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The Insignia of the Ghee Knng Tong, the Most Powerful and Largest Secret Political Organization In the World.


day says:

which has given us an insight as to the newly born foreign policy of the United States in which we are so vitallyinterested. No, we do not expect material help from the United States in or.r strugele for liberty, but we are much interested to know how our people in the Philippine Islands will thrive under republican protection. may say, this is one of the principal objects of my mission "In fact, I to this country. "We have discovered that the consular reports submitted by the representatives of the Chinese C r'ernment in,the United States are wholly untrustworthy. What little truth they do contain has been suppressed by Although lam not the embassador of any estabthe imperial authorities. of people, represent a greater number lished forri uf government, still I possibly, than any member of the diplomatic corps at Washington. My object is to confirm the information given us by the brethren of our order in this hemisphere. "I was ordered here in a hurry and so left just before the time set for. several of the provinces to rise against the Imperial government. Cable-. Events grams inform me that the uprisings have taken place as planned. will move rapidly now in the rebellion. The Chinese in America have been am here for. The time of counted on to do giant help and that is what I action is come. "We realize that we willbe obliged to fight, but we have every prospect of success, for the Chinese people are with ua to a man. Our men are being rapidly armed for infantry service onlyand we expect that our conflict will be short and bloody. The Manchurian hirelings will be our only foe, for we are confident that the many powers will refuse to allow either uprising.. England or Russia to assist in suppressing the contemplated The present Chinese Government depends entirely upon this intervention for safety. Do you think she can have it? am aware that my presence in this country is known to the . "Of course I know, too, that lam in hourly danger agents of the Chinese Government. I of assassination. Let that be as it may. M- ca -c is a sacred one, and I am ready and willingto brave any danger if my beloved country can be freed from the erasp of the low-caste Tartars who have too long misruled China. "We might purchase ships from certain of the South American republics in fact it was our original intention to do so but we have concluded that it were better to attack the government internally, where it cannot be reached by Immediate assistance from any foreign power. This is our plan of action as near as I am at liberty to state at the present time. "I should think America would be greatly interested in this movement as it opens up one of the greatest channels of trade known to the present . century. China is probably one of the richest agricultural countries, natu- ' rally, that the sun ever shone upon. She is watered by a million rivers and generally her soil is rich and productive. Allshe needs is modern ma- . chinery to develop these great agricultural treasures, and America is ourcom-; : natural source of supply. Will America allow this opportunity for think not." mercio.l advancement to slip through her fingers? I

the political horizon of the world, namely, the success of the Cubans in their struggle just ended, all of which has encouraged the revolutionary spirit so long dormant in China, and the Mongols have awakened to the fact that itis time to strike a blow that willdeliver the Government of China into the hands of its rightful rulers. The great Chinese revolutionary society is known locally as the Ghee Kung Tong, and its four principal heads are situated at Canton, Manila, . Singapore and San Francisco. The only office in this city is 69 Spofford 20,000 ablealley. The society has a membership in this State of about to carry arms. They are probodied men, all of whom have been trained liberally for the best legal adtected by secret signs and passwords, pay against vice obtainable, and are in the main prepared to protect themselves They are known to the agentsthe machinations of the home government. never bu^ in one instance of the Chinese Government collectively only, and country's officials for his has an individual member bwn molested by hisin this country. This occonnection with the order during his residence war was in proyear ago, highbinder when the late notorious curred about a gress in this city. During that period a Chinese merchant was on a visit to the Kwang Tong province and was arrested and held by the native auconsul here. It was prethorities there at the instigation of the imperialtendency to quiet the insumed at the time that this course might have a cipient riots which were keeping the San Francisco Coroner most uncomThe complaint lodged against this individual was that he fortably busy. for was a member of a seditious society and could be held and punished, trades guilds and treason An amicable agreement between the different a promise to be good finally solved the problem and the merchant was allowed to return to San Francisco. The Ghee Kung Tong is open to all persons, irrespective of race and color, who are willingto take the proper oath, after being introduced by some the candidate has expressed member of the order, who has seen to it that house servants, methe requisite patriotic spirit. Merchants, laborers, chanics and even criminals, are members of this society. of trust and I found one most enthusiastic member who holds a position in our language as well confidence in one of our banks, a man of education as his native tongue. During our conversation he expressed great confidence in the result of the patriotic movement which, he says, cannot help but be He said: successful "We are sure to win, for we have both might and right on our side. Why? In the last ten years we have undermined the very throne itself. We have thousands of the high officials of the governmen ment on our rolls, men of education, brains and diplomatic training, are even obliged to who see corruption under their very noses dally, and physical heads. We political and outrages or lose both their condone such hundreds of years are not going into this thing blindfold. We have spent very dearly for the accumulating our stock of knowledge and we have paid






