NLCC Revenge Tagging

Our sponsoring body, Navy League of Canada, Mississauga Branch, has organized a Tagging weekend for May 9, 1 and 11, ! 1"# Tagging is $he %a&or fundraising ac$ivi$y for $he Branch and all cade$s are e'pec$ed $o par$icipa$e# The Branch has ob$ained $he necessary per%issions a$ re$ai(ers in $he area for cade$s $o so(ici$ dona$ions fro% $he pub(ic# )nyone who dona$es is provided wi$h a bu$$on $ag $o signify $hey have a(ready dona$ed# The weekend is separa$ed in$o * shif$s+ Friday, May 9th Saturday, May 10th Sunday, May 11th , , , , , 1-1 1! 9 1!1 $o $o $o $o $o !1 1!1 12 11 12 ./+ .-+1 .1!+ .9+ .1!+1 p% $o 9+ p%0 a% $o 1!+1 p%0 p% $o *+ p%0 a% $o 1+ p%0 p% $o *+ p%0

3e ask $ha$ cade$s co%%i$ $o a$$ending a$ (eas$ 1 of $he * shif$s# 4f a cade$ chooses $o $ag for $he en$ire day on 5a$urday or 5unday, $his wi(( coun$ as $wo shif$s and (unch %oney wi(( be provided by $he Branch# )(so, we canno$ acco%%oda$e supervised si$es for $he en$ire Corp on 6riday evening# Only 30 cadets will be acce ted !n Friday evening in order $o e'pedi$e $he process of $ranspor$ing cade$s and %a'i%ize $he $i%e avai(ab(e# Cade$s wi(( be regis$ered on a firs$,co%e, firs$,served basis based !n their e"ail res !nse# 7(ease %ake sure your chi(d arrives on $i%e and in unifor%# 4f your chi(d does no$ have a unifor%, p(ease have $he% dress in a whi$e shir$, b(ack or navy pan$s .no &eans0, and b(ack socks and shoes# ) corps &acke$ wi(( be provided $o iden$ify $he cade$s $o $he pub(ic# ) re%inder8 NLCC 9evenge presen$s a Top 6undraiser award a$ )nnua( 4nspec$ion $o $he cade$ who raises $he %os$ %oney for $he Branch $hrough a(( fundraising ac$ivi$ies in $he year# Cade$s $ha$ vo(un$eer for $he %ini%u% nu%ber of shif$s and co((ec$ a$ (eas$ :1* wi(( receive 1 ; of $he $o$a( a%oun$ co((ec$ed back in cash# $arent v!lunteers are a(so needed $o drop off and pick up cade$s a$ appoin$ed si$es# 3e wi(( need you $o arrive a (i$$(e ear(y so we %ay record your driver<s (icense nu%ber# 7(ease no$e $ha$ you wi(( n!t necessari(y be dropping off and picking up your own chi(d# 7(ease re%e%ber $ha$ i$ is $hrough $he effor$s of $he Branch and $hese fund,raising ini$ia$ives $ha$ we are ab(e $o provide our progra% a$ vir$ua((y no cos$ $o you# =our suppor$ is cri$ica( $o i$s success# 4f you have any >ues$ions, p(ease fee( free $o $a(k $o %e or one of %y s$aff# Lori Mar$in, LCdr .NL0 Co%%anding Officer NLCC 9evenge

$lease return this )!r" by %hursday, May 1, *01+ via e"ail t! nlccrevenge,bellnet#ca Cade$ Na%e+       3i(( be a$$ending $agging for $he fo((owing shif$s+ 6riday, May 9$h ? 1-1 ,!1 5a$urday, May 1 $h ? -1 ,1!1 5a$urday, May 1 $h ? 1! ,12 5unday, May 11$h ? 9 ,11 5unday, May 11$h ? 1!1 ,12 @ow %any addi$iona( sea$ be($s 1

4 a% avai(ab(e $o drive cade$s $o and fro% $agging (oca$ions 7aren$ Na%e+      

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