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New York Voters Oppose Federal Online Poker Ban
Voters also supportive of the rights of individuals to play online poker
Three quarters of New York voters oppose a federal ban on online poker – instead saying that New York should be allowed to decide its own fate on this issue, according to a statewide survey of registered voters conducted by Global Strategy Group on behalf of MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.1 Additionally, strong majorities of New Yorkers across demographic groups believe that individuals have the right to play online poker provided it is appropriately regulated. Key findings are as follows: Voters strongly oppose a nationwide online poker ban, preferring instead that individual states be allowed to decide. When asked directly about their preferences for the regulation of online poker, three-fourths (75%) say that “individual states like New York should be allowed to decide whether or not to allow online poker in their states.” Just 18% prefer that “Congress pass a nationwide ban on online poker.” New York voters support the rights of individuals to play online poker, provided it is appropriately regulated. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of New Yorkers agree – and just 26% disagree – that “if someone wants to play online poker, they should be allowed to as long as they can afford it, the games are fair and regulated, and minors are prohibited from playing.”  Voters across the state agree with this statement including those upstate (70% agree), in New York City (72%) and in the suburbs (69%).  Voters across demographic groups also agree – including men (73%) and women (69%), and those under 45 years old (75%), 45-64 year olds (70%) and seniors 65+ (65%). New Yorkers also agree that it is better to make online poker legal and keep revenue in the state than to let poker players continue to play on illegal foreign websites. Nearly twothirds (63%) of voters agree – and just 34% disagree – that “since many New Yorkers already play online poker on illegal foreign websites, New York would be better off making online poker legal in New York to keep revenue in the state.” Majorities across nearly every regional and demographic subgroup agree with this statement.


This survey was conducted January 4-9, 2014 among 801 registered voters 21 and older in the New York State. The margin of error for this survey at the 95% confidence level is +/- 3.5 percentage points on the overall sample.



2 Voters say that legalizing and regulating online poker will have no impact on whether they visit new casinos to be built as a result of the recent referendum. An overwhelming majority of voters (87%) say the introduction of online poker in New York State would either have no impact on their decision to visit in-person casinos (81%) or will have a positive impact – making them more likely to visit an in-person casino (6%).

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