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Vocabulary Black Beauty Above

Adverb,Preposition At a higher place; higher than;over. Opposite: Below More than a certain number or amount. Above all more than anything else; most important of all Espaol Adverbio: Arriba Preposicin: Encima de

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Annoy

Verb To make angry someone

Espaol Verbo: Irritar, Fastidiar

Noun A plan or agreement that something will happen Espaol Sustantivo: Acuerdo ,Arreglo The toothbrush is above the tooth

Verb To be painful;to hurt. Noun A continuing pain. Espaol Verbo: Doler Sustantivo: Dolor

Adjective Feeling bad about something you have done wrong Espaol Adjetivo: Avergonzado

Autumn Afterwards
Adverb Later,after something has happened Espaol Adverbio: Despus , Ms tarde Noun The season before winter in cool countries,when the leaves fall off the trees Espaol Sustantivo:Otoo

Vocabulary Black Beauty Backwards

Adverb In the direction that is behind you. Starting at the end,in the opposite way to the usual way. Opposite: Forward Espaol Adverbio: Hacia atrs, Al Revs

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Beat

Verb(past tense beat, past participle beaten) To defeat someone; to have a better result than someone To hit someone or something many times To move regularly Noun A single stroke or movement as a part of a regular group Espaol Verbo: Vender, Morder ,Latir Sustantivo:Ritmo, Batir, Latido

Noun A person whose job is making bread and cakes Espaol Sustantivo: Panadero

Noun To act in a particular way. Behave yourself to act in a way which will not annoy or offend other people Espaol Sustantivo:Comportarse ,Conducirse bien Behaved Educados

Noun A loud noise like the noise made by a gun A blow Verb To hit something To shut something with a loud noise Espaol Verbo: Golpear,Estallar,Chocar Sustantivo: Explocin, Detonacin ,Portazo

Preposition, Adverb At the back (of) Espaol Adverbio: Detrs Preposicin: Detrs de

Noun A container made of thin pieces of shaped wood which you use for carrying things Espaol Sustantivo: Cesto Canasta ,Cesta

Vocabulary Black Beauty Bend

Verb(past bent) To move something into a curved position Noun A curve Espaol Sustantivo: Curva Verbo: Doblar

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Breath

Noun The air that you take in and let out through your nose and mouth Espaol Sustantivo: Aliento , Respiracin

Preposition Next to someone or something Espaol Preposicin: Junto a , Al lado de

Verb(past breathed) To take air into your body and let it out through your nose and mouth Espaol Verbo: Respirar

Verb(past blamed) Blame someone for something: to say yhat someone is the cause of something bad. Compare: Accuse. Be to blame for something: to be responsible for something bad. Noun Take the blame for something:to accept that you are responsible for something bad.

Noun A block of baked clay, used for building Espaol Sustantivo: Ladrillo

Espaol Verbo: Culpar, Censurar Sustantivo: Culpa,Censura Noun A person who makes bricks Espaol Sustantivo:Ladrillero

Noun A part of a tree that grows from a trunk.Compare: Twig One part or one one office of a business

Espaol Sustantivo: Rama Sucursal

Vocabulary Black Beauty Bright

Adjective Sending out a strong, shining light. Having a strong, clear colour. Quick al learning things;clever. Espaol Adjetivo: Brillante, Luminoso, Radiante, Alegre

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Care

Verb(past cared) To feel interest or worry. Care for someone: to look after someone. Care for something: to like or want something. Noun (No plural) The act of looking after a person or thing Take care: to be careful Something that makes you sad Espaol Verbo: Cuidar, Atender Preocuparse Sustantivo: Cuidado, Atencin Cargo Carefully: Cuidadosamente

Noun A group of strong hairs on the end of a handle that can be used for cleaning,painting,tidying your hair,etc. Verb To clean or tidy something with a brush Espaol Sustantivo:Cepillo Pincel Brocha Verbo: Cepillar

