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What color is a man's eye attracted to most? What color is a woman's eye attracted to most? Do you know the color preference women have for packaged merchandise? Learn the traditional color symbolism used for centuries by the Hindus for their funeral ceremonies. Do you know what color instincts man has carried over from prehistoric times? Do you know what colors in television and motion pictures most affect your emotions? What color is best for comedy, for tragedy, or relaxation?

The essence of these age-old subjects is introduced for brevity. G-24 380 PRINTED IN U.ESOTERIC ESSAYS consist of a simple presentation of particularly interesting subjects in the realm of metaphysics and mysticism. Copyright 1973 By Supreme Grand Lodge of A.R.R. and yet they are prepared in a manner which.M. will stimulate the reader to a more extensive inquiry and study of such channels of knowledge. Issued by Permission of the Department of Publications Supreme Grand Lodge A.A.S. .C.C.M.O.O. it is hoped.

Oregon. Massachusetts. influence social life and buying habits. promote safety. yellow. a man's to blue. In Worcester. Chamber of Commerce proposed that its city's eight bridges be repainted red. green. Variety is now the trend: Where one color did before. His opinion is that women shoppers-a large majority of them-refuse to wear glasses in public because they mar their appearance. a variety will do better now. Colors enter HETHER you know it or not. pink. blue. They are used to increase efficiency. Package Designer Frank Giannanoti has a unique theory. and yellow to increase their visibility and to make for hunter safety. . and so on. A Chicago decorating expert advised girls that rooms where red predominates are more exciting and foster romance. light gre~. an arms manufacturer introduced shotgun stocks colored red. A package. you are influenced in intimately into all your daily activities. therefore. and feeling by the colors that impinge on your mind and consciousness. to be noticed must stand out from the blurred confusion.COLORIn Your Lile Wyour thinking. According to some psychologists. not alone to beautify them but also to make them tourist attractions. a woman's eye is most quickly attracted to red. The Portland. acting.

they complained. To promote highway safety.In an experiment carried out by the Color Research Institute. the detergent was identical. The design for one package was predominantly yellow because some merchandisers were convinced that its pronounced visual impact was most effective. and Gerard C. 2 . the poor and relatively unschooled favor brilliant colors. housewives were given sthree different boxes filled with detergent. Actually only the boxes were diíferent. colors are the more enticing the closer they are to the rainbow. left their clothes streaked and not too clean. The women were under the impression that they had been given three different types of detergent. O. safety engineer and director at West Point. For people living in slums. colors are now being used with greater frequency. The third was blue with splashes of yellow. people with many emotional outlets tend to favor muted and neutral colors. That in the third box-the blue one with splashes of yellow-most felt was the best: It cleaned their clothes and left them in good conditionl According to Color Expert Louis Cheskin. In contrast. William Schultz. The housewives reported that the detergent in the yellow box was too strong. The experiment was effective in establishing women's color preference. They were requested to try the samples for a few weeks and then report which was best for delicate clothing. Another package was predominantly blue without yellow in it. Some even claimed that it ruined their clothes! The detergent in the predominantly blue box. They are mainly of the higher educational and income levels. chiefly orange and red.

Colors are seen differently in relation to the position of the viewer. an industrial psychologist. the more disturbed and immature you are. New York. Among men. Án Interesting Color Theory An interesting color theory advanced by Walter A. employed by the army.Deane. The test installation at Fort Hamilton uses a twelve-foot section of yellow pavement and a twenty-four-foot strip of red road. lifelong colors likes and dislikes tend to be fixed either before or during the period of adolescence. In accordance with recognized formulas for stopping. you should do 3 . and others were set up at West Point. Woods finds woman less constant in her color tastes than mano While girls never lose their fascination for drama tic colors. A test installation was in use at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. a fraction of the footage that would be necessary on a main highway. they prefer subtler hues as they grow older. the more sensitive you will be to color and the more you will prefer toneddown combinations. the more you will go for strong colors and contrasts. and on Governor's Island. The type of highway surface and the maximum legal speed are some of the main controlling factors. is that the more normal and mature you are. developed a new idea: yellow and red sections of pavement in advance of intersections. the yellow and red segments are set at predetermined distances in advance of intersections. Woods. Mr. who held a similar post at Fort Hamilton. The colors are synchronized with caution and stop signs at the edges of the road. On the other hand. When matching colors.

the way you see colors is affected by the position of your body. Aldington. When you líe on your back. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Cooperative Research found that the hue and vividness of an object and the amount of líght it reflects may 4 . Aldington states. among them what causes colors to seem to vary in size and in an upright position. for example. J. Because the focus of the eyes is not the same for aIl colors. Dr. The upper eye is more sensitive to blue. large or small. causing the lens to flatten out and push the color back. the color sensitivities of the two eyes are reversed. One of the effects of color on apparent size is that the feet look smaIler in black shoes than in white. and red an "advancing" one. To see clearly the lens of the eye becomes thick (convex). the hues of the spectrum appear near or far. you see colors in about the same way with both eyes. however. If you turn over. blue is focused normaIly at a point in front of the retina. According to Dr. the lower eye is more sensitive to red than is the top one. If you roIl on one side. Standing upright. The color research laboratory of Sun Chemical Corporation of New York has made extensive studies of the dimension of colors. Conversely. Red. That is why blue is sometimes referred to as a "receding" color. focuses normaIly at a point behind the retina. this is the usual posture when matching color samples. N. Fortunately. your color vision in both eyes is also alíke. pulling the color nearer and thus apparently giving it larger size.