LONDON, Sept. 2.A special dispatch from Shanghai dated Wednes-

The Chinese Government troops, it is reported, have been defeated In two pitched battles during the last ten days by the Kwangsi rebels, losing 3090 men. The rebels are said to number 80,000 and the provin. cial forces are against them. t A Governor of high rank has been ordered to lead his troops Inperson and completely suppress the rebellion within a month, under penalty of severe punishment. An imperial edict just issued strongly censures the Governor of Kwangsi province for deceiving the Emperor in July last by reporting suppressed. rebellion had been that the * LONDON, Sept. IHongkong dispatches state that the revolutionary societies in China, which, are practically affiliated under one head, are most active in their efforts to profit by the existing complicaTheir main object is to strike a decisive blow at tions in the Orient. the Manchurian dynasty before either Russia or England has succeeded in obtaining supremacy at Peking. With this end in view, the societies have recently met in extraordinary conventions in the .principal Chinese cities, and have dispatched agents to their European and American branches to rush the plan of action to a speedy con.: summation. These agents possess absolute authority to purchase army supplies, if necessary, or influence foreign legislation in favor of The arrival of these agents in the European capitals is bethe rebels. ing eagerly awaited and already diplomatic batteries are being trained America willbe covered by the most shrewd of the ;. in their direction. society's representatives, and San Francisco is reported to have been The successful work of the Cuban operations. selected as the base . Junta in America has greatly encouraged the leaders who represent the "Chinese Junta."
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asked, "do you expect to accomplish the overthrow of the "But how," I Chinese Government?" "Oh' That is somewhat of a secret," he replied. "Still, Ifeel that I can give you a fair idea of our plans without fear of Injury to ourselves. rebels have "In the first place, you must understand that we so-called government already established in the mother country. It a metaphoric a doubt, royal of beyond question is the is ruled by a man whose Unerase essentially republican, we have taken the and although our principles are for good and precaution which gives our people a confidence and incentiveaccumulating a co-operative' action. We are not poor, as we have been were it sudthis fund many years, may say you to that and I fund for denly withdrawn from its places of deposit would in all probability create no such foolish a panic in the money market. However, we contemplate gradually would be so carefully anJ move In case of action our funds any susceptible change. feel Our greatest withdrawn that no one would the distribution of small arms, but this is being trouble at home has been through our brothers In the employ of the present rapidly accomplished



quires bloody

the occasion re"You may be sure our party will strike as one man when conflict, the most The world will then witness a hand-to-hand of our forefathers. the land since the hordes of Khan devastated we are bound to have it.' and We ask nothing but right and justice, standpoint went back to my old I To get the junta's idea from another
"My son," he said, in the picturesque Oriental style of his people, "if you come here to trifle with the feelings of an old man who has devoted to a sacred cause you may depart in peace. If,on the best years of his life ! ' you welcome, and lam the other hand you are a well-wisher, let mecome from the heart, not the quite willingto speak the honest words that of the braggart or the smooth, polished conversation of the


blank if Icould meet the agent accredited to San Francisco. For decadea this city has been the greatest stronghold in foreign lands of the conspiraknew that the one sent here must be important and powerful. tors and I The old doctor was silent a moment over my question, as if duly weighing his words before speaking. "The agent has arrived," he said slowly, "and is at present in busy consultation with the brothers of our order at but the name of the . headquarters. Yes, you may have an Introduction, agent must, of course, remain a secret for the present." society and ...ere I met the agent, a We proceeded to the office of the f most striking personality, a man who wculd attract attention Chinese Although though ignorant one were of his mission. even this man speaks not a ord of English he seems most remarkably well posted on the affairs <~ feeling political particularly great powers. the the of the world and I c ion lerrned that h<> was one of that vast army of disappointed scholars, who have passed the severe civil service examination of China, and who- should according to the time-honored curtoms .nd laws of his people, have been given an official position in the Chinese Government. The officials But, as he said, "Our people have become degenerate. ' Money is the ruling power of China to-<lay. Ab you sz- mere plutocrats. " should be the stepping stone Well know has been written that civil service , to all political advancement. Many of us who have spent our lives in study positions have been most that we might be fitted for future Government heartlessly set aside to give place to a lot of sons "f rich men who have rightfully belong to us. positions whicii the wherewithal to purchase the The result this pernlciou system is that the moneyed classes of China today cont-ol the Government from the Tsung Li Yemen down to the humb. lest postoffice clerk, and manipulate it to suit their own ends. Hence the am the accredited representative revolutionary body of China, of which I . to this country, is ripe for rebellion. "Of course we have watched the result of the late trouble In Cuba, all of