Verb(past carried) To take something somewhere Carry on: to continue Carry something out: to do or finish something Espaol Verbo:Llevar, Traer, Conducir, Transportar

Verb(past buried) To put a dead body into the ground. To put or hide something in the ground Espaol Verbo: Sepultar,Enterrar

Verb To make someone happy To shout because you are pleased Noun A shout of happiness or support Espaol Verbo: Animar ,Alentar Sustantivo: Humor, Viva! ,Animador

Noun The part of a lorry where the driver sits. A car with a driver who will take you somewhere if you pay. Same Meaning: Taxi Espaol Sustantivo: Cabina ,Taxi ,Coche, Coche de Alquiler

Vocabulary Black Beauty Chest

Noun The front of your body between your shoulders and your stomach. A large box for storing things in. Espaol Sustantivo: Pecho, Cofre

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Clever

Adjective Quick at learning and understanding things Espaol Adjetivo: Inteligente, Listo Ingenioso


Adjective Near. Liking or loving someone. Careful Verb(past closed) To shut something. (used about a shop, a bank , etc.) To stop being available for business. Opposite: Open Noun The end of something. Espaol Adjetivo:Cercano Verbo: Cerrar Tapar Obstruir Sustantivo: Final Closely:Cercanamente

Adjective Most important. Noun A leader;the head ofa group or tribe. Espaol Adjetivo: Principal Sustantivo: Jefe ,Cabeza Caudillo

Adjective Easy to understand. Easy to see or hear. Easy to see through. Free from anything that blocks or covers. Verb To take away something that is not wanted. Clear up (a): To tidy or put things in order. (b)(Of a problem) To get better. Espaol Adjetivo: Claro Verbo: Despejar

Verb(past tense came, past participle come) To move towards the person speaking. Espaol Verbo: Venir

Vocabulary Black Beauty Cough

Noun A sharp noise made when you send air out of your throat and mouth suddenly. Verb To push air from your throat and mouth with a sudden,rough sound. Espaol Sustantivo: Tos Verbo: Toser

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Darker

Adjective Like night; not light or bright Opposite: Light Espaol Adjetivo: Oscuro

Noun A deep narrow place of water to go along,especially by the side of a road or field. Espaol Sustantivo: Zanja,Foso

Noun A large number of people. Verb To come together in a large group. Espaol Sustantivo: Multitud Muchedumbre Verbo: Llenar Apiarse

Verb To be not sure whether something is true or will happen. Noun A reason for not being sure about something. Espaol Verbo: Dudar Sustantivo: Duda

Adjective Liking to hurt other people or animals. Cruelly: adverb Opposite:Kind Espaol Adjetivo: Cruel Adverbio : Con Crueldad

Vocabulary Black Beauty Drown

Verb To die under water because you can not breathe Espaol Verbo: Ahogar

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Fair

Adjective Equally good to everyone. Opposite: Unfair Quite good, but not very good. Pale (Skin - Hair). Noun A place where people, especially children, go and pay money to ride on special machines and play games in order to win prizes Espaol Adjetivo: Bueno (Regular Favorable) Blanca (Tez); Rubio (Cabello ) Sustantivo: Feria, Exposicin

Adjective Not bright or light. Not interesting or clever. Espaol Adjetivo: Sombro, Gris, Torpe, Lerdo

Verb(past tense fell, past participle fallen) To drop to a lower place. To become less in amount; to decrease. Noun An act of falling to the ground. A decrease. Espaol Verbo :Caer Sustantivo: Cada Otoo

Noun(no plural) The condition of being excited Espaol Sustantivo: Emocin,Expectacin

Noun Something that is wrong; a mistake or problem. The fact of being responsible for something bad. Espaol Sustantivo: Culpa,Falla

Vocabulary Black Beauty Feed

Verb(past Fed) To give food to a person or an animal.

