Let’s face facts: The Muslims have no use for this Jew named Stanley Cohen and given the opportunity would kill him unless he reverted to Islam. But to further their greater goal they tolerate this atheist and use him as an in house counsel. Stanley L. Cohen politics make no sense. On the one hand he defends anarchists’ squatters, Occupy Wall Streeters etc. who are into a lifestyle of freedom. On the other hand he is house attorney for those who would end freedom and are not on the Left. There would be no Shadow or Chris Flash under Islam. Hippy Cohen does not identify with the Islamic religion in the slightest – the reason he took the following cases is because he hates himself and he hates Jews. In re the extradition of Mousa Abu Marzook (1995-1997), Southern District of New York, successful defense against efforts by Israel to extradite leader of Hamas’ political wing—arrested in the United States—to stand trial for bombings in that country. United States v. Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye, District of Oregon; Somali Cleric arrested for possession of trace explosives ―detected‖ when boarding a plane at airport. Bomb charges ultimately dismissed.

United State v. Patrice Lumumba Ford, District of Oregon; Defended African American charged with Material Support of Terrorism, and Treason, alleging a conspiracy to travel to Afghanistan to fight against US military. United States v. Abdourahman Alamoudi, Eastern District Virginia; defended Eritrian Yemeni charged with Material Support of Terrorism, stemming from a conspiracy with Libyan Colonel Muammar Qadafi to assassinate Saudi king Abdullah in Mecca. United States v. Dr. John Doe, Eastern District New York; Defended Syrian national with various immigration and US citizenship-related charges, following suspicion of connection with al-Qaeda activities in the US and overseas. Charges dismissed. United States v. Sheikh John Doe, SDNY; Defended alleged unindicted Syrian co-conspirator in the East Africa embassy bombings and the attack on the USS Cole; Syrian national; initial suspect in the 9-11 attacks in the US. No charges filed. In Re: Grand Jury Subpoena of John Doe, SDNY; grand jury contemnor, Palestinian-American, jailed for refusing to testify about Hamas before grand jury. Released from custody after six months. In Re Grand Jury Subpoena of John Doe; Northern District Illinois. In re: Material Witness Order of John Doe, State of Maryland; PalestinianAmerican subpoenad to appear before grand jury investigating Hamas and allegations of Material Support of Terrorism. Did not testify and was not charged. In Re: Grand Jury Subpoena of Abdalaheem Ashqar, Northern District Illinois; grand jury contemnor and hunger striker before two separate grand juries investigating Hamas. Palestinian indicted for criminal contempt, racketeering and material support of terrorism, for refusing to cooperate with grand juries investigating Hamas and Palestinian resistance movements. Argued contempt citation and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act before Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

In Re: Grand Jury Subpoena of Mufid Abdulqader, Northern District of Texas; Represented Palestinian-American during grand jury investigation of Hamas and Holy Land Foundation, ultimately charged in the ―HLF Five‖ prosecutions. United States v. Hammoud, Eastern District North Carolina; Co-counsel in defense of Lebanese national youth charged with Material Support of Terrorism (Hezbollah) for donation to charity; 12 years representing him including three appeals (one en banc) in front of US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, appeal to US Supreme Court; resentence hearing produced sentence reduction from 155 years to 30 years. Further appeal pending. United States v. Mohammed Alessa, District of New Jersey; defending Palestinian-American, age eighteen (now 21), on charges of conspiracy to murder foreign nationals, alleging he conspired to travel to Somalia to join al-Shabaab. United States v. Amina Ali, District of Minnesota; defending Somali native against charge of Material Support of Terrorism, for conspiracy to send charitable money back home to an organization connected to al-Shabaab. United States v. Sulaiman Abu Ghayth, Southern District of New York; sonin-law of Usama Bin Laden charged with conspiracy to murder Americans served as spokesperson for Al Qaeda before and after September 11, 2001. People v. Mona Elatahawy New York State prosecution of internationally reknowned Egyptian journalist and blogger selected as one of the hundred most powerful Arab women in the world, charged with defacing anti-Muslim pro-Israel poster in the New York subway system. Representing Naturei Karta-USA, an organization of anti-Zionist orthodox Hasidic Jews, in defense of their speech and assembly rights; brought NKUSA rabbis to Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut—first Jewish clerics ever to visit and pray at Sabra-Shatila memorial, 2005. In Re: the Investigation of John Doe, two different federal districts; defended international charity and relief organizer against allegations that

he, an Iranian-American, acted as an Iranian agent, and charges of violating OFAC sanctions against Iran. No charges filed. United States v. Nidal Abu Assi , EDNY; defended Palestinian-American charged in violation of Arms Export Control Act, for shipping night vision goggles, available at any Wal-Mart, to Palestinian security forces. In re: the Matter of Hayssam Omar, High Court Romania, European Court of Human Rights; defended Romanian national of Syrian descent; accused of orchestrating kidnapping of journalists in Iraq. Boim v. United Association of Study and Research, et. al., Northern District Illinois; represented UASR in civil law suit, against allegations of being a ―front group‖ for Hamas, and culpable in death of US citizen in Israel, attributed to Hamas. Represented dozens of others as Material Witnesses or targets of grand Jury investigations in various districts throughout the United States, in alleged terrorism investigations. People v. Mazin Assi, Bronx, New York; defended Palestinian against charges of attempted fire-bombing of synagogue as retaliation for Israeli policies and practices against Palestinians. People v. Yunis Mohammed, Brooklyn New York; assault of NYPD police officer by young African American Muslim during subway argument involving racial slurs. People v. Lynne Stewart, New York County; defended Lynne on contempt charges for refusing to answer questions about a client in front of a grand jury. Case proceeded from trial court thorugh New York's highest court of appeals. Provided consultation to the government of Yemen regarding United States v. al Moyaad et. al., a Yemeni tribal leader convicted of Material Support of Terrorism for fund raising activities on behalf of Hamas and allegedly al Qaeda. Eventually returned to Yemen.

