NEED FOR THE STUDY: I have got a very nice topic for marketing research which is “Customer satisfaction towards retail shops in malls”. It is a very interesting project and I have learnt a lot from that. It is all about research on customer satisfaction and perception of customer towards retail shops in malls and tries to find out the new idea about malls. At present time there are many malls out lets open in Chennai region; through this questionnaire I have collected information regarding comparative analysis of different brands. I have done research through market as well as colony where the business men, students gives their idea frequently and My research shows the behavior of customer regarding to the retail shops in malls to till date.

OBJECTIVE: Primary Objectives: The objective of the research is to know the behavior, perception attitude & knowledge towards retail shops in malls and what should be modification and ideal media for advertising of the malls. Secondary Objectives: • To know about the customer perception towards retail shops. • To know about market value of malls. • To know about customer perception towards culture of malls.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Marketing research:

Marketing research is the function that links the consumer customers and public to the marketer through information and this information used to identity and define marketing opportunities and problems, generate, refine, and evaluate marketing action ,monitor marketing performance , and improve understanding of marketing as a process analyzes and communicate the findings and their implication. Marketing research is gathered using a systematic approach.

Watch out for errors in interpretation. Check for errors. How will you collect data that you will analyze to solve the problem. Secondary research is also known as desk research already exists since it has been collected for other purpose. i) PRIMARY 1) Direct Personal Interview 2) Indirect Personal Interview 3) Information from respondents ii) SECONDARY a) Published sources . data collection method analytical mistakes. The problem then becomes the focus of research.  There are two main source of data collection. It is original and collected to solve the problems in hand.primary research is conducted from scratch.Marketing process:        Define the problem. It is not uncommon to find the errors in sampling. tables that will communicate the result of the research and hopefully lead to the solution of the problem. Do we conduct a telephonic survey or a focus group. never conduct research for things that you would like to know .primary research is conducted from scratch. primary data and secondary data .make sure that you really need for knowing something. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Data collection method: There are two main source of data collection. Write the final report that contains charts. cluster sample or random sample? Collect the data. Do we use a stratified sample. Secondary research is also known as desk research already exists since it has been collected for other purpose. Select a sampling method. primary data and secondary data . It is original and collected to solve the problems in hand. Conduct the analysis of the data.

Secondary data: Secondary data are those which have already been collected by some other persons and which have passed through the statistical machine at least once. Secondary data are usually in the shape of finished products since they have been treated statistically in some form or the other. Primary data are in the shape of raw material to which statistical methods are applied for the purpose of analysis and interpretation.1) Govt. It can be categorized under following subtypes a) Simple Random Sampling b) Stratified Random Sampling c) Systematic Sampling .structured 3) Undisguised structured 4) Undisguised non structured Sampling method: In statistics. Broadly speaking sampling method can be divided into two parts 1) Probability sampling: It is a method of sampling in which the probability of unit being selected is known. the term population or universe means any finite or infinite collection of individuals and sampling means a part of population or a subset from a set of units which is provided by some process or other usually by deliberate selection with the object of investigating the process or set. Questionnaires: There are four types of questionnaires:1) Disguised structured 2) Disguised non. Publication 2) Report Committees and Commissions 3) Private Publication 4) Research institutions 5) Unpublished resources Primary data: Primary data are those which are collected for the first time and are thus original in characters. After statistical treatment the primary data loss their original shape and become secondary data.

Due to shortage of time we had to limit the work in its present form. Some people were busy with their job or not willing to co-operate. selective perception creeps in. Evaluating market place. 2. Gathering data from market.Probability sampling: It is method of sampling in which the probability of a unit being selected is not known. Limitation on the part of respondents: Some of the people were not interested or motivated enough in filling up the questionnaire. 4. which means more interaction which is beneficial for our marketing research project as well as will improve our confidence and communication skills. It can be categorized under following sub types: a) Quota Sampling b) Judgment Sampling c) Convenience Sampling d) Snow Ball Sampling According to my project “Customer satisfaction towards retail shops in malls” I have selected convenience sampling and from there I have selected customers randomly. communications errors in the form of miscomprehension. 3. Conducting customer surveys. Had we more time we could have selected a bigger sample size. Limitation of cost: Money was also one of the major limitations faced while conducting this research. errors were unavoidable and thus might have added to slight inaccuracy in my results. LIMITATIONS: In every research work there are some limitations and this research is no exception. Some . Source of data: 1. In this case.d) Cluster Sampling 2) Non. Determining the need of your customer. Due to differing perceptions. Limitation of time: Availability of time was one of the biggest limitations faced. I have collected our data in Primary form and as per the schedule I have taken 50 persons for the sample and I have selected the area of research NCR and Delhi and my sample frame is business.

• To comparative analysis of different brand of retail shops in malls.businessdictionary. Business statistics by: S.com . EXPECTED DELIVERABLES: • to find out the factors which affects the retail shops. P. • To Comparative analysis of retail shops in malls over general shops. In some instances respondents may not have revealed the truth. • To find out over all the customer satisfaction towards retail shops in malls BIBLIOGRAPHY: The lists of reference for the purpose of completing this marketing project are as given below: Books:   Marketing Research by Harper and Boyd.P. • To find out the role of retailer in shopping malls.primemarketingstrategy. • To find out the innovative idea of customers. and some didn’t fill the questionnaire because they were reluctant to give their phone numbers.com www. It is quite possible that the personal biases of respondents might have crept.Gupta & M.forbes. • To find out generally which retail shops preferred by the customers. • To find out the target area or groups for malls. Web Sites:    www.com www.questioned about the benefits they get.

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