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Fire engine

Noun A vehicle used by the fire brigade which has water and special apparatus for stopping fires. Espaol Sustantivo: Carro de Bomberos

Espaol Verbo: Alimentar

Noun A piece of ground, usually with a fence or wall round it, used for growing crops or keeping animals. Espaol Sustantivo:Campo

Adjective (flatter, flattest) Without hills;not sloping. (used about tyres) having no air inside. Noun A number of rooms on once floor of a building, used as a home. Espaol Adjetivo: Plano ,Liso Sustantivo: Apartamento, Piso

Verb(past fought) To use your body or weapons to try and hurt or kill someone. To quarrel with someone. Noun An act of fighting. Espaol Verbo: Luchar ,Lidiar, Combatir Sustantivo: Lucha Combate Pelea

Verb To come or go after someone or something. To go in the same direction as a road,river, etc. To understand something. To do what someone tells you to do. Espaol Verbo: Seguir

Vocabulary Black Beauty Fond of

Adjective Liking someone or something: I am very fond of you (= I like you very much). Espaol Adjetivo: Aficionado ,Encariado

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Gentleman

Noun (plural gentlemen) A kind of man who behaves well towards other people. A polite word for a man. Espaol Sustantivo: Caballero

Adjective Afraid Espaol Adjetivo:Asustado

Adjective Pleased an happy Espaol Adjetivo: Contento, Satisfecho

Noun A door which closes an opening in a wall or fence. An entrance or way out at an airport. Espaol Sustantivo:Puerta ,Paso

Noun A man who es getting married. Same meaning: bridegroom. A man who works with horses. Espaol Sustantivo: Novio Caballerizo , Mozo de Caballos

Vocabulary Black Beauty Ground

Noun (No plural) the surface of the earth. (No plural) soil or land. A piece of land used for a particular purpose. Grounds (plural noun) the land around a large building. The past tense and past participle of the verb grind Grind: to crush something so that it becomes powder. Espaol Sustantivo: Suelo

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Hare

Noun An animal like a large rabbit that has long ears and long back legs. Espaol Sustantivo: Liebre

Noun (no plural) Hurt Come to no harm: to not be hurt or damaged. There is no harm in:there is nothing bad in. Verb To hurt someone or something. Espaol Sustantivo: Dao ,Perjuicio Verbo: Daar, Perjudicar

(Also Hello, Hullo) the usual word that you say when you meet someone or talk on the telephone. Espaol Interjeccin:Hola! Caramba!

Hay Handkerchief
Noun A square piece of cloth for cleaning your nose. Espaol Sustantivo: Pauelo Noun(no plural) Dry grass fed to cattle Espaol Sustantivo: Heno


Vocabulary Black Beauty Hill

Noun A piece of ground higher than usual: a small mountain Espaol Sustantivo: Colina ,Montaa ,Cerro

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Hold

Verb(past held) To have something in your hand or arms. To keep something in a particular position To have something inside. To arrange and make something happen. To have something. Noun The place on a ship where goods are stored. Espaol Verbo:Sostener,Retener, Guardar, Sujetar, Ocupar Sustantivo: Asimiento

Verb(past hired) To pay for the use of something or for someones help Note: Use hire only when you are talking about paying to use something for a short time. Compare: Rent, which is used when talking about longer periods of time. Noun( no plural) The use of something for a certain amount of money. Espaol Verbo: Contratar, Alquilar Sustantivo:Alquiler

Noun An empty space or opening in something. Espaol Sustantivo: Agujero ,Hueco

Verb(past hit) To touch something suddenly and with lot of force. Noun An act of touching something suddenly and forcefully. A song or film that is popular and successful. Espaol Verbo:Pegar,Asestar Sustantivo:Golpe Tener xito

Noun A dog used for hunting or racing. Espaol Sustantivo: Sabueso Perro de Caza


Vocabulary Black Beauty Hurry

Verb(past hurried) To move quickly or do something quickly. Noun Be in a hurry: to try to do things quickly because you do not have much time. Espaol Verbo: Apresurarse ,Apurarse Sustantivo: En apuro

