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Great Britain

By Jessica Bower December,5th,2013

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The Places that make up Britain and about them ............................................ How we celebrate Holidays British Traditions ............................................ London ............................................ Some Famous Places In Britain ............ The Flag Conclusion Glossary Index ................................... ............................................ ............................................ ............................................


Some people think that Great Britain is just England or any of the other places in Britain. But I can tell you they are different. England is a part of Great Britain along with other places. I am from Britain so I should know and I do! Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is the Queen of Great Britain. In this book I will tell you some important facts about Great Britain. Sometimes Great Britain is called United Kingdom.

What Places Britain Is Made Up Of And About Them
Places: Great Britain is made up of four Places Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England! Scotland is to the North of Britain, wales is to the west, England is to the east and Northern Ireland is like a little island and is right next to the rest of Ireland. In Great Britain the weather is rainy mostly but it is not extremely bad with snow and ice like the winter in Poland! and the summers are not that hot like it is here!

Scotland Scotland is in the north of Great Britain. Recently there has been a lot of talks because some Scottish people want to become there own country and not be a part of Great Britain. But it’s not easy because some people want to stay a part of Britain. But at the minute they still are one of the places that make up Britain. The Capital City of Scotland is Edinburgh.

Wales Wales is a small part of Britain and it is to the West of Britain on the edge of England but not as far West as Ireland. Cardiff is the capital City of Wales. In Wales people speak Welsh and English.

Ireland There is only a small part of Ireland that is a part of Great Britain and that is Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a small part at the top of

Ireland. The Capital City of the whole of Ireland is Dublin. Northern Ireland is not attached to Britain there is a small bit of sea between them. England
England is where I come from and is a big part of Britain The Capital City of England and Britain is London. England is to the East and South of Britain I lived in the East of England. The Queen Lives in London in England and there are lots of famous people and places people visit like the lake district in England. England is small but it is the biggest out of the places that make up Great Britain Scotland is Nearly as big.

How we celebrate Holidays and British Traditions
Christmas Day In Britain we don’t have thanks giving. On christmas day we eat things like turkey and we have a big meal with crackers (the kind you pull not the kind you eat!). We open presents and some people even go to church on the days leading up to christmas. In Britain people open advent calendars children get chocolate in the holes, or some adult or even some children hang up special ones and have little pockets on them and they put things in them or take things out and put them somewhere or open little doors with pictures on the inside. On Christmas Eve children can bearly sleep because they cant wait to get presents and they hope to see Santa. Some kids are in turmoil if they don’t get presents! Easter In Britain the Easter bunny comes overnight and hides chocolate around the house. In the morning the kids run around the house with baskets to find the easter eggs, sometimes the Easter Bunny leaves the kids the note. But the Adults sometimes go to church on Easter to remember Jesus and they have a service. New Years Eve On new years eve people count down to midnight and then all cheer when it becomes the next year and adults sometimes go to bars to do that because there is more atmosphere and loads of people go down to London to see the fireworks on the telly you can watch the fireworks because there are television crews down in London by the London eye. Halloween Halloween is not that big of a deal in Britain but people still dress up and go out people even go to parties and some people stay in and watch scary movies on the TV and they give out sweets when the door rings.

Pictures of the Holidays

London There are lots of famous Places in London. Well London is the Capital of Britain. there are places like Big Ben, London Eye, Houses Of Parliament,Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and London is Famous for having red double decker buses! And also lots of other places!!! The Queen The queen lives in Buckingham palace in London but that is not the only place she lives she also lives in other places like Sandringham and Windsor. Buckingham Palace is very big and is the main home of the queen she lives there most of the time as well as all the other royals London Eye The London eye is a big sort of ferris wheel it takes 30 minutes to go all the way round once! You don’t ride out in the open you are inside what people call a pod and you rode with 10-20 people the sights are beautiful. At the end of the ride you get your picture taken with the rest of the people in the pod. Houses of Parliament The Houses of Parliament are on the river Thames it is an important palace in London because it is a Government building. At the other side of the Houses Of Parliament is Big Ben. Big Ben is a famous Big clock in London. Guy Fawkes was famous for trying to blow up the Houses Of Parliament and that is why we now have bonfire night.

Some Famous Places In BritainMore Famous Places
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This  is  The  Tow er  of  London  an d  the   crown  jewels  are  kept  in  the  tow er.  It     is  a  famous  tou rist  attraction  in   London  and  it  is  Guarded  by  the   beefeaters.  

The Flag!
The British flag is a combination of the Scottish, welsh, English and

Northern Ireland. The English is a white background with a red cross that is why they have a red big cross in the middle of flag. The English Flag is called ST. Georges Flag. The welsh flag has the coulours red and white on it so that is one reason why they have those coulours on the flag. In each of the Flags that make up the British flag there are the coulours red white and blue. The Scottish flag has a blue background with a white cross that is why there is a blue back ground. The Scottish Flag is called ST. Andrews Cross. So now you probably think i am going to tell you about Northern Irelands flag. Well yes I am so... Northern Ireland have a flag quite like England's the flag is a red diagonal cross with a hand in the middle with a crown on top.

A)Combination Combination is a mix of different things like pear and apple is a combination of fruits. It is things you put together to make another thing like coulours. A shorter word for Combination is combine. B)Recently Recently is a word used for time like recently I went to the shops it is used for something you did it not so long ago. A shorter word for recently is recent. C)remaining Remaining is another word for what is left of something. The shorter version of this word is remains. A shorter word for remaining is remain. D)Famous Famous means that something is well known like pop stars or a book or something. A shorter word for Famous is Fame E)Turmoil Turmoil is a word for really upset or quite confused it is a very strong word for being upset if you use this word it means you are extremely upset and that means you need lots of friends to cheer you up! F)Extremely Extremely is a word for a lot like that is extremely hot which means this is really so so hot a shorter word for extremely is extreme