for 5 . a mixture of wavelengths embracing the entire visible spectrum. The effect of other wavelengths is to stimulate these receptor cells to different degrees. and we -see the light as a definite color. Red makes anything look larger than does green. Red light affects one type of receptor cell. another.5 percent larger than another object of exactly the same size. The waves in the air giving a "red" sensation as they strike our eyes are about 32-millionths of an inch from erest to crest. removing others from the sunlight mixture. even when the green is brighter. Those that we recognize as violet are about 16-millionths of an inch in length.make it appear as much as 13. It is believed that there may be three distinct types of receptor cells in the retina. Sunlight itself is colorless. To see a definite color we have to isolate light radiations of the approximate wavelength. but stimulates the other two as well. violet light. each influenced preferentially by different wavelengths of light. The isolated radiations then stimulate the retina cells preferentially. These scientists found that white makes an object look larger than a color would. All light sensations come from the sun. This is not because it does not stimulate the color cells of our retinas. We have come to regard different colors as representing light radiations of different wavelengths. even though white has no color. Green light affects the third. The actual color-detecting processes that take place in the eye are little understood. but beca use it stimulates all of them at the same time. Yellow light. Intermediate colors have wavelengths between these two.

Shiny objects were 6 . There is. Perhaps this attraction was first due to the intensity of light as a stimulus of high importance. We therefore detect mixtures of light radiations in widely differing wavelengths as the same "color. black. wilI tend to stimulate the red and green receptors.example. but flexible and subtIe. but the blue only sightly. Miscellanea In their tombs and temple decorations the ancient Egyptians used a variety of colors. Sir Gardner Wilkinson. noted Egyptologist. When they discovered how to produce it. certain East African tribes have no name for purple." Colors are not fixed and rigid things. BIue light favors the green and violet ceIls. as a piece of metal or a pebble. and yeIlow. Por a considerable time they did not have black. YeIlow was often used to harmonize with it. no doubt about their distinguishing such colors. that which glistens. they then used black extensively. Some of the races of mankind had no names for the colors which they used. relates that the Egyptians used principaIly red. Having three types of receptor ceIls. the Assyrians had no name for green. green. aIl stimulated to some extent by most wavelengths. however. Por example. wilI seem to please the aborigine. means that the brain detects color in the form of different balances in the intensity of stimuli in the three types of ceIls. yet they playa very important role in our everyday lives. Shiny objects.

The Rosicrucian Camera Expedition filmed such a rite at Benares. The chrome decorations on automobiles and many home accessories are examples of this primitive esthetic taste. A story is told that before Communism prevailed in China. however. and has for centuries been used on the exteriors of shrines and temples. the sacred city of the Hindus. red is considered one of the most auspicious colors. and to Hindus in particular. Color preference is related to environment. \l 6 \l In India. variables that must be taken into consideration where esthetics are concerned. white suggests death and sorrow. Of course. \l 6 \l There are. a gasoline station was painted white and did very little business. yellow is a symbolic color. where the placing of these marigold flowers on deceased Brahmans was common. In J apan. For example. the Chinese do not react to the same colors as do the Americans or English.undoubtedly the first things that were considered beautiful. The love of gems and glistening stones is likewise a primitive carry-over in addition to whatever significance custom attributes to them. Marigold flowers are placed on corpses before they are immersed in the sacred Ganges and cremated. we know the effect of color in advertising-how it arouses certain desires or reactions ... the gasoline station increased its sales. After a change in its color. Even today modern man is influenced by this primitive urge for the bright and shiny in objects he purchaseseven if such are intended for utilitarian purposes. To the Chinese. 7 .

life. The following information is from his chart: Black-night. Yellow. thought. it is related. orange. decadence Blue-sky. foliage. glumness White-snow. sunset. combat. blue. inspiration Green-leaves. Red was also suggestive of great. Music is played which has an emotional relationship to the color used. had. certain patients are obliged to lie in this room for a time. fog. He thought that color was related to "primitive environment association. Many patients find relief from tension under certain particular color combinations. dramatic intensity." The motion picture director. welfare Red-blood. Lectures and demonstrations on this subject are part of one of the fascinating courses that are given each summer at Rose-Croix University in Rosicrucian Park. Stanford University in California. springtime. Robert Ross found that: "Gray. and purple were associated with tragedies. A few years ago. Dr. William A. gray and purple were the next most effective. an interesting theory in connection with the emotions induced by colors. old age. uplift.In a color therapy room in addition to other treatments given. health." Mr. These color and emotional relations he used in some of his successful films. exposed to colored lights which tint the room. Welmann made a chart of the emotional equivalents of colors. sunrise. California. negative. conducted experiments in connection with colors and their effects upon motion picture audiences and spectators at theaters. purity Gray-rain. vigor 8 . and red complimented the comedy sense. Welmann. San J ose. the sea.

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