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Kick

Verb To hit someone or something with your foot. To move your legs strongly. Noun A strong movement of your leg or foot. Espaol Verbo:Patear, Cocear Sustantivo: Patada ,Puntapie

Verb(past hurt) To damage part of a persons body or bring pain to them. To cause you pain. To make someone unhappy. Adjective Damaged or feeling pain. Unhappy. Espaol Verbo: Doler ,Lesionar, Injuriar Adjetivo: Herido, lesionado, Ofendido

Noun Two long pieces of wood or metal joined together by shorter pieces that form steps for climbing Espaol Sustantivo:Escalera

Verb (past judged) To form an opinion about something or someone, especially after you have throught carefully. To decide who or what is the winner of a competition. Compare: Decide Noun A person who can decide questions of law in a court. A person who decides who is the winner of a competition. Espaol Verbo: Juzgar Sustantivo: Juez

Noun (No plural) ground that people own. (No plural) ground for farming. (No plural) the dry part of the Earth not covered by the sea. A country. Verb To arrive somewhere after a journey by plane. Opposite: Take off. Espaol Verbo: Aterrizar Sustantivo: Tierra ,Suelo, Tierras, Terreno, Campo Pas, Regin, Finca


Vocabulary Black Beauty Lateness

Noun Come after some time; after the usual or agreed time. Same meaning:Delay

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Lie

Verb( past tense lay, past participle lain) To have your body flat on something or to get into this position. Verb(past lied) To say things that are not true. Noun(plural lies) Something said which is not true. Espaol Sustantivo: Mentira Verbo:Mentir Acostarse Reposar

Espaol Sustantivo: Retraso

Verb(past led) To show someone the way, usually by going in front. To go to a place. To be the chief person doing a thing; to be first or at the front, especially in a race or competition. Noun A position in front of the others. A piece of rope,leather,etc., for holding an animal (No plural) a heavy soft grey metal; as heavy as lead, old lead pipes, a lead roof. The part inside a pencil that you write with. Espaol Verbo:Conducir ,Llevar, Dirigir, Guiar, Inducir Sustantivo: Plomo, Cable Iniciativa

Verb To pick something up. Noun A machine that carries people or things between the floors of a tall building Espaol Verbo:Levantar, Elevar, Alzar Sustantivo: Elevador, Ascensor

Noun An instrument for lighting a cigarette. Espaol Sustantivo:Encendedor

Verb(past let) To allow. To allow someone to use a house or some land in return for money. Espaol Verbo:Permitir, Dejar, Alquilar


Vocabulary Black Beauty Lock

Noun An instrument for fastening things like doors, gates, or drawers, that can only be opened or closed with the right key. Verb To close a lock with a key. Espaol Verbo: Bloquear ,Cerrar ,Trabar Sustantivo: Cerradura, Llave

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Mouthful

Noun The amount of food or drink that fills your mouth at one time. Espaol Sustantivo: Bocado

Adjective Wanting to keep everything for yourself, especially money. Opposite: Generous. Unkind. Verb(past meant) To represent something. To plan or want to do something. Understand Espaol Adjetivo: Mezquino,Ruin,Tacao Verbo: Entender , Querer decir, Significar, Suponer

Adjective Small from one side to the other. Opposite: Wide Espaol Adjetivo: Estrecho

Mistress Nearly
Noun (plural mistresses) A woman teacher.Compare: Master Flame ; Lady Espaol Sustantivo: Profesora, Amante, Seora ,Ama de Casa Adverb Almost. Narrowly At close range. Espaol Adverbio: De cerca ,Casi ,Por poco


Vocabulary Black Beauty Neigh

Verb To make the long, loud sound that a horse makes. Noun The long, loud sound that a horse makes. Espaol Verbo: Relinchar Sustantivo: Relincho

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Pat

Verb(past patted) To touch something gently several times with your open hand. Noun A light friendly touch with your open hand. Espaol Verbo: Acariciar Sustantivo: Caricia

