between the question (“How can we then
of my title and quoted verse, thinking them live?”) and the answer (“If the wicked
at odds with each other. I will proceed to restores the pledge…”), what lies between?
demonstrate, however, that at this juncture To resolve this, we have to look back at
of Philippine history, they jibe perfectly. the past. What are the “transgressions
This is not to say that the present point of and…sins [that] lie upon us,” and why have
contention, the Madame of the land, is about we been “pining away in them” for so long?
to or can still change. Politically, she is The co-optation of the datus
already a goner; whether her inner character The truth is that we have a history to
can still make that momentous turn is overcome, and in order to overcome it, we
apparently belied by reported movements have to see it correctly, first and foremost.
in the Palace, at the airport, and in Hong
Kong. The truth of these reports, however, When the Spaniards came upon the
is not for us to judge, in the same way that separate tribes in the islands that they
it would be unjust to judge the state of the eventually came to call the Philippines,
Madame’s soul. All we can say for sure is the most common leaders of these tribes
that politically, she is a goner, and it is only a were not sultans, but datus. Sultanates,
matter of time before she bids us goodbye, structures which approached the level of
in her uniquely ineluctable manner—still organization of Spain’s own fiefdoms, had
sounding highly insincere. been put up in Islamized areas like Sulu
and the southwestern parts of Mindanao,
Since the end of this particular drama is a as well as, a trice before the Spaniards
foregone conclusion, we should therefore came, in Manila. In most areas of the
start turning our attention to the greater archipelago, however, barangays, those
problem, the nation. Why can’t we have small communities of only a few scores of
enough of the Marcoses, the Eraps, the families, were led by datus, who owned no
Glorias? Why, indeed, do we even have great armies nor ruled no high princes of
to put up with a Cory? Or, for that matter, their own.
a Ramos? If they cannot express and
advance the aspirations of the people, how These were the datus whom the Spaniards
then can we live? More appropriately, “if our co-opted and made to live in the town
transgressions and sins lie upon us, and we centers, in the municipios, there to be
pine away in them, how can we then live?” unobtrusively guarded against potential
rebellion. As it turned out, save for the
The Biblical answer is very simple, but the failed Tondo conspiracy and communities
answer in terms of everyday reality bytes, in unreachable or hostile mountainous
of everyday living, indeed, of everyday areas such as the Cordilleras, most datus
struggle, is much more complex. In the end, were co-opted rather easily, their sons and
however, both will amount to the same thing: daughters eventually becoming favored in
“If the wicked restores the pledge…he shall Hispanicentric society with their mestizo
surely live.”
progeny. The datus, given the gift of bureaucracy. The training that these young

becoming tax collectors by the Spaniards, men and women got as pensionados in the
would learn to survive among the Spanish United States was steeped in the honesty
elite by pinching from the public bin bestowed on George Washington, mythically
the reales they needed for their private or not, and that may be why they came
pleasures. back serious in the business of running
It was this corrupted, diminished datu class government. But more than that, the basic
that became the base of the principalia, reason these young men and women
as well as, through the miracle of became honest civil servants is that they
mestizoization, the ilustrados. This native, generally came from classes which had not
Hispanized elite carried down to the next been thoroughly co-opted by the Spaniards,
centuries our Spanish colonial legacy not and therefore still held on to the native
only of feudalism and patriarchalism, but principles of hiya and katapatan.
also of corruption. Due to the presence of these young men
Feudalism and corruption are in reality twin and women who eventually grew old in
evils, especially in a colonized society in the bureaucracy, we are wont to think that
which the elite could survive only by dipping our government, before Marcos, was as
into the public bin because the colonial lord clean as immaculate. That is not entirely
has already taken away much of the fruit true. What is truer is that the bureaucracy
of the land. Corruption in the public arena remained, for several decades, clean
copies the practices of feudalism in the enough to cover up the stealthy little
private arena: since the landlord merely sits robberies of our upper-class elected officials.
while waiting for the fruit of the land to arrive It is also true that these robberies were very
at his dinner table, the government official little compared to the robberies conducted
also sits, waiting for the moneys of the land by our officials today, who are capable of
to arrive at his desk drawer. robbing the people blind whether they be
The continued rule of the datus elected or not, whether they be in the upper
or lower rungs of the bureaucracy or not.
When the Americans took over, they did not
remove the ilustrados whose ancestors had But the robberies of yesteryears, small as
made it a habit for three centuries to plow they may have been compared to what we
into the public bin. Instead, they placed see today, were robberies nonetheless.
them in the highest “elected” positions in the
land. end of part 1
To their credit, however, they did train young
men and women from the lower classes to
take over senior and junior positions in the


