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Moin Bagh, Edi Bazar,
Hyderabad, PIN- 500059,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Career objective: - To obtain a responsible & growth oriented position in
System/Network Administration, which will both utilize and strength to
my skills & looking ahead to work in challenging environment.

Educational qualifications:1.

M-Tech (Computer Science) from Jntuh (20012- 2014).
B. Tech (Computer Science) from Jntuh (2008-2012).
Intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education, A.P (2006 - 2008).
SSC from Board of Secondary Education, A.P (2006).

Experience: - 1. Company : Amina Institute of Technology.
2. Position
3. Duration


System Administrator.
(1 Aug 2012) to (28 Feb 2014).

Skills: - Thinking Positive, Attitude, Politeness, Motivation, Self Confidence,
Hardworking, Perfection, Good communication, problem solving,
Learn new technologies, Team work & Quick learner

Area of interest:• Interested in IT administration.
• Interested in field of Computer Networking, Routers, Configuration &


Technical profile:• Operating Systems: Linux, Windows (XP, 03, 07, 2008) server.
• Networking Tools: VMware, Cisco Packet Tracer V5 and 6, Hyperterminal.
• Successfully completed the course of Computer Hardware, Ms Office-2007, MCITP,
• CCNA, NIIT in Computer, FX Learn E-campus & worked on Computer Hardware,
Ms Office, & MCITP at Amina Institute of Technology.

Work description & responsibility:• Responsibility of system store room, and it’s all peripherals, such as printers,

Xerox Machines, all computer equipment that are connected to the network
Review system logs, Monitoring of system activity, Physical security, Disable
unnecessary services on systems.
Access control, Protection from possible exposure to water damage, excessive heat,
Initial troubleshooting of IT problems and resolving if possible
Keeping inventory of hardware and maintenance records
Make frequent visit to branch, offices for repair and technology needs.
Installs and tests computers and related network hardware in a LAN/WAN
environment problem.
Makes recommendations for new equipment and services to purchase necessary
Oversee network and server, router, Xerox machines, printer configuration
maintenance and management
Overseeing computer security and anti-virus updates etc.
Providing IT support to computer users within the office, Induct and train new staff
on the computer systems and institute policies
Logging all IT problems and resolutions.
Maintain and manage branch or office wise, necessary systems software, Monitor
network communication,
Verify that peripherals are working properly
Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure, Monitor
system performance.
Identify areas of operation that need upgraded equipment such as Computer, Drop
Cables, fiber optic cables, Hub, Switch, router, Installing and configuring system
hardware and software; establishing and managing user accounts, upgrading
software, and backup and recovery tasks etc..
Troubleshooting of communications hardware and software.
Morning checks of systems/software in all department and office.
Performs other duties as assigned. In admission office, exam branch base works.
Like downloading exams question paper from university, exam fees collection,
student registration on university website, and many more work etc

Personal profile:-

1. Name


Mohammed Ishaq

2. Father name


Mohammed Abdul Wadood

3. Date of Birth



4. Religion



5. Nationality



6. Marriage Status:


7. Languages


English &Hindi

8. Passport No



Hobbies: - Online Studying, Searching new things, Surfing Internet services,
Taking help & support through Net, Using Keyboard shortcuts.

Description: - The undersigned hereby certifies that all information given
in this document is true, and correct, to the best of my knowledge.