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Engineering Services Exam Syllabus 2014 - Electronics Telecommunication (For both objective and conventional type papers) III-Electronics

and Telecommuncation Engineering I-Objective Papers General Ability Test (Part A: General English) (Part : General !t"dies) Electronics and Teleco%%"ncation Engineering Paper I Electronics and Teleco%%"ncation Engineering Paper II II&'onventional Papers Electronics and Teleco%%"ncation Engineering Paper I Electronics and Teleco%%"ncation Engineering Paper II Total # hrs # hrs # hrs ( hrs ( hrs #$$

#$$ #$$ #$$ #$$ )$$$

Note: 'andidates are advised to read care*"lly special instr"ction to candidates *or conventional type tests and objective type tests given in Appendi+-I, (Part A - Part ) incl"ding the proced"re regarding *illing in the !heet o* objective type tests in the E+a%ination /all0 (0 In the Personality Test special attention .ill be paid to assessing the candidate1s capacity *or leadership2 initiative and intellect"al c"riosity2 tact and other social 3"alities2 %ental and physical energy2 po.ers o* practical application and integrity o* character0 40 'onventional papers %"st be ans.ered in English0 5"estion papers .ill be set in English only0 60 'andidates %"st .rite the papers in their o.n hand0 In no circ"%stances .ill they be allo.ed the help o* a scribe to .rite the ans.ers *or the%0 70 The 'o%%ission have discretion to *i+ %ini%"% 3"ali*ying %ar8s in any or all the papers o* the e+a%ination0 The Objective Type papers as contained in !ection-I o* the Plan o* the E+a%ination .ill be eval"ated *irst and eval"ation o* the 'onventional Type papers contained in !ection-II o* the Plan o* E+a%ination .ill be done only o* those candidates .ho obtain the %ini%"% 3"ali*ying %ar8s in Objective types papers2 as *i+ed by the 'o%%ission0 90 :ar8s .ill not be allotted *or %ere s"per*icial 8no.ledge0

;0 <ed"ction "p to 6 per cent o* the %a+i%"% %ar8s *or the .ritten papers .ill be %ade *or illegible hand.riting0 =0 'redit .ill be given *or orderly2 e**ective and e+act e+pression co%bined .ith d"e econo%y o* .ords in the conventional papers o* the e+a%ination0 )$0 In the 3"estion papers2 .herever re3"ired2 !I "nits .ill be "sed0 Note: 'andidates .ill be s"pplied .ith standard tables>charts in !I "nits in the E+a%ination hall *or re*erence p"rpose2 .herever considered necessary0 ))0 'andidates are per%itted to bring and "se battery operated poc8et calc"lators *or conventional (essay) type papers only0 ?oaning or inter-changing o* calc"lators in the E+a%ination hall is not per%itted0 It is also i%portant to note that candidates are not per%itted to "se calc"lators *or ans.ering objective type paper (Test boo8 lets)0 They sho"ld not2 there*ore2 bring the sa%e inside the E+a%ination /all0 )#0 'andidates sho"ld "se only International *or% o* Indian n"%erals (e0g0 )2#2(242627 etc0) .hile ans.ering 3"estion papers0

Engineering Services Exam Syllabus 2009 -

eneral !bility Test

The standard o* paper in General Ability Test .ill be s"ch as %ay be e+pected o* a Engineering>!cience Grad"ate0 The standard o* papers in other s"bjects .ill appro+i%ately be that o* an Engineering <egree E+a%ination o* an Indian @niversity0 There .ill be no practical e+a%ination in any o* the s"bjects0 Part A: General English0 The 3"estion paper in General English .ill be designed to test the candidate1s "nderstanding o* English and .or8%anli8e "se o* .ords0 Part : General !t"dies: The paper in General !t"dies .ill incl"de 8no.ledge o* c"rrent events and o* s"ch %atters as o* everyday observation and e+perience in their scienti*ic aspects as %ay be e+pected o* an ed"cated person0 The paper .ill also incl"de 3"estions on /istory o* India and Geography o* a nat"re .hich candidates sho"ld be able to .itho"t special st"dy0

