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A War on Three Fronts

Throughout World War II Germany had to defend multiple fronts in Europe. Fill in the guided reading notes below to look at each front and what happened. Use the textbook pages !"# to !!" $%hapter &! 'ection () to find the information. Use your map that you created at the start of the course to follow the locations and make sense of the series of e*ents.

Fighting in Northern Africa and Italy 1. By the time the United States entered the war Germany had control o most o !uro"e and North A rica# so many "eo"le eared that Germany ___________________________________. $. What were German su%marines tryin& to do to Great Britain' a. (ow did the British res"ond' %. (ow were the Americans in)ol)ed' *. Grou"s o German su%marines# sometimes *+ or more# were ,nown as __________________________. -. Descri%e the e)ents that too, "lace in North A rica %etween the Allies and /owers.

0. When 1hurchill and 2oose)elt met in 3orocco# the decision was made to continue ___________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ 4. A ter the island o Sicily was ta,en %y American troo"s what ha""ened'

5. What was si&ni icant a%out the Allie )ictory o the Battle o An6io'

War in the Soviet Union (Eastern Front) 1. Why did (itler call or con7uest o the So)iet Union' (ow is the Battle o Britain si&ni icant to the con7uest'

$. 8n 9une 1:-1# *.4 million troo"s met * million 2ed Army soldiers o the So)iet Union. Why was the 2ed Army at a disad)anta&e'

*. What did the German troo"s do to ci)ilians'

-. Descri%e what is meant %y a scorched earth "olicy ;it was ado"ted %y the So)iets<.

0. Why did Stalin want the Allies to launch an attac, on Western !uro"e in the summer o 1:-$'

Did the Allies launch an attac,' !."lain.

4. The 2ed Army decided to ma,e a stand at ___________________________________# a ma=or ____________________________________ center. 5. 8n mid>No)em%er o 1:-$ what ad)anta&e did the So)iet Union ha)e' What did they do as a result'

?. Why is the Battle o Stalin&rad si&ni icant to World War 88 as a whole'

The Invasion of Western Europe attle of the ulge (Western Front) 1. Bitter i&htin& ollowed as the Allies %ro,e throu&h German de enses at _______________________# ;re)iew 7uestion: which was ta,en throu&h what mission' _______________________________<. $. 8n Au&ust 1:--# American troo"s li%erated ______________________________ ollowed %y ________________________ and _________________________ reed %y British and 1anadian orces. *. What did American troo"s do in mid>Se"tem%er 1:--' -. What was the German@s res"onse to the Americans@ actions'

0. What did General /atton do that was so remar,a%le'

4. The Battle o the Bul&e was the _____________________________ in Western !uro"e durin& WW88 and the ___________________________________________________________. 5. Num%er o G8s in)ol)ed A _______________________________________ Num%er o G8s ,illed# wounded# ca"tured A _____________________________________ ?. German losses totaled a%out __________________________________ and a ter this %attle# most Na6i leaders reco&ni6ed ________________________________________. War Ends in Europe 1. Descri%e the situation in 3arch 1:-0.

$. What was the &reatest con lict e)er ou&ht on a sin&le ront'

Why was it so &reat'

*. Which city did So)iet leaders want to ta,e# they %elie)ed it to %e a matter o honor' ________________ -. Did (itler lea)e the German ca"ital when it was under threat o in)asion' ___________________ What was his res"onse to his &enerals'

0. What ha""ened on the ollowin& dates' a. 3ay 1# 1:-0: %. 3ay ?# 1:-0: 4. Why wasn@t the war o)er' ____________________________________________________________ 5. What was the "ur"ose o the Balta 1on erence'

What did the Allies a&ree to do'