secret agent of the so-called "Chinese rebels" is here In San Francisco in daily and close discussion with the Chinese junta handling this end of tho great rebellion. Nothing will satisfy them but the complete overthrow of the present Manchurian dynasty. managed I . to meet him through the kindly influences; of a learned old doctor high in the Kung Tong councils of the Ghee Society. who stands On seei.ig the report in the daily papers that the rebellion was flaming throughout ever Flowery actively the Kingdom kfiore than and that secret emissaries had been dispatched to the strongholds of the conspirators throughout the world Iwent to the old physician and asked him point

: of the Chinese Rebels, Who; Has Just Arrived an- San The -Secret- Emissary : \ Francisco : 'to Consult With the Junta Here.
Sketched from life by a Call artist. He is of the brightest and boldest of the Chinese who have visited this country in search of advice and the sinews of war to help the rebels overturn the present Chinese dynasty. He says that before he left the Celestial Kingdom the leaders of the Ghee Kung Tong Society had set a day to rise against the Emperor. London dispatches of yesterday confirm this assertion and state that 80,000 rebels in several provinces are in The uprising is spreadopen arms and have succeeded in defeating the imperial soldiers sent against them. ing rapidly. For several months past it has been rumored here that this secret emissary when he arrived The agent and would have full power to purchase men-of-war from any of the South American republics. been changed owing to the late complications several members of the Junta now state that this plan ha 3 that have arisen since the big European nations began to grab Chinese territory.

mouth talk Western infidel. know civilization. I "I am Pagan and know nothing of your Western by a lot of foreign devils the history of my country, know that we are ruled wrung from the honest tiller who have accumulated enormous fortunes, all The time has come when the great central kingdom of the of the soil. 1 you at this book." earth (China" must be returned to the Chinese. Look "Observe the constellation Here he produced a Chinese work on astrology. by the great masters must of the planets. My son, what has been written We care not that come to pass. All is arranged and the Tartar must fall. past he has fattened his purse from the spoil of his misrule in the past. The is dead. We have our "Yes, our order is most powerful and well organized. throughout the world, and once the branches established in every great city must follow. You say the great beloved China word is given freedom for give careful ear to such words of wisdom, but I powers may intervene? we have our plans well matured and are prepared to meet such exigencies. great powers are our enemies. We have our friends and we have Not all the the Western man loves liberty, that he learned by careful observation that to lend a helping hand to all down-trodden -eople is ever ready and willing righteous government. Your own great nation has freed who ask only for atold, am and has asked for nothing in return. We require the Cubans I and wish but an opportunity to no such help. We are strong in ourselves by Chinese. show what China can be when ruled with the heads of departments in the "We are in daily communication order has its officers. We realize the many diffivarious cities where our we labor, but our system is so perfect and our means culties under which that San Francisco is in perfect touch of communication so well arranged with Canton, Manila and Singapore. an insurrection in China would mean far "You must remember thatyou might expect of any other country. China from what different warfare army is one on paper only, which was fully verified is weak. Her standing Japan. She has been almost deprived of her navy during the late war with entirely upon England and Russia for coast protection. and now she depends as a means of transportation and would find it She is without railways to move great bodies of troops from one province a physical impossibility By system our of communication mentioned we would be able to another. of the empire in a space of time so short as to every province to alarm and astonishment of your Coasted Western civilizaadmiration arouse the tion. It is our intention "We do not contemplate a war of extermination. dethrone the present ruler, simply to seize the reins of government, puppet, quite plastic who is a mere in the hands of the shrewd Suey, Kwong his mother, and the wily Li Hung Chang. The last old Dowager Empress, years acknowledged diplomat, who for has traded on the mentioned Is an humane our intentions may be, I fear misfortunes of his However preserve be a difficult task the head of this old sinner from the it will generation of Chinese attribute many people, present for the of the wrath of their country's misfortunes to the wicked Li Hung Chang. "The protection of England and Russia, upon which the government so strongly relies, could scarcely be utilized during internal warfare, so our battle will be one of the people against the powers that be. We are fairly well armed, though our men have not had the advantage of military training, according to the Western idea, still they will serve better than green hands. If you have taken the trouble to observe, you may have noticed that there are more shooting galleries here in Chinatown, in proportion to This means the population, than in any other district of San Francisco. that our men are forever practicing with the rifle and pistol and the proprietors of these booths will tell you that they are most excellent marksW. C BUNNER. men."