by Vũ Quốc Anh Trường Sơn 
Lecturer of English 


left.54 cm on all sides (top. Use a 14 point font for headings and 12 points for subheadings and the body of your assignment.…) and be consistent with the same front throughout. 7. Paper Print your assignment on white A4 paper. - Font Select a clear. Centre the information. Leave a blank line between paragraphs. readable font (Times New Roman. Verdana. bottom. Spacing Use double spacing. Page 1 of 2  . Margins Set margins of 2. Headings and Subheadings Use bold. Use one side only. right). The Title page Include the following information on the title page: the title of the assignment. the course name. underlining or italics (uppercase and lowercase) for headings and subheadings. Centre headings.Ho Chi Minh City University of Education  Lecturer: Vũ Quốc Anh Trường Sơn  Department of English  _____________________________________________________________________________________________  GUIDELINES TO FORMATTING AN ASSIGNMENT 1. your full name(s) and student number(s). 3. 2. Left-justify your work and create uneven right margin. Calibri. the due date. Submission Assignments must be submitted in hard copies. Select black text on a white background. 5. starting approximately one third of the way down the page. 6. Title of the Assignment (Uppercase and Lowercase) by Full Name(s) and Number(s) Name of Course Ho Chi Minh City University of Education Department of English Due date (dd – mm – yyyy) Top section Middle section Bottom section 4.

Referencing APA Bibliography APA Watch also this video clip: http://www. 11. Number your headings and subheadings.Ho Chi Minh City University of Education  Lecturer: Vũ Quốc Anh Trường Sơn  Department of English  _____________________________________________________________________________________________  8. 17. Label the page “References”. Orphans: first lines of paragraphs at the bottom of a page.g. Paragraph indentation Indent the first line of each paragraph of one tab space. Tombstones: headings or subheadings alone at the bottom of a page. label it “Appendix”. refer to the Appendix by the label. Avoid: Widows: single lines of text at the top of a page. 16. If there's more than one appendix. Split lists: lists that are divided between two pages. the course name. Page 2 of 2  . If there's just one appendix. Headers and Footers Insert a header or footer on each page (except the title page). Appendix A. Reference List The reference list comes at the end of the assignment. label them Appendix A.doceo. 14. - Numbering Number all pages (except the title page) in the upper right hand corner. the assignment number. 13. Number of words Your assignment should be within 10% of the required number of words The title/title page. Start the reference list on a new page. and the page number. without a number. Top and Bottom of Page Check the top and bottom of your pages. Appendix B. In the main text. reference list and appendices are not included in the word count. student number(s).htm 15. Note that the caption for a table is placed above the table while the caption for a figure goes below the figure. 9. Tables and figures must be numbered and clearly labelled. References are arranged alphabetically but not numbered. The header or footer should contain the following information: your name(s). etc. Appendices Start each appendix (if applicable) on a new page. 12. Don't number the items in a reference list. Stapling your assignment Staple multi-page assignments in the top left corner only.

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