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Best Served Hot Brandon Luffman

“What is she doing here?” Adrien asked, taken aback. He had breezed into the lavish library within his compound to see the woman tied to a chair in the center of the room. A cloth gag was tied around her head. The call from his head of security had been short but strained. Now he knew why. His lieutenant, Gaston, whom Adrien had sired some twenty years before, stepped forward and placed his hand on her trembling shoulder. “Would you believe she was just wandering around out side the front gate? I think there’s something wrong with her, actually. In any case, I knew you would want to deal with her - personally.” Adrien crossed the room to stand before the chair. Melissa, what have you done to yourself? Her cheeks were crimson roses on an otherwise pallid face and her eyes seemed sunken. She tensed her muscles but couldn’t suppress the shiver that rattled her from time to time. A fevered sweat gave an unhealthy sheen to her complexion. Usually a golden brown, her hair was dull and lay in matted curls around her shoulders. As his eyes passed over her, so did his other senses. The old familiar scent was there and Adrien felt a pang of regret for what he had lost – what they had lost. There were other scents as well; the smell of fear, and of blood and the hint of infection. Looking down, he noted a crimson blossom spotting the white silk of her blouse. Reaching up to remove the gag, Adrien brushed a fall of hair from her shoulder. It was soft to his touch, like he remembered. The curve of her neck drew his eyes and they fell on the old scar there, a bead of sweat slowly following its crescent. Their eyes met and he felt another clenching of his heart to see the hate that lived in her now. He lifted the gag over her head. “Melissa, what is the meaning of this? Why have you come to my home, knowing my men will kill any hunter on sight?” Another shiver passed through her body and she looked away from him, fixing her eyes on nothing. With a wave, Adrien dismissed Gaston and the other guards. “Leave us. Return to your posts.” Once they were gone, he knelt by the chair. “Melissa, I have wanted to tell you something for a long time.” He paused, as if gathering the strength to continue. “I’m sorry, Melissa. I truly am. I wish I could cha nge things. I wish I could change it all. I’m sorry for what I did to you – and to Henri.” Melissa closed her eyes tightly and a silent sob heaved her shoulders once. Tears began to slide down her fever red cheeks. Adrien stood again, moving to stand before her. “You’re hurt, let me look at that.” Gently, he lifted the bottom of her blouse. The pale, smooth skin of her belly was marred by a long, straight wound. She had been cut, and deeply. It had been crudely stitched shut and the skin around it was a hot, angry red. Up close, he could clearly smell a worsening infection. “What has happened to you?” he asked. She turned to look at him then and their eyes met. Her response was barely a

whisper. “I bring a reckoning, you bastard.” Her eyes blazed before s he lowered her chin to the pressure sensitive switch that had been implanted just above her sternum. Adrien never even heard the explosion.

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