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Tom Kelley's 10 Faces Of Innovation

The Learning Personas

Individuals and organizations need to constantly gather new sources of information in order to e !and their "nowledge and grow# so the first three !ersonas are learning roles$ These !ersonas are driven %y the idea that no matter how successful a com!any currently is# no one can afford to %e com!lacent$ The world is changing at an accelerated !ace# and today's great idea may %e tomorrow's anachronism$ The learning roles hel! "ee! your team from %ecoming too internally focused# and remind the organization not to %e so smug a%out what you &"now'$ Peo!le who ado!t the learning roles are hum%le enough to (uestion their own worldview# and in doing so they remain o!en to new insights every day$

)nthro!ologist * is rarely stationary$ +ather# this is the !erson who ventures into the

field to o%serve how !eo!le interact with !roducts# services# and e !eriences in order to come u! with new innovations$ The )nthro!ologist is e tremely good at reframing a !ro%lem in a new way# humanizing the scientific method to a!!ly it to daily life$ )nthro!ologists share such distinguishing characteristics as the wisdom to o%serve with a truly o!en mind, em!athy, intuition, the a%ility to -see- things that have gone unnoticed, a tendency to "ee! running lists of innovative conce!ts worth emulating and !ro%lems that need solving, and a way of see"ing ins!iration in unusual !laces$

The . !erimenter* cele%rates the !rocess# not the tool# testing and retesting !otential
scenarios to ma"e ideas tangi%le$ ) calculated ris"*ta"er# this !erson models everything from !roducts to services to !ro!osals in order to efficiently reach a solution$ To share the fun of discovery# the . !erimenter invites others to colla%orate# while ma"ing sure that the entire !rocess is saving time and money$

The /ross*Pollinator* draws associations and connections %etween seemingly unrelated

ideas or conce!ts to %rea" new ground$ )rmed with a wide set of interests# an avid curiosity# and an a!titude for learning and teaching# the /ross*Pollinator %rings in %ig ideas from the outside world to enliven their organization$ Peo!le in this role can often %e

identified %y their o!en mindedness# diligent note*ta"ing# tendency to thin" in meta!hors# and a%ility to rea! ins!iration from constraints$

The Organising Personas

The ne t three !ersonas are organizing roles# !layed %y individuals who are savvy a%out the often counter*intuitive !rocess of how organizations move ideas forward$ )t I0.O# we used to %elieve that the ideas should s!ea" for themselves$ 1ow we understand what the 2urdler# the /olla%orator# and the 0irector have "nown all along3 that even the %est ideas must continuously com!ete for time# attention# and resources$ Those who ado!t these organizing roles don't dismiss the !rocess of %udget and resource allocation as &!olitics' or &red ta!e$' They recognize it as a com!le game of chess# and they !lay to win$

The 2urdler* is a tireless !ro%lem*solver who gets a charge out of tac"ling

something that's never %een done %efore$ 4hen confronted with a challenge# the 2urdler gracefully sideste!s the o%stacle while maintaining a (uiet# !ositive determination$ This o!timism and !erseverance can hel! %ig ideas u!end the status (uo as well as turn set%ac"s into an organization's greatest successes5des!ite doomsday forecasting %y shortsighted e !erts$

The /olla%orator *is the rare !erson who truly values the team over the individual$ In

the interest of getting things done# the /olla%orator coa es !eo!le out of their wor" silos to form multidisci!linary teams$ In doing so# the !erson in this role dissolves traditional %oundaries within organizations and creates o!!ortunities for team mem%ers to assume new roles$ 6ore of a coach than a %oss# the /olla%orator instills their team with the confidence and s"ills needed to com!lete the shared 7ourney$

The 0irector *has an acute understanding of the %igger !icture# with a firm gras! on
the !ulse of their organization$ 8u%se(uently# the 0irector is talented at setting the stage# targeting o!!ortunities# %ringing out the %est in their !layers# and getting things done$ Through em!owerment and ins!iration# the !erson in this role motivates those around them to ta"e centre stage and em%race the une !ected$

The 9uilding Personas

The four remaining !ersonas are %uilding roles that a!!ly insights from the learning roles and channel the em!owerment from the organizing roles to ma"e innovation ha!!en$ 4hen !eo!le ado!t the %uilding !ersonas# they stam! their mar" on your organization$ Peo!le in these roles are highly visi%le# so you:ll often find them right at the heart of the action$

The . !erience )rchitect* is that !erson relentlessly focused on creating remar"a%le

individual e !eriences$ This !erson facilitates !ositive encounters with your organization through !roducts# services# digital interactions# s!aces# or events$ 4hether an architect or a sushi chef# the . !erience )rchitect ma!s out how to turn something ordinary into something distinctive5even delightful5every chance they get$

The 8et 0esigner* loo"s at every day as a chance to liven u! their wor"s!ace$ They

!romote energetic# ins!ired cultures %y creating wor" environments that cele%rate the individual and stimulate creativity$ To "ee! u! with shifting needs and foster continuous innovation# the 8et 0esigner ma"es ad7ustments to a !hysical s!ace to %alance !rivate and colla%orative wor" o!!ortunities$ In doing so# this !erson ma"es s!ace itself one of an organization's most versatile and !owerful tools$

The 8toryteller* ca!tures our imagination with com!elling narratives of initiative# hard
wor"# and innovation$ This !erson goes %eyond oral tradition to wor" in whatever medium %est fits their s"ills and message3 video# narrative# animation# even comic stri!s$ 9y rooting their stories in authenticity# the 8toryteller can s!ar" emotion and action# transmit values and o%7ectives# foster colla%oration# create heroes# and lead !eo!le and organizations into the future$

The /aregiver* is the foundation of human*!owered innovation$ Through em!athy# they

wor" to understand each individual customer and create a relationshi!$ 4hether a nurse in a hos!ital# a sales!erson in a retail sho!# or a teller at an international financial institution# the /aregiver guides the client through the !rocess to !rovide them with a comforta%le# human*centered e !erience$