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Hiroshima is the unfortunate city of Japan where the United

States of America dropped its first nuclear bomb at the fag end of the
Second World War. An entire city with its teeming innocent population
was cruelly exterminated. People that survived the tragedy with
injuries lived the rest of their life with tragic sufferings and transmitted
the grievous defects of the nuclear radiation to the next generations.
The United States of America resorted to this deadly weapon for the
first time in the history of the mankind at the end of the Second World
after being convinced that Japan would not go down and accept defeat
unless it resorts to such a dramatic measure. Indeed, the effect was
lightening and Japan surrendered soon thereafter.

The event opened the eyes of the world to the destructive

potentialities of the nuclear bomb and the vulnerabilities of the man
before its destructive powers. This single event is the harbinger of all
later efforts at the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons on the face of
the Earth. Sadly, the proliferation is continuing though in a slower pace
with more and more countries becoming nuclear powers with North
Korea being the latest entry to the dubious club and perhaps Iran, the
next. The United States of America and Russia have nuclear warheads
sufficient to destroy the world many times over and the United States
of America is surmised to have stockpiled about ten thousand nuclear

Japan is a nation of committed and diligent people. It was a

powerful and prosperous country under its monarch and on a winning
spree in South East Asia and Burma in the Second World War till it was
humbled by the combined forces of the Allies at the fag end of the war.
Nuclear bombs of the United States of America on the cities of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki finally brought Japan to its knees.

The people of Japan are known to be a very ambitious set of

people. The United States of America decided to help Japan to rebuild
from the damage they wrought on it and offered nuclear protection on
the assurance that Japan would desist from the nuclear path. It liberally
helped for its recovery and restoration as an industrial giant. It was a
worth spending for the United States of America as Japan became an
enduring and loyal friend and ally of the United States of America to
protect the latter’s interests in Eastern Asia and on the Pacific Ocean
and actively partook in the Iraq War in favour of its patron. Also, Japan
is the key of the United States of America in its manoeuvres against
the rising power of China in Asia.

Japanese are known for hard work and very intelligent. However,
brain drain is causing problems in the best utilisation of its manpower
and its potentialities. Japan lies on an earthquake-prone region of Asia.
It rivals even Sumatra in this respect. Sans building proper
constructions for dwelling and other purposes, life is unsafe in Japan.
The ministry in charge of architecture of buildings is helping people in
the construction of robust buildings that can withstand the repeat
onslaught of the tectonic plates from deep beneath the surface of the