REQUEST SUBMITTED TO (Agency name & address):__________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ NAME OF REQUESTER :___________________________________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/COUNTY/ZIP(Required): ________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE (Optional):_____________________

Chris A. Couregon, Right To Know Officer,

Borough of Middletown, 60 West Emaus St., Middletown, PA 17057 Press And Journal

20 S. Union Street

Middletown, PA 17057

(717) 944-4628

EMAIL (optional):_____________________________

RECORDS REQUESTED: *Provide as much specific detail as possible so the agency can identify the information. Please use additional sheets if necessary

Electronic access to all minutes from meetings of Middletown Borough Council's Budget And Finance Committee, Public Safety Committee, Public Utilities Committee and Community And Economic Development Committee from Jan. 2013 to present. Should electronic access of the aforementioned records be unavailable, requester wants copies of same and advance notification if the cost of same exceeds $100. Section 706 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Sunshine Act requires minutes to be taken at DO YOU WANT COPIES ? YES or definition NO all public meetings. Further, the of “agency” in the Sunshine Act includes all committees DO YOU WANT TO INSPECT THE RECORDS? YES action or NO on agency business. Committees that thereof authorized to render advice or take official DO YOU WANT CERTIFIED COPIES OF RECORDS? YES or NO render advice to borough council on agency business are “agencies” for purposes of the Sunshine DO YOU WANT TO BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE IF THE COST EXCEEDS $100? YES or NO Act, and anytime a quorum discusses agency business, it must do so at a properly advertised public meeting unless exception applies. The committee is also required to follow other ** an PLEASE NOTE: RETAIN A COPY OF THIS REQUEST FOR YOURthe FILES ** requirements of the law including keeping minutes, allowing public comment and enabling ** IT IS A REQUIRED DOCUMENT IF YOU WOULD NEED TO FILE AN APPEAL ** the public to exercise the right to record the meeting to name a few. The Right to Know Law makes meeting ____________________________________________________________________________ minutes public records, and they mustFOR be provided inUSE response AGENCY ONLY to a Right to Know Law request.
OPEN-RECORDS OFFICER: □ I have provided notice to appropriate third parties and given them an opportunity to object to this request DATE RECEIVED BY THE AGENCY: AGENCY FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAY RESPONSE DUE:
**Public bodies may fill anonymous verbal or written requests. If the requestor wishes to pursue the relief and remedies provided for in this Act, the request must be in writing. (Section 702.) W ritten requests need not include an explanation why information is sought or the intended use of the information unless otherwise required by law. (Section 703.)

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