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Veneration Without Understanding

by Renato Constantino "A proper understanding of our history is very important to us because it will serve to demonstrate how the present has been distorted by a faulty knowledge of our past. By unraveling the past we become confronted with the present already as future." (page 130f (08) Would Rizal have agreed with this statement by Constantino? Support your answer. Yes. I believe Rizal would have agreed with this statement by Constantino because knowing our history was enough to prevent some mistakes in the future. Even though Rizal wasnt able to witness everything about the happenings during the panish Era! it was already enough for him to understand all the sufferings we! the "ilipinos had with the paniards. I also believe that understanding the problem within our history was the key to solving it. You cant give an answer to something you dont even know. #hat is why! he was able to describe in his two novels namely! $%oli &e #angere' and $El "ilibusterismo' the present condition of our country during their times because he knew what our fellow countrymen were going through. #here were abuse! slavery! and even humiliation in our own land by the aggressors. (nd by these! "ilipinos were awaken and it started the revolution against them. #his is why! we are where we are today. #hanks to )r. *ose Rizal. +,