The Title page Include the following information on the title page the title of the assignment! the course name! the due date! your full name"s# and student number"s#. 1elect blac5 te%t on a white bac5ground.Ho Chi Minh City University of Education Lecturer: VũQuôc ́ Anh Trương ̀ Sơn Department of English ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________ GUIDELINES TO FORMATTING AN ASSIGNMENT 1. - Font 1elect a clear! readable font "&imes *ew 2oman! 3erdana! $alibri!4# and be consistent with the same front throughout. Use one side only. 2. - Paper Print your assignment on white A4 paper. Use a 14 point font for headings and 12 points for subheadings and the body of your assignment.ducation /epartment of . Submission Assignments must be submitted in hard copies. Margins Page 2 of 4 6. 3. &op section &itle of the Assignment "Uppercase and 'owercase# by (iddle section )ull *ame"s# and *umber"s# *ame of $ourse . $entre the information! starting appro%imately one third of the way down the page. .nglish /ue date "dd 0 mm 0 yyyy# +ottom section 4.o $hi (inh $ity Uni-ersity of .

2eferences are arranged alphabetically but not numbered. :. !ea"ings an" Subhea"ings Use bold! underlining or italics "uppercase and lowercase# for headings and subheadings. Re#eren e List &he reference list comes at the end of the assignment. Number o# $or"s >our assignment should be within 1=? of the re@uired number of words &he titleAtitle page! reference list and appendices are not included in the word count. 1=. !ea"ers an" Footers Insert a header or footer on each page "e%cept the title page#.64 cm on all sides "top! bottom! left! right#.t number the items in a reference list. &he header or footer should contain the following information your name"s#! student number"s#! the course name! the assignment number! and the page number. Paragraph in"entation Indent the first line of each paragraph of one tab space. 'eft-8ustify your wor5 and create une-en right margin. 7. /on. 12. *ote that the caption for a table is placed abo-e the table while the caption for a figure goes below the figure. 'ea-e a blan5 line between paragraphs. &ables and figures must be numbered and clearly labelled.Ho Chi Minh City University of Education Lecturer: VũQuôc ́ Anh Trương ̀ Sơn Department of English ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________ 1et margins of 2. 'abel the page B2eferencesC. 9. $entre headings. - Numbering *umber all pages "e%cept the title page# in the upper right hand corner. - Spa ing Use double spacing. *umber your headings and subheadings. - . Page 3 of 4 11. 1tart the reference list on a new page. <.

In the main te%t! refer to the Appendi% by the label! e.doceo. %ibliograph& APA Datch also this -ideo clip http AAwww. 14.u5AacademicAassignmentEpresentation.htm Page 4 of 4 .s 8ust one appendi%! label it BAppendi%C! without a number. Appendi% A. Split lists lists that are di-ided between two pages. Orphans first lines of paragraphs at the bottom of a page. - Appen"i es 1tart each appendi% "if applicable# on a new page.Ho Chi Minh City University of Education Lecturer: VũQuôc ́ Anh Trương ̀ Sơn Department of English ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________ 13. A-oid Widows single lines of te%t at the top of a page.s more than one appendi%! label them Appendi% A! Appendi% +! etc. Stapling &our assignment 1taple multi-page assignments in the top left corner only. Tombstones headings or subheadings alone at the bottom of a page. If there. Re#eren ing APA 19. Top an" %ottom o# Page $hec5 the top and bottom of your pages.g. If there. 16.

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