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"RIO BRAVO" Original Screenplay by Jules Furthman Leigh Brackett 2/26/s8 Armada Productions GAST AND CREDITS SSSEAND CREDITS io Warner Bros. Pictures Presents John Wayne as John T. Chance -Dean Martin as Dude Ricky Nelson ~ as Colorado Angie Dickinson as ' Feathers ‘Walter Brennan as : Stumpy Ward Bond as Pat Wheeler in Howard Hawks! “RIO BRavo™ echnicezor (®) with a a John Russell as Nathan Burdette Pedro Gonzalez- Gonzalez as Carlos " Retelite Rodrigues as. Consusle Claude Akins an Joo Burdette Meleolm Atterbury as Jake Harry Carey, gr, as Harold Hob Steele . Matt Herris Pein ed and Produced by Howard Hawks Muste Composed and Conducted by Play by Jules Furthmen and Dimitri Tomkin Bh Brackett Criging: Scenes: short story by B. H. MeCampbe2) Music by Dimitri Tiemkin op of Photography Russell Harian, - Lyrics by Paul Freneis i Cc a Costumes Desicned by Mar Jo Pegtor Leo K. Kuter 7%; volmar Blanested, A.C.E, A Director Paul Heixick vert Be Lee Set Decorator Ralph S. Huser . An Armada Preduc tion ‘ oa ‘ase Dastroy Proviously Issued Cast & Craaiss) yO en IO BRAVO" 26/58 oR: : _ Beef GAST OF CHARACTERS SRECE CHARACTERS ae JOHN T. CHANCE......, eeeeees The Sheriff of Rio Bravo DOME. st seeseteeeseseecscesecereee Chance's friend and former de- puty, one~time legendary cunnan Who for two years has been the town drunk; now in a tine of stress he is Chance's deputy once more, COLORADO eee eeeeeseeeeeesccesee A Jowns gunhend on his first real gob #8 guard to a wagon-train; fast with a gun, but modest oad determined to stay out of trouble, A girl who has learned a lot about life in her twenty-rour Years; good-looking, good-hearted, with @ sense of humors Ghencets other deputy and friend, a Vinigary old man with a game ‘leg. Tho Mexican hotel keeper, and a friend of Chance's, , His beautiful young Mexican wife. | ctttereeeees AD arrogant, wanton killer, Te eeeceseseneeee JOO's older brother, e powerru2 pensher bent on protecting his Dlack-sheep brother, The boss of a wagon-train, and a friend of Chances; middle-aged, tough and capable but no gun- fighter, 4n old stagecoach driver, Mexican piano player in the Rio Bravo Seloon, The bartender in the Rio Bravo Saloon, "Titre ttteeeseseseeeee A Mexican boy, nine or ten years . gid, who plays the drum for ~ : funerals, i MATT HARRIS... cele, Nathan Burdette's chief gunhand, (conrINvED)