General Field Mining Co Ltd. P.O Box 1080 Achimota, Accra Ghana. Cell: +233 241603075. Email: jameskoffi_74@yahoo.

*** FULL CORPORATE OFFER*** Kindly find below the content of the Terms and Procedures: (a) That the shipment shall be upon buyers order. (b) That the price of the gold dust is now $19,500 FOB and $22,500 CIF per kilogram. (c) Payment is by cash on first transaction. (d) That the specification is as follows: Quantity: 50 kgs for trial shipment. Quality of carats: 22+ or above. Purity: 97.7% Product: - Alluvial- Gold Dust

SHIPMENT: The shipment will be carried out by freight and forwarding
international agency worldwide.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: The payment of the product will be done at the
buyer’s destination after refinery. However 10% of the total cost will be paid by buyer to seller to cover Export Expenses and Documentation, and after buyer has been satisfied with the quality of goods and all the procedures, shipment will be effected within 72 hours. The balance of 90% will be paid based on the refinery’s report, 2 to 3 working days after goods has been delivered to buyer’s refinery.

OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: A contract agreement stipulating
terms and conditions of this transaction will be signed between seller and buyer. Buyer must arrive in Ghana to sign all business and legal documents in respect of the transaction and also use the chance to interact with management and physically ascertain the product. Seller’s mandate will accompany buyer and the product to his destination upon receipt of the Export and Documentation Expenses. We look forward to doing business with you, kindly get back to us. Best Regards, Mr. James Kofi. +233241603075. Skype: general.mining

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