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Action Research Proposal

Intern’s Name :- W.K.S. Udayanga.

Reg. No. :- 2007/E/M/50.

School :- Sripalee College, Horana.

Supervisor’s Name :- Mrs. Malkanthi Liyanapathirana.

Research Plan

Title :- An intervention to involve grade 8 pupils in using English

Tenses appropriately.

• Problem Identified :- Most of the pupils of my grade 8 class make mistakes

related to tenses when writing.

• Background to the problem :- While I was dealing with the pupils in my grade 8 class, I
noticed that they were not so familiar with the tenses. So that
they make lots of mistakes related to the tenses while writing. In
the 1st term test, I observed that most of them had skipped the
question which they had to write a short paragraph about
Breakfast. The minority who attempted to answer that question
had made plenty of grammar mistakes. In order to make them
aware with the tenses, I thought of doing an action research
regarding that matter.

• Rationale :- The problem of not having a proper understanding about

tenses affects the pupils in their writing.

By changing the way they use proper tenses in writing , the

pupils will be able to write correct sentences. So that they will be
able to manage their day today activities which are related to
English. With more and more practice, the pupils will bring up
their ability of creative writing as well.
• Objectives :-

 To enable the pupils to write grammatically correct sentences.

 To enhance the ability of creative writing of the pupils.
 To enable the pupils to select appropriate tense in describing an event.
 To provide them with opportunities to exchange their knowledge with the

• Methodology :-

 Collecting data : collect and sort the marks obtained by the pupils in
the 1 term test .(question number 10 – write a short paragraph about

 Interview : holding an interview for 10 randomly selected

pupils to determine the needs of them, regarding the matter.

 Pre – testing : To determine the present condition and the

common mistakes of the pupils.

 Group work : design and provide group work for the pupils.

 Post – test : To determine the progress.

• Intervention :-

 Collect and sort the marks which the pupils obtained for the question number 10 of
the first term test.
 Holding an interview to determine the needs of the pupils.
 Conducting the pre- test and analyze the answer scripts to determine the common
 Holding extra classes to engage the pupils in prepared group work.
 Conducting a Post- test to determine the success of the process.
Action Plan.





Maintaining a
reflective journal. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Identifying the

Writing the
research proposal.

Getting the
approval of the
Collecting data
from the 1st term
Starting the
research diary.

Holding an
interview to
collect data

Conducting a pre-

Analyzing the

Assigning group
work in afternoon
Conducting a post

Analysis of the
data collected.

Analyzing the

Writing the report

of the research.

Submitting the
research report to
the college.
• Expected Outcomes :-

 As a result of my action research, I’ll be able to develop the abilities of writing

among the children. Through that I expect the following outcomes

• The pupils will be able to write sentences, paragraphs, essays etc.. in

correct grammar.
• The pupils will engage in the activities more attentively.
• The abilities of creative writing will develop as they write more and more.
• The pupils will exchange their knowledge among the group while they are
doing the group works.
• The teaching learning process will be more effective in the classroom.

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Date Intern’s signature

I hereby approve the topic and the plan of the action research submitted by the intern.


Signature of the supervisor.