Pleased Oats
Plural noun A grain that is used as food. Espaol Sustantivo: Avena Adjective Happy or satisfied Espaol Adjetivo: Satisfecho, Contento

Verb To do what someone tells you to do. Opposite:Disobey Espaol Verbo: Obedecer, Cumplir

Adjective Feeling pleased or satisfied about something you or someone close to you has done. Feeling that you are better than other people. Espaol Adjetivo: Orgulloso


Vocabulary Black Beauty Pull

Verb To move something or someone towards yourself. To move along.something Noun An act of pulling. Espaol Verbo:Tirar, Halar, Arrastrar Sustantivo: Tirn Arrastre

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Rein

Noun A long narrow piece of leather used to control a horse. Espaol Sustantivo: Rienda

Remain Quick
Adjective Doing something or happening in a short time. Espaol Adjetivo: Rpido Verb To stay Espaol Verbo: Permanecer, Quedarse

Verb To get to a place or arrive at a place. To stretch out your hand. Noun(no plural) Within reach: near enough to touch by stretching out your arm. Out of reach: not near enough to touch by stretching out your arm. Espaol Verbo: Llegar, Alcanzar, Lograr Sustantivo: Alcance, Distancia

Noun A time of quiet away from work or play. The rest: the remaining part or parts of something. Verb To have a quiet time away from work or play. To put something down somewhere. Espaol Verbo :Reposar ,Descanzar Sustantivo: Descanso, Pausa, Resto


Vocabulary Black Beauty Restless

Adjective Not able to keep still. Espaol Adjetivo: Inquieto ,Turbulento Andariego Restlessly: Inquietamente

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Saddle

Noun A seat which you put on a horses back Espaol Sustantivo: Silla de montar

Noun The top covering of a building, car, etc. Espaol Sustantivo: Techo

Sadly Rough
Adjective Not even or smooth: a rough surface, a rough mountain road, rough skin. Opposite: Smooth Rather violent; not gentle. Espaol Adjetivo: spero, Tosco ,Bravo Adverb Unfortunately Espaol Adverbio:Con tristeza

Adverb About . Same meaning: Approximately Not gently Espaol Adverbio:speramente ,Rudamente Aproximadamente

Noun A person who works with a saw (a tool with a blade with metal teeth, used for cutting through wood or metal) Espaol Sustantivo:Aserrador


Vocabulary Black Beauty Seem

Verb To appear to be. It seems that:it appears to be true or likely that. Espaol Verbo: Parecer

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Sharply

Adverb Changing suddenly an a lot. Espaol Adverbio:Bruscamente

Shoulder Shake
Verb(past tense shook,past participle shaken) To move quickly from side to side, up and down,etc. Espaol Verbo: Sacudir, Agitar Noun The top part of your body between your neck and the top of your arm. Espaol Sustantivo: Hombro

Shut Sharp
Adjective Having an edge that cuts easily. Having a fine point.Opposite: Blunt Able to see or hear things that are far away. Espaol Adjetivo: Afilado , Puntiagudo, Ntido Verb(past shut) To move something so that it is open; to close. (used about a shop or business) to close. Opposite: Open Espaol Verbo: Cerrar


Vocabulary Black Beauty Side

Noun One of the parts of something that is not the top, bottom,back,or front. Either of the two surfaces of a flat thing. A team. Espaol Sustantivo:Lado, Cara, Faz, Costado ,Equipo

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Soon

Adverb In a short time Espaol Adverbio: Pronto Luego Dentro de poco

Noun Ostler;Hostler A person who works in a stable (a building in which a horse lives). Espaol Sustantivo: Mozo de Cuadra Hombre que trabaja en establos

Noun (No plural) the power to see. A thing that you see. The sights: the places that are interesting to visit in a city, country, etc. Espaol Sustantivo: Vista, Mira ,Visin

Adjective Having a slope which is at a large angle and difficult to go up. Espaol Adjetivo: Empinado ,Escarpado

