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Recruitment Policy

1. INTRODUCTION: The recruitment and selection process is of paramount importance in order to recruit employees including workers with the necessary skills attributes to enable the Company to fulfill its corporate aims and objectives. The Recruitment Policy aims to provide clear guidance to the selection and appointment of employees. This policy promotes and supports good practice catering to the needs and requirements of Labor Laws of angladesh! "nternational Labor #rgani$ation and all "nternational Companies especially those who buy garments directly from the garments manufacturers.

This Policy aims to achieve the following objectives% a& To introduce and implement a fair and effective recruitment process in consistent with the Labor Law of angladesh! the rules and regulations of "nternational Labour #rgani$ation and the requirements of all stake holders including "nternational uyers especially those who purchase garments. b& To ensure that no person is being discriminated at the time of recruitment in the name of se'! marital status! religion(belief! race! disability! age! se'ual orientation! ethnic minority! tribal or any other ground whatsoever. c& To recruit employees with the appropriate skills! both technical and personal in order to meet the Company)s current and future needs in terms of producing the world best Culinary *arments and other garments for its buyers. d& To develop and enhance the international image of the Company! both as a best managed and operated company and as a best culinary garments and other garments manufacturer in the world.

2. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: #ne of the major policies of the company is to ensure that no unlawful or moral discrimination

is being e'ercised throughout the whole recruitment process on the ground of se'! marital status! religion(belief! race! disability! age! se'ual orientation! ethnic minority! tribal or any other ground whatsoever.

3. O! DE"CRIPTION: The +ob ,escription outlines the duties and responsibilities that an employee is e'pected to undertake and provide the framework against which their performance may be reviewed. The +ob ,escription against each post will be prepared by -uman Resource ,epartment and the same must be approved by the oard of ,irectors. The +ob description should include but not limited to +ob title! job grade! responsible to! purpose(objectives! principal accountabilities and responsibilities.

#. C$ILD LA!OR: Child Labor is not permissible under any circumstance whatsoever.

%. PRI"ON& 'ORCED LA!OR: Prison labor! forced labor and indentured labor are not permissible. .mployment must always be on a voluntary basis.

(. PER"ON "PECI'ICATION: Person /pecification provides criteria against which the recruitment of candidates will be carried out. The Person /pecification must contain the followings% a& .ssential Criteria% this section states the requirement without which a candidate will not be offered an interview. b& ,esirable Criteria% This section states the requirement which enhance or strong the candidate)s application or basis for consideration and may facilitate short listing for interview. c& 0ualification% each post is different by its nature and therefore! requires different qualification. .very person should submit proper and original document evidencing their requisite qualification to either become short listed or to become selected.

d& .'perience% in order to ensure and maintain a sharp growth within a specific time line! Company requires e'perienced employees and workers which is one of the main criteria of this policy. 1 candidate without having requisite e'perience shall not be eligible to become a appropriate candidate. e& /kills% /killed workers and management are condition precedent to manufacturing quality garments to create a brand image. Therefore to become eligible for certain post the candidate must possess and demonstrate requisite skills.

). T$E "ELECTION PROCE"": The selection process is not an one off even. "t combines a series of events which must be completed through a fair and diligent manner. The Recruitment Policy must be implemented through a selection process which starting from advertisement and ended up with issuance of letter of appointment. /o the /election Process plays a vital role and the same is the one of the main subject matters of the Recruitment Policy.

*. T$E AD+ERTI"E,ENT: "t is normal practice that all vacancies should be advertised both internally within the Company as well as e'ternally. 1uthori$ation needs to be obtained from the 2inance and -R department before advertisement. 3hile an employee normally be appointed following advertisement of a post! nevertheless! in e'ceptional circumstances the requirement to advertise a professional( e'pert post may be waived! if in the opinion of the oard of directors of the Company! it becomes necessary for the interest of the Company.

-. O''ER O' INTER+IE.: "n response to an advertisement! any potential candidate approach the Company for the job advertised! must be issued )#ffer of "nterview) letter depicting the time!date and place of interview.

