Steps for Animating COBOL with PeopleTools 8.507 as outlined !

After upgrading to PeopleTools 8.507 we were no longer able to animate or compile PeopleSoft Cobol locally using Net !press ".0. After se#eral discussions wit$ %racle we were able to successfully animate wit$ t$e new tools. T$e instructions below outline t$e e!act steps used to animate during our con#ersation wit$ %racle. T$ese instructions can be modified &and may be in a later #ersion' as to allow for creating pro(ects and setting up you directory structure to ma)e t$e unicode con#ersion easier to $andle. Please also note t$ese instructions were all carried out on a Clean PC in w$ic$ %racle **g was t$e first instance of %racle being installed and no Pre#ious #ersions of Net !press $a#e been installed prior to t$e 5.* installation. *. +erify t$at you $a#e Net !press 5.* ,nstalled. Per %racle arlier #ersion of Net !press are not compatible wit$ PeopleTools 8.507. Please also note- per PeopleSoft Net !press 5.* is not bac)wards compatible wit$ earlier #ersions of PeopleTools. .$en installing Net !press 5.* be sure to follow t$e instructions pro#ided by %racle and only install t$e options outlined in t$e instructions. /. nsure t$at you $a#e %racle **g installed. Not sure if a local install is re0uiredbut $a#e ne#er tried wit$ a networ) install. 1ocal install is preferred

2. Create a local directory called C34PT85*4 ". Create a local directory called C34PT85*4bin4 5. Create a local directory called C34PT85*4cbl4 5. Create a local directory called C34PT85*4setup4 7. Copy all files &#ote$ no need to copy t$e subdirectories' from .34psoft85074bin4ser#er4.,N685 to C34PT85*4bin4 &#ote$ do not ta)e t$e files from t$e client folder. 7a)e sure you ta)e t$e files from ser#er directory' 8. Copy .34psoft85074setup &#ote$ no need to ta)e t$e sub directories' to C34PT85*4setup4 8. Copy .34psoft85074src4cbl &#ote$ include all subdirectories' to C34PT85*4cbl4 *0. Create a new directory called C34C%7P,1 4

9 to t$e directory found in t$e step abo#e' *8.gnt'. Clic) %). At t$e Command line type3 cd c34C%7P. >ind t$e ?%S #ersion of t$e directory in w$ic$ Net !press is installed. To Animate a program go to >ile %pen and na#igate t$e C34C%7P. .nicode C%<%1 files from t$e ser#er and copy t$em to t$e C34C%7P. Copy C34PT85*4cbl4src4cbl4base49. After you found t$e directory in w$ic$ t$e Net !press base files are installed in t$e step abo#e type t$e following at t$e command line3 S T C%<A%%TC C34PA%:AAB*47.gnt of t$e file you wit$ to animate &e. =mount=d***g"=app0*=psoft=8507=usd2=src=cblunicode=9. %pen a dos command window *7. @ou can do t$is by going to t$e root directory of c34 t$en typing ?.cfg /0. PAPPACT1.1 directory and c$oose t$e .g.CA%>B*4N T 6PB*4<ase *8.1 *2.1 4 directory *5. T$e full pat$ Net e!press s$ould loo) somet$ing li)e t$is3 C34PA%:AAB*47. .."fg file.NT //.1 4psprcs.9 to C34C%7P.1 directory &e. Copy t$is file into t$e C34C%7P.grab t$e .1 *".nicode #ersion of %racle.A=6 at t$e command line.g. At t$e Command line type cblma)e all .1 4 /*. T$e following step is a step t$at was not re0uired wit$ older animation #ersions.CA%>B*4N T 6PB*4<ase &#ote$ .t$en Clic) %E again /". Fappy AnimatingG .cbl' *5. Copy C34PT85*4setup49.**. After t$e compile $as completed %pen up Net !press /2. :et t$e latest #ersion of t$e pspr"s. Since : runs wit$ a . Type t$e following on t$at command line3 S T PSDS A+ ADC>:CC34C%7P. T$is wit$ gi#e t$e you 8 c$aracter ?%S #ersion of t$e eac$ folder.1 */. Copy C34PT85*4bin49. @ou s$ould now be able to animate and put brea)points w$ere#er you need.9 to C34C%7P. do not )now t$e source of t$is file but it was pro#ided to me by t$e Tec$ Team at :.

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