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Aushapur Village, Ghatkesar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District 501 301 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Tasks to be completed before the completion of 2013-14 II Semester
Check list Minimum 8 tutorials for identified subjects (1 to 2 sample copies must be attached in course material file). The dates of tutorials must be reflected in attendance register and questions should match with that are given in academic plan. 2nd assignment to be conducted and 1-2 sample sheets of both the assignments must be attached in course material file. All faculty members should update their personal files available with them or Dept. recent achievements, Increment order, details of additional responsibilities, publications details etc. should be updated with supporting documents. Seminar I/c. of the class should keep the seminar evaluation book ready (with remarks, HODs sign. etc). Seminar attendance register should be updated. All the students in the class should complete the seminar. CD of all the presentation should be prepared by sem. I/c. AV I/c. of the class should keep the attendance register ready with the list of AV material shown to the students. Keep 1 photocopy of question and answer sheet of I&II mid exam (III mid for 1st year) in the course material file. Keep 1-2 sample copies of question and answer sheets of makeup test conducted in the class (with proper valuation). All faculty members must see the list of topics beyond the syllabus which they have prepared for academic plan. Accordingly for all (or selected) topics, they should attach the supporting documents (either lecture notes/AV material/Guest lecture summary etc) and keep it in course material file. Must be updated with diary, no. of classes, internal marks, tutorial dates, topic beyond the syllabus, sign of faculty, HODs etc. Concerned faculty members should keep ready at least 5 best records from the students. Record should contain all the regular + additional experiments conducted. It should be written neatly with dates, titles and index and should be regularly corrected by the faculty members, with signature and date.




Assignment Faculty Personal file



Seminars (if applicable) AV classes (if applicable) Mid exams Question & Answer sheets Makeup test

5. 6. 7.


Topics beyond the syllabus


Attendance registers


Lab records (if applicable)


Mentoring register

12. 13. 14.

Lab manual (if applicable) Lesson plan Lab exam (if applicable)

Mentors should update their register with all required information (details of counseling, remarks, students signature, details of calls made to their parents, details of conversation, parents signature (if they visited the college) etc). Attendance undertaking forms from students should be kept in the register. Concerned faculty members should submit two manuals 1) Student manual 2) Master lab manual (with readings) lab manual should contain additional experiments conducted. The mode of lecture delivery should clearly reflect in lesson plan (Black board/AV/PPT, Seminar/GD etc.) Keep sample sheets of question and answer papers (lab internal) along with the mark distribution scheme.

NOTE: Please check the list of contents pasted in course material file and keep the as per the same sequence with title pages on the top. Keep the supporting document for topic beyond syllabus at the end of lecture notes with title page (topics beyond the syllabus) on top of it. Additional CD, (if any, for topics beyond the syllabus) keep it in the folder attached at the last of the file (along with attendance register)

(K.Naresh Kumar) Coordinator, IQAC

(Dr. J.S.N.Murthy) Principal

C.C: All HODs All Faculty members