Provided consultation and lectures to the Saudi Government and private business and foundations communities and bar associations in that country as well as Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Lebanon and Turkey regarding US law, including the Patriot Act, the Foreign Intelligence Security Act and the federal designation process for so-called Foreign Terrorist Organizations and individuals. Consultant to al-Manar television network in Lebanon about litigation strategy and options for challenging its designation in the US as a terrorist entity, which blocked and criminalized its broadcast signal. Consultant to Hamas, Hezbollah and other movements in the Middle East, Gulf states, South Asia and North and South America regions about US and international laws and litigation strategies. Filed lawsuit against Israel, the United States Government and public and private US officials, citizens and corporations in District Court of D.C., on behalf of a class of Palestinians for war crimes, crimes against humanity and civil torts. Founding member of group of international lawyers who have filed lawsuits on behalf of Palestinians, against Israel, in jurisdictions in Morocco, Belgium, France, Spain, the UK and before the International Criminal Court; claims against Israel for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and violation of the Geneva Conventions. SAJBOD v. Radio 786, South Africa, consulting attorney and expert witness on free speech case involving attempt to censor content of radio show. STAN AND JOEY COHEN ARE BOTH MENTALLY ILL From the Forward newspaper: Leaflets handed out [by the Jewish Defense Organization] near the Manhattan court house, where Stanley L. Cohen is defending a relative of Osama bin Laden, describe the Jewish attorney as a ―traitor‖ and an ―enemy of Jews, Israel and

America.‖ Similar fliers were distributed around his Lower East Side loft. But for Cohen, who has spent much of his career representing terror suspects, threats and abuses are merely an occupational hazard. ―These things happen,‖ he said. And they happen to Cohen more than others. While Cohen’s family kept kosher and attended an Orthodox synagogue – where Stanley had a bar mitzvah – he now defines himself as a non-religious spiritual Jew. Stanley’s brother, Joseph, took a further step away from his Jewish upbringing and is now a Baptist minister. Stanley Cohen made it seem as if he and his traitor brother came from a normal Orthodox Jewish home when they did not. He grew up in a totally dysfunctional household This is what his brother Joseph had to say about it. Up until 34 years of age, I was deeply emotionally and physically in bondage to sin. I used all kinds of drugs [heroin, coke] including alcohol and pills went into my body continually. My addiction to gambling caused great emotional pain [to my family]. Eventually, being emotionally and physically exhausted, I could no longer take it, and fear, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, and depression began to control me. I wrote a suicide note, and I tried to kill myself. I did not know that G-d allowed me to live because He had a plan for my life. G-d's plan was for me to be a preacher of the Gospel. On January 8th, 1978 in my home, I came to faith in J as my Messiah. Instantly, G-d broke all the emotional and physical bondages, and set me free. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit broke the fetters, chains and shackles that were leading me to destruction. All of my drugs went down the toilet and the desire to gamble was taken away. (Joey should have flushed Stanley down the toilet bowl along with the drugs). So Stanley had a slimy junkie scum with a gambling habit for a

brother. This did not make his parents too happy and caused a lot of stress in their relationship. JEWISH DEFENSE ORGANIZATION DEMANDS REVEREND JOSEPH COHEN OF THE MASTER’S HAND CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP DENOUNCE HIS BROTHER STANLEY COHEN Joey is a Jew hater like his brother: By trying to convert the Jews Christians are attempting to commit cultural genocide against the Jews. Joey plays on the fact he is Jewish. Rev. Joey writes: ―By supporting a Jewish ministry, as this one, will bring special blessings to you. If you never supported us take the challenge and see what G-d will do for you. Please make out your tax deductible check to the Master’s Hand Christian Fellowship.‖ On the other hand this man is more pro-Israel than 73% of the Jews on the Upper West Side. Israel needs all the allies it can muster but not from someone who has never denounced his evil brother.

The key to Stanley Cohen’s personality profile was revealed in an article by Mary Reinholtz. But last weekend he was battling chronic vertigo, an inner ear infection he attributes to ―prolonged periods of stress, overwork and lack of sleep — my life story.‖ Psychological disorders causing vertigo: Psychological Vertigo is a condition in which severe dizziness, which may include an unpleasant sensation of spinning, is caused by a mental health or emotional disorder. The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of vertigo. Anxiety, Depression, Conversion disorder - a neurological psychiatric disorder. Note how Cohen attributes his mental illness to an ear

infection, however ear infections are not chronic and can be easily cured with antibiotics. So what it all boils down to is there is something wrong with Stanley Cohen’s brain, probably congenital, and this partially accounts for his pathological behavior. More evidence that Stanley Cohen is mentally ill is his tax case. Federal prosecutors said Cohen filed no state or federal tax returns for six years, requested a filing extension each year and made a modest payment toward taxes due and essentially kept no financial records while his bank accounts showed nearly $3.7 million in deposits. Cohen copped a plea just before he was to go to trial where was going to accuse the Feds of framing him because of his love for Islamic terrorists. Cohen thought the IRS would just forget about him? Perhaps he believed the IRS would not move against him because it would look like political repression? Another factor in his personality is that Stanley Cohen is inherently evil. He wants to see terrorist attacks in America so he defends terrorists. He hates you, he hates me, he hates Americans, he hates humans. He is willing to use the worst scum on earth in his agenda to bring more 9/11’s to America. But judging from his lifestyle he doesn’t really dig Islamists, he just hates Jews even though he is a Jew and hates Americans even though his is an American living the lifestyle he chose in a loft on Ave D not a black from the projects.

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