"a#er $ 1 1% &aterials and 'om#onents: !tr"ct"re and properties o* Electrical Engineering %aterialsA 'ond"ctors2 !e%icond"ctors and Ins"lators2 %agnetic2 Ferroelectric2 PieBoelectric2 'era%ic2 Optical and !"per-cond"cting %aterials0 Passive co%ponents and characteristics Cesistors2 'apacitors and Ind"ctorsA Ferrities2 5"artB crystal 'era%ic resonators2 Electro%agnetic an Electro%echanical co%ponents0 2% "(ysical Electronics) Electron *evices and I's: Electrons and holes in se%icond"ctors2 'arrier !tatistics2 :echanis% o* c"rrent *lo. in a se%icond"ctor2 /all e**ectA D"nction theoryA <i**erent types o* diodes and their characteristicsA ipolar D"nction transistorA Field e**ect transistorsA s.itching devices li8e !'Cs2 'TOs2 :O!FETsA asics o* I's & bipolar2 :O! and ':O! typesA basic to Opto Electronics0 +% Signals and Systems 'lassi*ication o* signals and syste%s: !yste% %odeling in ter%s o* di**erential and di**erence e3"ationsA !tate variable representationA Fo"rier seriesA Fo"rier representationA Fo"rier seriesA Fo"rier trans*or%s and their application to syste% analysisA ?aplace trans*or%s and their application to syste% analysisA 'onvol"tion and s"perposition integrals and their applicationsA E-trans*or%s and their Applications to the analysis and characteriBation o* discrete ti%e syste%sA Cando% signals and probability2 'orrelation *"nctionsA !pectral densityA Cesponse o* linear syste% to rando% inp"ts0 4% Net,or- t(eory Fet.or8 analysis techni3"esA Fet.or8 theore%s2 transient response2 steady state sin"soidal responseA Fet.or8 graphs and their applications in net.or8 analysisA TellegenGs theore%0 T.o port net.or8sA E2 H h and trans%ission para%eters0 'o%bination o* t.o ports2 analysis o* co%%on t.o ports0 Fet.or8 *"nctions: parts o* net.or8 *"nctions2 obtaining a net.or8 *"nction *ro% a given part0 Trans%ission criteria: delay and rise ti%e2 El%ore1s and other de*initions e**ect o* cascading0 Ele%ents o* net.or8 synthesis0 .% Electromagnetic T(eory Analysis o* electrostatic and %agnetostatic *ields: ?aplaceGs and Piossons1s e3"ationsA o"ndary val"e proble%s and their sol"tionsA :a+.ell1s e3"ationsA application to .ave propagation in bo"nded and "nbo"nded %ediaA Trans%ission lines: basic theory2 standing .aves2 %atching applications2 %isconstr"e lines0 asics o* .ave g"ides and resonatorsA Ele%ents o* antenna theory0 Visit: For More Information ,,,%tec(nicalsym#osium%com

/% Electronic &easurements and instrumentation asic concepts2 standards and error analysisA :eas"re%ents o* basic electrical 3"antities and para%etersA Electronic %eas"ring instr"%ents and their principles o* .or8ing: analog and digital2 co%parison2 characteristics2 application0 Transd"cersA Electronic %eas"re%ents o* non electrical 3"antities li8e te%perat"re2 press"re2 h"%idity etcA basics o* tele%etry *or ind"strial "se0 "!"E0 $ II 1% !nalog Electronic 'ircuits: Transistor biasing and stabiliBation0 !%all signal analysis0 a%pli*iers0 Fre3"ency response0 Iide banding techni3"es0 Feedbac8 a%pli*iers0 T"ned a%pli*iers0 Oscillators0 Cecti*iers and s"pplies0 Op A%p P??2 other linear integrated circ"its and applications0 P"lse shaping circ"its and .ave*or% generators0 2% *igital Electronic 'ircuits: Transistor as a s.itching ele%entA oolean algebra2 si%pli*ication o* oolean *"nctions2 Jarnag"h %ap and applicationsA I' ?ogic gates and their characteristicsA I' logic *a%ilies: <T?2 TT?2 E'?2 F:O!2 P:O! and ':O! gates and their co%parisonA 'o%binational logic 'irc"itsA /al* adder2 F"ll adderA <igital co%paratorA :"ltiple+er <e%"ltiple+erA CO: and their applications0 Flip *lops0 C-!2 D0J2 < and T *lip-*lopsA <i**erent types o* co"nters and registers Iave*or% generators0 A>< and <>A converters0 !e%icond"ctor %e%ories0 +% 'ontrol Systems: Transient and steady state response o* control syste%sA E**ect o* *eedbac8 on stability and sensitivityA Coot loc"s techni3"esA Fre3"ency response analysis0 'oncepts o* gain and phase %argins: 'onstant-: and 'onstant-F Fichol1s 'hartA Appro+i%ation o* transient response *ro% closed loop *re3"ency responseA <esign o* 'ontrol !yste%s2 'o%pensatorsA Ind"strial controllers0 4% 'ommunication Systems: asic in*or%ation theoryA :od"lation and detection in analog"e and digital syste%sA !a%pling and data reconstr"ctionsA 5"antiBation - codingA Ti%e division and *re3"ency division %"ltiple+ingA E3"aliBationA Optical 'o%%"nication: in *ree space - *iber opticA Propagation o* signals oat /F2 ,/F2 @/F and %icro.ave *re3"encyA !atellite 'o%%"nication0 .% &icro,ave Engineering: :icro.ave T"bes and solid state devices2 :icro.ave generation and a%pli*iers2 Iaveg"ides and other :icro.ave 'o%ponents and 'irc"its2 :isconstr"e circ"its2 :icro.ave Antennas2 :icro.ave :eas"re%ents2 :asers2 lasersA :icro.ave propagation0 :icro.ave 'o%%"nication !yste%s terrestrial and !atellite based0 /% 'om#uter Engineering:

F"%ber !yste%s0 <ata representationA Progra%%ingA Ele%ents o* a high level progra%%ing lang"age PA!'A?>'A @se o* basic data str"ct"resA F"nda%entals o* co%p"ter architect"reA Processor designA 'ontrol "nit designA :e%ory organiBation2 l>o !yste% Organisation0 :icroprocessors: Architect"re and instr"ction set o* :icroprocessors ;$;6 and ;$;72 Asse%bly lang"age Progra%%ing0 :icroprocessor ased syste% design: typical e+a%ples0 Personal co%p"ters and their typical "ses0