1/. "$ORTLI"TIN0: Candidate shall only be short listed for interview if they meet all essential criteria defined in the Person /pecification. /hort listing must be undertaken by at least three individuals by way of forming a ) /hort listing Panel) who are appointed by the oard of ,irectors of the Company

and those who are! in the opinion of the oard! possess required skill and e'perience in the relevant field. The short listing should be undertaken against the information compiled on the +ob ,escription and the Person /pecification. "t is the paramount important that the /hortlisting criteria are applied in a fair and consistent way. .very member of the /hortlisting Panel should make a written note justifying their reason and the applicant is entitled to have a copy of that note.

11. INTER+IE.": The purpose of an interview is to facilitate the selection of the most suitable candidate for the post! although it should be recogni$ed that this is only one part of the selection process.

12. INTER+IE. PANEL: The interview must be conducted by an ) "nterview Panel) consisting of 4 persons. "n each interview an )"ndependent #bserver) shall be present. The other five persons shall be appointed by the board of directors. The "ndependent #bserver must be authori$ed by the oard.

13. T$E INDEPENDENT O!"ER+ER: The role of the "ndependent #bserver is to ensure and confirm that the interview process is being carried out in a most fair manner. 1n "ndependent #bserver should be a person who can legally represent any registered trade union in angladesh.

The "ndependent #bserver will be asked to make the following comments% a& 3hether the interview process has been carried out appropriately. b& 3hether the questions asked by the members of the panel are relevant. c& 3hether the candidates asked any questions which could be seen as directly or indirectly discriminatory. d& 3hether all candidates were asked the same agreed questions. e& 3ere candidates asked whether they understood the requirement of the post. 2or e'ample

condition such as e'tra hours or overtimes.

1#. CONDUCT O' T$E INTER+IE.: 3hen conducting interviews every member of the Panel must make notes of question they have asked and answers given by the candidates. This will provide feedback and evidence of why the candidates have been selected or rejected. These notes must be signed and given to the Chair who will hand them to -R,. .ach member of the Panel must complete prescribed "nterview 1ssessment 2orm for each candidate. The -,R shall place it before the board of the Company for its final approval.

1%. T$E C$OICE O' CANDIDATE: 1fter discussion by all members of the "nterview Panel! the choice of candidate to be selected will be made on a majority vote. "f the candidate selected does not take up the appointment! the second choice applicant may be selected. 1ll appointment shall be made subject to the approval of the oard of ,irectors of the Company.

1(. APPLICATION RE ECTION PRE1INTER+IE. LETTER: 1ny candidate! not short listed! is entitled to receive a pre5interview rejection letter with a note describing the reason for not being short listed.

1). APPLICATION RE ECTION PO"T1INTER+IE. LETTER: 1ny candidate! not selected! is entitled to receive a post5interview rejection letter with a note describing the reason for not being selected.

1*. O''ER O' E,PLOY,ENT LETTER: 1n offer of employment to a successful candidate can be made by the -R, of the Company. "t must be made clear! however! that the offer is conditional upon the satisfactory completion of medical assessment! satisfactory evidence of 6oter ", and criminal records and the authenticity of all documents submitted during the interview.

1-. "ALARY: 3ithin the financial provisions or established grading of the post! the salary offered should have regard to the applicant)s e'perience or e'pertise and will normally be at or above the incremental point equivalent to the applicant)s present salary. The salaries of other employees doing similar work within the department(division with similar e'perience souls also be taken into account.

2/. PER"ONAL RECORD 'OR,: "t is mandatory for each candidate to fill up a prescribed personal record form to the satisfaction of the Company. "f necessary! Company has the authority to ask the candidate to submit relevant documents in support of the information provided by him or her.

21. INDUCTION 1ll employees who are new to the Company shall undergo an induction process during which they will be introduced to the main duties and responsibilities of their post. Certain employees are also required to pass a probationary period before they become permanent. The probationary period for the workers will be determined as per the prevailing Labor Law in angladesh. 2or other employees those who does not come within the preview of the definition )3orkers) shall be determined by the company and that shall be final.

22. CO,PLAIN": "t is the policy of the company to render justice to everyone. ,uring the recruitment process if any candidate has any complains against anything! the candidate is entitled to lodge a complaint application before the 7anaging ,irector of the Company. "mmediate after receiving such complain! the 7anaging ,irector shall form a one person enquiry committee to investigate the complain and the 7anaging ,irector shall pronounce his decision on the said complaint petition within three days from the date of lodging such complain. The decision of the 7anaging ,irector in this regard shall be final and conclusive.