March 31, 2014 Robert P. Astorino Westchester County Executive 148 Martine Ave.

9th floor White Plains, NY 10601 Dear County Executive Astorino: Almost four years ago, Sustainable Playland Inc. responded to Westchester County’s Response for Proposals to reinvent Playland for the 21st Century and restore the park around a plan designed to incorporate year-round uses and amenities for Westchester County residents under a public-private partnership model. SPI, a not-for-profit, 501c3 entity with an all-volunteer board comprised of Westchester residents and business leaders, has been enthusiastically engaged on this mission since then. Unfortunately, the current process for moving forward does not reflect a public-private partnership either in spirit or actuality. Our primary concern is that unresolved issues threaten to delay SPI’s revitalization of the park in ways that will remove the viability of our implementation plans in terms of both economics and timing. Specifically troubling are: 1. The unresolved lawsuit brought by former Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins in January against the County Executive and SPI. 2. The position taken by the City of Rye as outlined in the letter from Arnold & Porter on Rye’s behalf dated March 20, 2014, regarding the issues of Lead Agency and the SEQRA process. We welcomed the review process recently commenced by the BOL Committee on Labor, Parks, Planning & Housing, as a means of moving forward and approving the Playland Improvement Plan (PIP). However, the legal actions mentioned above throw into question the county’s entire approval process and we cannot continue with the PIP review until these issues are resolved. To date, SPI has spent $600,000 (not including funds expended by our proposed operating partners) and thousands of hours of volunteer time to design an implementation strategy and PIP. SPI is not a deep-pocketed private corporation. We are a group of citizens who came together with a civic mission to preserve one of the

county’s greatest assets. As such, it is neither realistic nor feasible to expect that SPI can remain committed to the project indefinitely. We are asking the County Executive to use his office to see if the current uncertainty regarding the approval process can be removed. We remain committed to our vision and the goals of renewing and restoring the park. But we need direction at this point that implementation can move forward at some certain time in the near future. We remain hopeful that you can provide such assurance so that our public-private partnership can deliver on the goals of a restored Playland. Sincerely yours,

Kim Morque President Cc: Michael Kaplowitz, Chairman, County Board of Legislators Peter Harckham, Committee Chair, Labor/Parks/Planning/Housing

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