Proposal- Public Input for City Manager Search

On March 4,20'J-4 City Commissioners Susan Baldwin, Dean Newsome, MichaelSherzer, and Vice Mayor Deb Owens were appointed to the City Manager Search Committee. Since this appointment, the City Manager Search Committee has identified and taken several action steps in support of the city manager search, including the exploration of leveraging existing tools, resources, and partnerships of Beacon Community and Project 20/20 to gather input from the public that will help shape and inform the city manager interview and selection process. As a result, Beacon Community and Project 2O/20 have drafted the below proposal for consideration and approval:

proposal: Beacon Community and Project 2Al2O will provide service and support to the City of Battle Creek in the coordination and facilitation of community conversations, and subsequent compilation and communication of public input gathered to inform the city manager selection process.
Beacon Community and Project 20/20 staff and collaborative partners will work together, along with the City of Battle Creek and City Manager Selection Committee, to include public input in the city manager

selection process.
Beacon Community and Project 2O/2Awill:

. . . . . .

Organize and coordinate community conversations reflective and inclusive of the Battle Creek communitY

Provide meeting materials, including but not limited to:flip charts, markers, name tags, signin sheets, etc.; facilitators and note takers at all conversations compile" type, and theme meeting notes for all conversations Provide support to increased understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the city manager by including relevant and approved information in engagement opportunities
Provide support to the City of Battle Creek in the development and implementation of a communications plan for the city manager selection process Provide support to the City of Battle Creek, City Manager Search Committee, consultants, etc. in the interpretation of data and inclusion of data in interview question and process

The City of Battle Creek will:

. . . .

Lead and support related communication efforts

Provide meeting space for community conversations as needed/identified

Support planning process for community conversations involving city staff Pay Project 2O2O/Beacon Community $----------- for the described services

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Proposal- Public Input for City Manager Search

Beacon Community and Project 20/20 have created and facilitated opportunities for the public to contribute knowledge and input to inform problem solving and decision making within the Battle Creek area for several years. Beacon Community and Project 2O/2O also have current working partnerships with the City of Battle Creek as core team members in the Beacon Community effort. This history and

experience uniquely positions these organizations as trusted community partners and stewards of public knowledge, enabling Beacon Community and Project 20/20 to best meet the desired timelines identified through discussion with members of the City Manager Search Committee.
The existing partnerships, experience, resources, tools and trust of Beacon Community and project 20/20 will allow them to readily engage people of diverse racial, ethic, and socioeconomic backgrounds,

representing various sectors and stakeholders in community conversations held at multiple locations on a wide-range of dates and times. For example:

' ' .

Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce is also a core team of the Beacon Community and has committed to supporting the inclusion of input from the business sector through their connections with over 600 businesses and 19,000 employees. Project 20/20 has recurring meetings and forums that will occur within the city manager search timeline that can be dedicated to gathering public input
Previous and current work of Beacon Community and Project 20/20 will be leveraged to support the inclusion of diverse perspectives, which offers the opportunity to work with

partners serving the African American, Burmese, and Hispanic communities; students, parents, staff and administration affiliated with local schools; funders, businesses, non-

profits and service providers; various grassroots and neighborhood focused groups, the faith-based community, etc. and convene people for these conversations where they already naturally gather.
Recently, through more than 30 conversations with over 250 people who live, work, and play in the Battle Creek area, we learned people have a strong desire to have theirvoices heard and to rebuild connections and trust between the public and local leaders. Increased public understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the city manager, partnered with the inclusion of the proposed public input process to inform the selection process for Battle Creek's future City Manager will help to alleviate these negative perceptions and increase the ability of the City of Battle Creek-its staff, manager, commission, residents and businesses-to work together in the continued improvement of, and pride within the city, making Battle Creek an even more desirable place to live, work, and play for years to come.

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