Church Building Fundraising Campaign Ideas, Tips, How To's

By Brian Kluth,
► 7 Lessons from Churches that Conducted Successful Building Fund Campaigns Html file
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► 9 Questions to Ask BEFORE Considering A Building Fund Project

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► Where Will the Money Come From? Building Fund Giving Ideas from A to Z

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► 10 Reasons to Consider Purchasing An Existing Building for Your Expansion or Relocation Needs Html file ► GENEROSITY DEVOTIONAL TO INSPIRE GREATER GENEROSITY & INCREASED GIVING "A 40-Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life"
This is one of the few resources available in America that was specifically written to teach and encourage greater Biblical generosity throughout an entire congregation! A small church in Ohio used this book to help them bring in $100,000 for a renovation project! A church in Iowa used the book and raised 50% more than their consultant told them was possible ($1.8 million instead of $1.2 million)! Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock used this book to help them raise commitments for a $35 MILLION dollar relocation project!

► 40 Life Changing Truths: Biblical Wisdom and Warnings on Wealth and Generosity Pdf File
600+ Scriptures on finances summarized into 40 teachable truths [For more information on the daily devotional version with each verse listed out, click here]

► 100 Scriptures on Generosity

Html file Pdf File MicrosoftWord Use fr sermon preparation OR for a weekly generosity verse in the bulletin or on the screen during offertory. Accompanying PowerPoint presentation available for purchase. Html file Pdf File

► A Proven Model for a Debt-Free Building Project

► FLYER: Count Your Blessings: A Pathway to Greater Joy & Generosity

Html file This article (also available as a flyer that can be purchased or reprinted) gives people a proven way to joyfully double and triple their giving to the Lord's work.

► Help for Building Programs, Financing, Capital Campaigns and Fundraising Consulting
MAXIMUM Generosity 40-Day Booklet for Building Funds or Stewardship Campaign Dickerson & Associates Christian Fundraising and Stewardship Consultants American Church Builders Brown Church Development Group Build My Church California Plan of Church Finance Capital Campaigns for Churches Cargill Associates Church Building Consultants & Architects Church Funding Counsel Church Fundraising Services ChurchLending.Net - Bank of the West Evangelical Christian Credit Union John R. Frank Consulting Group The Gage Group Generis Group The Goehner Group Havey & Associates INJOY Stewardship Services Ken MacLeod & Associates - KMA of Canada Master Financial Planning Services Master Resources, Inc. McConkey-Johnston International Ministry Campaign Services (for Evangelical Free Churches and other evangelical churches) The Rogers Company RSI Church Services Group Saddleback Church Time to Build Campaign Kit Shepherds Group Stewardship Development Successful Fundraising--Why Hire A Pro? The Timothy Group TLC Ministries Together We Build What You Should Know Before Hiring A Consultant

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