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ch. de Sur-Beauvent 2a,
1232 Confignon

In this column, FEDERALISM will be explored, studied, so that as Filipinos we can have enough
KARAPATAN information to be able to decide for ourselves if FEDERALISM is the right form of government for
us. We will look at different implementations of Federalism by different countries. Now we will look
at the Switzerland experience.

CH: Confoederatio Helvetica

Switzerland in its modern form came into being in 1848. Until that time,
Switzerland was not a real state, but a loose alliance of autonomous cantons
whose degree of cooperation with each other varied from one period to another.
Before 1848 the cantons were free to secede from the confederation if they
wanted to.
Switzerland’s 1848 constitution made it into a federal state, giving it a central
authority that counterbalanced and limited the power of the individual cantons.
Some areas, such as foreign policy, are now solely in the hands of the central
government. The cantons no longer have the right to secede.
The constitution was designed to balance as fairly as possible the interests of the
state as a whole with the interests of the individual cantons.
For historical reasons, Switzerland’s official name is still the “Helvetic
Confederation” (in Latin: Confoederatio Helvetica) from which the country’s
international abbreviation, CH, is derived. However, this is in fact a misnomer: a
confederation is an alliance of autonomous entities. Since 1848 Switzerland has
been a federation: a grouping of entities with a central authority.
The word Helvetic refers to the Helvetians, one of the many Celtic tribes living in
what is now Switzerland at the time of the Roman conquest.

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Characteristics of Federalism in Switzerland
What differentiates federalism in want the government to take over

Switzerland from federalism in other responsibilities previously within their
states? Which terms best describe sphere of competence, a change in the
the Swiss brand of federalism? The constitution (and therefore a people’s
following short text explains four terms initiative) is required.
which are of central importance to
Swiss federalism: non-centralisation, Subsidiarity:
subsidiarity, solidarity and co-operative Applied to federalism in Switzerland,
federalism. the principle of subsidiarity means that
the central power should only carry out
Federalism – shaped by history and tasks which are above the means of the
political structure - has taken on constituent elements (e.g. the cantons).
different features in different countries. In this way it is closely linked to the
The Swiss Confederation was concept of non-centralisation.
founded in 1848, out of a loose union
of autonomous cantons. Cantons Solidarity:
which had fought against each other In contrast to federalism in the United
in a civil war (the Sonderbundskrieg) States, in which competition between
were suddenly to be united within the individual states plays an important
one state. Only a federal structure role, Swiss federalism is characterised
of states in which non-centralisation, and defined by the idea of solidarity
subsidiarity and solidarity played between the cantons and different
an important role could ensure their parts of the country. Inter-cantonal
peaceful coexistence. The concept of competition exists to a certain degree
co-operative federalism, in which the (e.g. where the taxation policies are
responsibilities of the government and concerned), but differences between
the cantons are closely linked, was only weaker and stronger cantons or regions
introduced later. are evened out by transfer payments.

Non-centralisation: Co-operative federalism:

