The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize for this year was awarded to Mr. Barak Obama the President of USA. Many have doubts whether he really deserve it. In my point of view he is the one and only person who deserve such an award for this year. The following is why I posses such a view point.

Firstly the Nobel Prizes are awarded for very important people who have achieved very important objectives. Mr. Obama is a very important person because he is the president of USA. And he has achieved the most important objective on entire earth. He had managed to become the President of USA (Making the people of one of the largest countries on earth believe that he can make a difference).But whether he was able to do what he said or will do what he is telling is another story.

And secondly he closed the Guantanamo Bay prison. The prison which is so popular among many people especially Muslim people living or rather had lived in America. But how many other prisons there are that hold innocent people (Made into terrorists by the works of the appropriate authorities I’m not mentioning here.) will not be mentioned here.

Thirdly he has promised to help stop Global Warming and Climate Change. And how far he has succeeded in doing this before he was awarded the prize will not be mentioned here.

Fourthly Mr. Obama was able to convince his people that he will do talks with Iran and stop the nuclear weapon crisis. I give him five stars for pointing out that countries such as Iran, who have some backbone not to do what USA says, should not possess nuclear weapons. But how many nuclear war heads USA owns and where on earth they are kept will not be mentioned either.

If I go on telling more and more points why he should have the Nobel Prize for Peace Mr. Obama will be chosen as the winner of it next year too, and some poor sod who is trying their head off to get it will commit suicide. So I have got to stop it here for I will not have my conscience be troubled of murder. Thank you and good day.

PS: I do not hold any responsibility if anyone committed suicide after even reading this much for loosing the Nobel Prize for Peace next year. And for anyone who is concerned about what kind of view point is this it is a view point of a student (which means not fully independent) of a Third World Country called Sri Lanka (I hope you know what that is )

But hereby I must stress though I’m not independent in money and property (If simply put in though I do not have any job or a salary) my words written here are made out of fully independent thoughts.


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