Adjective Having a flat even surface without any lumps. Opposite: Rough Without problems or difficulties. Espaol Adjetivo: Liso, Llano, Tranquilo ,Sin arrugas


Vocabulary Black Beauty Step

Verb(past stepped) To move one foot up and put it down in front of the other. Noun One movement forwards or backwards with your foot. The sound made when you take a step. One part of a set of stairs. Espaol Verbo: Dar un paso Sustantivo: Paso ,Escaln

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Thick

Adjective Having a large distance between one side and the other. With a lot of something grouped closely together. Opposite: Thin. Difficult to see through. Not flowing easily. Opposite: Runny Stupid. Espaol Adjetivo:Grueso, Espeso, Denso ,Tupido , Turbio Torpe

Noun A long piece of wood. A thin piece of wood or metal which some people used to help them to walk. Verb(past stuck) To fix something with a special substance like glue. To put something pointed into something else. To become or stay fixed. Espaol Sustantivo:Palo, Vara, Garrote, Bastn Verbo: Pegar ,Adherirse ,Atascarse , Plantarse

Preposition From one side or end of something to the other. By way of. Espaol Preposicin: A travs de,Mediante,Gracias a,Debido a

Verb(past tense threw, past participle thrown) To send something through the air by moving your arm and pushing the thing out of your hand. Noun An act of throwing. Espaol Verbo: Arrojar,Derribar Sustantivo:Tiro,Lanzamiento

Adjective Right or acceptable for a particular set of conditions or purpose. Opposite: Unsuitable Espaol Adjetivo: Adecuado, Apropiado ,Apto, Idneo Competente


Vocabulary Black Beauty Thunder

Noun(no plural) The loud sound heard in the sky during a storm. Espaol Sustantivo: Trueno

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Tongue

Noun The part inside your mouth that moves when you speak. Espaol Sustantivo: Lengua

Towards Tie
Verb(past tried) To fasten something with string or rope. Noun A narrow band of cloth worn around the neck, especially by a man. Espaol Verbo: Atar Sustantivo: Corbata Preposition In the direction of. Near in time. Espaol Preposicin:Hacia, Para

Adjective Pulled or drawn closely together. Opposite: Slack Fitting part of your body closely.Opposite: Loose Espaol Adjetivo:Apretado, Ajustado, Ceido

Verb(past trotted) To run with short steps. Espaol Verbo: Trotar


Vocabulary Black Beauty Undo

Verb(past tense undid, past participle undone) To untie or unfasten something. Espaol Verbo:Deshacer, Desatar

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma Whip

Noun A long piece of leather or rope fastened to a handle, used for hitting animals or people Verb(past whipped) To hit a person or an animal whit a whip. Espaol Verbo: Azotar Sustantivo: Ltigo

Verb(past untied) To undo a piece of string, a knot, etc. Espaol Verbo: Desatar, Desligar

Adjective(wider,widest) Large from side to side.Opposite: Narrow Fully or completely open. Adverb A great distance from side to side. Espaol Adjetivo: Ancho, Grande, Muy abierto Adverbio: Lejos, Extensamente

Noun One of the raised lines of water on the surface of the sea which rise and fall. A movement of your hand from side to side. Verb(past waved) To hold your arm up in the air and move your hand from side to side. To move or cause to move from side to side or up and down. Espaol Verbo: Agitar, Ondear, Agitar el brazo Sustantivo: Ola, Seal, Ademn,Movimiento

Verb To want to know something. To be surprised. Noun (No plural) a feeling of surprise and admiration. A person or thing that makes you feel great admiration. Espaol Verbo:Sorprenderse, Maravillarse Sustantivo: Maravilla, Milagro


Vocabulary Black Beauty Wooden

Adjective Made of wood. Espaol Adjetivo: De madera

Daniela Alejandra Salcedo Coloma

Preposition With a value of: How much is this bicycle worth? It is worth 50. Good enough or useful enough for something: That film is really worth seeing. Noun(no plural) Value. Espaol Sustantivo: Valor, Valer