Following the end of the civil war, the As a result of non-centralisation, a
defeated Catholic cantons in their small central administration was set
minority expressed their resistance up when the Swiss Confederation was
to the idea of a central governing founded. Laws were to be applied by
authority. They wanted the cantons the cantons, which already possessed
and communes to be granted as much an infrastructure. This principle has
autonomy as possible. The liberal to some extent been adhered to until
majority of cantons, however, were in today. However, as the 20th century
favour of a small central administration progressed and the state dealt with
and a clearly defined separation of an ever-increasing number of issues,
competence. policy-making between the government
This is why the respective and the cantons became more closely
responsibilities of the government linked. This is referred to as co-
and the cantons came to be defined operative federalism.
in the Constitution. If the cantons
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The Building Blocks of the Suisse Federal System
the Federalist / continued from previous page
KARAPATAN Federal level Government Federal Assembly or
7 ministers, National Council of 41 full-time
elected at a Council States and 41 part-
joint session time federal
of parliament. 200 members, 46 members, judges,
elected by the 2 per full chosen by
people. canton, 1 per the Federal
The number half-canton. Assembly.
of seats per Members
canton is in are directly
relation to its elected in
population. each canton.
Cantonal Cantonal Cantonal parliament Cantonal
level government Court
5-7 members, Between 46 and 200 Elected by
elected by the members, elected by the cantonal
people. people. government
or cantonal
Communal Commune/ Commune Commune District Court
level City parliament assembly
Elected by the (only in bigger (smaller Elected by
people. communes communes) cantonal
and cities) All voters can authorities or
Elected by the participate in the people.
people. assembly


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Lica de Guzman


Born in Geneva, on March 8, 1997 to Filipino migrant workers, Nicanor “Bono” de

Guzman and Waonhor “Joy” Pangulima, Lica is the newest singing child sensation
to hit the Philippine Community in Geneva.
Lica de Guzman started singing at the age of 4. By the time she was 5 years old,
she joined the Adelea 2 Music Kids Academy of Geneva. At school, she was often
requested to perform a song or two whenever there was an occasion or a festival.
Aside from her singing talent, she is also gifted with the ability to dance and act in
theatre performances.
Last year, a breakthrough for Lica soon came when she was invited to perform at
the famous annual Carabina Festival’s “Caribanakids” in Crans-Celigny. The tiny
7-year old stunned the crowd with her angelic voice that won the hearts of many
spectators, including her fellow performers and artists. It was a like “baptism of fire”
for Lica as she was the only child who sang a solo performance.
During her last year’s vacation in the Philippines, she took “Sunshine Davao” by
storm and again captivated the Davaoeños with her awesome performance. She
had a benefit concert for Bantay Bata Kids 163 at Gaisano Mall in Davao City on 9
August 2004 which was sponsored by the “number one fast-food chain” Jollibee.
Her first album with her carrier single “A Dream in my Heart” was also released the
same day, included in it is a video version a la MTV of the carrier single.
In Davao City, she had a busy schedule as she performed in SBD Jam and Halo-
Halo Special, two of the most successful and popular shows in Davao City. She
also toured the popular radio stations in the city, singing songs that reached out to
the common tao even to the far-flung barrios through their portable transistor radios.
Christmas 2004 became a special and memorable one for Lica. This was because
she was selected to join Sonia Grimm, a well-known singer not only in Geneva, but
also in Europe, to do back up vocals on a Christmas CD. This was released and
again it became another success.
So far, two well-known European producers have already shown great interest in
Lica’s singing talent and have approached her parents. Her parents say that they
just keep on praying for the best for Lica. Her father, Bono as he is fondly called by
his friends and colleagues, insists that Lica’s priority right now is still her education.
As part of the Independence Day string of celebrations, Lica performed in the show
of noon time matinee idol Randy Santiago and singer Rachel Alejandro on 10 June.
Lica was also part of the 11 June 2005 Philippine Community Independence Day
Kermesse. at the St Nicolas de Flue Church.

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Filipino Catholic Community

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Fêtes de Genève • 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month: Bible
4-14 August 2005 Study (14:30-17:00)
• 3rd Sunday of the month: General
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Concert: Pops Fernandez & Hotdog
24 September 2005 Permanence de Travailleurs /
Saturday 20h00 at PALLADIUM Travailleuse sans Statut Légal
Filipino Community CHRISTMAS Party MIGRANT WORKERS without legal status can
get a PROCURATION from the following groups:
26 November 2005
Syndicat Actions UNIA
La ville est à vous chemin Surinam 5, 1203 Genève
27 August: Concorde (Charmilles) Wednesday (14h-18h) Saturday (08h30-11h)
3-4 September: Jonction. Syndicat SIT
17-18 September: Pâquis. Rue des Chaudronniers 16
Monday, Thursday (14h-17h)

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